Lower League Team tactic!

  1. Lower League Team tactic!

    Hi, I started as my local team Fleetwood. I was playing around with different formations and tactics and eventually came up with this.
    It is a 4231 tactic based on what I feel Real Madrid play like, with a few changes. It worked really well upon using it until now. I usually play on Control and started on Fluid but changed towards Balanced at the end of League 2. I have now switched to Attacking and Balanced and it seems to be doing quite well.
    Lower League Team tactic!-b39445f5a62797a65183bbee9ada1713.pngLower League Team tactic!-fcd30d6b25ad18c14273370c2b069195.png

    Results from using this formation - Last lot of games in League 2. Many can argue I could have got these results with Fleetwood being one of the better teams.
    Lower League Team tactic!-2c8cc0e8a0cbdeb0043ec119731c4af4.png
    I finished 1st in the league only just. 1 point and 2 points ahead of 2nd and 3rd.
    Into League 1 I continued using the tactic and loaned only a few players while signing 2 players on free transfers. Predicted to finish 15th and I would say my squad isn't in the top 10 in terms of abilities.
    Results so far!Lower League Team tactic!-6d53ee5b669b2a0ba5cc76f5d3996bf7.pngLower League Team tactic!-72634504f95139e1382375fd260a1e58.png
    As you can see, I am doing pretty well.

    The first 3-2 win at Peterborough I was 1-0 up playing control. I switched to counter and they went 2-1 up. I changed to attacking and won 3-2. Team played well and made a lot of chances. I then tried attacking from the start and have done really well!
    The defence is shaky but I am not sure if that is just due to my defence's abilities.
    The majority of the games I have more possession and usually around 60%+. I am unsure if I need more creative players to get more CCC's made but I am scoring goals even without them!

    I will keep going and let you know how i get on!
    If anyone wants to try this out with lower league teams or even high rated teams. let me know how it goes Always want other opinions. Will help make the tactic better for me and for you!
    I get my AM to do all the training / match prep ect.
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  2. This is my first tactic upload on FM14. If anyone finds a problem with anything in the tactic / what I write / miss out please let me know so I can make it better for next time ( if there will be one ) Thanks!

  3. It seams to work fine with AFC Telford in Conference North....

  4. Thanks man! Do you mind posting some results and the table. Would like to see how you are doing.

  5. here are results from all matches played with this tactic.. as you see results are great for me

    Lower League Team tactic!-iup6.jpgLower League Team tactic!-telford2.jpgLower League Team tactic!-telford3.jpg

  6. Help

    I am Fleetwood, with these tactics. Not won a game yet.......

  7. Thats probably because this tactic was made in October in early patches.

    Tactics that work in a patch, dont work in the next. Congrats to SI for that.

  8. Dam it!! waste of an afternoon haha. Any tips for lower leagues? its difficult what ever i do

  9. I've been using this tactic with Villareal (not exactly a lower league team) and here are my current results at the end of Septemeber.

    Lower League Team tactic!-results.jpg

  10. Finally! Someone who develop a tactic for a team of semi-pro players!! I will test it and post my results at the end of the season. Thanks for sharing m8!

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