Defensive Problem

  1. Defensive Problem

    Regardless of who I manage I concede so many goals, I'm currently Atletico Madrid, in my first season I finished 3rd, won the Spanish Cup, got knocked out of the Champions League in the 1st round knockout by Chelsea, I'm currently on the 15th of September 2014 I've scored 124 goals and I've conceded 85. Is anyone else having this problem or does anyone know a formation that keeps things tight but can still dominate and win games with comfort?

  2. The defenders are all mince, however the 14.1.3 patch may have made certain successful tactics obsolete. I know mine's gone down the toilet. I'm running a pre-season now, so am trying some new ones to see if they'll work.

  3. All my defender's average rating's are unreal to. I'm playing the 4-1-2-1-2 so I even have a CDM sat in front of my back 4.

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