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Aiming to rage at press saying "the next Klopette". Ms Ackerman's journeyman career.
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  1. This is fantastic, keep it up! Love the rejection of Lippo

    Interesting that the game referred to you as "he" at one point, back on page 2, when she was hired by Coruxo. It said both he and she in the same article

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    You're right, I didn't notice that, even when I remember reading it full. I guess the s from the as got duplicated by my brain to make it read right. Oh well, since then it's too late to report, as it may well have been spotted and corrected. I'll look out for that next time she gets hired.
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    We had left it after the long winter break, if I remember correctly. Mladost returned to competitive football with a defeat to Borac; but after that came a long undefeated run. Only a defeat in the last ten matches that places Mladost fourth, tied in points with third and three ponts behind second, with the best schedule of the three: Proleter is ninth and highest placed. Vozdovac and Borca will on top face each other, guaranteeing one of the two will drop points, though it may well not be enough if the rest are wins for the three teams, as matches between teams I think place Mladost the third of them. The run has had more effect on the Serbian jokes, from annoying to insulting about buying referees than in the table. For godsake I'd like to beat up any smartass with one of those jokes.

    After a run of 5/6 to a total of 8/15 goals coming from penalties in the later games. All the bad luck I had not reported about penalties conceded in the first half of season, several unjust, plus you could add quite a few in the previous year has come around compressed in the later matches in Ackerman's favour. If I remember it started after the Moravac Orion match: they had been denied a penalty, in press their manager claimed Mladost had been benefitted regularly by the referees and Viktoria said she may have had a little luck but there was nothing to support that claim ((I don't remember how it was, if I didn't find the right answer to express what I wanted among the choices or wanted to avoid confrontation with FA or the other manager)).

    Still, with the later run of penalties for Mladost, they've turned to be the team that has had the most penalties. A big surprise at looking at the team stats is that Mladost has turned to be the second best defence. It's not because of Bungert, simply because he picked up a two month injury in his second match. And a month and half injury for Popovic right after scoring the fastest Mladost goal. Stanojevic has almost caught up to João Mario as top scorer because of the penalties. Centrebacks are the main tackles as consequence of playing without players right in front of them.

    In other news, journals have titled the marching of ten players as clear out. Golubovic, after becomming happy with first team football has gone back to Viktoria demanding first team football after playing only three out of four matches and it ended with him transfer listed. Club is in debt and the board's trust is not great. They say they're disappointed because instead of promotion Mladost may win the league. Nutters. Golemic wants Ackerman to be offered a new contract.

    The last piece of news is that Mladost had a great generation of youth candidates. ((My best ever including teams I had brought up to very good youth facilities, Newcastle, other top division teams from big countries and one seasn save with Real Madrid))

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    First game: Proleter at home. Mladost win comfortably 2-0, while Vozdovaz draws and Borca loses. Mladost third (play off spot) one point from direct promotion and three ahead of Borca.

    Second game: Sindjelic at home. They go ahead and get a second goal in the first half. A change to a 4-4-2 from the 4-4-1-1 that has come to be the usual tactic in this second half of the season gets two back, but not enough to win. Luckily, Vozdovac also draws. Mladost stays third, one point ahead of Borca and one behind Vorzovac.

    Third game: Away at BASK. Mladost scores a goal at the start of the second half. Borca wins and remains one point behind... Vozdovac loses and is two points behind! Mladost secures third place and to be at least in the promotion play off against Jelen Super Liga's third from bottom team. A win in the last match ensures direct promotion since Borca and Vozdovac face each other making it impossible for both to overtake Mladost. The board offer Viktoria a new contract. She asks not to be asked to play direct not defensive football. The board rejects those changes. Viktoria asks to delay her decission to the end of season and the board accepts.

    Last game: Loznica at home. Mladost needs to win. A draw could see them second if the other match ends in a draw. Losing means third place regardless of what happens in the other match.

    0': GODDAMMIT! I didn't realize this match came four days after the previous and most of the midfield is tired. I have to field Knezevicas RPM and Marko Jovanovic as AMC and play Stanojevic tired in the right of the 4-4-1-1.

    6': Things look good, already two chances. Borca score so Mladost needs to win.

    14': The good start continues for Mladost by all appearances, accosting Loznica's goal. However an error with the offside line by Milunovic ends with Stojanovic's goal for Loznica. Mladost drops to third.

    30': Second goal by Borca. It doesn't look like they'll draw.

    44': Goal for Bojan Tasic after a great through ball by Golemic! 1-1 But Borca's result means Mladost is still third.

    47': Marko Jovanovic goal! Mladost gets ahead 2-1. Mladost is second.

    56': Vozdovac score their second goal, drawing the match. If Loznica scores now Mladost would still be second. It would obviously be too dangerous to count on that draw to stay to the end of the match.

    70': Branislav Milosevic's freak goal!! Mladors 3 - Loznica 1. The match is as good as decided and Mladost is going to be second.

    81': Borca scores but who cares? Mladost will be second anyway.

    92': End of the match. Mladost second, direct promotion. Viktoria may decide to stay at the club.

    Prize, if any, has not been paid yet. But the club stays in debt. During the last weeks a few news items for players' records have showed up: Stanojevic got the most player of match and most goals in a season for Mladost, while Golemic beat the assists record. None of them are great records. The board sets measly budgets for next season. On top of that they don't show to be very happy with Viktoria. She's also asked for the preseason length, which she sets to seven weeks.

    Despite the record, Stanojevic isn't the player with the most assists in the league. João Mario shows his quality on the shots on target ratio and Radunovic that he's been a good signing. A pity the club can't afford his fee to sign him permanently. As a team, Mladost hast the most penalties in their favour, only one ahead of second, not having any in the last four matches. Is the second best defence but the lack of accuracy up top is what costed them not winning the league. Nothing new to comment in individual stats, too low passing ratio for centrebacks, including Cicmil, who can play in midfield. Also Milosevic has the most mistakes leadig to goal, including one of the two by Sindelic.

    Ackerman has made it into the manager of the season shortlist, which results are yet to be announced. It's unlikely she'll get it, she's not overachieved enough, despite most of the matches being expected to go against Mladost (how then were they tipped to finish third?). Milosevic is the most likely to get it.

    Viktoria Ackerman has recently had her 26th birthday and is currently studying for the Continental Pro license. Let's have a look at her, who nows speaks Serbian fluently.


    The source for the new portrait is "Mikasa II" by chaosringen

    Click image for its page.
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    Shortly after the end of the season Portugal offers Viktoria de U23 squad. She applied years ago, before getting the Chaves job, it's a chance, not as clear as the North Korea U23, to get some silverware, so she takes it. Immediately...

    Despite that the old contract condition was not to apply, which wasn't broken. So her contract ran to its end and was not renewed, though at 1st July she was still working for Mladost.

    There was no increase in the reputation bar in her profile after the promotion and announcement of Jelen Superliga's fixtures. Surprise was that after all it took to get the Continental A License, the Pro has come in six months.

    The new season had some news for Mladost: foreign spots allowed raised to four, Serbia has become a UE nation, fans' player of the year and best XIs have been announced. Also other news about league, teams and a totally unjust manaer of the season voting where Ackerman doesn't even make it into the top three. The new sponsorship and related deals are no improvement at all, some even go worse.

    During June, despite the lack of contract renewals and rejection by board to enter talks, a few deals are made: provisional budgets were considering the adjustment of wage-transfer balance so in fact it was a €2.1M transfer budget, so Radunovic was signed for the loan clause €625K, Sinkovic's loan was renewed for the new season and Pitulic was signed as the second starting centreback (>=13 str, jump, pace, tackling, marking, positioning). After that, it's a matter of looking for two quality midfielders and one striker, unloading those they'd replace.

    Before adjustment and Radunovic's deal.

    But nothing more would come. Since her contract had run out, Viktoria saw an available job on an already stablished top tier team and she applied for it. Pribram from Czech Republic accepted her and she got 200€ more from what they initially offered, as she didn't want to haggle too hard. The new squad is too big, with too many strikers and very poor goalkeepers, Precechtel and Pindroch being the two that are acceptable. Her tasks: trim the squad, offload the two useless goalies, bring one or two midfielders and possibly offload a few of the centrebacks and get some in. And learn their language. The problems are compunded because the season starts very soon and there's only time for three friendlies before the start. One of them being a cup that may jeopardize the fitness for the start.

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    Viktoria had lost the chance to have a new contract with Mladost, though not properly to stay, from accepting a job offer to manage Portugal's U23 for the Olympic games. She had moved to Príbram. It is fair then to begin with the first part to the question Was it worth? Let us see on her run with Portugal.

    The squad was chosen a few days before the first friendly that was to be the preparation for the competition:

    It would become clear soon after the selection wasn't right. I was more worried about ensuring injuries wouldn't deprive me from competent defenders; but there were too many centrebacks and not enough variety to choose in other positions, specially the wings.

    The friendlies are played against the U23 sides of Saudi Arabia and Colombia. Two wins, a harder than should be against Saudi Arabia and a comfortable against Colombia, which is ranked close to Portugal. The formation used is a 4-2-3-1, Viktoria has chosen to use the system she used with North Korea and these two tests seem to suggest it works. In the Olympics' Group C Japan, Brazil and New Zealand await.

    First match is against Brazil: Portugal starts strong, generating two good chances, but they're missed. Then two flops by Portugal's defenders are taken by Brazil to get ahead. Half time is reached with Portugal three goals down. Tactics are changed, substitutions are made. A Portugal goal is answered by a Brazil one. And again. And again. The match ends 3-6 for the Brazilians. Japan has beat New Zealand comfortably and it seems they're the rival for qualification.

    Second match is against Japan: winning puts Portugal in a good position, drawing needs Japan to lose against Brazil and Portugal to win by three. An impossible rebound on the crossbar, 60º angle, shot from 7 yards no swing, but it returns straight from where it came back to the striker's foot. A penalty gives Portugal the draw. During second half Portugal has better play, but the Japanese defense is good and there's not utterly clear chances, though a few decent ones are had. At 80' a Japanese striker is left unmarked in a cross and scores their winning goal. Portugal are out.

    Third and last match is against New Zealand: Super comfortable 6-1 thumping. Japan loses, Portugal would've been through if it weren't that crossbar bounce.

    From the Portugal side, it's definitely not been worth it.

    Back to Príbram, strikers are unloaded, though one less than intended. A mistake with expectatives sees one of the midfielders being sold and then find that the capacity of Príbram to attract quality players isn't better than Mladost, it's perhaps worse, though a replacement is found and two young players for the future are brought, along a defender with a bit of pace, though not that great physically. One of the youngsters is loaned out.

    Finances are in a healthy status.

    Ackerman looks like this:

    The preseason is very short and doesn't allow time to either get the players acquainted with the tactics and building match fitness. A terrible first match shows the flat 4-4-2 wasn't working and a wide diamond is used. Game improves, getting a point against Sparta Praha, an expected defeat to Viktoria Plzeñ ((I know ñ is not the character but it's the closest I have in my keyboard)) in which Príbram scored the first goal. After a cup game to build match fitness for those needing it, a disappointing draw against Viktoria Zizkov. And then the team goes down the drain. A hard defeat against Dukla Praha in which a tactic overhaul only takes one goal back, then the team slumps into a 0-2 defeat against Jihlava that sets Príbram as lone bottom team. Statistically, the defence is well protected by players around, but passing is low quality and they do little with the ball, allowing chances to the rivals with small errors in marking or positioning.

    I thought on the things going on in the club. Players getting unhappy. Thiago Costa - not that Thiago Costa - was unhappy when I wasn't praising a mediocre performance in the friendly cup semifinal, then El Gabas when I offered him to other clubs though he then rejected offers because he was well here, then Preucil and Foltyn were unhappy, wanting to leave for first team football but accepting my promise to give them more, as I was planning to have them as key players. El Gabbas twice in three days appears in the press saying how unhappy he is he's not having first team and I rejected to talk to him about that - I told him I didn't want him in my team and he wasn't in my plans, he chose to stay despite that - and then Pasek appears saying he had a row with me and that I had promised him more first team football when he never asked me!. That with the last two matches, specially the last, in which they were apathetic in their play made me think they were boycotting me. So I decided I was tired of crybabies and resigned.

    Later Ceska Budejovice offered an interview (I had asked to send applications to any top level club), I took the interview, they offered me the job but then I thought I didn't want to stay in the same league, and rejected it.

    It was worth taking the Portugal U23 job? I think the answer is cle- Excuse me, let me take the phone.
    Who's this?
    Sorry, not interested in Tercera División.
    Is this a prank?

    She waves me off and closes the door. She appears several minutes later.

    Answerisclearlyit'sbeenworthitgoodbyeIhavetomakemy luggage. And she's so fast and excited I'm out before I can ask what's going on.
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    WHAT THE... This can't be right.

    Previously in the news:

    So Viktoria gets to one of the top four leagues in one of the big teams that's havng a very low point. She was in Portugal's top division and had just been in Czech Republic's top; but it feels like too much a jump. Still, great thing. If she had stayed at Mladost with a new contract, I had the plan to stay till the end so in other interviews they weren't saying she was leaving jobs or applying to new ones while employed as if having a negative point to get the new job and when Inter job became available I wouldn't have believed it to be with a chance to land it, so she'd be still with Mladost in Jelen Superliga instead of Serie A with Inter.

    ((I went "WOW! Awesome" when they offered an interview, but I was convinced it was going to fail. When they came with the job offer I jumped from my chair with a "FUCK YES!!".))
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    As it is to be expected, the contract is the best Viktoria has ever had, by a lot. a 1375% increase. The club finances show a high balance and a projection to increase, but it's not a good financial status, as the club has a loan debt that more than triplicates the balance. Also, the press adscribed to AC Milan show their partiality remembering meaningless failures of two teams ago. At least some others are generous on counting her received recognitions. Plus Sannino shows to have faith in her ability to bring success to Inter. Though the transfer budget is €15.65M, the wage budget has been exceeded and setting it to be within limits takes the transfer down to 0.

    Not shown: the idiot in the press conference asking her as if she were responsible of Inter's recent bad run.

    The board wants Viktoria to take Inter to a top half finish and don't care about the cup.

    The squad surely doesn't seem enough to hope for anything bigger. Something corroborated by the fact Inter finished 16th past season. See two shots of the squad screen:

    Squad that, after moving the youths who have nothing to play in the first team to the U20 team looks like this:

    A short squad that lacks in several positions: a quality right fullback, a fourth centreback, one defensive midfielder and another central midfielder.

    And since the start there are two promises to the board director that are hurtful if (strictly) followed: the president wants Viktoria to hire players from his country. He's Indonesian. The other is he wants Viktoria to keep the director of football; but if you look at the transfer history, you can see he sold the only quality right full back without doing anything to replace him. So Viktoria will be making her own deals. Perhaps hire one or two token Indonesians to rot in the U20 side to keep the president happy.

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    Some of the tasks that would be meant to set up the clib have taken a long time to get going, in this case, the coaches. A few weeks passed before it was sorted out, with players unhappy with the shooting training attention after filling up the coaches allocation. Viktoria then asked the board to increase the number of coaches allowed, which required some persuasive work, but she got it in the end and from nine it was increased to eleven coaches.

    After that the players still complained of not enough attention in shooting training so I had to take care of it, too.

    It was understandable the board wouldn't be too intent on something that would increse expenses, but with the high balance and profits expected it shouldn't have been a problem. Situation was improved by a couple of clauses from past sales coming to the club, even after some mone went out in clauses from past purchases and new signings.

    I wrote about signings, but there's only been one in: Julian Weigl. At the start, Viktoria took all the budget to the wage, being left with no transfer budget and no room in the wage to make any deal. Gary Medel, the only defensive midfielder in the team got suspended in november, so Viktoria wanted someone else, who had to be from the free transfer. She chose Julian Weigl. But then the club couldn't pay the agent fee and had to delay the deal for a week. In order to get the funds to complete the signing (it wasn't needed anymore immediately, but had to cover for a Medel injury) Ms. Ackerman sold two young players to make some small transfer budget, that was finally enough for the signing.

    Now, close to January, the board has given an injection of more than five million euros in the transfer budget; but between wage increase and Weigl signing that's not even enough to get the transfer budget above the wages paid.

    Since Viktoria took charge of the team, the run of results have been turned around, with only one league defeat and one draw, the rest being draws. In the middle, a 4-2 defeat on extra time against AC Milan with a very weakened team. Those results have lifted Inter to eight place, close to European qualification places, while AC Milan still languish right next to relegation places. In the run, the team has been in the highest score game. Bad news were the long injuries of two important men: right winger Correa and midfielder Pratto.

    In an unrealistic season, Inter is second team with more injuries with just four. Juventos in top has only six injuries.

    With his first team time, the better results, and Manchester City not being interested in him anymore, mainly the last, I suspect, Origi says he's happy staying in Inter.

    Statistically, the improvement in form shows very well. Specially in the pass completion ratio, where most were in the sixties with a few above seventy; not there are some above eighty, with many in the seventies, not few approaching to eighty, a few still in sixties and Perin still lower than that with only two matches, one not complete, under Viktoria. The defensive setup working as intended in the screening of the centrebacks.

    Regarding her, there's been slight improvements in her coaching stats, defence has reached 17 and motivating has gone up to 11. She also is able to speak a little Italian now.

    Regarding the January transfers:

    - The main formation is a 4-5-1 V midfield, counterattacking, fluid with offensive left fullback. GK-D; CWB-A, CB-D, CB-D, FB-S; BWM-D; BBM-S, CM-A; IF-A, W-A; AF-A.

    - Five and half euros for transfer budget, with seventy five thousand per week wage deficit compared to the budget that the transfer can't fully compensate.

    - The first step will be try to loan out every player in the U20 and U18 teams. There is nobody who's good enough for the first team and all wages that can be unloaded, the better. In fact all were offered for transfer but only the above two players attracted offers.

    - Once that is done and we can see how is the budgets situation, options can be studied.

    - In the worst case, no loans out or very few; any deal for this season would have to be loans. In that case all transfer may be moved to wage and then look for players nearing end of contracts to be signed for next season.

    - In the average case, enough loans so it's possible to offer some decent wages, a few players on a free may be sought. Still the main way in would have to be loans for this season.

    - In the best case, we get a lot of wages out to have the transfer compensate, we may add cheap transfers to the list of targets.

    - Perin is very poorly rated by the coaches, but he is enough as a second goalkeeper. I think Handanovic finishes contract this season, but that'll be a problem for then.

    - The biggest weakness is lack of quality right back, Fernández is good as back up or for matches we want to be defensive.

    - Only three centrebacks, we need one more.

    - DM position is well enough, as is the attacking midfielder with Pratto and the South Korean player. The other midfielder feels a little weak, though there are two young players that are just good enough for first team action. Some experienced cover would be a bonus, but not necessary.

    - Left wing is well covered with Krejci and Hammam as is the right with Correa and Cerci.

    - Striker is the other weakness, Origi is good and has shown it, but there's no good cover. Cerci and Pratto can play there, but I want a dedicated back up for striker and the one we have is a young that's in the edge between being enough as a back up and not good enough.

    - Therefore the targets are: quality right fullback, fourth centreback and back up striker. In that order; then, far behind, an experienced midfielder would be nice.
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    January transfer window has seem some activity, with three players coming to Inter on loan deals, the consumation of two sales, one more sale and two loans out. There are also news in the contracts side of things.

    To the two U20 players sold before, Sangho was added to the end of the deal, a young player that doesn't have great potential and after offering everyone in U20 on loan only two had offers. They were on minimal contracts so those deals had minimal effect on budgets. So buying or hiring was an impossible task and Inter had to use loans.

    For the fourth centreback, promising Simon Tipple comes from Manchester City, Alfred N'Diaye from Real Betis for the right fullback position and finally, to give Origi a good rotation striker, from Liverpool, Daniel Sturridge. Also, an offer from Ajax and Lazio made Viktoria become aware of a young talent sitting in the U20, unrecognized by the coaches: Rigamonti

    ((I've realized in this skin player name isn't shown under the photo, I need to solve that, for now, names below the screenie.




    Rigamonti, who is training with the first team.))

    Contract wise: Hammar's extension clause was triggered, Cerci refused to talk though after that he's declared himself happy again at Inter, Handanovic also rejected any contract talks. Pratto and Medel helped make the loans possible by accepting a combined €27Kp/w (8K and 19K respectively) reduction to their wages.

    Apart from those, there were some clauses from past transfers activated or close to be activated that have helped finances or will help in the future if triggered. Those helped the board give an injection to the transfer budget, but they did too late to be used.

    For curiosity sake, I told you Inter's coaches didn't rate Mattia Perin at all, here's what he looks like now.

    He's become unhappy because of his lack of first team football. He's been promised to be sold at the end of the season. Not a great news as he had a good chance to be next first goalkeeper if Handanovic doesn't sign.

    In Serie A things look very good. Inter has just had the second defeat since Viktoria took charge of the team. Inter is at the moment in Europa League spots and with Champions League qualification not too far away and with close to have full healthy squad.

    Statistically, things keep like in the previous update. Things noted is the striker works well, being the main scorer, with decent help from either wing, specially the first and a good deal of involvement from midfield. Note, however, Pratto played as striker for a few matches when Origi was injured and a few of his goals were scored as striker. Parodi's two goals were screamers from 25 yards. Another statistic I just realize is that centrebacks, with exception of Gustavinho, intercept more than tackle, while those around them tackle more than intercept, with the exception of Federico Fernández, who has centreback training and also intercepts more than tackles.

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  11. Wow! So much activity since I last caught up! Didn't think it had been that long!

    Massive move to Inter for Viktoria! Seems to have turned things around nicely for them. KIU!

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    It is the second day of May and the season has not yet finished. Before we move on to show how are things going in the competitions, let's go through some secondary info.

    Clauses have been going in and out. Almost two millions in from Icardi and Darida, more than three out to West Brom for Cerci plus a wage increase for young Consonni. Wage still is above budget and can't modify them to compensate because the transfer budget is not enough. Still, the situation is good with expected profits.

    Youth intake wasn't bad, producing three players worth signing and developing for the future.

    Now for the important stuff: things have been going on brilliantly, hardly any room to be better. Thirteen matches since the last update. No defeats. Four draws. In a eight consecutive wins row. Into a great league position. Goal of the month for a few months, the top two in one. See for yourselves.

    Nice graph there. Still with a chance to get it to go from the low end to the top one. Four matches to go, six points behind Juventus. The chances are very slim, as the head to head is favourable to Juventus. Inter can't win less than three of the next four matches; winning the four, Juventus needs to lose one match and fail to win another two of the four that are left. Both Palermo and Sampdoria, within three points, lose their head to head so they're effectively two matches apart. Let's take a look at the fixtures of the four teams involved in the title race:





    As you can see, the difficulty of matches left in decreasing order are: Palermo, Inter, Juventus, Sampdoria. With Juventus passing its opponent to Inter in the next fixture. Fiorentina is a big name, but they don't seem to be doing too well, but they have enough to make a surprise believable, Palermo being the main threat to Juventus. On the down side, a team that gets the win against Juventus would then come against Inter with higher morale for added chances against Inter. In the good side, there are good chances that Palermo will drop and make Inter's qualification for Champions League a not so hard task, which isn't yet assured. Inter could even drop altogether from any European competition qualification.

    Not everything is good news, for Origi and Sturridge, at different matches, picked up injuries that will take them out for the remainder of the season, leaving Inter without quality pure strikers. They were being amazing with several great goals. Inter will have to rely on Krecji, who's being quite productive from the left wing and the result of Cerci and Correa alternating between striker and right winger (AP) position, with Lucas Pratto another good choice, though neither is a natural striker. Oon other notes, Hammar was asking for more first team football; first Viktoria used Origi there to have both him and Sturridge in the starting eleven, then when he was going to be given a chance against a weaker team he picked a short injury and then he got angry about it, then picked another injury that will keep him out as well.

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    First match will be against AC Milan. The assistant tells to prepare attacking movement but Viktoria decides that defense has looked iffy lately and chooses to train defensive positioning. Sturridge is back from his injury! Physios got the duration of his injury wrong and he's back before expected. However, he's tired and is placed on the bench.

    Before the match, every other team had played. Juventus beat Fiorentina, meaning they shall not win again if Inter is to have any chance. Palermo beat Sampdoria. ((And I'm annoyed because we can no longer initiate interactions about opposition teams or coaches. I guess they were kind of overpowered before? It was easy to put pressure on a team or demoralize them to see a drop of their form.))

    In the press match conference Viktoria defended Malesani's job, then got him complaining for some reason saying he had his team talk made for him.


    0'-15': It's a close affair for the first quarter of an hour. AC Milan have the better chances, but past that time, when players finally settle on the match, they begin to vanish offensively. Defensively, though, they prove to be tough and it's hard to find good chances.

    29': A corner brings the first goal. For Inter through Pratto after a corner. AC Milan's attack vanishes completely, but they still fight well in defence.

    HT: Things are the same. No offensive presence by the rossoneri but no ways of penetration found by the nerazzurri.

    55': A cross by Krejci is going to be parried by Diego López, but a centreback gets on top of him and in the nerves of trying to change the planned parry to avoid to get the ball to bounce off the centreback into goal, López deflects it directly into his own net. At that point AC Milan seems to wake up and begin to shows some threat in attack, however they don't manage anything of note, two promising counter attacks being broken by good defensive work by N'Diaye and Gustavinho.

    69': Sturridge comes in to get some match fitness.

    85': He heads home a corner.

    FT: Inter 3 - AC Milan 0

    Inter is second, six points behind Juventus, three ahead of Palermo and six ahead of Samptoria. Europa League qualification is assured despite Udinese and Verona wins. One more win and Champions League stage group will be assured as well.

    What? Malesani is a jerk! I'm honestly supportive of him, telling the press he should be given more time. His Milan isn't doing well but there's been signs he can improve them. He then goes on to the press whining about me and the supposed mind games on the press, when he was the only one who began any mind games.

    Fiorentina is next. Assistant doesn't recommend any match preparation. Viktoria decides to keep the defensive positioning. The match is away.

    This time Inter plays first. They're expeced to play a flat 4-5-1. Most of the young players are away on international duties. Who's the genius that makes competitive international games with the season still going?

    Match: Sturridge starts this one.

    2': Good Kerjci chance.

    15': A corner and Kerjci manages to score from a tight angle with a deflection on the goalie's body.

    22': Fiorentina has showed moderate threat levels. Another chance by Kerjci that is parried to corner.

    24'-29': They have two chances: in one they force a save from a low quality long shot, in the next they have a position to create a big threat but they fail to do anything worthy with it.

    HT: They change to a 3-5-2.

    60': Since half time, only play worth mentioning is a very promising counterattack for Inter that is squandered when Cerci loses the ball.

    68': Sturridge is having a bad match, so he's replaced by Pratto.

    73': While considering if changing to a 3-1-4-1-1 to control the match, Cerci gets agoal after a slightly messy play in the area.

    78': It's decided to bring in Gustavinho for Juan Jesus to avoid him picking a second yellow card.

    79': Gustavinho heads home a corner.

    FT: Inter 3 - Fiorentina 0. Tenth win in a row.

    Viktoria praised all the team and let Fausto Salsano speak to each player. He didn't tell Sturridge he was poor. So Viktoria went to talk to him later to say she wasn't happy. He was, Viktoria reassurred her position and Sturridhe backed down.

    That sub to avoid second yellow card for Juan Jesus? Worthless, he reached the limit and won't play against Spezia.

    Chaves have been promoted back to Liga NOS. Board sets initial budgets. Already? Well, Viktoria can go around the contract renewals. €1,446,721p/w in wages and €23,270,533 for transfers. Also, Sampdoria lost their match, guaranteeing Champions League qualification for Inter! Bonuses have been paid for that. Juventus failed to win and are four points ahead, two matches to go. Against Spezia, their weakest rival of the four they had to play against. Championship is still as nearly impossible as before, but not yet completely.

    Palermo is three points behind. One win guarantees second place and being qualified directly into the group stage. In fact, having won the previous league match against Palermo and Inter, just drawing against Palermo is enough.

    Next game is against Spezia. Salsano wants to train attacking movement. Viktoria chooses to train defending set pieces.

    Handanovic is offered a new contract. He accepts talking and asks almost half of his current wages. It's given to avoid a change of mind to ask more. Goalkeeper position is solved. With that it's also decided a substitute for Perrin will be looked for. Krejci, who has interest from Arsenal, is offered a new contract, he wants almost double with a lot of bonuses, but he signs a new contract just slightly less crazy. He's worth it, though. There's no contract renewal for Viktoria as hers lasts until 2023, still two more years to go.

    Match: Gustavinho is chosen to play instead of suspended Juan Jesus despite his mere 10 jumping reach.

    20': We start strong. Should have gone with the first idea for match preparation: attacking set pieces, not defending, as Inter has had a lot of corners. After a messy half minute of blocked shots in the area after a corner, Sturridge finds the net and makes it 1-0. Champions Group stage is achieved at the moment. Still no messages of Juventus or Palermo scoring.

    27': First dangerous attack by Spezia that is very well defended.

    39': Gabriel Barbosa scores for Juventus, winning the league is out of the question.

    41': Tony Sanabria scores for Palermo. Winning the league is again a possibility. Inter wants Palermo to do the same as them. A through ball by Parodi is slotted home by Sturridge, 2-0 Inter.

    HT: Spezia changes from the narrow 4-3-2-1 to a flat 4-4-2.

    ~62': Schipeni slides with two feet into Parodi, yellow card. Viktoria complains to the fourth ref. Seconds later Schelotto earns a yellow card. The permissive referee has given three to them in the second half, Spezia seem to start playing violently. Cerci immediately injured, but I don't think he was fouled.

    64': Longo scores for Spezia, Savic letting him in space.

    72': magnificent through ball from Pratto that Sturridge smashes against the post.

    75': Lombardo shoves Pratto gratuitously while off the ball, gets the second yellow card.

    77': Juventus scores, second place ensured whatever happens for Inter, Juventus champions.

    82': Juventus scores again, hope is lost.

    FT: Title is out of reach. 11th consecutive win, 16 matches unbeaten.

    On to the last match. AC Milan are 14th and could still go down, as they're just two ponts ahead of relegation. Inter is going to be second no matter what. Chances are Viktoria will use a rotated eleven to see the younger players.

    ((GAH! The game didn't ask me about the Uxx squads and the attacking youths I wanted to use are all tired, I guess I can risk it))

    Match: Gustavinho, Consonni, Binetti, Boccalli and both Parodi and Farnocchia (who use to alternate in the BBM spot) in the starting eleven.

    13': Binetti scores, assist by Consonni.

    19': free kick, Gustavinho hits the post from tight angle.

    HT: They change to a narrow 4-3-3, Viktoria answers with the 3-1-4-1-1 with a bunch of players more or less out of their natural position.

    90': A very good chance for Palermo that Handanovic, who their manager pointed out as Inter's weakest link, saves.

    92': Cerci has a decent angle from a reboung but misses.

    FT: End of the season. Juventus beat Catania away 2-6 so they end four points ahead. 17 unbeaten matches run. 12 consecutive wins. Binetti was the player of the match with his first ever goal for Inter.

    Gustavinho gets a wage raise for his fifteenth appearance for Inter.

    So ends the best season for Viktoria since she began her career. A huge club, a top league, from 19th to 2nd, 17 matches unbeaten run, 12 consecutive wins, qualified for Champions League, future looking bright, a squad with players who admire her, though Savic still says she lacks credibility. Successful signings, save for Tipple who has barely played at all, though he wasn't signed to have a lot of time.

    Only Cerci finishes his contract at the end of this season, once Handanovic renewed his contract. Krejci wasn't finishing his contract but there was interest from Arsenal and Viktoria decided to give him a new one to tie him.

    Sturridge's asking price is very low, so there's a very high chance Viktoria will try to sign him permanently. N'Diaye will be let go and a more solid right fullback will be sought. A replacement for Perin, who will be sold is also needed. A quality centreback to have depth for the next season is needed. Consonni has done well in the left side to be a valid second choice. Defensive midfield is covered well with Medel and Weigl, though a third option wouldn't be a bad idea, preferably someone young. Central midfield is well covered too, with Parodi/Farnocchia and Pratto/Koo Ja-Cheol. The only other spot, apart from striker, that needs thinking is whether to renew Cerci or look for some replacement in right winger. Or perhaps keep Cerci as a player for either wing and striker as backup against injuries.

    ((One or two minutes in matches account may be a bit off, as initially I didn't write down one or two and later it was a pain to look for the screenies so I went from memory.))
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  14. Another instance where they said "his". Tough luck on missing out on the Scudetto, but you should get there next season where you won't start so far behind!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PatrickLFC View Post
    Another instance where they said "his". Tough luck on missing out on the Scudetto, but you should get there next season where you won't start so far behind!
    Yeah, I noticed and reported it. And I hope so, it was that start of the league that in the end costed the title. Then again, without that start Viktoria wouldn't be Inter's manager. Though maybe she'd have been AC Milan's (it became vacant just the day before getting the Inter offer).
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    Before we move on to look at the preseason and transfers, I will show you all that happens at the end of season: awards, records and the like.

    First, Serie A awards. Inter got a few of them. Three players in the Serie A XI, Juan Jesus best defender, Krejci best midfielder, Origi best striker, with Handanovic second best goalkeeper. Krejci dedicated his award to Viktoria. She was one of the two favourites for the Manager's Manager of the Season, but both that award and the AIC one went to Montella. Farnocchia made the third best goal of the season, too. Inter receives the fair play award from the press.

    Krejci also got the record average rating for Inter. Inter in turn broke the average attendance. Inter improves reputation but still loses many places in European club ranking and a few places in the top rich list, even after a healthy profit during the season that leaves finances healthy nad FFP passed easily. Wages are increased, but none is high earner. TV money for the new season is going to be big.

    It is still surprising that the commercial summary says the new sponsorship deals and the like are worth less money despite finishing second to past season's sixteenth. I say still because Mladost's sponsorships also went down after promotion.

    Fans' player of the year, Best eleven of the season and overall are chosen as well.

    At the end, the board is satisfied with Ackerman.

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    It's the turn for the managerial actions by Viktoria. There's much going on and fans are understandably not very happy with her. The reason being that the first two market moves were... losing Origi and Correa. The later had not been that great, though he did contribute; but Origi was the top goalscorer of the team, second of the league and was key to Inter's campaign. The total of the sale will likely go up to €37M but many say she could have got more from him, as well as with Correa, whose final transfer price can end being €32M. Some of that money went to their old clubs on clauses from the purchases.

    I tried to offer them new deals that would keep them here; but they refused to even talk, as they wanted to leave.

    Regarding the players in, the first thing done was to find Sturridge ended his contract and so he was offered one for the new season that he accepted. Second was to replace Origi, with the first big expense of the transfer and of Ackerman's career: Ayoze Pérez for up to €27M. N'Diaye loan was left to run out and in his place Wallace was signed from Manchester United for €4.4M. With the idea of replacing Correa and add some depth to the centre midfield, Ross Barkley was snapped for just €300K. Because Gabriel Silva told Viktoria he wants to go to Real Madrid, Dzenis Burnic was signed for free for the left fullback position, and he's also a good depth option for defensive midfield. The same day, for €4.5M, Andrés was signed from Porto to replace Perrin, who hasn't found any interested party. Finally, and because Gustavinho didn't feel like trustworthy enough when playing Champions League and a third strong centreback was desired, Luciano Rossi was signed for what may come up to €15M. The end of loans and the initial team meeting served to discover a few young gems: Farago, who was loaned out and Gianluca Cappochianno, who is a very versatile right back able to play from centreback to central midfield and who would make a very solid central defender. Federico Fernández also can be a strong centreback, then it struck to Viktoria: since the right back is the more defensive fullback, Gustavinho can be converted to play there and be a solid choice for the first team. Also Cerci saw a new contract offered and accepted it.

    Funny thing, he looks to me better than Perin, he's rated better than Perin; but comparing the attribute analysis graph, Perin is clearly better in 4/6, as good 1/6 and only slightly worse in 1/6. I guess it's his high eccentricity and some hidden attribute.

    There's still some more that may come. It's said Viktoria has made a big offer for a key Napoli striker who would be a more true replacement for Origi, which would move Ayoze to the wing as replacement of Correa. It makes the Cerci deal a dubious decision as the squad may end being overcrowded.

    In other news, the preseason has been set at a six weeks duration instead of the usual seven. Home grown rules were announced. Fixtures were also announced, it doesn't seem to be any piling up of tough games. The board asked expectations and qualifying for Champions League were chosen for the increase n budgets, though the squad was told at the end of past season they'd be aiming for the title. Coaches assignments have been rearranged ((Now Viktoria is three and half defence coach))

    ((With my luck, the ECL group will be Real Madrid, Manchester City, Borussia Dortmund, Inter))

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    In the end, Viktoria went for the striker, moving Ayoze to the right wing and making the renewal of Cerci's contract not so clearly a good idea. I regret nothing! That signing is Park Taek-Joon, from Napoli, which is expected to boost shirt sales. In fact, with his arrival, the expected proportion of sales from abroad has increased. Nobody else come in and Stefan Savic was sold to Olympique de Lyon. He is thirty years old, the offer was big for someone his age and the centreback position is very well covered. With the end of the transfer window, Federico Fernández expressed he was happy with the reinforcements. He had complained to Viktoria after the departure of Origi and Correa that the squad was too weak. Inter made one of the three major transfers and expended the most. Not so good news is that before the season began, Sturridge picked a few weeks long injury and Pratto will be out till October. Perin was sold to Livorno.

    The title odds say Inter will be fighting for the Serie A. Expectations are for them to be fourth. In Champions League it's meant to be a learning experience, with nobody, including the board, expecting to get past the group phase. Inter has been fourth seed in the group assignment, being added to the group F, considered tough, along PSG, HSV and CSKA. The group of acronyms. ((And I think it's by far, the easiest ever group I found on ECL. It would have been more like what I expected to be in the group with Real Madrid and Borussia)) €8.6M just are earned just for being in the ECL group stage. Not all 25 places for registration have been assigned, as there were two missing homegrown players to fill the registration, Burnic and Gustavinho have been left out.

    Because of budget limitations, it wasn't possible to offer anything more than medium bonuses, after all the expenses in transfers. Finances are healthy, with quite a nice profit during the season so far.

    Preseason has not looked very well. A bad result with very poor performance in the first match with tired players; Gimarães was harder than the 4-2 result suggests, couldn't beat Genoa or any of the USA teams. Season began with a solid 5-0 win against Lazio, followed by the defeat breaking the 13 consecutive wins and 18 unbeaten run against Livorno, where referee invented a penalty for them that was crucial. Sturridge is almost back from his injury and Pratto is stull up to two months from returning.

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    November finds Inter in a good season, fighting for the title as it was to be expected after past season, with Serie A near the first third and Champions League past half of the group phase, where things are looking good as well.

    In the league, only one defeat sees Inter second place just three points from Juventus and three points ahead of third place. In Europe, Inter is second of the group, tied with PSG, a draw against the French, another against HSV and two wins against CSKA. One more point will qualify Inter for the first knock out round. ((I think it would be the first time I get out of the group phase))

    Champions League has a very healthy effect on finances, providing €8M for playing in the group phase, plus €500K per draw and €1M per win. As result of this the board has provided Viktoria with a €45M cash injection to the transfer budget and the finances keep improving, with a balance that is highest at Inter since her arrival.

    After the Udinese 3-3 draw, which was a big disappointment, for it was a 3-0 at half time, Viktoria complained about a penalty being given to them and she got her first fine for complaining about the referees. Prior to matches, only Citadella and Livorno were must win games in which Inter missed points. The bigger disappointment has been Park Taek-Joon, that by his time so far translates into Dive Dive-Dive. In 17 minutes he got sent off against PSG for diving twice, the next match he dived within the first ten minutes. Then he was dropped and then had a brief injury he's just got out of it. Also Burnic (18th September), Gustavinho (27th October) picked long injuries of up to three months. But the worst has been Edoardo Parodi, our best youth player and regular starter, who's been hacked by Roma's Gil Romero 30th of October and will be out for the rest of the season, up to nine months.

    General behaves very well and that's reflected on the stats. Centrebacks have a much higher focus on intercepting as I like; if Cappocchiano doesn't have that many more interceptions than tackles is because he's played as much as centreback as he's been used in other positions. Passing completion has vastly improved from past season, with only two players below 70%, not counting goalkeepers. Sturridge has come out as a proper substitute of Origi, while Ayoze has been underwhelming but not disappointing. The disappointment is Dive Dive-Dive. Pratto has not played yet because he's still to recover from the preseason injury, which is taking longer than expected.

    Parodi is not likely to be replaced as there's no decent enough free transfers. Two candidates have been found to fill in Dive Dive-Dive's place in the team shall he not convince her in the month and half he has to do so before the new windows opens. Both choices look very solid and scouts have been assigned to watch them for the coming month. No decision has been made yet.

    The Russian looks the most likely candidate to be sought first, considering he has a slight mental advantage and is younger.

    On a funny note, a team offered an interview to Viktoria... Parma, lying in twentieth position. Really? Did they honestly expect a manager in a team fighting for the title and in Champions League to leave her team for another team in their position? Only if they were Real Madrid and then maybe. It's also relevant because it's the first time another team comes to her ((the U23 came because I had applied, but I forgot because two seasons passed since application)).

    ((I'm likely going to update to Windows 10 tomorrow, though my first intention was to wait a month. I made a back up of my OS already so I'm not in mood to doing it again or having a month old back up))
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    Upgraded to Windows 10. Everything works very well.
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    It's not been long since the last update, but I thought I'd do one. It's been a mixed bag. In Serie A things have not been as good as would be wished for, Juventus escaping in front and Inter dropping points to stay at third place, blowing many comfortable advantages. Park Taek-Joon has dived in every match he's played and Viktoria is considering to replace him. She went for OL's Thierry Ambrose, but he chose Juventus. Then decided Pratto will move up front and bring a midfielder, Ivan Mocinic, for €22M that can and probably will go up to €31M. In the Champions League things have gone very well: after the two draws and two wins, a 3-3 draw against PSG placed Inter ahead on the same points and then defeating HSV made Inter get out of the group in first position.

    Of the teams that can be drawn for the first knock out round, the one is the middle difficulty: OL. Probably the record attendance will be broken a third time, as the final match of the group in which Inter fought for the top spot did it a second after the first ECL match against PSG.

    It's been €12.5M earned in Champions League so far, not counting the attendances, which sets the financial status in a very healthy position. Added to that are the €7M from Correa's clauses, of which €1.4M went to Vélez.

    If you take into account he's added a few assists to his meager goal count, Dives Alot has not been a complete disaster, as disappointing as he's been.

    In other news, Viktoria played her 300th match since she began at Colomiers and Real Sociedad, placed eleventh, offered her an interview.

    ((The upgrade to Windows 10 went very well. For me it took one hour. Everything works, even X-WING 95 and everything goes better. Even an issue I had loading some pages with Firefox has vanished))

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    The winter transfers have passed. It's been an eventful one, with an increased budget and important changes. Handanovic wanted to leave to Atlético de Madrid. He was starting to decline, Jan Oblak had been offered and looked better, so Oblak was signed and Handanovic offered. In the end, despite all the reported interest from Atlético, only Real Sociedad wanted him and only in a free. He left. Zenit paid the release free for Krejci and he didn't want to talk about a new contract, so Antoniadis was signed in his place. Gabriel Silva also wanted to leave and was sold, which unsettled Rossi, so Koné was brought in his place. But with the transfer window finished he got angry because he wanted more players in and several players aligned with him, which has made the squad quite fractured.

    There were two offers also. Before the window, LOSC Lille wanted to hire Viktoria, who refused the interview. Also, several teams, big ones, came in knocking with contract offers for young and promising Boccalli, as his contract finished this season. He took a new contract with Inter. Finances look as healthy as ever, though the projection has taken a hit from the bonuses of the new signings and after half a million from qualifying for TIM Cup's semifinal.

    Koné has been the only player from the new signings not included in the ECL registration for the next phase, as enough cover was judged to be had in the left fullback position. Still missing two homegrown places.

    Mocinic has performed well, as all the new signings save for Antoniadis in his only match, and Park Taek-Joon picked up his form during December, which coupled witht he fact the transfer targets to replace him were non EU and the quota had been filled, means he's staying at the club. Early some questioned Inter's recent form, and though the next match was a win and Inter recorded a comfortable win over Juventus, form has not really picked up, with Inter dropping more points and looking shaky, specially up front. It is worrisome that the first semifinal leg, a bad loss against Genoa 3-1 at their stadium, has been such a poor performance, even with the heavy rotation, which puts into contention the possibility players are going to try to force Viktoria out of the team. Rossi is quite possibly going to be transfer listed, there's excess in the centreback position now.

    I'm extremely angry with referees: against Livorno we were 1-0 up, ref added three minutes and for no good reason kept the match going six minutes. Against Verona, 0-1, he added only two minutes and after an injury to Weigl that took long to be moved out of the pitch around 90:40, he ended the match almost immediately after the game was resumed with Pratto driving the ball in front of the opposition area. Also the opening goal against Genoa was a penalty made as most of the penalties my players concede: when the player was not threatening by mindless hacking from behind.

    Not in the screenshot: Genoa A 1-3. Mocinic

    ((Due to circumstances I may be away from FM for a few days, I'd not expect the next update soon, though anything is possible))
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    Little more than a month has passed and Inter still has not recovered form. With the squad unhappy, Andrés and Wallace unhappy with how players are angry at Viktoria. At least they're the only two that were present at the meeting. Only a win in the league in a long time and much trouble to find the net, with Sturridge, Pratto and Taek-Joon in a long dry patch. Eight matches to the end of Serie a and Inter is 7th, still with chances to reach ECL qualification but needing a drastic turn of events to get it.

    In the TIM Cup, Genoa played the second leg with an ultradefensive formation (7-2-1, DCx3, WBR DMx2 WBL, CMx2, ST). Inter dominated the match but couldn't find the second goal to get to the final to Viktoria's great disappointment and further burn out.

    In Europe, Inter made a good effort at Lyon, but OL still won with a 3-1.

    That is why when Valencia came offering an interview, I took it. Players are lacking all sort of sharpness on the pitch, like they had no interest, missing easy chances, failing to correctly block shots they weren't badly positioned for... They're letting slip away any chance of European football for next season. It's very disheartening. In the end they hired Quique Sánchez Flores

    Some money was received for Inter due to De Silvestri's sale clauses. Also the youth intake has been announced and there's four interesting players, with Piero Cortinovis as the best of the lot with real chance to become an important first team player in the future.

    Now I find myself before a tough decission: Napoli came offering an interview that I took, now they want to hire me and I don't know what to do.

    I've been frustrated here, but in the later games, with the tactical tweaks, there are signs of improvement. Results have not yet come but it looks like not unlikely to come. Despite the changes, most of the squad was during the magnificent past season. The new players who seemed to be making constant mistakes seem to be settling down finally. We have a tough second leg at home against OL, but it's not an impossible result to come back from. I said in press conference I'd work to turn things around after I applied for Manchester United (it's a giant club, I couldn't pass the job opening). Then we may end eliminated and with no European football next season. The squad hates me, except for the captain and the youngsters. I may be sacked at the end of the season anyway and then chances of having an available job like Napoli is not likely. Napoli is in Europa League but won the first leg of the knockout stage, they're second and are now in ECL qualification. They have no cushion so staying there is not guaranteed. I could ask a delay of a week and decide once I know we stay in ECL or not. Then I'd miss today's match against Palermo and the second leg of Europa League against Athletic if I delay one week. If I ask to delay to the end of season, then I will miss these last matches to know the team for a better transfer policy.

    A look at the future fixtures should give an answer:



    On top of being second and more alive in Europe, though lesser competition, Napoli is going to play Genoa in the TIM Cup final. That's a chance to win some silverware. And I just find out why it was bugging me the feeling we hadn't played Genoa before in the season: they're in Serie B. Which makes the elimination from the cup more painful and annoying. As well as how lacking were the players to let them get through. With this, I think the decission is made: I will take on the Napoli job right now.

    The worry then will be to make sure in summer I do learn from the mistakes I've commited managing transfers this season.

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    Napoli offered Viktoria her biggest wages yet in a contract running until 2025. With only one and a half million in the bank and a projected debt of several millions, the move that looked a good idea in the short term may not be so good in the long, since there won't be much money for reinforcements and Inter had no need to big investments and yet a big budget. On the plus side, the squad counts with a handful of players laveled as star players. What I least like at this point is the squad is designed for a three man defense, which can look very vulnerable if used against the wrong shape. The considered best player is the striker, in the fight for being the top goalscorer of the league.

    Goalkeeper coach Kellner followed Viktoria out of Inter and she offered him a job, which was accepted. Later would add another coach to give some more attention to tactical coaching as players were asking for it.

    Results with Napoli have been good, though not extraordinary. The formation mostly used during the season, a flat 3-5-2, was used at first and it did get results, but showed that, despite the defenders' intelligence of the pitch, it was too shaky against most opposition. Eventually a change to a 4-2-3-1 Wide was made. The results were enough to guarantee qualification for Champions League with three games till the end of the game, but Udinese didn't miss the needed points to get directly to the group stage. It was frustrating the game against Athletic, in which we were through with a 1-1 when the referee conceded a clearly offside goal to Athletic. The journalists didn't even ask about it. The spell at Mladost doesn't compensate how often they rob me. On the good side... I've won the cup easily against Genoa, which makes it more painful how I lost with Inter in the two legged semifinal. Oddly, they started with their standard formation and swapped to their ultra defensive when we were already three goals up. The uncomfortable point of the season was the match at Giusseppe Meazza. Most fans were insulting and still I missed to be in the Inter bench. At times I still wonder if I shouldn't have endured the players' hate and stayed there.

    Another was "The best in lifr is to beat Viktoria's men and listen to her laments"

    A note on that is that Sinnaeve picked an injury that kept him out from the Athletic match, when he got injured, until the Genoa cup final. The worse of all is he's requested to be allowed to leave for Bayern.

    Statistically, most of the season was under another manager, but of note are the big amount of mistakes leading to goal and that Konaté has proved Viktoria right when she decided to have him replacing Sinnaeve during his injury spell and she was doubted by the press.

    On miscellaneous notes, the initial budget for next season was announced, €2.4M in wages and €15M in transfer, clearly inferior to what Ms. Ackerman would have at Inter. The facilities have been downgraded and financially the club is in red. Sinnaeve and Doria picked awards, best foreign player and best centreback, respectively, also being in the team of the year along Ghoulam. Handanovic as third goalkeeper with his half season at Inter. Inter broke the average attendance. Tottenham was relegated from Premier League, a bit of curiosity due to the facts it's one of the traditional big teams and during winter, when the job was open, Viktoria pondered on applying though she then decided she was well enough at Inter and a team so low in the table was not worth changing club. Next preseason will last seven weeks.

    Viktoria has kept improving as manager, though her determination, level of discipline, man management and working with youngsters have not changed. She has now one more piece of silverware to her name, though her reputation has not changed.

    Will reputation update at some point up to 30 June? Will the cup be considered by future employers? Or has the move to Napoli achieved only a move to a team that, while having better result this season, is less developed as a squad and in debt and therefore probably in worse position for the medium term?

    Looking at contracts, only Modric finishes contract this season. I want to use a 4-2-3-1 formation as the main tactic next season, as I feel it can be improved and work better defensively that it has, being still superior to the 3-5-2. Centreback looks covered, with reported likelihood of Dória attracting interest being the only concern. Medina is a good choice for right full back with Arias as replacement and he also can work as the fourth centreback. Left fullback is the only position that really needs a new man, as only Ghoulam plays there. Central midfield is well covered, with the temptation to bring in Parodi from Inter, as he's similar to Benassi and it would allow more use of strong presence in the tip of the central triangle. Wings and striker position are sufficiently covered as well, I feel, as long as I can keep Sinnaeve in the team. In goal, Rafael has become unhappy with his little playing time; while he's not bad and very similar to Neto, I've preferred the latter. I gave him the two last matches starts as all was decided in the league and he's performed well. It will depend on whether he stays discontent that I would look for a young replacement or not. The only issue in the squad is some very big wages there with several players above or around €100K per week.

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    With preseason started, her reputation remains the same. I've made a OOC test in which I've applied to vacant jobs until getting an interview and the chairman did not ask me anything about lack of silverware, though, so it seems some advance has been made with the TIM Cup.

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    Post season stuff.

    Sinnaeve was chosen player of the season, the best season and overall eleven for Napoli were announced and Dória made it to the FIFA World Cup's best team, Sinnaeve to the reserves.

    Sinnaeve's matches in the World Cup also made Napoli to pay Anderlecht a few millions.

    Fair play awards went for Cyprus, Greece and Italy, so Europa League will be achieved next season down to seventh position.

    The rich and reputation rankings were announced, with Napoli surprisingly rising in the top rich list. No change in reputation list. FFP regulations were passed by a slim margin.

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    Viktoria moved in the market before the start of the summer window. With Modric's retirement and knowing the need of a left fullback, she ordered the scouts to look for potential signings. Alex Sandro was not to be sold for any amount she'd be willing to pay and Alex Telles asked for wages that would be worth three star players. Other high quality players were too expensive or not interested. In the end, she had to settle for a cover player for Ghoulam in Arthut Msuaku from AC Milan. To replace Modric, the scout in Rumania found a very good player for a decent fee in Ionuc Serban.

    And that would be all, but in the last day of the window, what was feared happened: Chelsea came asking for Sinnaeve, player who was unhappy as he wanted to move to a bigger club. Knowing how at Inter an unhappy player turned the team against her and how it ruined their season, Viktoria negotiated a bigger fee than the €35M offered and got it, of which more than seven were then lost in payments to Anderlecht and Sinnaeve himself. Then Sinnaeve refused to talk about a better contract than Chelsea's. So she had to find a proper substitute in a few hours. She got one, by some twenty two million as assured fee, and if both go up to maximum possible, nineteen millions cheaper. The chosen striker was Argentinian Christian Cañón Moral.

    Preseason started poorly, with the team showing the lack of match fitness and the shortcomings of Viktoria's tactics, which were ironed out somewhat during the seven weeks length. The only real bad thing of it was that Viktoria got her first defeat to Juventus in the Supercoppa, just the one match she most wanted to win of their encounters to date, though hopefuly not the most important before she moves on from Italy. For the play off to qualify for Champions League group stage, Bursaspor was the rival drawn. At Turkey, Napoli had to come always from one goal behind until the final 3-3 because of a very shaky defence, but at home domination was absolute and qualification ensured. The only problem was that, with no players homegrown in the club, only twenty one could be registered and Milanov was missing from the qualifying matches, which caused shock and discontent. But he's back for the group stage once she found without him the team would be short in the left wing. Pitch size used at Napoli was kept at standard.

    In the upcoming Serie A campaign, Napoli is considered the second strongest team. Coaches think it has enough quality to do so, perhaps lacking in the goal line and fullback positions. Viktoria considers that, sure, the team could have better starters there but what they have is enough. The board doesn't care for the cup and wants to reach first knock out stage of Champions League, which considering the group is possible, if not easy.

    Financially, the team is in a healthy position, though the end of the current FFP term has been too close to failure. A cash injection by the board in June has helped, as well as money received from Supercoppa and Champions League. New sponsorship deals increase Napoli's income in almost six million from past season. Also helping financial situation, the record gate receipts from the game against Bursaspor and the Sinnaeve/Cañón deals (not reflected in the finances screenshot). Plus the estimated €66M that will be received during the season. That allowed to offer maximum squad bonuses for league and Champions as well as raising the sale revenue from sales to transfers from 40% to 100% (active for the Sinnaeve/Cañón deal).

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    With a third of the Serie A season past, it's time for an update. Sinnaeve was let go for more than sixty million total and Cañón Moral, from Greek champions was bought. Has it worked out? The answer is HELL YES! Though with a small point of worry. He's top goalscorer along Inter's Ewandro. He scored seven goals in his first four matches. The worry is he went on a brief goalless spell when he was subbed with two goals in a match (though the next he still scored a goal but it was lucky) and he tends to either become complacent or behave as if he had no faith in Viktoria. That is why I decided to arrange another striker signing, choosing Champions League's top goalscorer, Stewart Inglis, who will come in January. Consecutive wins record was broken.

    Only three defeats in Serie A to be at the top beyond a match from Juventus and qualified for the first knock out stage of the Champions League as top of the group with a game still to be played in the group stage. And that despite the odds being this was just a chance to learn for Napoli. It still may be just that, but so far, Napoli's passing the test with high qualification.

    The lack of clean sheets for a while also set the impression Neto wouldn't be a goalkeeper for a top club made the decission to sign João Paulo from Atlético Mineiro. As soon the deal was confirmed, Neto began to get clean sheets and has made it into the top five goalkeepers of the league. João Paulo will be just be eased into the squad for the second half of the season. ((And will be nicknamed by his family name, Mattos, too many João Paulos))

    the only serious injury issue has been Stanciu long one of four months from end of October. Mascetti has also picked a longish injury but he's a back up player.

    mistakes leading to goal have been apparently reduced from past season. Cañón Moral is by far the top scorer and there's not one so outstanding assist maker. Destro and Rafael have been offered but nobody is interested. Rafael won't have time and Destro has been good, but with Cañón Moral form and Inglis coming won't have the minutes he deserves. Romagna has expressed discontent with little first team football and has shown nothing when used, so he'll be leaving. Bertolacci also wants more first team football and his future may still be away.

    Financially, the club keeps very strong, with expected profit and one of €105M during the current FFP term. Fees went and came for past signings and the board gave more funds, used for the new goalkeeper.

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    The first thing after the last update was a pretty bad news item: Inglis picked a two month injury that would see him miss until February, and the scout reported now that he's incosistent. Deal couldn't be canceled. In addition to the two deals already covered, Romagna was to leave the team and also a buyer was found for both Destro and Rafael. To replace Romagna, a centreback was loaned from Atlético de Madrid: Balestro. The two buys make Napoli the bigger expenders of the window. Inglis returned before what was expected in the end, 15th January, just six weeks and some days.

    In January a change of expectations was proposed, but not taken.

    The Champions League draw made for a first knock out against one of Viktoria's preferred teams, Borussia Dortmund. It also had some tough teams face each other.

    Serie A followed well, dropping two points against Palermo. Then a defeat against Roma in which the team seemed like had reunited to play for the first time had Juventus get within three points, having advantage in the direct confrontations from the first league match. Then the month closed with a match against them: losing would see them climb to top, drawing or winning for one goal and more than four for us would give them the advantage in case of ties, a 3-2 win would make classification depend on goal difference... but Napoli won 3-1, placing themselves six points ahead and with advantage in direct confrontations. In the cup a good piece of news when Catania eliminated Juventus.

    Regarding player performance, Stanciu is about to return to full fitness and it will me a matter to see how he does when he's back. Inglis is still recovering match fitness, having not been convincing so far. Cañón Moral has broken Napoli's record of goals in a season that Higuaín had previously. Mina has begun scoring recently. Konaté has been out in international duty during this month. Maitos is showing as a better player than Neto already. Fans want him to stay and become the goalie with most clean sheets, but I don't feel like playing with a weaker goalkeeper for the sake of giving him a nice stat, though I set Cañón as penalty taker for the top goalscorer fight. He's not having better pass completion, though. Goldaniga got a three week injury just the last day of the transfer window.

    A hefty bonus, marginally greater than the income from a Cup round, was paid to Cañón for his fifteenth league goal, no doubt one big will be paid to his old club when he scores his twentieth. With the past deals finances has taken quite a hit, but still the balance at the end is expected to be better than the current.

    Finally, there were some player awards given for the natural year. I onclude that of Park Taek-Joon because he's a signing I made for Inter.

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    Champions League: Napoli was drawn against Borussia Dortmund, with first leg away. My biggest game yet against a tough rival. I considered for a long time moving to a very defensive formation, at least in the first round, but our current tactics have worked so well I finally decided to keep it. The result was an historic thrashing. I wish I could have fielded Inglish, but as Balestro he had already played in this season.

    We got 0-6 at Dortmund, which I cannot believe still!. In the second round they came with a very offensive outlook and the 3-4-1-2 formation than some weeks ago wrecked havoc against us, and they scored three, but they were to reckless in their attacking we could exploit all the space they were leaving at the back to score four. Now we've been drawn against Barcelona for the quarter finals. It is surprising to see that fans consider it a tight match. I'm not that sure.

    In the least important competition, Napoli was drawn against AC Milan for the semifinals, which was won comfortably over the two legs. Sampdoria are waiting in the final.

    Serie A has gone as good or better than before, though dropping five points. Still, Napoli is top of the table with five points advantage over Juventus and with Champions League qualification assured, into the group stage to boot, as Fiorentina can only catch Napoli by winning every match left and Napoli losing everyone.

    The performances have been amazing! Cañón Moral has done way more than Sinnaeve did, scoring or giving a total of forty seven goals. He has broken the record for goals in a season and Milanov that of assists. The next goalscorer behind Cañón is far, but still providing a respectable amount of goals. Logically, Cañón has played almost every game.

    Young intake has been mediocre, only one player worth keeping.

    The only worrying thing that has ocurred is the financial situation. Winter purchases were expensive and they cost a lot in wages and bonuses, so the balance has gone severely down and the projection has plummeted, specially after hefty bonuses have been paid. Now we're expected to have much less at the end of the season than before and it looks that I may be forced to do some cutting of the squad. Ideally I'd like to keep all of Cañón, Inglish and Maitos, but it seems like I will have to reduce the squad size a bit and try to cash on the older players like Dória or those who have attracted interest from big clubs and want to go. Still, it was surprising that the boatd has given me already an initial budget that is the biggest I've had to work with yet. Maybe with Champions League money there won't be need for anything but what renewals may be forced by players wanting to leave (Bertolacci is leaving to Lazio and Mascetti has been promised to be sold)

    In other news, Viktoria applied for international roles at Cameroon and Ivory Coast and both approached her. She chose Cameroon. Then Ivory Coast approached her again and she, naturally, refused.

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    Champions League: The first leg against Barcelona was played with the usual tactic, not even tweaked, only the player selection being anything defensive and it was a success. They got a straight red card for a vicious foul that took Cañón out for five days, missing one Serie A match, and then Napoli scored two goals. In the second there was a change of tactic, dropping every central midfielder one band back, playing ultradefensively, Barcelona opened the scoreline early from a lucky shot after a corner and then battered Napoli's goal with no success. Napoli were on to the semifinals.

    The Bayern semifinal was... a succes is what it should have been, but it was a f- The first leg was played at Napoli and the second was to be played at Munich. We were 1-0 up with the match very well under control with the park the bus tactic, they were being given only rubbish chances and then that MMHhmhmhMHHMrephhfluflfufffreferee had to make up two penalties that never were such! Thatmmmmmmmmmmmphhhhhh That was a 1-0 win for us! And should have stayed that way and then the second half would've been totally different and even if the same there would have been extra time. And stupid FA says they'll fine me they're all sold! They are a bunch offfMMMMMhhhh-MmmmhmmhmhmhmmMmhmhmmm! On the plus side, there's hope for next Champions League campaign.

    In the league there were a few trips, but Juventus matched them but one, giving Napoli the title with a game to go. That gave Viktoria de chance to use the last league match against Roma, who beat her before, a chance to test a new flat 4-3-3 formation for the Cup final against Sampdoria, who lost the last match before but dominated. That last match was a success and so Viktoria used that same formation for the cup, which she won the cup, too.

    The Serie A title has provided an immediate boost to Viktoria's reputation. She is regarded as having progressed a lot since she began and a very good coach, if only she was more firm with her players.

    Soon after the season end, a number of players were sold out. Most of them because they wanted to leave or were unhappy with not enough first team football and didn't want a new contract. Important players like Ghoulam or Goldaniga were among them. Also Dória, though in his case it wasn't that he wanted to leave or Viktoria wanted to sell, but he's thirty years old and he's commited a lot of mistakes during the season. No new signings have been made official yet and there's only talk about bringing a centreback from Real Madrid, which would have the fans quite nervous.

    Most of their former clubs and some of them got some part of the transfer money due to their contract clauses.

    Those transfers, which made two record transfer income news items (included the second with the amount of the first, that second triggered after the post season sales), and cup money plus €21M of Champions League TV money (screenshot not included, I think Serie A money has either not been given yet or I missed it) coupled with the very good commercial summary and big margin with which the FFP term was passed, means the financial situation has improved considerably, making that €66M a not unreasonable budget.

    And there's still a big TV money coming for next season:

    Board confidence at end of season was logically high as the expectations for the new season and a high budget to match. Serie A's fixtures have been announced. Also a news item reminding of the ECL's home grown rules. Preseason was set to last seven weeks, so players can rest and begin friendlies sooner.

    A centreback from Real Madrid, Giménez, will be coming to replace Goldaniga and Dória, Carlinhos will be alongside him as the main centreback pairing, one of the young players ending a loan spell will be the fourth or third choice and I'm considering some cheap-ish backup for the last of the four centrebacks, possibly someone with experience. A backup goalie will be looked for, who will be playing in the cup until the final. I will try to find a world class left back, there are some candidates already, though I've not yet talked to any. Maybe an attacking midfielder, since one more than expected left; I was hoping to keep Tulissi and make him an important part of the team this season, as he earned it with some important goals and good performances. Stanciu performed well enough not to seek selling him, though should an offer be presented it will be accepted.
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    Post season records and awards screens:

    - Manager:

    - Players:

    - Team:

    Yeah, it was given to Avellino, but Napoli was tied. I guess given by alphabetical order

    - Other:

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    With the new season approaching, Bertolacci's leave of the club was complete, with him getting 10% of the transfer. Shortly afterwards the FFP regulations for Champions League are brought to the inbox and the world rankings of national teams, with Cameroon staying at the same spot, are published. Napoli is invited to an American tour.

    Deals are finalised for a few of the important positions and one extra. Giménez arrives from Real Madrid for the centreback position. Lukas Raeder is signed from free transfer to act as the back up goalkeeper, he's nothing like Maitos but someone better would want more time. A leftback that scouts don't rate high but is the best once Marcelo Ramos was unwilling to come. Finally, a luxury signing that should make Napoli's attack with the new 4-3-3 one of the best forces in Europe, Taubaté, of the kind of Cañón and Inglish. This new season should be very good for Napoli and Ackerman.

    Then, Ancelotti retires. It was about time Real Madrid had an opening. This is a chance I must take even if I'm not too confident. Juventus' manager, after all his dominance in past years has publicly spoken of his interest for the role.

    The board isn't happy, but you know, it's Real Madrid, I had to apply.

    Real Madrid should be flattered by nothing!

    So I first must go get some tranquilizers. I can't get in screaming and punching every table.

    Of course they would. But it's not a matter of how much they can offer. I'd stay if it weren't Real Madrid's job that was empty.



    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    Getting to be Real Madrid's manager is about what means succeed of this save and of Viktoria. Her favourite club above any of the others. The two times I thought to make a Real Madrid save as a huge team save (I don't care about football, btw, I'm not a Madrid fan) it was boring for too easy. However I hope it won't be as part of a journeyman save so I will keep playing.
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    New life in Madrid sees Viktoria enraged. The Barça press draw highly offensive jokes on her and the first thing she does is to make a call to the lawyers of the club to sue those newspapers. Merely irksome is I tell her of the comments in some Real Madrid blogs and such where many merengues remind her defeat in the Italian Cup against Genoa to say she shouldn't be chosen. But this is about what goes in football matters, so let's move on.

    Her contract is obviously the biggest she's ever had. The club's past is glorious, with a lot of silverware. She resigns happily from Cameroon as it was asked in the interview. She is not too happy with two things, however: the coaching staff is lacking and the squad needs some better defence and strikers. Varane is allegedly the best defender but his ability to not fall rivals a man cutout from a sheet of paper. One surprise is the pitch size was standard, she decided to keep it standard.

    There's also the temptation to sign a second goalkeeper as back up or substitute for Keylor Navas. In the end, she settled up for the already present, a goalkeeper that is slightly better than Neto, who did well in Napoli. A few players were moved from and to Castilla but without being a meaningful difference of quality. When she arrived, fifteen million had already been invested in buying a rightback, leaving €31M to spend. Delving in the transfer market, where Viktoria works with a director of football, she's found out that signing players is extremely hard at Real Madrid. Ewandro, Cañón Moral, Sinnaever and some young russian were unattainable. Fernando Hierro only could bring Stewart Inglis for the striker position, oddly enough cheaply: only eleven and a half million. Later she managed to bring Barão from Corinthians for €15M, selling Varane to Juventus for €25M. Varane may be the best defender in the team at the moment, but I disliked his balance, he was getting old, Juventus paid good money and Barão is better and almost ten years younger. Worth it. My only comment is I knew I would regret confirming the Giménez buy when I was at Napoli. There may be still one or two more deals, mainly in defense, but it's likely: Is the player top quality? The price tag goes well beyond the hundred million mark or the player will ask three players worth wages. Is he average even for Napoli? They ask for more than Cañón Moral's transfer to Napoli and he's a top player even for Real Madrid's standards. Hierro has made a good job hiring new coaches, though. Also some profit from past sales come in for a very healthy bank balance.

    Bonuses to pay were set to maximum, we want players as motivated as possible. Naturaly, Real Madrid are the favourites to win the Liga BBVA.

    The preseason has ended. An attacking 4-2-3-1 not unlike Napoli has been set as the main formation, with a 4-5-1 of counter style as second choice. The first has been the more tested, with not much luck. Results have been an alternance of wins and draws that show the defence lacks solidity. Too many chances are conceded each match with only one clean sheer. Players have improved their performances as if they are learning the systems, but it feels not fast enough. However is of note that it could cram seven matches in that little time and bring the full squad to match fitness, something that wasn't possible over a larger period of time in the past summers at Inter and Napoli. Second match of the season will be against Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabéu. [size="#5F0000"]That's too soon for my taste.[/color]

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    - Transfers and players movements:

    One more transfer was done before the end of the window and it was to buy a centreback. Fernando Hierro, who is the DoF and who I'm trying to use as the club works that way and keeping him was one of the promises, managed to hire Martín Rodríguez as a rotation player. Though Viktoria had to make the negotiation with the club, as Hierro didn't understand how important she felt was the signing. Other moves that were not shown but were made was to bring Kochanski to the first team from Castilla and send there Rudiger and Ginter.

    - Competitions:

    · Supercopa: The fist leg at Mestalla saw Viktoria's first competitive defeat at Real Madrid, 1-2, and the start of a Madrid sport press campaign to sack her, wich Marca and As making vignettes not much more tasteful than Sport's or Mundo Deportivo's. At Santiago Bernabéu the thrashing was clear and the 5-0 saw Real Madrid Supercopa champion on an aggregate 6-2 with a temporary calm from local press. James set the record for goals in a match by a single player with four.

    Taken in 4 November. She's won more than half of the matches she's managed.

    · Champions League: Real Madrid, tipped among the favourites and with the board demanding to reach the final, started strongly with a 4-0 beating over Ajax, the later 0-0 draw at Malmö FF not being enough to prevent Real Madrid to qualify for first knock out round with two matches to go. In the visit to Amsterdam a defeat made the first place be in serious danger, as a win and non victory of the Dutch in their final match against Anderlecht was needed. The conditions were met so Real Madrid passed as top of the group.

    · Copa del Rey: Just played the first leg of the first round played by Real Madrid against Alcoyano. A tie that can be passed with eight Castilla or U19 team players in the team.

    · Liga BBVA: A strong start as expected that made it seem like it could be a boring season, though a few trips are making Barcelona able to keep within touch in second place. It seems the season will be decided in the later days. The defeat against Granada needed a false penalty awarded to them to get that result.

    The match against Sevilla was Viktoria's 400th match. The Granada match saw Ronaldo set the record for oldest goalscorer for Real Madrid.

    - Squad.

    There were some bad and nasty news, though. In the bad, Gareth Bale picked a 2-3 months injury at the end of November. In the very nasty and horrible news, 1st November Bernard suffered damaged cruciate ligaments that will keep him out for the rest of the season. Just when he had picked up his performances.

    Inglis was Viktoria's third choice for a striker and the one Hierro got as a rotation option, but during preseason Viktoria saw he was going to be the main striker for the team. He's not disappointed, being the top goalscorer and having one more assist than James Rodríguez, the team's apparent best player. He may not have the most assists and goals, but when he's on the pitch, the whole team plays much better. Ah, if only we had the money to bring Cañón Moral and have him along James and Inglis we'd be unbeatable. ((Truly he's hands down the best real player I've had ever in FM. With Cañón Moral the best regen ever.))

    I'm not completely happy with the pass completion ratios until I think how we've been playing, reaching the opposition's area fast and therefore trying a high amount of difficult passes to cut the defence, which explains so many below 80%. The goalkeepers' below 50%, however, is worrying and I should be telling them to be mindful of their distribution.

    To fill in for Bernard's absence, as Kling so far doesn't feel a reliable striker to give Inglis rotation, Jimmy Mellberg has been signed and will be merengue in January.

    - Finances:

    At the end of the transfer window the situation seemed healthy, but as the season has progressed with high bonuses and payments, it has deteriorated and reached red numbers.

    Initial finances after summer transfer window

    Current finances.

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    - Copa del Rey: Let's take the kids to the park sums it up.

    - Champions League: Celtic will be the first knock out round rival. Supposed to be easy. No matchs combinations that could ensure big teams falling at this stage and easy teams passing on.

    - League: Two slips against Valencia and Sevilla matched by Barcelona ones. Then a chance to get away and have the title almost sure. It started bad with Mosqueda making a hasty challenge in the area and a penalty. It went then seeming to favour Barcelona with small tactical changes improving things. Then after the half time the team decided to leave the brains in the locker room. Alone by the middle of the pitch? Clear it to corner! In the small area with a rival on top? Weak pass to the goalie! The bad thing about that was losing the goal difference. Now a tie in points is Barcelona ahead.

    Pass ratio hasn't improved significantly. James' scoring has dropped from the initial outburst but he still produces. Inglish has raised to be the league's top goalscorer. Only two players with average ratings below 7.00 ((never had that)) and they're not badly rated. Martinengo is a youth team that got promoted to the first team when he was used in the Copa del Rey. Also, Inglis has improved his game by getting acustomed to try breaking the offside trap. James has been injured three times now.

    Only transfer addition was Mellberg to ensure injuries can't cause a difficult situation without strikers, after Bernard's injury. Llorente signed a contract to move to PSG at the end of the contract.

    Financially, things haven't gone well, with the balance negative and projected positive balance decreasing alarmingly. Transfer revenue is reduced and, after reelection, the president took a loan. Still the team is expected to comply with FFP.

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    I'm not sure how to feel about the season that has just gone by. I would say disappointed. It's got its positives: win the league, take the cup from Barça's hands, expelling Barça from the Champions League... but being sent out of that in semifinals and the way we did is painful. I thought we had enough to get a good result in the first leg against Manchester United and we went ahead. But then we were half an hour from finishing and 1-2 down, I thought we'd need a goal to have a better chance and it was them who took it. Then in the second half the ultraoffensive tactic didn't work, it failed to create the needed spaces, but it had that damned look of being close, having several chances for a great last pass missed and in the end that eager search for goal costed us big.

    It was a pity Stewart Inglis didn't get the Trofeo Pichichi; but he was our best player and the cheaper of them. Others did win their corresponding awards... including me! The bad side is shortly after his prize, I received a note that Kling seemed to stop progressing in training.

    Finances ended in a bad position, with the balance negative and projected profit not enough to turn things around, though FFP was passed for this term. Payout for league position was higher than the prize. Mosqueda was sold (and Kongolo) to make some money, which made Barão and some others angry, though in a meeting I could allay the anger of all but Bernard. DoF has also made two signings for the new season. Before the season ended Ronaldo was one match away from automatic one year extension, with finances as they are and his €300K p/w wages I didn't use him any more. That made him retire along some other players finishing their contracts. Kroos will be offered as he was homesick and he has the biggest contract.

    Despite all, Real Madrid is still high in the rich ranking and third in the reputation ranking, growing in both. Even after the facilities have been downgraded.

    One thing I've found about Real Madrid is holidays begin way too late. I could only arrange for five weeks of preseason. At last the past one showed this team has enough with that. I took holidays this time, with Hierro in charge of transfers.
    ((I found out why nobody had been renewed since January: that responsibility had not been set to DoF, I set it around 20 June, when I realized the mistake)) We need a goalkeeper and I would like to try bring Cañón Moral, but between how expensive he'll be and that Inglis has done well, perhaps it'd be more important to find someone who can put in the assists of Mosqueda, as Inglis there would be much less effective.

    Finally, a look at Viktoria at this point:


    New potrait is Mikasa ABSS by Sakimichan. Click for source page.

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    Modern Day Legend
    ((There was many more screenies I took, transfer clauses and other secondary stuff, finally I decided to cut off some so as not to make that update too long. Still too image heavy, I guess.

    So, FM16 Beta is out and it's a bit over two weeks for the full release and I'm not sure what to do.
    Do I rest from FM so when full release is out I'm fresh instead of closing on to burn out?
    Begin a save with FM16 Beta? If so, which? A develop one team from some lower division to the top? Since there are changes to how manager reputation works, a new journeyman career?
    I've realized I've played two journeyman careers and both have been with female managers, so I'm considering perhaps turn it into a sort of tradition: club save = male manager, journeyman = female manager.
    I can also try to play one more season of this and see if I get the Champions League trophy. This season has looked a bit boring at times, with so many wins; but it's not been as much as when I've tried Real Madrid from the start, when it's way more overpowered, and though I won almost every match, many of them required small tactical changes to adapt to the rival, plug holes in defence, make them in the rival's... I think a new season at Real Madrid has a risk of becoming as boring but it may keep the interest this past season has have. I only felt threat of boredom briefly at one or two points of the season, when there wasn't Champions League to play.))

  39. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend
    I saved into avi some good goals and I've uploaded to youtube. James Rodríguez was a machine of making spectacular goals, not all of which were recorded.

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