Olympiacos' domination

  1. Olympiacos' domination

    Who is Olympiacos?
    Olympiacos is the most successful club in Greek football history with 42 Greek League titles, 26 Greek Cups 16, 16 Doubles and 4 Greek Super Cups, with a total of 72 national titles, all records. Olympiacos' dominating success can be further evidenced by the fact that all the other Greek clubs have won a combined total of 37 League titles

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    Olympiacos also holds the record for the most consecutive Greek League titles, as they are the only team to have won 7 consecutivechampionships (1997-2003).In addition, it is one of three clubs to have never been relegated from the top flight of Greek football; in European competitions, they have reached the quarter-finals twice, in the 1998-1999UEFA Champions League and the 1992-93European Cup Winner's Cup.They have also won the Balkans Cup in 1963, becoming the first ever Greek club to win a non-domestic competition. Olympiacos is one of the founding members of the European club association in 2008

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    Olympiacos supporters have been involved in the worst tragedy that ever hit Greek sports, known as the Karaiskakis Stadium disaster (8 February 1981). Twenty-one supporters lost their lives in Gate 7, while rushing out of the stadium to celebrate the 6–0 victory of Olympiacos against AEK Athens

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  2. Olympiacos signs Antonis Nikopolidis as the head coach
    Olympiacos' board has decided to sign Antonis Nikopolidis for the role of the team's head coach.Nikopolodis is former Olympiacos' goalkeeper and is loved but the fans,he was a crucial factor also of the Greek National team's success in 2004 of winning the EURO Cup
    Everyone is very interested in seeing what Nikopolidis has to offer to the Greek giants
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  3. Olympiacos' domination-nikopolidis-.jpg
    "The team's roster is very big and full of quality and potential despite that some positions need some wipe out.The squad seems fine and through a good preparation we will achieve our goals that they are of course nothing less that winning all the domestic titles and making a remarkable European course.I have to say that we are looking after a left winger"

  4. Olympiacos signs Pavel Savitskiy on loan from Inter
    Does talent outmatch experience? Pavel will give an answer to this question on the pitch! Fans are very pleased to see such a talented and young player player to join their team,they can't wait to see him in action!

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  5. Pre-Season's friendly games
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    "The pre-season was good even though at some points unsatisfying ,especially the game with Koln worried me enough and I had a bad image about the game with Hertha despite that it is a strong german team.There were some positives in the game with Manchester City,the team showed militancy and no matter the big statistical difference we had we were very close to a draw"

  6. Greek Superleague begins
    The Greek Superleague has started and with it the first game for the UCL and the first Greek cup game are given,the first results are promising

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    "This month was both pleasant and tough for us,we got some results we wanted to come but the team still seems not be 100% ready for what's coming next.The 4-1 win against Levadeiakos was enjoyable and we are very happy to have won our rivals,PAOK,in our home.Notwithstanding the positives we had a bad day against Atromitos and we hope to learn from that mistake,Atromitos so far are doing great in the league against every odd I could say.We are also happy to have qualified to the next round of the cup with the 2-0 win against Veroia.Although the domestic results we have to work on the defeat against Sparta Prague if we want to stay alive in Europe"

    Ghazaryan joins Sparta Prague
    Ghazaryan was one of the players Olympiacos wanted to get rid of and do that he had to offer him to clubs for free..Better giving him free than paying him for being no use to Nikopolidis
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    UCL Draw
    Olympiacos has been drawn with Barcelona,Sparta Prague and Anderlecht in group F of the UCL group stage.The chances are good for Olympiacos to qualify to the next round or at least continue to Europa League if things go bad
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    "We are on a very good form, we perfom well in the league and we have qualified to the round of 16 of the UCL. I want to refer to two games,these with our eternal rivals,Panathinaikos and the one with Barcelona.We are very proud to win against the team that every year our fans demand a good result against,I am looking forward to the next round to face them.Now I want to give credits individualy to each of my players that gave their best against barcelona and got this amazing result,it might was a lucky one considering that the goal came from a set piece but that doesn't change the outcome and what it means to us and our fans"
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  8. UCL Round of 16 draw
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    Olympiacos has been drawn with Bayern Muncher.It is going to be a very difficult game but even if we don't make it out with qualifying to the next round it is still a success reaching this stage,for the two games with bayern we just want to make our fans happy and do our best

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    Olympiacos' domination-nikopolidis_proponitis_olympiakou.jpg
    "There were cons and pros in the month that passed,the defeat against PAOK was devastating we thought we could do better than losing to 3-1 despite that we keep in mind the 2-0 win against Atromitos that gives as huge points advantage (10).The derby of Athens is coming in some weeks and we are looking forward to it"
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  10. Greek Awards
    Goalkeeper of the year
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    Foreigner of the year
    Olympiacos' domination-bandicam-2015-05-10-14-34-35-537.jpg
    Manager of the year
    Olympiacos' domination-bandicam-2015-05-10-14-35-00-779.jpg
    Talent of the year
    Olympiacos' domination-bandicam-2015-05-10-14-35-09-996.jpg
    January Transfer window
    Vasilis Matentzidis for 425.000 from Apollon Kalamarias
    Olympiacos' domination-bandicam-2015-05-10-14-49-15-156.jpg
    Giorgos Katidis for 2.000.000 from Veroia Olympiacos' domination-bandicam-2015-05-10-14-49-28-869.jpg Olympiacos' domination-1147435.jpg
    Yaya Banana for 1.600.000 from PlataniasOlympiacos' domination-bandicam-2015-05-10-14-49-37-184.jpg Olympiacos' domination-1198206_1.jpg
    Pele for 500.000 to Metz
    David Fuster for 250.000 to Sampdoria
    Kostas Giannoulis for 100.000 to Rapid Wien
    Michael Olaitan on loan to Stade de Reims
    Vasilis Matentzidis on loan to Ermis Ermionidas

    That's how the roster will be for the rest of the season
    Roberto Megyeri
    Olympiacos' domination-roberto.jpg,Olympiacos' domination-megyeri_0.jpg
    Center Backs

    Siovas Botia Avlonitis Banana
    Olympiacos' domination-2014-world-cup-greece-rdkrwwafn50l.jpgOlympiacos' domination-143593.jpgOlympiacos' domination-a42123f3b11221d448b252e4ca6f34af_l.jpgClick image for larger version

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    Left backs - Right backs
    Bong Masuaku Salino Elabdellaou
    Olympiacos' domination-2002871_w2.jpgOlympiacos' domination-masuaku-me-atletico.jpg Olympiacos' domination-17109711.jpgOlympiacos' domination-178600.jpg

    Milivojevic Maniatis Bouchalakis Ndinga

    Olympiacos' domination-234e5yr6t7y8oiugyftre.pngOlympiacos' domination-thumbnail.jpgOlympiacos' domination-f439c3c2bc000636ffd922e619000f40_l.jpgOlympiacos' domination-delvin-ndinga.jpg

    Attacking Midfielders(center)
    Dominguez Katidis Kasami
    Olympiacos' domination-atromitos-athens-v-olympiacos-superleague-mtin2wrw0d3l.jpgOlympiacos' domination-23c033d35935c4043d02413efd5bc840_l.jpgOlympiacos' domination-patjimfds.png

    Wingers(Right - Left)
    Fortounis Dossevi Savitskiy Durmaz
    Olympiacos' domination-2015020300546_161720403.jpgOlympiacos' domination-7d194011186c111e8fc671fa11686b19_xl.jpgOlympiacos' domination-1.jpgName:  Jimmy-Durmaz.jpg
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    Diamantakos Mitroglou Benitez
    Olympiacos' domination-2014082500752_160426498.jpgOlympiacos' domination-pegasus_large_t_1041_105984247.jpgOlympiacos' domination-renifdasffdlo.jpg
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  11. Olympiacos' domination-bandicam-2015-05-10-14-27-13-264.jpg
    Man of the month
    Mathieu Dossevi
    Scoring 2 goals and creating another 2 he was a key player during February

    Olympiacos' domination-nikopolidis-dwros.jpg
    "Maybe this month was the best so far in terms of results and performance.We got the desired win against our biggest rival Panathinaikos making the 2x2 this year.Passing to the next round of the Greek cup gives us certainty for our aim,to lift the Greek cup.We are very proud for the draw against Bayern,we were excellent,we will propably lose in Munchen but we are happy to give the joy of seeing their team playing so well against a European giant to the fans"

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