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Defensive Help please??

  1. Defensive Help please??

    Well with what ever tactic im playing with i seem to always be having defensive problems
    the attacking side to my tactic is quite good it seems as my defenders don't want to tackle them
    and also they seem to be having lots of shots. How can i stop them from having so many shots and
    get them to be putting in more tackles?

  2. TBH mate I think its one of the bugs. I had 8 CCC to the opponents 0 but lost 3-1. Their second goal came from their right back running through my defence and hitting a shot in at the near post. He ran through three of my defenders and wasnt tackled despite me having hard tackling set. Their third came from a winger who I had tight mark, close down and hard tackle OI picking up the ball, holding onto it whilst my full back just kind of stood looking and then lofting it to the far post where another player who my players were ordered to tight mark drifted in and headed in completely unmarked. Closing down and tackling are absolutely horrendous on the Beta in my opinion.

  3. It's certainly hard to strike the balance between attack and defend. I can get my team to be defensively sound but they then lack the attacking intent required. It's dependant on a number of factors (Team ability) etc. however and more info would be appreciated to help you out I myself have found that pushing high up and choosing hassle opponents works with my pacey centre backs for man utd who can get back in case someone gets through

    P.S Need a fit team to get away with this
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  4. my team is quality i have a class team,
    GK: Mignolet, CB: Sakho, CB: Agger/Papadoplous, LB: Enrique, RB: Johnson, tbh that is a class defence they just cant seem to tackle and its well annoying

  5. Beta!
    Stuff like this is normal, and wil lbe fixed on release and then later on tweaked by patch.
    Just now in a game their striker stood infront of the goal with 5 of my players surrounding him doing nothing and after 2-3seconds he made a terrible shoot and missed the target. I think its much due to the players showing on screen in other positions than they are realy and i am confident this wil lbe the best FM ever!
    i have already used a sickday to play beta lol :p
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  6. same here, im winning every game but conceding every game, mostly due to defensive or keeper errors

    also been getting alot of red cards which aint helped

  7. Having no such issues but then again I am testing with Barcelona. Ofcourse I do concede some goals every now and then but those are because of good shots or yes, sometimes some errors but definitely not every game.

    I am pressing heavily but told the players to stay on their feet.It seems to work nicely.

    Defensive Help please??-f.c.-barcelona_-fixtures-schedule-9.pngDefensive Help please??-f.c.-barcelona_-tactics-overview.png

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