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Starting at the bottom, heading to the top?

  1. Starting at the bottom, heading to the top?

    Just a wee note.

    Due to working shifts, I don't get as much time to play and update things - so bear with me OK?


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  2. Starting at the bottom, heading to the top?-ndeeip.gif

    Shock as Patterson leaves Glens

    In dramatic events which unfolded overnight, Glentoran manager Eddie Patterson has left the East Belfast club. Patterson refused to comment as he drove away from The Oval this evening which has left many fans wondering would happen next.

    Chairman Aubry Ralph addressed the media however:

    "It is with much regret that Glentoran and Head Coach Eddie Patterson have issued a parting of the ways. Eddie has done a great job in what have been difficult times for us all, but we feel a new change in direction is needed to take the Club forward.

    The Club have made great strides under Eddie, qualifying for the Europa League thanks to our fantastic Irish FA Cup win last season but this is a decision we have not taken lightly. The Board feel that under Eddie we have achieved what we set out to be but with Europe on the forthcoming agenda: the team needs to have a manager that is more equipped for the task ahead.

    Until a new manager is appointed, Director Of Football Roy Coyle and Club Captain Elliott Morris will look after team affairs. There will be no further comment until then."

    Supporters appear perplexed by the decision.

    Peter Baxter, who helps on the social media side, said: "I'm baffled. Why would we get rid of a manager who has just won us our first piece of silverware in three seasons? Eddie Patterson was doing a great job, this is a very strange decision."

    Lifelong fan Peter Murdock from Lisburn tweeted: "Can't understand why @Glentoran have changed manager again. This is not good news."

    Early favourites include a possible shock return to The Oval for former manager Scott Young, and also rumoured to be a candidate include a player-manager role for Colin "Nicky" Nixon who recently joined Bangor City after a record 793 appearances for "The Glens".
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  3. Starting at the bottom, heading to the top?-sw426g.jpg
    Glens opt for complete unknown

    Eddie Patterson's replacement at Glentoran has been announced, and it's not a familiar face. The East Belfast side have plumped for 41 year old unknown Mark Duell as the man to succeed the former Cliftonville manager, and he can't wait to get stuck in.

    Graham Luney, Belfast Telegraph: "So here we are Mark, welcome to The Oval as Glentoran's new manager. How does this feel?"

    Mark: "Quite surreal really. Yesterday I was taking calls about people's broadband and now today I'm sitting here as Glentoran boss. I can't believe this is really happening. Someone pinch me and wake me up!"

    GL: "What do we know about you? Give us a background."

    MD: "Football is in my blood that I can assure you. I played at a Sunday League standard for a few clubs in England, but never was good enough to make it as a professional sadly mainly due to a serious knee injury which curtailed my progress when I was just 17. But football is what I breathe for, and I have always wanted to get into management and coaching after passing my UEFA Licence last year."

    GL: "Did you have a club you followed as a youngster growing up?"

    MD: "I am a passionate Sunderland and Celtic supporter despite being brought up in Hartlepool; so I guess I am a fan of those two sides plus Hartlepool United too. They are the teams I always have in my heart, and will do until the day I die."

    GL: "With that in mind, do you know much about Glentoran?"

    MD: "To be honest I do; which might actually surprise you. I have been to Belfast many times as an avid ice hockey fan and one day I also took in a Glens game as something to do before hockey. I loved the passion then so I kinda adopted the team from afar and am fully knowledgeable about the "Big Two" games against Linfield. You could go on and say this is a dream ticket then."

    GL: "That's very interesting. Do you have any set goals?"

    MD: "To win the league! And to stop Linfield's dominance...that's all!"

    With that comment, the newly appointed Glens chief got out of his seat and bade us all farewell before posing for the customary photos in the Main Stand.
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