Help : 4-2-4 Counter-Attack - Need Advices

  1. Help : 4-2-4 Counter-Attack - Need Advices

    Hello FM mates,

    I usually use tactics from others people on this forum (Mr L, The Better Half, ...). But now, i would be able to realize my proper tactics. I have a lot idea but i'm not able to transform it in Fm tactics.

    I play with "La Gantoise" from first league in Belgium (5th forecast)

    So let's go in the tactic.

    First : The formation : 4-2-4, the actually approach, the actually team instructions and my good players in my teams

    Help : 4-2-4 Counter-Attack - Need Advices-screen-shot-2013-10-21-17.05.41.pngHelp : 4-2-4 Counter-Attack - Need Advices-screen-shot-2013-10-21-17.06.12.pngHelp : 4-2-4 Counter-Attack - Need Advices-screen-shot-2013-10-21-17.06.30.pngHelp : 4-2-4 Counter-Attack - Need Advices-screen-shot-2013-10-21-17.06.40.pngHelp : 4-2-4 Counter-Attack - Need Advices-screen-shot-2013-10-21-17.06.53.pngHelp : 4-2-4 Counter-Attack - Need Advices-screen-shot-2013-10-21-17.07.31.pngHelp : 4-2-4 Counter-Attack - Need Advices-screen-shot-2013-10-21-17.08.10.png

    My two central defenders are tall and strength.

    Second : My approach in this tactic

    I would play in counter-attack like the screens just below

    Help : 4-2-4 Counter-Attack - Need Advices-counter-attack.jpg

    So, the objective is to let the possession at the other team, stay back, wait the ball, win the ball and launch quick and incentive attacks.
    When we play vs a lower team the principe is the same but much higher on the pitch. Maybe press the opponents in their side, win the ball and with one or two passes to be near the box to shoot and score !

    Third : The way to score

    I have also describe (with a screen) the typical way to score.

    Help : 4-2-4 Counter-Attack - Need Advices-counter-attack-during-attack.jpg

    Two choice during a counter-attack.

    a) Try to come from the flanks and go inside the pitch to score or do an assist
    b) Try to center in direction of my poachers

    I would like that my two wingers do a) & b) according to the situation.

    I've seen that players do already the two things that i've just described before when i use them like Inside Forwards. Sometimes they try to cross aim the box. I have put "exploit the flanks" and in individual setting for my Inside forward "Cross aim" to force them to try some crosses.

    Four : My troubles

    For the moment i use the same approach but in 4-3-3 (one forward is replaced by a defensive midfielder). I score a little bit more goals and i have a stronger defense. I have good score (in average) vs stronger team but i loose a lot of points vs lower and same skills team than me. Once they have scored before my team, it's finish i loose ! or a draw if one of my player do an personal achievement. But the results are not so bad (In final in Belgium Cup) and good results vs the best team in Belgium

    But I really want to play in 4-2-4 and ...

    When i play in 4-2-4, i have the construction of goals that i want like my 4-3-3 but i don't score a lot and i concede one or two goals so i loose or draw the matches. I have try a lot of different instructions on my defenders or my wingers but the results are not also good than my 4-3-3


    So, Could you help me to construct a tactic with the schemes that i have just post above in the second and third point ?

    I could try with two defensive midfielder instead of central midfielders but i would to keep my advanced wingers. I would that my wingers stay offensive players and no defensive wingers. Their role is not to defend.
    Moreover i don't know what kind of approach can i use for this tactic : Fluid, Very fluid, balanced, rigid ?
    And a last question, what roles i must given to my two forwards ?

    Thank you in advance for your help,

    (Sorry for my bad english i've tried to do my best)
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  2. Hi there BYM,

    first thing I would like to point out that if you are looking to play a counter attacking style, some of your team instructions go against this, for example "Push higher up" would be better for a high pressure style and "Work Ball into Box" as more of a possession style. Also hassle opponents will get your players closing down higher up the pitch, this can work in counter attacking but should be used with caution.

    I also don't think such a high 4-2-4 would work in a counter attacking, soak up the pressure approach as there is a lot of space between the defence and midfield. For a strict counter attacking style I would go for a balance deep 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-2-2 (using 2 DMs). Good luck!

  3. Sean is pretty much bang on.

    Your instructions are a contradiction.

    I would play a flat 4-4-2 and let the roles give you the shape you are trying to create.

    Go for very rigid, more disciplined, counter strategy and higher tempo. Give out lots of specialist roles. I wouldnt sit too deep or stand off too much because naturally in FM players tend to stand off in the last third.

  4. Sean & Shaun,

    First thank you

    I have put "Work ball into box" because my wingers and poachers shooted from a far distance so it was not really efficient. I've tried to avoid it with this instruction.

    I will try with 2 DM's in 4-2-2-2 and delete the contradictions
    So, hasstle the opponent can be used vs lower team when i want be higher on the pitch ?

    Thank you for your advices I will try !

  5. Also playing with kaa gent and its going terrible, i think my player instruction are totally wrong could you help me?

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