[FM15] Aston Villa - A Shot at Glory [Youtube Story]

  1. [FM15] Aston Villa - A Shot at Glory [Youtube Story]

    Hi guys! I just uploaded the first episode to my new Football Manager 2015 career, hope you enjoy it. The channel will also have other FM content, so be sure to subscribe. I know my English isn't the best, but I hope to improve as the series progress.
    EP1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyz8gitW7Uo
    P.S. Any recommendations are appreciated.

  2. Cool, another Villa thread! Interesting that you place faith in Clark though.
    Okore will recover from injury pretty soon so you can expect him to get some pre-season games and get fit for the season. Vlaar and him both have relatively good pace and would make a good pairing.

    Tactics-wise we're quite similar, though I chose to set Close Down More in the players' instructions for my forwards and midfielders. I find my defence gets pulled around when they close down a striker. Idk.

    For the same amount that you're willing to pay for a CM and DM, you could pick up certain wonderkids though. But I suppose you intend to use scouting to find your own players the realistic way.

    All the best!
    Feel free to pop by my thread.

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