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Rogelio Victor Terrazas - The Great Panamanian???

  1. Rogelio Victor Terrazas - The Great Panamanian???

    Rogelio Victor Terrazas - The Great Panamanian???-rogelio-victor-terrazas.jpg

    On the 9th July 2013 both BOCA and the Panama FA appointed Rogelio Victor Terrazas as their new manager!

    Terrazas or "vic" to his friends, has been heard saying that he has two main goals...

    1. To win the League and Copa Libertadores with Boca
    2. To get to a World Cup with Panama and hopefully win a World Cup with Panama

    His first goal may be the simplest, with Boca having a media predication of finishing 2nd for this season and little work here and there "vic" may be able guide them to first place. Winning the Copa Lidertadores is going to be a little harder as Boca havent won it since 2007. However "vic" believes it is possible.

    His second goal though is a little harder! They have never been to a World Cup. At the time of going to press Panama are currently 53rd in the world rankings.
    When he took over, Panama had already failed to Qualify for the next round of World Cup Qualifiers (NAM) finishing 3rd behind Jamaica and Canada.
    Vic is hoping to use the wonderful facilities at Boca to help bring through some great young Panamanian talent.

    Will he fail or will he be the Great Panamanian?

    *name is made up and is not meant to signify anyone living or dead. No offense is meant if it is indeed anyones name.
    **Please enjoy
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    Boca Update...
    A very good first part of the season for Rogelio Victor Terrazas and his Boca squad.
    Rogelio Victor Terrazas - The Great Panamanian???-boca-results-pg1.jpgRogelio Victor Terrazas - The Great Panamanian???-boca-results-pg2.jpgRogelio Victor Terrazas - The Great Panamanian???-end-1st-stage.jpg

    As you can see only losing one game.

    Winning the Copa Argentina
    Beating rivals River 6-1 was great joy!

    Juan Roman Riquelme
    Rogelio Victor Terrazas - The Great Panamanian???-key-player-boca.jpg

    No Panama players or youth to show as no intake yet and Boca haven't made any transfers

    Again Panama have had a great start to life under boss 'vic'.
    Rogelio Victor Terrazas - The Great Panamanian???-panama-7-games.jpg

    Seven games played 6 WON/1 LOST (a shocking loss to ST Lucia...)
    Rogelio Victor Terrazas - The Great Panamanian???-lost-game.jpg

    As Panama are only playing friendlies at the moment there are no real highlights but getting good results put together is a good sign.

    Gabriel Torres
    Rogelio Victor Terrazas - The Great Panamanian???-key-player-panama.jpg

    Although he is normally a striker, 'vic' has played him out on the left wing and he is pulling all the strings, 'vic' hopes this good form will continue.

    Onto the next stage...

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