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There'll be trouble when the kids come out

  1. There'll be trouble when the kids come out

    Welcome all to what is going to be my first Football Manager story ever.
    I am relatively new to Football Manager, Football Manager 2014 was my first one that I ever played.
    After some searching I found this website and was inspired by all the great stories on here (particularly Brendn's Liverpool one) so I decided to give it a shot myself.
    The team I have chosen for this will be...

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Name:	olympiquelyonnais.png
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    That's right, Olympique Lyonnais.
    I have chosen for them because of the fact that they have one of the best training centres in France with the Centre Tola Vologe.
    Over the years
    several prominent players have passed through the youth training center these players include current Lyon players Alexandre Lacazette, Samuel Umtiti, Maxime Gonalons and Clement Grenier other notable examples are Hatem Ben Arfa, Sidney Govou, Ludovic Giuly, Loïc Remy and most notably Karim Benzema.

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    Back when I was a kid I always used to check the progress of every football league in Europe except for one, France, why? Well because I knew that Lyon were number 1 anyway, unfortunately those years are now long gone.
    In this series I will attempt to make Lyon the number 1 team in France once again.
    Another challenge will be to bring up some of the most talented footballers that France has ever seen.

    Will you join me?

    P.S. With this being my first story ever I would definately appreciate some feedback and tips on how I can improve, thanks

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Name:	olympiquelyonnais.png
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Name:	Tactics_ Overview Overview-10.png
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    This formation might appear very strange on paper but after carefully analysing the Arsenal Invincibles squad I believe that this is the way that they played, or at least the closest you can get in Football Manager. And looking at the team report of Lyon I believe that they are quite similar in strengths to Arsenal so I will give this a shot. It might fail horribly but it could also lead me to becoming Les Invincibles. (Yes that is The Invincibles in French for those of you that don't know French )

    Right now we are set to go on a nice pre-season trainings camp in Midi-Pyr
    énées in France (how original, and here was me looking forward to sunny spain, oh well money, money, money must be... sorry).

  3. Nice opening mate! good luck with Lyon
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    Pre-Season has arrived, this will give me a chance to see if my Invincible tactic is indeed invincible or if it is just a huge tactical failure.

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Name:	Schedule_  Senior Fixtures-2.png
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    As you can see our opposition wasn't the best, the only teams that I expected us to have some "difficulty" against are Ligue 2 side Tours FC and South Korean side Pohang Steelers.

    And indeed this is how it turned out to be:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Schedule_  Senior Fixtures-3.png
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    As you can see pre-season went pretty well...
    We absolutely dominated every single match, often getting 20 or more chances, unfortunately my strikers weren't as clinical as I would have hoped but considering that they are both very young and have huge potential I am not too worried.
    The match against Pohang Steelers was a lot tougher then expected though, This could partially be blamed on the fact that I mostly fielded my substitutes in order for them to gain some match fitness. It was only after I brought on some "first team" players that we pulled away giving us a nice 4-2 victory in the end.

    Pre-season wasn't all smiles however as I lost two of my most important players to (long term) injuries.

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Name:	Inbox_  Inbox-4.png
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    I have also disabled the first transfer window so I won't be brining in other players to replace them with, instead I will make due with what I have.

    In other news:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Inbox_  Inbox-5.png
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    A pretty easy draw should have us move into the next round without too much trouble, then again upsets happen every year and it will be up to me to guard my players against complacency.

  5. I like your layout, It's nice to know I'm not the only one disabling the first transfer window this year. It's realistic and you get a chance to give your whole squad a chance, rather than buying the typical signings and getting bored, you can see what you need next summer.

  6. So, I have been playing this save for the entire day, and then suddenly I got an error message on screen. I had to close the game down only to discover when I restarted it that I had just lost 2 months of games played. Right now I am not particularly interested in doing everything over again so unfortunately this story is dead. I will start another story really soon though but right now I simply don't feel like it sorry for the dissapointment to all people who were looking forward to this story.

  7. I like the challenge mate!
    So your aim is to win 7 league titles in a row again? That would be massive!

  8. In-Depth tactics

    I know this is now a dead story but I loved the formation, tried it won 3-0 and 9-1, just wondering what instructions you used? and also what mentality and team shape? if you remember of course

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