work permit not extended. Player in last year of contract

  1. work permit not extended. Player in last year of contract

    The year is 2020. It is midseason and I've just taken Derby County to the Premiership by winning the Sky Championship title.

    My top scorer was Serbian striker Ognjen Ozegovic (25 years old) scoring 20 goals in 37 appearances. Somewhere at the end of the season I was told that his workpermit was denied and that his current one would run out together with this contract in 2021. So he only has one year on his contract left and only earns 10000 a week which isn't very much for a premier league striker and I've already been advised to renew his contract.

    I'd love to do that and if he does well in the premier league it may well be inevitable. Still giving him a new contract presents a serious risc.

    So I wonder if any of you could give me any advice on how to deal with this. He wants a non negotiable four year contract with a starting wage of around 35.000 to 40.000 pounds/week. I'm prepared to give him 40.000 if he agrees to a 25 percent drop in wage if I go down this year. Still it's a risc and I might end up paying his salary for 3 years where he can't play. what would you do?work permit not extended. Player in last year of contract-ognjen-ozegovic_-overview-profile.png

    Also.. I have just gotten a new affiliate so I can't get one for workpermits right now. Serbia is ranked 16th on the Fifa Ranking.

  2. DaSiimM's Avatar DaSiimM
    Real Madrid, Inter Milan (the best Milano club), F.C København First Team
    Extend it, with those attributes, he should get a decent amount of games for the Serbian NT, and thus qualify for a work permit. The Serbian ranking is more than high enough to reason a wp. And if all fails, him playing in the PL for a year should skyrocket his value, so you'd still be able to make a very decent earning selling him. Or you could try and loan him out, several clubs in other countries should be able to take him on for a season, and remember, you can request a work permit every fourth month (I think).

    I've tried this tons of times, but usaually a Spanish or Italian team can take the player on loan for a year, and during that time you can request a wp up to 3 times. And if he starts playing for his NT, there shouldn't be any problems.

    And lastly, I think his wp are extended automatically if he extends a contract with his current team. Might be wrong, but I think it does.

  3. Thanks for the input, DaSiimM.

    I will go extend it then, though I'm still a bit worried that I won't be able to get as much for him if he's inelligble to play for my team.

  4. DaSiimM's Avatar DaSiimM
    Real Madrid, Inter Milan (the best Milano club), F.C København First Team
    No problem, let me know what happens yeah.

  5. After two attempts to extend contract, I found out it's not possible and I get a message saying the same thing as the initial message (that his workpermit will end at the end of his current contract). A weeks later after my second attempt I got the message saying that Serbia had joined the EU (is this random?)

    Shortly before the start of the premiership Ozegovic he won his first cap btw.

    work permit not extended. Player in last year of contract-michel-jensen_-inbox-4.png

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