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The Legends Story....Hidetoshi Nakata - The Flash Kicker

  1. The Legends Story....Hidetoshi Nakata - The Flash Kicker

    So I have really enjoyed reading the stories of Jamie Carragher and most recently the Ched Evans Story and I would like to do something Similar in terms of taking on the persona of someone else and I was thinking about doing something a little bit different and choosing one of my favourite Footballers from growing up.

    Let me introduce to you:

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    Hidetoshi Nakata :


    Nakata has cited the popular manga and anime series, Captain Tsubasa, as his primary inspiration in choosing football as a career.

    Nakata began his professional career in 1995 and won the Asian Football Confederation Player of the Year award in 1997 and 1998, the Scudetto with A.S. Roma in 2001, played for Japan in three FIFA World Cup tournaments (1998,2002 and 2006) and played in the Olympics twice (1996 and 2000).

    Pelé named Nakata in his FIFA 100, a list of the top living footballers at the time.


    National team

    1997–2006[1] Japan 77 (11)

    The Plan:

    Start as an unemployed manager and looking to learn the Trade in Asia or Oceania before looking to Move to Italy where Nakata spent 6 years and finally taking over a Team in England.

    Story would last around 5 or 6 seasons comfortably

    Management Style:I would be looking to take influence from managers such as Jurgen Klopp with a new wave of attacking / Counter Attacking football but with a Jose Mourinho Style of arrogance due to the belief in my own Ability

    The Aim:
    • Find a Club and learn the Management Trade
    • Move to Italy and develop my own profile as a manager
    • Be the first Asian Manager to take Europe by storm and win a Major Trophy
    • Follow every Managers dream and move to the Premier League
    • Win the Premier League
    I hope that you find this Interesting and want to follow! Any feedback would be Great
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    In a recent Interview with Football magazine Four Four Two Japanese Legend Hidetoshi Nakata stated that after a 8 year break from football that he was looking to get into Club Management.

    "I feel I have a vast knowledge of Football and how the game should be played , A wealth of global footballing contacts and a profile that should be desired to a degree"

    "I recently spent some time with my old Parma boss Cesare Prandelli who was kind enough to let me take part of a Galatasary Coaching Sessions and spent some time working with some Fantastic players and some good facilities"

    " I am currently looking for a Job in Asia so I can learn more about Management and use this as a stepping stone"

    I Have Managed to get Interviews arranged by my agent for a few clubs

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    "Beijing would be a big challenge as I know they expect to be challenging for the title but are currently lying 9th"

    "Renhe are a club that have done a lot to develop themselves and would be a great opportunity"

    I have had interviews for both so I hope to hear back soon

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  3. good luck with this!

  4. And So it Begins


    WG"Hello Mr Nakata this is Wang Guolin the Owner of Guizhou Renhe"

    HN "Oh Hello Mr Guolin , What Can i do for you?"

    WG "Well Mr Nakata , We found your Interview to be some what different but we are a club who likes to think differently and we see that you would be able to bring a new fresh approach to our club and for that reason we would like to offer you a 1 year deal with us with an option to extend"

    " I would be happy to take you up on that offer "


    Today Guizhou Renhe have called an Emergency Press Conference to unveil their new man in charge.

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    Owner :Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce you to our new Manager for the remainder of this season Hidetoshi Nakata , We will now open to questions please

    Press: Hidetoshi How does it feel to take your first steps into management?

    Nakata: This is a fantastic moment in my life the and I look forward to this new challenge in my life , I really can't wait to get started

    Press: How do you feel about the chance of keeping Guizou in the Super League

    Nakata: I would not have came here if I did not feel that I could keep the club in the League , That is my Goal - That I will succeed

    Press: Could you give us your thoughts on the squad?

    Nakata : "We have two special players that I am looking forward to working with"

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    Nakata:I actually played against Sun once before , He is a warrior and never gives up! that is why he is still playing today , His spirit will be key to our survival

    Click image for larger version

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    Nakata : Dan Misimovic is a fantastic attacking player and played in the same way i did , So i hope i can show him more even now when he is older.

    Nakata :These playes are good players but I have my doubts about some of the ability in this team , People will have to prove to me very quickly that they are fit for the purpose of this team.

    Nakata: I have invited a few players along for trials already ...You may know some of them ; Jermaine Jenas , zurab khizanishvili , Fabio Rochemback - They all have fantastic experience ,are all of an international class and have all played in the best league in the world the English Premiership so I will see how the adapt with us and potentially offer them a deal.

    Nakata: Thank you for today but that is all I have to say for now.

    Feedback would be appreciated guys

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  5. Good luck with this, never really done overseas leagues so i would not be able to give much advice apart from look at every player and their strengths and fit a formation with that and plus look at Team and Individual training schedules and look at them as well

  6. Making Waves....

    The Asian Media have turned up in their hundreds for Hidetoshi Nakata's Debut as a Manager... There is also a new legion of Guizhou Fans from Japan that are only hear because of Hidetoshi Nakata

    Click image for larger version

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    Press: "Nakata who looks more like he is ready to go on a night out than command his first game in charge, The Question is he taking this seriously or is this just to add to the Nakata Show"

    HN: Listen this Jacket is probably worth more than your Car so unless you have something of value I have a job to go and do.

    in the Guizhou changing Room

    HN : It does not matter what results you have had before , It does not matter who played well and who did not play well , Today Marks the First moment when all of Guizhou stands up to be recognized.

    Click image for larger version

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    Press: "at times Guizhou looked dangerous on the counter but by in large this was a damp squib rather than the fireworks we expected Nakata to bring on his debut"

    HN: The Players need time to understand what I want them to do , We did not lose and gained a valuable point that is what matters "

    Like a Boss

    HN:"Someone get me Mike Hanke in here now"

    MH: "What do you want?"

    HN: "Do you want to explain to me why you walked straight down the tunnel when i Subbed you yesterday?"

    MH:" I felt that you showed me no respect by subbing me so early , I am a former German International and you replaced me with some kid who would struggle to lace my boots"

    "Listen ... Key words here Mike ... You are a Former...I must stress Former International for a reason and 12 caps is not exactly getting you in the hall of fame... So you can either do one or two things here... You can apologize for your pathetic behavior or you can's up to you"

    MH: " I will leave then..."

    HN:" if you need to put me down as a reference...Then don't because you are not going to want to hear what I say"


  7. Quote Originally Posted by SamPeters View Post
    Good luck with this, never really done overseas leagues so i would not be able to give much advice apart from look at every player and their strengths and fit a formation with that and plus look at Team and Individual training schedules and look at them as well
    Thank you mate!! It's going to be tough but It will be fun!


    HN: we only have 7 games left and we are sitting joint 2nd bottom , The question I need you to ask yourself ....."What would Captain Tsubasa Do"

    Squad: " Have you lost it? What are you on about?"

    HN: The only reason I started playing football is because of Captain Tsubasa , He showed Courage , Skill and a desire to win and that's what I want to see from you ( APPARENTLY THIS IS ACTUALLY TRUE THIS PART)

    Squad: Would it have not been easier just to say that?

    Click image for larger version

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    HN :

    "Now that is what football is all about , we came with a game plan and executed it baring the 3 late goals we conceded , 4 - 0 up after 30 minutes with swift counter attacking football and some great performances , The defence however do not deserve any praise to switch off like that at the end and put everyone under pressure is not good enough"

    Name:  Tsubasa-captain-tsubasa-2683924-322-242.jpg
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  9. A great victory there mate! hopefully you can stay up!
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  10. Not Good enough

    HN: Let's kick on now , This is a game that you can win and would mean we would only need 8 points to guarantee
    we stay in the league! I believe in you.

    Click image for larger version

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    HN: are you kidding? That was a terrible performance 31% Possession at home? the two goals are an absolute flattery....They had 10 men...10 men.. You all need to look at yourself to see if you want to be part of this fight or not.

    SQUAD: We agree this could have been better but your taking it too far.

    It was in that moment i thought to myself that is this right for me? Is this what I want to do? .... I left the stadium and went and done what i do best..... Buy a New suit and go out and party,the vanity may some unreal but when your as good as me well....

    Click image for larger version

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