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Jamie Carragher - A Managers Story

  1. Jamie Carragher - A Managers Story

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    Jamie Carragher steps into management!

    After a year of punditry at Sky, Jamie Carragher has decided to call it a day for now as he is ready to jump into management. Carragher has most of his coaching badges already as he obtained them during his last season at Liverpool.

    Jamie Carragher, 36, enjoyed a successful spell as a player serving all of his career at Liverpool Football Club. He played at the centre of defence and was vice captain for many years, notching up an impressive 508 games for the Merseyside club. He also earned 38 caps for England during his 16 year Career.

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  2. I am currently attending Liverpool's training sessions as an understudy to Brendan Rodgers to learn the ways of managing training. Although I have a large knowledge of football from playing global football, and the fact I have been through these training sessions many of times gives me some idea but watching the training rather than participating is a great way to learn different methods, and who better to learn attractive football off than Brendan Rodgers?

    "Jamie, I need to ask you something?" Brendan looked at me with a worried look.

    "Sure, What's up?"

    "I don't know if jumping into management so soon would be a good idea for you, I know you know the game, but it's a big step to take, I don't want you damaging your reputation if you don't get off to a good start, believe me it's tough. When I was struggling at Watford I thought there was no return for management, luckily for me I did my research across the globe and thing have panned out for me the way I would have liked."

    "Boss it's fine, I know I am ready, thank you for your concern."

    "I'm not your boss anymore Jamie, but thats what I would like to get at again, I would like you to be our Under 21's manager, you know the lads as well as anyone, and it's some great experience for you to get under your belt, what do you say?"

    "Well I wasn't expecting that, I may need some time to think about this, I would love to keep my legacy at this club going so I will definitely take it into account!"

    "You've got until Friday Jamie, do what you think is best for your career. You're 36, you have plenty of time to learn."

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    Now I have something to think about, my first job interview. Although Brendan Rodgers has offered me a huge role at Liverpool which will gain experience, I am drawn in by this offer. Fulham are a club who have only just gone down and I think they have the squad to come back up, the experience of Scott Parker could be key in the Championship, I'm going to attend and see if me and the club are on the same level.
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    The interview went well. Despite formally being a defender I would like to play an attacking style of football, something like Rodgers' philosophy which I have learnt off, but with my own style mixed in. Fulham also wanted an attractive attacking game played at Craven Cottage. The foundations are set in this club and I want to be the one to take them back up. I am about to accept the role, but there is a call I need to make first.

    "Brendan, I have made my decision"

    "Okay Jamie, what are you going with?"

    "Fulham have offered me the job, I'm going to take it. The foundations are already set, they've got the squad, the experience, I can just see myself there right now."

    "Congratulations Jamie, I can't say I'm not disappointed but I am made up for you, it's a good club to start at. If you ever need any advice, I am just a phone call away. I'm not sure you will because this is a good opportunity for you, but I am always here."

    "Thanks mate, you can loan me Sturridge for the season if you like?" I laughed

    "Let's not be getting cheeky now, Jamie!"
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    Fulham unveil Jamie Carragher as the new manager, straight into the press for his first interview.

    "Jamie, how does it feel to become Fulham manager?" Colin Edwards - BBC Sport

    "It feels great, I am delighted to be here today and I'm hoping that I have a long successful spell here"

    "How do you think you will adapt to the style of the Championship having only experienced the Premier League?" Andrew Stevens - FourFourTwo

    "I dont think you could say I have only experienced the Premier League to be honest, I have played in Europe and I have played the games against lower league opposition in cups so I have an idea how it works, you have to remember the bunch of lads that I'm taking over will also be adapting, but we're hungry."

    "The fans are going to want instant promotion again, is this something you feel that you can give them while managing this club?" Georgie Thompson - Sky Sports

    "I would have never took the job on if i didnt believe that. I want to be successful. You cant be successful if you dont have ambition, like I said, the lads are hungry and I am ready to make sure we work at this."
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  6. looks good so far dude! nice effort put in!

    I am trying to read it in his accent too which gives it an edge haha!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by naterr View Post
    looks good so far dude! nice effort put in!

    I am trying to read it in his accent too which gives it an edge haha!
    Thanks mate! Never done a manager story with loads of writing so looking to see how it goes! Haha, that's what I do when I'm typing it, and that's by mistake!

  8. With a low transfer budget, I had no option but to look at some loan options, Sanogo was the one who caught my eye the most as we needed depth upfront, but not only that. This is a player who no matter how much stick he has been given, has played against Bayern Munich in the Champions League, that's good experience. I have also put offers in for Jese Lingaard and Tyler Blackett, who again are young but have good ability which can help us this season. I had a £1.2 million bid for Jonathon Walters rejected, he has now moved elsewhere.
    Attracting players is proving to be more difficult than expected and that is something we need to change.

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    Some good transfers coming up to our first game. We start with a tough one. Ipswich Away. I have brought in Sanogo, Lingaard, Blackett and Mason as I believe they are all players who could offer us that something else throughout the season. The Championship is a long campaign and we need a squad of fit lads. Young players are great, but you do need some experience. That's why I have signed Joseph Yobo to lead the back four and Pablo Aimar for that extra bit of quality. Although old I have big plans for these players, I want to make them coaches upon retirement.

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    It just wasnt to be today. We bossed the game, 17 shots, 7 on target, and we were hit by two good counter attacks. Many positives to take away from the game but you can not sugar coat a loss. I aim for 3 points every single match. Coming out with nothing hurts, I was hoping for a win to start off my career but football isnt easy. On to the next!

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    Another game, another loss. Very poor performance from the lads, Millwall had the hunger and desire all through the first half to come at us. I am dissapointed in the lads and can only feel that if I do not get a result in the next game against Wolves at Craven Cottage, the fans might get on my back.

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    Pathetic. Weak. Shocking. These are just some words to describe the players at this club at this moment of time. There is no fight, no desire. When I was a player I put 100% into every game I played. The fans are on my back but the truth is this is on the players. There needs to be more. I'm struggling to keep calm about managing these. Maybe I am not cut out to manage yet? Maybe Brendan was right?

  13. Shahid Khan - The Fulham Chairman, has asked me to come in for a chat.

    SK - "Hi Jamie, we need to talk"

    JC - "Okay boss, go ahead"

    SK - "You cant manage these players can you?"

    JC - "Were 3 games in, weve been unlucky to lose in 2. It's a bit early to say to be honest."

    SK - "I don't believe you can manage these players. You're not good enough, you have until the next game to turn this around."

    JC - "I'm not good enough? Look at those fucking players out there! They don't chase down, they don't go in hard, they do not try. If they don't give 100% what do you want me to do?"

    SK - "You've wasted money on new signings too. You cant keep blaming the players."

    JC - "What do you mean wasted the money? I haven't spent a penny. I'm not to be disrespectful, but you don't have a clue about football. You can lose 3 games in a row but to come at me and say I'm not good enough is unacceptable."

    SK - "Don't tell me about this sport. I know much more than you will ever about football."

    JC - "I can't believe you actually believe that. My knowledge for football is huge, it always has been. I will tell you what, you can shove the job. I quit! I will show you who has the bigger knowledge in football. You watch!"

    I left there, feeling angry but I had realised what a stupid decision I have just made. I just walked out on a job I had managed for 3 games. That will not go down well on the CV. Could you blame me though? between a squad with no fight or desire and a chairman who didn't even give me a chance, I had to go. This is not the start I would have wanted to my manager career at all.

  14. I had to talk to someone, I needed advice. Not managerial advice but friendly advice, I had to ring Steven. He's been through thick and thin with me as I have with him. We werent just team mates, we were best mates off the field too. Like brothers.

    JC - "Steven, I've messed up"

    SG - "Why? What's happened?"

    JC - "I've quit"

    SG - "What? Why?"

    JC - "I couldnt hack the players, they had no desire. Fucking Khan give me some as well, telling me I couldnt do the job. He told me I didnt know my football. I thought Fulham would be a good club to manage but apart from Parker and a few other, theres no heart there!"

    SG - "I'm not going to lie Jamie, you should have bit your tongue, it's not going to look good for future. I get what you're saying though."

    JC - "It's just the way everything was so wrong, they didnt want to win. I brought in Lingaard on loan and he told me he wanted to be a sub? What's all that about? I need to get a club soon otherwise I may struggle"

    SG - "If they dont have fight or a winning mentality then drill it into them. You did it to so many of the foreign lads when you were a player. Remember Luis Garcia? Pants at first, you made him stick in and look how he turned out. Get one ASAP, whether it's at a smaller club than Fulham, you make them win."

    JC - "You're right. I've let this one slip. I'll get a club and will be right back on it. Thanks mate."

    SG - "No worries, call me if you need anything else mate."

  15. Nice start indeed. I will be following this one.

  16. Not even a Liverpool fan but really enjoying the story! Keep it up. Will be following.

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    This is it, my first job interview since leaving Fulham at a bigger club in a better league. Sunderland are struggling but lets see what they have to offer.
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  18. gd luck with sunderland

  19. Liking it, hope you can change things around

  20. Appreciate the support, I normally say thanks individually but I've left it too late but thanks everyone

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    I got the job. I was over the moon. It isn't going to be hard though, Sunderland have took 4 points from 11 games this season and find themselves dead bottom of the table. It's going to take something special to claw them out, but this is the perfect opportunity to show the world that I can manage, and that I can do it well. It's going to be a long journey, but one I will get through. I need to lift the heads of the likes of Adam Johnson, Steven Fletcher and John O'shea who to me are the most influential players in this squad.

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    Larsson screamer seals a point! After a tough game with Southampton and finding ourselves 1-0 down in the 39th minute courtesy to a goal from Graziano Pelle, it was Sunderland and Larsson who had the last laugh as he hit a 40 yard effort 60 seconds later to beat a scrambling Boruc. It was a very positive performance and I felt there were plenty of times when we could have won the game. Out of the 11 games played Sunderland have only took points out of 2, so getting one under my belt already was nice.

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  23. WE WANT MORE aha, great story

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Yoblackcat View Post
    WE WANT MORE aha, great story
    haha thanks! You'll get more

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    Confident Arsenal sink Sunderland. It's always a hard game coming to the Emirates. I couldn't expect the lads to come here and get the points, but I could expect them to do their best and put up a fight. They did. Arsenal didnt dominate the game like we are used to seeing at the Emirates. We pressed high on Wilshire which made him make many mistakes, but goals from Welbeck and Giroud sealed it for the gunners on the day.

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    What a performance from the lads. The scoreline does not reflect the result at all. We bossed Chelsea for a lot of the game once getting a goal back from being 2-0 down. Costa grabbed the winner in the end but we played well. It's been a tough 3 games to start off with. We've played 3 technically gifted sides, with 2 being title contenders so I can't take any negatives off not having a win yet. Next up is a trip to the Hawthornes which wont be easy and then we welcome Liverpool. Were currently 6 points away from getting out of the relegation zone so we need to get results, and fast.

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    I have now managed Sunderland for 9 games, and still no win. I feel as if it is my fault, I haven't had a win as a manager yet and I just cannot put my finger on it. We have won 1 game in the first half of the season, that's not good enough at all. It's unacceptable for the fans. I feel like maybe I can't be the one to keep this club up, but I can't resign, not after what happened at Fulham. We're starting to play well, but we keep coming against the big clubs, and then the ones we should beat at home we are coming against away. I've had 2 home games that we realistically would be favourites in. Southampton and West Ham. Both ended 1-1. We are in a deep mess and its time to dig deep and find out if there is any way out. This would be the greatest escape ever.

  28. Just a quick message too, I don't have a clue why I can't get a win... I have won the league with Liverpool in the first season before and have got top 4 with the Saints, suppose its a different side to most stories though so hope you are all entertained still!

  29. Keep it up! The wins will come

  30. Brilliant read mate, looking forward to further updates....just out of curiosity what tactic are you playing??

  31. Quote Originally Posted by Dean Wilkes View Post
    Brilliant read mate, looking forward to further updates....just out of curiosity what tactic are you playing??
    Cheers mate, I've tried a few to be honest, not sure why I can't get it right. Normally I do pretty well on FM but this save hates me! Like I said though it's making a different story to most! Just got to see now if I can turn it around.
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  32. Results have not been going well, I can't deny that, and now the chairman Ellis Short wants a word with me.

    ES - "Jamie, thanks for coming, take a seat."

    JC - "Thanks boss, what can I do for you?"

    ES - "As you know, the results haven't been good. 9 games without a win doesn't fill us with too much confidence, but I know it is not all your fault Jamie, our squad is very poor at the moment, and I wish I could back you with the funds this month to improve it now the window is open, but I can't. We're getting relegated, we have to face that now, it isn't y our fault at all Jamie. You took over a sinking ship. I'm going to give you a chance to show me what you can do, I don't expect you to stay up, but show me that next season you will be the man to bring us back up."

    JC - "I've been in this sport a long time and one thing I will say is although it looks highly unlikely, anything can happen in football and we may just stay up. I can't fault the team so far Sir. They have give it their all. The problem we have is that we have no depth in the squad. We've been hit by many injuries and we've had no one to cover anyone. You need depth at this level."

    ES - "I understand Jamie, if I could afford to take the risk to give you the funds to help us stay up I would, but I just can't. If we are going down I do not want stars leaving. This is a job you're going to have to make the best of what you have here, next season I will back you. Just show me theres something special about your management."

    JC - "I will boss. This has not been the job I thought it would have been I have to be honest, but nothing is simple in football."

    I come out of the meeting frustrated because the chairman of this football club does not care about the club. He is just a businessman. Back when Niall Quinn was in charge he would have done anything to keep us up. I don't need £20 million, but to have no budget and no wage budget remaining is not good enough. All of our players are out of form too so I can't see anyone coming along for them. Especially when they know they will be able to get them at a lower price tag in 6 months time.
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  33. Hopefully you can turn things around with them mate but so far at both clubs its not gone well but the positive wins will come

  34. Quote Originally Posted by SamPeters View Post
    Hopefully you can turn things around with them mate but so far at both clubs its not gone well but the positive wins will come
    I know! It's so weird not winning, I've never had a run even close to this on any FM! So strange. Their squad is hit with injuries though so it doesn't help, seems to be a thing on this new one!

  35. Steven Fletcher has handed in a transfer request. His reasons are because the club are not pulling their weight. To be honest, he is one to talk as he hasn't put together a good performance since I've arrived. Players like Fletcher are only there for the good times. I haven't forgotten that he did this to Wolves. He can go, and hopefully someone will buy him and we will find the right replacement. This could be a good move for both parties.
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  36. No player is bigger than the club mate! hope you can get a bit for him, maybe look in Championship for a striker, someone like Jordan Rhodes?
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  37. Click image for larger version

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    Some good results here, weve stopped losing so much, we had an unbeaten run of a few games and weve cancelled City out twice and are on a good little cup run. The problem is havent had the wins we needed in the league, and with the "easy" games played it's looking like we are down. No one bid for Fletcher in January so we have been stuck with him, and he's not been too good for us either. It would take a miracle to keep us up, and I just cant see it done with this squad. I'm going to try and win every game I can, and maybe see if we can sneak past city in the second leg to and put us through to the semi finals of the FA Cup.

  38. Click image for larger version

Name:	Fulham Interview.png
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    Sacked. I walk out of this club, with no respect from the fans. I'm already turning my respectable playing career upside down. I have not been a good manager, you only get so many chances before a club will not see you as a potential target. I think I've already had mine. If I am lucky enough to get another job I think it will be down in the bottom. One thing I did get from this is that I got the lads fighting. I've been at 2 clubs now with no transfer budget at all, it's hard to make it your own when you don't get to add some faces in. Nevertheless this was not good enough, and I deserved to be relieved from my duties. I would like another club instantly so I have all of pre season to work with them, let's see who is looking.
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  39. Just keep your head up, and the results will follow! Loving this story!

  40. Click image for larger version

Name:	Bremen Interview.png
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    I was quite surprised about this, I applied for the job but after the last two positions I didnt think that they would want me. Well, they still might not. I'm going to have to go in there with all my new ideas. One thing I did do at Sunderland is tighten up the defence that they had, but the lack of quality in the players meant I couldn't work wonders at the club.


    I really don't know how, why or what they are thinking in offering me a job interview, I've highly under performed at 2 English clubs already, and now this team want me? I can't help but think why but I must attend the interview...
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Fulham Interview.png
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    Manchester City. Crowned Champions twice in the last 4 seasons, and they are considering me to manage them? Let's hope I pull something out of the bag in the interview! This would be a great opportunity to show the world that it was the squads I was playing with rather than the manager at fault for the two previous failures.

  41. Quote Originally Posted by OpaHansen View Post
    Just keep your head up, and the results will follow! Loving this story!
    Yeah I'm not really down about it IRL, just adds to the story Thanks for the support man!

  42. MAN CITY! what the fuck lol but if you take it then good luck matey!
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  43. Quote Originally Posted by SamPeters View Post
    MAN CITY! what the fuck lol but if you take it then good luck matey!
    We will see....

  44. The interview at City went really well. So did the one at Bremen. I'm surprised by how many offers for interviews I have received. Hull, Monaco and Lyon have also offered me interviews, they didnt go as well as we prefer different styles of play. City would be perfect. There are funds, great players, and ambition. I've not had any of that since I've started managing. Some could say thats how you show you are a good manager but without being able to have input on some of your own targets it does make it hard. Bremen survived the drop by a point last season so I'm not sure if I would want another relegation scrap after the last one went wrong.

    Monaco would also be a good club to join to get experience. Endless cash and only one real competitor in the league. With Falcao just coming back off loan it would be interesting to see whether he will stay or how much I would be allowed to spend to replace him. Now the wait goes on to see if any of the interviews were successful. Let's wait and see...

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Badges.png
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  45. Hopefully the Man City one will, make your name in England and then maybe a Madrid, Munich or Barcelona will come in and move on then!
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  46. Id say hull would be a great choice,
    should be mid-table easy. And a chance for jamie to create a dynasty,

  47. Quote Originally Posted by Tracz View Post
    Id say hull would be a great choice,
    should be mid-table easy. And a chance for jamie to create a dynasty,
    Yeah I was thinking hull, on Football Manager nothing is easy though when you are a team such as Hull. I would prefer the City job, but I do see it being a bit unrealistic. We will see who I end up being, you never know I might not get either of the jobs!

  48. Do we have to wait long?

  49. Quote Originally Posted by Tracz View Post
    Do we have to wait long?
    I get home in 3 hours so will jump on it then and play a couple of hours, will post updates throughout the night

  50. Brendn's Avatar Brendn
    Modern Day Legend
    Quote Originally Posted by xJamieWilliams View Post
    I would prefer the City job, but I do see it being a bit unrealistic.
    Pellegrini had no European Club experience; I'd say your overqualified for the City Job in that regard!

    Enjoying this story mate. Hard luck with Sunderland but I'm sure it'll stand to you in the long run on this save.
    You'll never allow yourself to be relegated again, to prove a point to yourself in this save!!!
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