Getting an error when trying to purchase the in-game editor?

  1. Getting an error when trying to purchase the in-game editor?

    First time I tried I got a 'trying to connect' message that didn't do anything for ten mins.

    Then I forced quit, and tried again, but got 'unable to connect error code: 1000' when trying to proceed to checkout.

    Anyone any idea if I'm doing something wrong?

  2. Same issue here...

  3. Maybe it's still in beta mode?

  4. I never had the beta version, so that cannot be it.

  5. No I mean the editor. Maybe there's some bugs with it preventing it from working.

  6. Ah, I see.

  7. I've just looked at the SI forums and pretty much everyone's experiencing the same issues. Apparently they're working on a fix for it.

    One other thing I'm wondering is if I will be able to use the editor with my current save, rather than having to start a new game?

  8. The in-game editor that you purchase will allow you edit your save game, yes.

    Its similar to FMRTE except it has less features (Unless they have upgraded it this year) and is the official in-game editor.

  9. Cheers mate. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Vance77 View Post
    Cheers mate. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
    Is it working now? Because i've been able to purchase it myself and it went smoothly?
    I now get to mess up my Beta save before starting a fresh journeyman save muhuhahahahaha!

  11. I've been able to purchase it about 16 hours ago and it worked perfectly.

  12. Unfortunately it did not go that smoothly for me. I tried to restart the mac, and after I did Steam would not start running. I eventually had to delete Steam and I am re-installing now.

  13. Still get the error code when trying to check out...

  14. I'm still getting the error message and I'm guessing it's a Mac related issue?

    Everytime I try to load Football Manager it informs me that accessibility needs to be turned on for Steam, which it already is, and I am able to play the game, but I'm guessing this is possibly the cause of the issue.

  15. Vance77,

    I also play on a mac. Regtarding the accessability you need to close the game and steam, then unlock accessability, unclick steam, lock accessability. Then unlock, click steam, lock. When you start steam and the game again this issue should be ok.

    However, this does not solve my issue with the error message.

  16. Thanks Radiator, that worked for me. But like you said, it does not solve the Cart issue.

    It's clearly a Mac issue, and I know that this is only a minor part of the game, but even so, it's quite pathetic that it can be released like this.

    Is there any other way of purchasing it? Maybe buying it online or directly through Steam and then placing some files within the FM2015 folder? Long shot but thought I'd ask...

  17. same issue

    Hi - I've the same problem - unable to connect 1000. Do you guys know the site on SI forums where the guys are talking about getting it fixed?

  18. I know you guys would like the official editor but why don't you try FMRTE? It's a tiny little bit more expensive but would probably work on your macs?

  19. Cheers but it's only available for Windows, and this issue seems to be for Mac only (I think).

  20. Ahhh my bad, this is why i'm glad i have a windows laptop, everything is compatible :')

  21. I'm having the same problem does anybody have it working?

  22. I still have the same error, and i don't have a mac...

  23. It seems to be fixed now. Works for me.

  24. Yeah it's fixed. I've bought it now.

    It's a good tool but after all this I'm now worried that it's going to spoil the game for me! Oh well.

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