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Aiming to rage at press saying "the next Klopette". Ms Ackerman's journeyman career.
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    Aiming to rage at press saying "the next Klopette". Ms Ackerman's journeyman career.

    Because it seems giving a story a short title is an impossible mission for me.

    I was initially having the idea of making a Burgos save, since I haven't done one since FM11. But after a third of the season and with the team looking good to overachieve and get in the promotion play offs, I began to lose interest. One factor may be the financial situation of Burgos is bleak, adding a very short squad (this part is a good point, though), which makes me think the future has two paths open: I don't get promotion and the financial status prevents any reinforcements to improve or I get promotion without money to improve it to the next level, go immediately back and find the team stagnant. Plus I short of went too fast through the preseason without actually giving all the proper thought to loans, affiliated clubs, etc.

    Then I thought "Since I've made stories here with FM09, I've made two of each: Two Crewe (FM09 and 13), two Burgos (10 and 11), two Championships (11? and 14), two good Serie B teams (12 and 14). But only one journeyman save, which happened to be with a female manager. So I'll make the second of that: a journeyman career, which I'll make woman just because that's what I made it in that save.

    I made a woman in the FM13 (The nex Belgian talent. Etc) because I was curious about whethere sexism was considered in the game. Back then I didn't reach a definite conclusion, mainly because I wasn't running it along an equal male manager to follow her steps and see differences. There was only one thing that caught my attention as something I had never seen before, but which might have been because of reputation being in the low extreme of chances to land that job: during her first game as Huesca manager, the fans gave my manager a poor reception. Then again, it was my first serious and lasting journeyman save and all the rest I had started as a club to develop it.

    In FM14 I made an experiment creating a set of managers with the same reputation in reloads of the same game at the manager selection point. A male English, a male Belgian, a male Portuguese and a Female Portuguese. I may be forgetting a Spaniard or Italian. The male Portuguese, being the same as the female Portuguese, received one more job offer when he applied than the female did, which means there is sexism. It for sure makes a few clubs more reluctant to hire you, maybe some fans disliking you from the start. Other than that, in my Aurora Schmied game I didn't see any message or news item mentioning anything negative as being caused by her gender.

    Manager and game presentation

    I loaded countries down to the bottom most division that's in the default database (I have my Spanish loaded and an Italian D which I didn't uncheck, on top of the real names fixes). The countries are: Belgium, Germany, England, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Greece and Turkey. Belgium because initially I was going to recreate Aurora Schmied, Romania because is an Eastern country that uses latin letters, Greece and Turkey because they seem like potential emerging divisions in reality.

    Another difference is that the FM13's female manager career I made using only the coach reports, not looking at attributes; but though at first and later at spells I found that interesting enough to be entertaining, it mostly felt rather dull, as I was missing a lot of information. Maybe if for FM13 there already were (or I had known) skins that allowed to not see attributes and see the analysis polygon and preferred moves I might have enjoyed it more. However, I don't feel like testing it and I'll manage seeing the attributes.

    I then thought that being Belgium made Aurora start speaking three languages: German, French and Dutch and that could be an extra help I didn't necessarily want. I had begun with Aurora and got two or three job offers, if with the one language manager I got nothing in months I would return back.

    I was making Aurora a German, but I found an image I thought I liked more as a protrait for my manager, so changed to that and changed name. The manager I've created is German, born in Jena. Her name is Viktoria Ackerman, twenty years and a month at the start of the game. She only speaks German, her favoured clubs are Jena (local though the game says supporter), Borussia Dortmund (I kind of feel sympathy for that team since Isaw them play well in a match against Atlético in 1997), Chelsea (I've found a lot of things said about how Mou likes to do things being as I like to do them in FM, other than the press management) and Real Madrid (biggest club in the XX century). Favourite formation 4-4-2 because from a brief game I played in Germany I think it was one of the more used formations there, though don't quote me on that.

    Her coaching qualification and past experience was what the game suggested selecting unemployed from either Belgium's Derdre Klasse or Germany's 3. Liga (it should have been the later, but I may have gone routine mode and repeated from when I was making Belgian Aurora).


    The portrait is an image depicting Mikasa Ackerman, from Shingeki no Kyojin, a series that looked with potential to be great but I abandoned after some chapters because it made me feel a strong vibe of pretentiousness. Or at least acceptance of some snob thesis, like "unhappy ending is automatic quality", in they seem to work so hard to negate any chance for things turning to hope.

    I made her German because the name of the character sounded like German to me, so I kept the family name. I chose Viktoria as first name because it was the first German name with i as first vowel I saw.

    This is the original image use for her portrait:

    Click for source
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    There were several jobs available and Viktoria had five of them offering. Only one came back to her with a contract to sign: it was French third division team Colomiers.

    It's expected to finish bottom of the league, but with no other choice on the table, she's decided to accept it, under the expectation to avoid the drop.

    What she's found is a very small club with no backroom staff. It's she alone to deal with everything in the club and nobody to send out to scout. Plus a very short squad. The only good news is the finances aren't expected to go into heavy debt at the end of the season.

    With that seen, there's only a little she can do in her first day in the squad. Only a brief meeting with the owner to set up a press conference, not even a talk with the squad. That is to decide on begin slowly working the fitness levels, decide on a counterattacking 4-4-2 formation - in her job interview she promised to play direct and defensive - and set friendlies. Some will provide 500€, some nothing.

    What's known to Viktoria after the first day at work:

    - She has to look for an assistant manager, two scouts, a physio, a coach, a head of youth development a U19 manager and assistant plus a director of football.

    - Any player brought is better to be on loan.

    - Bring two leftbacks, one right back, one centerback, a couple of midfielders, at least one competent defensively, and a winger.

    - Not to be too demanding with the players. It's a low level league, on top of not to expect great competitiveness and mental hardness it's where possibly they'd take harder to be ordered by a twenty years old girl. More what she assumes than she knows.

    I added link to the source of the image used for her portrait in the OP
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    The transfers were done late, though still before the start of the season. No loans could be done, as no player wanted to play for Colomiers. Only three players were brought in free transfers: two centerbacks, one of whom (Desenclos) will be taking the left fullback position and a centerback (Laborde) that, as it happens, had already played for Colomiers.

    ((Another thing I did, which initially I had thought to not do, was to offer contracts to the first team players who were fictional. Since I couldn't get enough players to stop the game to generating them, I decided it'd help realism to guarantee I'd not be having different regens each time a player got injured and just for the position I needed. You can tell by them having not a single attribute above 9))

    The only issue remaining with the transfers is they got above the wage budget. As it could be expected, the finances screen shows that the projection for the end of the season is less money, but still in black.

    Regarding preseason, matches were all played against lesser opposition, trying to adjust a defensive 4-4-2 (one of the promises to the board was to play defensive, the other to play direct) and it seemed to show a small success, with five wins, one draw and one loss; but proved the back is not the more solid. Not to lose hope is that the two new centerbacks came just for the last friendly, which was a comfortable win with only one goal conceded. In the bad news, Filipa, the starting poacher/target man and possibly best striker, got a four weeks injury just before the start of the season.

    ((I forgot to take the screenshot of the fixtures screen))

    The bookies have announced, as it was expected, that we're in for a disappointing campaign.

    The other part of the job Viktoria had was to fill the backroom staff. It was hard, specially finding the assistant manager, but in the end she's managed to get what the board was allowing and have at least one physio, scout and coach. Assistant and coach allows the club to have all areas of coaching covered in a light workload.

    And to end, as a curiosity, Ackerman's profile shows she's improved a little in some parts.

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    From the start of the season it was clear who were to be the key players for the team:





    Luck has been good in the way of injuries, with only Bengellium (another big man for the team in the opposite side to Voavy) picking two injuries, at the moment one for a month that will see him come back after the winter break.

    In the league, there were some results achieved at first, with goals, but also was proven the defense was too weak. A shift from the 4-4-2 to a 3-5-2 carried Ackerman's side to a string of poor results in which the team scored first but then couldn't resist the opposition's attacks. Finally, a change to a 4-5-1/4-3-3 started to get a few wins in consecutive matches ((now, I might have had one more if I had not a lapse on concentration and think the last match lost in the league was a cup, with led me to not put on the field my strongest team :x)), to bring Colomiers out of the relegation places.

    Individual stats are the expected having players among the most mistakes made, key tackles and aerial challenges. Kouassi being one of the players who's ran the most from his fullback position may not being the thing one'd want to see most. Regarding team stats, Colomiers has the second best run of form in last five matches, but that's the only positive.

    And finally, a good piece of news is the finances, while dropping, show improved expected balance at the end of the season.

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    With the wage budget exceeded, there were no deals to be done during the winter. The only interesting event in regards to new players was the youth intake, that included a few players with good potential. None of them would see a match in this season, though, with survival in the division in play.

    The other bit of transfer-like news that was Jamillou was released as soon as he showed in Ackerman's office demanding first team football.

    A good run in the middle of the season had seen the team rise to mid table, but it was followed by a drop of form in which all the other low table teams began to defeat the top table ones, which made the team go back to relegation places, however a win in the second to last match ensured promotion, and a little reward for Ackerman. She was offered a new contract, but she rejected to negotiate it, waiting for the end of the season.

    At that point she requested to start a coaching course, which was granted and is to be completed in four months. She's improved already without it, considered to be decent defensive coach. She's also learn French.

    With one match to go, having the team with an already ensured survival in the division, she tried to offer a new contract to Moreau, the goalkeeper. He rejected, which meant the likelihood to find someone of comparable quality is probably nearly impossible. With a club that probably will be stagnant for a few seasons and no replacement for the goalkeeper, Ackerman began to apply to job openings before they were filled. That resulted in the happy board to become unhappy and present her with an ultimatum. So she resigned then.

    A final defeat without her at the helm had the team drop to fourteenth position from the twelfth she left it at.

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  6. This is very interesting. Must admit i missed the previous female journeyman story you said you did, will have to track it down & have a look.
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  7. Very interesting career. Haven't seen one of these before so best of luck bud!

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    Thanks, guys. I'm pretty sure I will enjoy this. The updates should not take this long to come from now on, as this one took long because of me having a flu and not feeling like concentrating on the game.

    One thing I forgot to mention was that Voavy, who I considered one of the top most important players, the other being Bouscarrat, has missed like a third of the season, half the second leg of the league, because he was constantly away on international matches. I even considered that if not moving on from Colomiers I'd refuse to give him a new contract and look for someone equivalent who wouldn't be missing half the season. Though I ended offering him the new contract, as he's already proven he's quite good for the team. Initially, I was going to stay at Colomiers, but then Moreau didn't accept contract talks and I thought difficulty to get a good replacement, judging from the initial transfer having nobody accept loans and less than a handful of players to choose in free transfers, plus Viktoria speaking French already, it would be a good moment to try moving to a new country in a league with a little higher reputation, learn a new language and get a push to her chances to land a better job later.

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    The teams that caused the applications to be sent and the board ultimatum rejected to even consider Viktoria. However, it was not long that she's to be unemployed, as a Belgian team, from their second tier, approached her with a one year contract, slightly better paid than Colomiers, though without bonuses.

    What she finds there is a semi professional team, like Colomiers was, with worse finances, as it has a negative balance. Not a good thing to start with. Now maybe she began to think she made a mistake leaving Colomiers; but that thought doesn't last long: the club may not be a step forward in terms of status, less in finances, yet it's one tier closer to the top level, it's a new country to learn a new language, which will always help, and the coaching course she's taking will surely help. Also the assistant says the squad is rather good for the team position and goals.

    The first look has some clear key men in most lines, though there are a few candidates up front.




    Advanced midfield


    Despite the abundance of strikers, the choice for system is a lone striker formation, rather than the 4-4-2 that would have been expected.

    The more clear weaknesses of the squad are: lack of aerial powers in centerback positions, though she's found in the reserves a decent man to come into the bench and the need for at least one defensively competent midfielder, once Dessaer is going to be used as the main partner to Caurant. A competent fullback to substitute Sekour would be good to have as well.

    To finish, the club has a few coaches of not great quality, but decent enough for the level. The board, during the meeting, asked her to keep the backroom staff as it is and that's what she's going to do. Besides, the club has more staff than the board wants to have, so it's not like she could replace those she sacked. Plus it's unlikely anyone better would come.

    P.S. - I hate Photobucket not allowing the linking to the simple image. But any other host I've tried is more annoying to use
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    Has been mostly uneventful. With the club in debt, Ackerman didn't want to go on expending and, besides, as happened with Colomiers, the pool of players interested in accepting offers is very small and low quality.

    The preseason matches were played against much smaller clubs and they were all comfortable wins by five or more goals, with the exception of the last 1-1 draw. ((This has made it to be my best preseason ever, which by past experience that says preseason goes opposite to the season, means I'm probably in for the worst season ever. I forgot to take screenshot of the results. There's a 8-0, 7-0, 6-1, two 5-0 I think and the 1-1))

    The budget were moved all to the wage budget and free tansfers were the aim. Only two moves regarding transfers and contracts were made: the first was to activate the one year extension on Coenen's contract, the other the signing of Fabris and Diomandé. The team needed a defensive midfielder Fabris has the issue of very low decisions (3) and Diomandé looks like a good candidate to box to box or playmaker ((don't have the screenie for Diomandé. 10-15, mostly 11's for dribble, decisions, passing, vision, physicals))

    On the bad news, Dheur picked a serious injury that's taking him out of the side for a couple of months.

    Financially, a new sponsorship was signed for 1K less than years before, the board injected cash and the balance improved beyond what the mere injection would justify, making the financial situation look decent.

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    Another action that Viktoria took regarding transfer-like activity was to offer a new contract to Vanwelkenhyusen. She didn't think he was the best or second best, but after searching the market she had thought there wouldn't be anything worth finding, so se could as well keep a player that, while not the best, was decent. ((Then I saw his report and realized he was deemed unconsistant and that previous season he had been poor))

    The last match of the preseason had been a draw against a much weaker team. Viktoria was, understandably, unhappy with that. Hence, Viktoria told them of her unhappines, in calm terms. Then Vanwelkenhyusen, who had been the worse of them all, got angry for not telling him how good he had been. And the next day he went into Viktoria's office in bad mood. There was disbelief and then some angry words from a male voice. Then Vanwelkenhyusen walked out with the papers sealing his release from the club.

    That was not all related with transfer activity. The director of football, at the very end of the transfer window, decided to bring two players on loan: a left back and a left midfielder. It was a good piece of business. While Viktoria had decided on not bringing any more players for the sake of the financial health, those were two needed players, as the second choice for leftback was too weak, the first wasn't performing all that well and Amrani was decent enough to hope he'd do well. Also, with Dheur's injury, there was only one valid choice for the left wing, so Janssens would be a good resource to have.

    Still, things didn't improve and the greatest preseason turned into the worst season ((ever!)). The good news that Anderlecht had been drawn for the sixth round of the Cofidis Cup, which would give the team a few hundred thousand and that Anderlecth would buy home advantage were drowned by the fact Woluwe was unable to get more than one draw, with the defeats mounting on the morale and Viktoria able only to hold the drop for a short while, before it produced a calamitous string of results, including a record 7-0 defeat. That was followed by a heavy defeat against a team that should have been beatable. In fact Woluwe seemed to be on top, until Coenen made a terrible mistake (he let the ball slip from his hands between his legs and into goal) that gave them a goal advantage and killed any fighting spirit. The team crumbled.

    Coenen had been the more blatant culprit, with his frequent errors turning matches that looked to go our way into disasters. Then the rest with their passes at the back of the team mate, breaking good runs into space and great movements, destroying magnificent chances before they could be created. That's how it was. But I thought if I told them that they'd then ask why I didn't make signings or that I was being childish. So I took the blame, bu then they demanded a good result next match. I know I'm finished in this team.

    The next match was the cup round against Anderletch, comfortable leaders of Belgium's top division. Impossible mission. Woluwe held for half an hour, even getting the upper hand in the opening stages. But Anderlecht was too much and the first goal fell. And then the morale dropped and more followed. It was clear then that Viktoria would get the boot.

    So she was left with no job and the last being one in which she was sacked for bad results. Not the best to hope for a quick new job. She has been left with the regret for leaving Colomiers, more so after learning Moreau, who had triggered her decision by refusing new contracts, had signed a new contract and was still in the club. He could have signed it when I offered him. Season was almost over, as was his contract and he had no offers. "I feel the team won't give me the success I seek". Now it does? It's in the very same spot where I left it!"¹

    In the good side for hoping that she won't have to abandon football to get a job that saves her from poverty is that she's close to finishing her Continental C qualification and she's improved as manager.

    ¹The Colomiers new manager, by attributes, is probably much better in terms of reputation, which is the definite factor that changed Moreau's mind, I'd think.

    - New skin is Vexilium. No changes other than the background image and that I've pasted into it the match in between highlights.xml that I prefer over the one it has, as it allows one of the windows to see ratings and body language. Unfortunately, I've lost the one that allowed it for my team up right and my opponent's bottom right when I deleted the FM14's user tree and now I can only see that in the top right for one team
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    It was a long wait, with a few interviews offered but none successful, but Viktoria finally got a job! She had to wait to fourth January: Coruxo, a team struggling in Segunda B grupo 1. Bigger wage than before and with the aim to avoid automatic relegation. 16th place, where she took the team, is the play out spot. A team in dire financial situation that asks her to work with a director of football and keeping the backroom staff already in place which has all the roles needed.

    By then she had already the Continental C coaching badge, which she obtained in October. She could ask to study for the B, but that's not something she's going to ask during the season.

    What's not too good is the team has a few injuries, all of them severe.

    The team offered her a warm welcome.

    The squad has obvious weaknesses at the back and in the middle of midfield. There were a few tries to loan in players, but they were unsuccessful except for Paulo Teles... who got injured for a couple months just after her loan offer was accepted. Not being able to bring anybody else, she was forced to accept her luck and stick with the deal. Director of foorball did his job, though, and right before the end of the transfer window he brought in two more players: Fran Serrano, a centerback with the qualities Viktoria wanted, being good in the air, and Germán Fassani, who being a striker wouldn't be needed, save most being injured.

    On the other side of transfers, there was a disappointment in the key leftback, Aitor Aspas, who went on to the press about a row with Viktoria when he had never talked with her. And he did it twice. He then signed a contract for another team. Also Moscardó, one of the few good midfieldersm signed to leave on the end of his contract.

    At least, on the pitch things didn't start too bad. First match was a win, with Antúnez scoring his first two goals of the season from the left wing, and there was a draw, though that one was a against competition to avoid the drop.

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    The season has not been easy at all. With starting difficulties to get the players to understand her, it was hard for them to understand her defensive ideas. It was no help the frequent injuries, in which several important players picked one or two month injuries: Rafa Mella, the best striker, Moscardó, the defensive midfielder, Antúnez, the left winger, Mateo, the attacking midfielder, Aspas, the left winger/fullback and, worse of all, Pazó, who was to be out for three months and return from injury just two matches before the end of the league phase, too late to bring him back to the side when everything was to be decided most likely.

    One thing clear, more so when chances of goinf down are not small at all, was to activate extension clauses to the contract of any good player to increase chances to not lose them and have a strong side in Tercera.

    And indeed it was so. With a string of poor results, some product of bad luck generally in the form of clearances into the strikers for a robound goal, Coruxo could never got out of relegation places, either direct or through play offs. Fortunately for Viktoria, avoiding direct relegation was all asked of her, so it was good that when she finally managed to get her ideas accross and the defence behan to improve, results began to add points and Compostela stopped getting them, so that put them in the last match one point behind them. A match that was played against them. Being on their stadium, she went for a cautious strategy, make any goal count for a victory and the plan seemed to be working, with Compostela being not a threat and Coruxo reaching their area in dngerous positions; however, the attacks came to nothing through poor first touches, incomplete dribbles or poor shooting. In the end, she had to tell the team to go all out for it, but the goal never came. Coruxo has therefore just done what the board asked and will have to play a two legged play off against a yet unknown team to avoid relegation. It's been so close, in the second to last match we had a penalty for winning that was missed, one conceded costed us the victory in the previous match, the chances lost in the last moment against Compostela... only that one had gone just a little better and we'd be off trouble.

    The question comes for Viktoria now: does she stay whatever happens? Resign before becoming a Tercera manager? See if there's any realistic job available? The poor Woluwe adventure and the later difficulty to find a new job are two factors that add to the interviews reminding her of the team not staying up, if they finally get relegated. And let's not forget other teams at this level laughed at her applying. So it is most likely she will stay to try bringing them back to Segunda B.

    At any rate, there's the fact she has achieved fluency in Spanush to increase her chances to get a job and she's going to increase them by applying for a new coaching course in order to get the Continental B license.

    Defensive, goalkeepers and tactical coaching have gone up, working with youngsters has increased by two. Player knowledge, and motivation have gone up too, while determination, youngster knowledge and man management have increased by two

    Trying imgur again. Uploading may not be as annoyingly uncomfortable as I thought, but getting the images is not comfortable at all.
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    Relegation play offs are coming and I know my rivals: Conquense. They finished Grupo 3 with 37 points, two more than us in this group. First leg away and second at home. Last matches weren't bad with the defensive 4-3-3 DM Wide so I'll go for it. We need to keep our goal at zero and any goal will be a welcome bonus.


    It's here. I finally went on for the defensive tactic, no specific match training, I was so nervous when Miguel came to ask that I shooed him away. First choice every position. Pazó I thought was one of the two best centerbacks, but he's been injured for too long to risk it in such important game.

    Great first half, we've limited their chances well enough and we've taken one of the handful we've had. Bad news is Gonzalo Suárez seems to have picked a bad injury. 1-0 up, please stay like this!

    Great start to the second half! Second goal by Suárez's substitute, Ben Fisk 48'. Conquense's going to go more offensive, I think, but we've kept them well at bay so no changes needed.

    50' Come on, not again! It's the third penalty, conceded by Serrano. FERNANDO! He's saved it. Okay, no panic, first serious attack in almost an hour.

    58' They've been threatening more. Perhaps I should think on a little tweaks. Noooooo! That was lucky, why did we not have it against Compostela? Long shot by Quirino goes in, lots or players in the path and it doesn't rebound off anyone. He was in space. Fine, stop trying to get the ball forward so fast, let the team move up calmly, let's not lose it too soon.

    But it's not enough, they're getting to our area. If I tell them to drop deeper they'll be conceding too much space, if push forward they'll expose their backs. Nobody in the bench will make a difference.

    88' Why does a football match need to have eighty eighth minute? They get the ball in the area and Quirino manages a good dribble for a good shot.

    90' Fran Serrano injured. Great, now I'll have to field out of form and very slow Pazó for the second leg. At least we have the two away goals so a scoreless draw serves us well.

    Regarding the match, I'm happy of that first half, but not the second where the plan stopped working, as I was not wanting to let them have so many shots and they came to our area too many times. Still, I can't feel they still needed a touch of luck and that last half hour didn't match our better first hours, so I think the result is not just, we should have won.

    While Viktoria was sleepless thinking on the second leg, whether to repeat the tactic, be more attacking, how to avoid a repeat of the collapse after the second goal, director of football Francisco Javier Molina was making his job, activating renovation clauses and negotiating new contracts with general, but not total, success.

    Second leg. In good news Fran Serrano didn't pick and injury and I remembered to tell Miguel to focus on defensive positioning for two days. In bad news, Gonzalo Suárez is out for two or three months, so Ben Fisk will be the first choice and Fassani will return to the bench.

    Pre-match. No regrets seeing the line up of Conquense. With just a draw and hoping for one goal being enough, they don't seem to be planning and offensive match and we showed in the first leg that we're better when we're not so pressed.

    Sigh. Journalist bugging with why I didn't pick Pazó in the starting eleven. He's just come from his injury two weeks ago and we couldn't get him in form.

    First half. Good first half. Not as boring as I would have preferred given the lack of goals for us, but as we've looked tame they've not been threatening either.

    Second half. They seem to have gone just a touch more offensive, still same formation and not offensive enough. While they managed one or two threatening runs into the area, they lacked the support to think of that a menace, so I did nothing. I merely told my team to not take too long passes forward as Ben Fisk was in risk of being too isolated.

    61' It worked! Fisk scored a goal, forcing Conquense to score two goals, which at the moment seems unlikely. So I won't change anything.

    73' Nothing was changed and things went the same way, a few shots by either team but low threats. And what we needed! A penalty for us. Álex Fernández scored it! Now it's done! This can't get away.

    85' Now it's time to go defensive to ask them to waste time. Let's compensate some changes by telling them not to drop deeper, not to play slower and that's it.

    87' Teles is tired. Mateo in just so we can waste half a minute.

    90'+1' WE'VE DONE IT!

    This is great! We stay in Segunda B. And I've made my mind: I will stay at this club. What a relief! I've been thinking we were a Tercera team next season for so long, but we've got our good form just before time ran out.

    So let's look at the player stats. It would be good if people kept their voices down. I think they've improved, quite more goals and assists. Hum, it looks like Álex Fernández was the main scorer before I came. The defensive midfielder. Passing is not good enough. Plenty of tackles, most of them by the centrebacks. Yes, we need a new defensive midfielder to help Álex and the defence.

    Board seems just about satisfied. No problem with that, I just achieved what they wanted. But what is this crap? Jury still out for me? I've saved the team from going down! Yes, by little margin but it was just what was asked.

    Still, very happy witht he achievement. Though there's a few downers with it: Conquense sacked Moya, board has no funds for my coaching course and it's too expensive for me, not having guaranteed enough months of salary, being a football manager and all. The finances are going down, which is not good; but at least we're not losing the income from being relegated.

    We had dinner in a restaurant. End of season dinner to say goodbyes until next summer and celebrate the win. We talked, laughed, drank and sang. I was the first to retire from it, though it was good fun.

    Getting the hang of imgur and how to get the links faster, I found also it allows some editing. It is still slow, but not as annoying to use.
    The bad thing is that, sinze the file name is changed to a random one, I can't see by it if the copy pasted link is the right one before posting and seeing the images.
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  15. Throughly enjoyed the read! Love the concept! Be interesting to see how this develops!
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  16. A very good read!
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    Let's go over the summer stuff.

    Right after the end of the season, there were two very, very tasty positions open from leagues of lesser reputation than Segunda B: Benfica B, who had won the Poruguese Segunda Liga, and Antwerp, who had won Belgium's second division. They were too tempting and Viktoria couldn't help but send applications. That costed her a severe reprimand from the board. But neither was successful, it was specially bad that Antwerp answered, after several days, that the interview process had finished so she'd not be considered. An excuse as if she was a crybaby for being a girl or her assistant's fault for not informing her of the vacancy sooner?

    Even though the board scolded her so, they went to her trying to open talks to renew her contract. She's rejected it: there's still a whole year and she doesn't want to a longer contract that might deter some better teams to consider paying the release.

    Financially, the situation isn't getting any better, with new sponsorships that don't improve the income and only small prize or TV money to receive. The wage rise clauses only serve to make things worse, with a season's loss shy of one million euros.

    Oh, great! No taxes, wait, it means losses. Bad news!

    It's not "given" it's "going to receive"

    That has a consequence that may have Viktoria regretting her refusal to talk about a new contract: the team's downgraded to semi professional. The director of football began immediately to offer part time jobs to all the staff and squad.

    And therefore, no matter the expectation chosen, the budget will be basically the same. Then, despite past season, the board wants a minimum of midtable finish so that's what Viktoria promises.

    The preseason was scheduled to last five weeks, four weeks being the only other option and considering the poor pitch and training facilities, the time between matches can't be too short, so there's not as many friendlies as Viktoria might have liked. Good thing is that the pitch has been relaid during summer, which should help with injuries.

    Finally, the best eleven from history and season. Very surprising to see youngster Matías, who didn't shine during Viktoria time at the club, but seemingly did before. Though it shall be said that he didn't do poorly either, showing to be adequate cover for injuries.

    Glad you're enjoying it!
    As in previous stories, suggestions will be listened to and given consideration, though not necessarily followed.
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    With no transfers done by Viktoria, the director of football worked fast to bring a few new faces into the team. A much needed midfielder, which bravery is not as good as Viktoria would have liked, but no complaints considering the club's situation, a young and small striker and a defender who doesn't play in leftback, which was the most needed position in defence, though it's not bad to have him... and Miguel Gómez on loan who's exactly what was needed as he can play leftback, if not his natural.

    He also did a fine job renewing contracts, getting Mateo to sign a new one and renewing a few more. Plus Pedro Vázquez changed his mind and has said to be happy to stay.

    Only those players who signed for a different team or Salinas, who ended contract and wasn't good enough, went out.

    Preseason was good, with only one draw and the rest victories, including the three after deciding to set the pitch to be narrow as Viktoria plans to use narrow formations and wants to help plugging holes in the defence.

    However, the financial situation is very bleak. With all the losses incurred in the last season, rumours have started about the team closing on administration, with the board having to take drastic measures such as selling the youth facilities, which has given a brief increase of finances, but they're still very poor, almost two million euros in the red.

    I should be nosing into the DoF duties and release the excess staff.

    And those rumours have but distabilized the team, with Fernando becoming unhappy by them. He went to Viktoria wanting reassurances on the situation, to which she confessed her duties being limited by board's wishes couldn't do much about it, which made him angry and wanting to make the team go against her. In the meeting she left her ideas clear and she got the support of more than half the squad, including the captain, but dressroom is not peaceful. Worse of all is her only decent goalkeeper is now unhappy with the league about to begin and she's depending on him being professional enough. She spoke to the press stating her trust on the squad professionalism, with the idea of defending them; but then Fernando went to the press speaking of a row with her because she didn't let him leave. Why does he blame me? I'm not the one in charge of transfers and he didn't ask me to be sold, he should say he had it with the director of football!

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    The season has begun and Coruxo's fixture list has earned the club the nickname of "the semaphore". It has provided the club with a point per game average above one, which would guarantee staying up at the end of the season, but not meeting the board expectation to reach a half table finish, even though after twelve games the team is there.

    That was possible even when Fernando and half the squad have been still unhappy after their demands for assurances regarding the financial situation, to which Luciano joined after being fined for missing training for the fourth time, though first with Viktoria in charge and then a second time shortly after. Unfotunately, Luciano hasn't shown the level of professionalism of Fernando and the others and has been placed on the transfer list.

    Contrary to the past season, there are some good ratings around the squad, with two strikers coming among the leaders in scoring: Fisk and loanee José Mari, with defensive midfielder Álex Fernández in second place, even if I don't remember so many free kick goals. Youth Pablo was decent during the month Fernando was out with injury. Assists are pretty spread, with Fisk and Antúnez leading.

    Financially, the club is in administration and twice has had its debt restructured, which sets it so the balance is raised to zero at the moment and with less red numbers at the end of the season, still too much to compensate with prize money and with no player valued high enough to solve anything.

    First in September:

    And then in October:

    And then... AC Viseu and MVV became available, two low table from Portuguese and Dutch second level with okay finances and Viktoria decided to jump ship. There was no date for the club being able to pay her a coaching course, so she decided at the moment she had a chance to land either job. It would be a chance to learn a new language and be one division closer to a top one, with a course in sight and improvement of her career. Besides, though this season Coruxo was doing better than in the past, it wouldn't be hard for the form to drop and be back in a relegation battle, which would cost her her job.

    Neither was successful. Viktoria regretted her decision bitterly. But that lasted about a month, as just one before Christmas she was approached by a middle table team from the Portuguese second division. Better than Ac Viseu and a little better than MVV. The catch? It's also in red numbers and without high valued players, so a coaching course is nowhere close in the horizon. However, being one promotion away from top division has made Viktoria decided not to leave the team until A) She's sacked B) Some bigger team comes knocking.

    Promises are to keep the director of football, she said she was ok working with one, but since the promise is worded like that, she will be doing business herself. Also, direct football, as they liked it a bit. Not defensive football promise after her previous failures to fulfill that.

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    So, Chaves, placed tenth in the table, is a team that is overachieving as it is expected to be in the fight against relegation and the board demands Viktoria to end above mid table. Considering how the team has gone it looks doable at the moment, though the late form of the team has been poor. The board requested to "Keep DoF going forward" so that's just what I'm going to do. Then do my own deals.

    The stats show a reasonably healthy squad, with a fair amount of PoM's, strikers leading the goalscoring department and the centrebacks adequately protected by the players around them.

    The finances aren't the best, with the team in debt, but considering its place that's better than similar debt in a lower level.

    There has been some criticism, with Viktoria finding a defender in Vitor Oliveira, from União da Madeira.

    The bad part about the squad is the injuries it has. With Joao Vicente injured until end of the year and unregistered, Paulo Monteiro one or two months away from coming back and Arnold, the best player of the squad, out for seven to eight months, that is until September. Only two decent centrebacks among the healthy ones. No sense in going with the team's three centerback formation they've used (a plain 3-5-2). Viktoria's idea was to commit to a narrow formation to occupy the middle of the park, of natural defensive kind, a 4-1-3-2.

    Training is going to be based on an individual programme, with coaches that aren't the best and which force Viktoria to work in the fitness category.

    Therefore, despite the financial situation and the losses expected, Viktoria decided that there was no other choice than to look for free transfers or loans to bring some players to strengthen the side and improve its chances to fulfill expectations. A better goalkeeper, as Ribeiro, not being a poor keeper, is average, at least one good centreback, a leftback to at least have cover, hopefuly a decent defensive type of midfielder and maybe a striker to provide cover.

    And since in Segunda Liga free transfers can be registered any time until end of the year, she started early. She first got international keeper Copa, big wages but worth them, then a good centreback in Eduardo Enrique, who has been very good and got a debut goal, then she could bring the leftback, one worth starting XI, another quality centreback on loan and, in the end of the transfer window, after having tied him for the end of contract, she decided to make come Sidibé from La Liga's Espanyol, as she thought the cover was needed now. Also, despite the financial situation, she ended the contracts of several players who were not attracting any interes and were either not good enough or on too big wages. The club's ended paying their wage per week, but it saves on either bonuses for using them or just taking them in the bench and them getting cranky for lack of first team football. The surprise was making it to the top 3 transfers of Portugal this transfer window with Sidibé, a player who's been poor in the three appearances for Espanyol's first team; something that doesn't worry Viktoria, as Segunda Liga is a much lower league. The downside, obviously, is that the projected balance at the end of the season is worse than when she was appointed, though it was 300K worse at the start of January.

    The performance since taking charge of Chaves has been good. After alternating wins with defeats, there's been a three consecutive win streak in the league, with a friendly in between to keep fitness, which has placed Chaves on ninth place and good spirits. Achieving the goal seems likely to happen, though any ideas to earning promotion are not reasonable as the gap with the third/second (two teams go up, but since the leaders are a B team currently they're the second and third) is too big or so I feel, as I have no expectation to go getting points every match with plenty of wins.

    Surprise was to see in the league's stats that in the team charts Chaves is among the top scoring teams. We're also up there in recent form and home form. Regarding individual stats, Fixe has made into the top goalscorers, tied with not shown João Mario, and Jean is there in assists, PoM's and average ratings.

    The squad stats show that the team appears to keep the good protection of centrebacks, not improving passing rates, with strikers leading the scoring of the team, Fixe taking a good step forward there and Jean as well. A loan offer was received for Jean but he's too important to let go or think on saving on his wages. Best player of the team and one of the best in the league? No way he's leaving.

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    The wins in a row in the league lasted only four matches, after which there was never a consistent run of form, though it was not poor. Very annoying was the 3-4 loss against affiliate Leixões, in which Chaves was 3-0 up in half time to then see how the players refused to defend any set piece. A pity was not being able to reflect the dominance against Oriental and losing the goal advantage against Freamunde. But in the end, good campaign to comply with the board expectations of above mid table finish.

    Player performances has been very pleasing, with Fixe making it among the top goalscorers, Jean in the charts for assists, average rating, player of the match awards and making it into the Segunda Liga's team of the year. Fixe, João Mario and Jean leading in goals. Jean, João Mario and Patrão in assists. Centrebacks leading in interceptions with anchor man Luciano Teixeira, and tackles for fullbacks and Teixeira, with loanee Magalhães high in tackles attempted. regarding team, Chaves is one of the teams who's scored more goals. And with the least bookings, has earned the fair play award.

    In a bit of other news, the youth intake only had one decent player: Pierre Muller. Viktoria has learned Portuguese and has improved in a few things, specially her defense and tactical coaching.

    At the end of the season, the board offered Viktoria a new contract, much better than she had ever had; but due to the financial situation, she took it down to 1K p/w from the original 1.7 and gave up on the avoiding relegation clause to save money. The board had injected 120K twice, once in march and again in May. The more than half a million prize for finishing eightth, minus the over one hundred thousand bonus payouts, was just shy to get the club in positive balance. It will be a small budget for next season, which will have a five week preseason length, which Viktoria has taken already all to the wages. The board is just content with her ((overall dropped from 53% to 51% with no change)).

    Not shown with screens, there were a number of players, more than a few important, whose contracts were ending this season. Viktoria offered contracts with less wages and less bonuses, managing to convince most of the important players: Patrão, Teixeira, João Mario, Tarcísio. Failing with two: Fixe, who then she just activated the one year extension during final year clause, and Carraça, who is to abandon the team.

    The rest will be let go, which includes the left back who was unregistered when she arrived and I barely remember being named João Vicente, who was on a whooping 600p/w wages.

    Part of the plan is that, despite his good performances, if there's a chance to unload Copa, on 1400p/w, she will. If Arnold, who recovered from injury three weeks before the end of the season, not September, who is on 1300p/w can be unloaded then he will. Otherwise, her plan is first to search for loan players who can come without paying a penny, if not, loaned players who can be on low wages, then free transfer and she's willing to even use youth players. A risky thing if it comes to that, but needed if Chaves is to become a financially healthy club and have funds to pay for more coaching courses. She's even considering taking advantage of interest in Jean and Patrão and sell them if it gives the team a positive balance, though that's a big decision.

    Now it would be the time when Viktoria would have considered other jobs. There's a top division vacancy, the B teams of Porto and Benfica. But she's not going to apply to them no matter how tempting: the first is in worse debt than Chaves and may well be too much a jump in reputation, the other two are B teams who would bar promotion. And she had made the purpose of not moving from Chaves like that, she wants to stay a few seasons.

    On curious notes: Colomiers were relegated past season, the next after her departure; Woluwe survived barely and this has been relegated, Coruxo has achieved a mid table finish after struggling near the relegation zone in the middle of the season.
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    Back with a small update of the between seasons bits of news and some important ones.

    Starting with the usual end of seasons awards and the like, there is no surprise regarding the fan's player of the season being Jean and there is neither surprises in the best eleven.

    The pitch has been relaid up to perfect condition, which is good considering the injuries the team suffered towards the end of the season. Luckily the worse were bad estimation of length by physios: Fixe was said to be out for four months but he was back after three weeks.

    The fixtures for the new season have been announced and it looks good enough, with fixtures not piling up any patch of hard games that I recognize. For it the promised expectation is the minimum of top half finish demanded by the board.

    Financially I already talked about the situation. In the next update you'll see Chaves went up to almost positive balance, but not quite. It is good news that the TV money will be respectable.

    Regarding contracts of staff and players, most of the staff finished their contracts after refusing reduced salaries. All coaches left and I only kept one physio, the U19 manager and two scouts. I had to hire a new assistant manager, chief scout, head of youth development and two coaches: one for fitness and one for goalkeepers. In the end I think we're better in terms of coaching ability.

    On the side of the squad, the two big moves that were thought have been made, one including one not planned. Viktoria got rid of the big contracts of Copa (€1.300 p/w) and Arnold (€1.200 p/w). Copa was exchanged for central midfielder Bruno Alves, while Arnold was exchanged along some steep bonuses that are either not that likely to happen or if they happen Chaves'll still win for young goalkeeper Rafael Lopes. Since Lopes was largely a risk, Viktoria chose to try renew Ribeiro's contract with lesser wages and bonuses, which he accepted, so it's guaranteed a goalkeeper who's good enough, if not as good as she'd wish.


    And on OOC note, I'm thinking on loading more leagues. At the moment the only I can load to start active this season is the Serbian league, which I'll activate. Then I'm thinking on Norway and perhaps Croatia, Russia and maybe either Czech Republic, Hungary or Austria.I think my PC can handle them well. I accept suggestions.
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    After the end of the 16/17 season, there was the time for delving into the transfer window, as a series of players had left the club. Before the window even opened, two deals had been agreed to diminish the wage bill, with two player exchanges that saw Rafael Lopes and Bruno Alves in and big earners Copa and Arnold out. After that the most blatant weakness was the centreback position, in which Chaves had been left with only Eduardo Enrique as good centreback. Neither Silas or Magalhães accepted to return on loan. No potential loaness of enough quality were found so Viktoria had to sign players. She chose João Lima for starter and then Philipe backup. The final signings were right back Oto'o to have some back up in fullback position and André Fontes for midfield.

    I don't have screens of the other two. Philipe is faster but not great in the air. André Fontes is a balanced midfielder who can be used at any position, many 10-11 attributes.

    The news of transfer fees received though the clauses at the sale of a player sold before her time lightened Viktoria's mood... until she reached the amount paid... over a year. Financially the situation barely improved, after seeing the balance go up to only ten thousand euros in the red, the club has begun to incur in losses that see the club needing success in the coming season.

    For the league, the board wants Viktoria to repeat past season and achieve an above mid table finish, which bookies think is not unlikely. In the cups the expectations are basically to not embarrass the team. According to the scouts, the squad's quality should be enough to do the job, with the goalkeepers as the weak point. The worse thing is that Jean picked a four months injury at the start of the preseason. Pierre Muller, centreback, was promoted from the U19 to the first team, his main weakness is minimum bravery.

    After a good preseason, the cup placed Chaves in the four team group along Beira-Mar (touch), AC Viseu (challenging) and Oliveirense (possibly easy). The group matches are played before the start of the season. It began with a defeat to Beira-Mar but then was followed by two wins that qualify Chaves for the next round.

    Then the league started and saw two wins followed by two defeats. The tactics employed are a tweak of the past season's tactic, a defensive 4-1-3-2. Despite de heavy defeat to Varzim, signs aren't bad for Viktoria's team, though things could go any way at this point, when Chaves is just twelfth. Not to forget two goals by Varzim were when Chaves was chasing the game and because Lopes seemed to think he was just to witness the ball move across the area under his nose and then be tapped into goal.

    Regarding the team performances, they're satisfactory, other than Lopes' match against Varzim. A few players averaging above 7 rating. Baldé, the starting left fullback, having almost as many key passes as the main creator, Patrão. Key tackles are much fewer than key passes or key aerial challenges. Tackles aren't lead by the centrebacks, who put a good share of interceptions, where the defensive midfielder, Luciano Teixeira, is the leader. Strikers look good getting goals and giving assists to each other, with Patrão joining from the midfield. The only worrisome sign is the low pass completion at the back.

  24. Loving the detail you're putting into this, had never occurred to me to cover player stats so comprehensively!

    Here's hoping for another good year for Chaves & Ms Ackerman.
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    Having completed the first third of the season, things look to have gone very well for Ms Ackerman. Her team is at the top of the table with three points advantage over the second, qualified for the cups in phases Chaves wasn't expected to reach. It is the season of the records for Chaves: highest attendance, unbeaten run, consecutive wins... Ackerman received the manager of the month award for October and may well be looking to be the manager of the season, with Chaves the overachieving team.

    The winning record in any competition was stopped at ten, once União da Madeira got a draw in the League Cup, where Chaves was the only Segunda Liga team to beat the Liga NOS team and reach the third phase of the Taça da Liga.

    The player performances have been very good as well. Fixe second in the goalscorer list, Bacar Baldé the highest rated player and with most man of the match awards, Paulo Ribeiro the second with the most clean sheets.

    The strikers are continuing the great run of form of the last season, with Djibril Sidibé finally setting up in the team, scoring five and assisting five times. The other outstanding name is Bacar Baldé, another Ackerman signing, who's scored four goals (three penalties, one in play) and given five assists as the leftback of a 4-1-3-2, to become the top rated player of the team. Joint second in the assists for the team with the strikers. Sagna just behind with four assist from the other flank. Despite the narrow formation, many of the goals are headers from crosses. Chaves may be using a narrow formation, but the assists come from the flanks or the strikers themselves.

    Key passes seem to be balanced to appearances across the board, with nobody standing above the rest. Interceptions and tackles begin to show the pattern desired: players around centrebacks put the tackles in, centerbacks intercept. Ribeiro seems the better goalkeeper, with the better ratio of goals conceded per appearances and the most clean sheets, double than Lopes playing less than double. Pass completion at the back still as poor as the start of the season, then again Ackerman isn't asking them to keep it short or avoid low precission, long passes.

    Sidibé, having got to start his better performances now, gives me an idea to change the usual way in which business is made: keep the transfer budget in summer and make the signings in January. Let the players have the second half of the season to adapt and then they'll be ready for the next. The problem with that now is we're a Segunda Liga team and we're not going to attract the same quality we could get in summer after promotion. That leaves me with the dilemma: sign now for a tough first season in the top flight, assuming we don't crash before, or go normally and test the idea once the team is established, but I think I will go with it. One can't innovate with fear to do so. Now it is the moment to think about January then.

    It has been a temptation to look for a better goalkeeper, since the scouts tell me that's the weakest position. A look at the market offers nothing better or with enough improvement to justify a signing, so we'll surely go on with Ribeiro and Lopes.

    The second problem to think in terms of transfers now is Jean. Past season he was our key man. So far this season, he's not shown anything of that in his ten appearances. It probably is a matter of his lengthy injury, almost three months, and in time he should recover and give us a jump of quality that can be crucial for promotion. On the other hand, to the possibility he doesn't quite recover or that the small tweaks of the tactic from past season are the culprit, there is the financial situation of the club and the interest in him. I could try to get some ten of thousands euros for him, ease the finances, increase likelihood of getting a new coaching course and find a replacement who's cheaper but not worse than he's being so far. Against is the feeling after Francisco Delgado's injury that we're a bit short in midfield so losing him could be a bad idea. With the cups we've had big problems with rotation, having to play half the squad tired. Then with the finances as they are, I'm reluctant to sign new players.

    The third and final market consideration comes from Oto'o. He's been okay when I used it, but he's got an injury every time within ten minutes. He's only played till the end once. That's not acceptable. I need to find a way to swap him.

    Financially, Chaves keeps losing money each month and again it is projected to finish the season with around a million euros in the red. Despite that, all the records and the amazing performance in the league and cups, have the board very pleased with Ackerman.

    On more anecdotic notes, Viktoria had a day of fame in Portugal after the third round match of the Taça da Portugal match against Pampilhosa. Playing with a heavily rotated - and tired - team against lower division Pampilhosa, she joined the player celebration on the picth after the first goal scored by Luciano Teixeira in the 94th minute that saved the team from the extra effort of playing over time. «I was so worried with the fitness for the league that I would have preferred to lose than to have extra time and win, that goal took a lot of weight off» she declared in the post match interview.

    I was thinking the players would be so exhausted for the next match a big injury crisis might be coming to ruin the season, in the end no such thing happened. The prize money for the two rounds won was a combined €4K. Also two very late goals, that must be recorded.
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  26. Love the effort and detail that goes into this! Hopefully Chavez can get the promotion and the coaching courses can commence with bigger riches!
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    Unbeaten run in the league was finally over after thirteen matches. A shorter run happened after, but not so long, though enough to get Viktoria another manager of the month award, with the problem of the Taça da Liga adding four matches against top teams in the second group phase that can only cause drop in morale, injuries and fitness trouble, though so far there's been luck with injuries. And for what? After the second match Chaves was already eliminated, only worth if in the end the prize money to reach is good to help finances.

    At least, the home match of the Taça da Liga helped a little with a record high attendance and high receipt. The board also offered Viktoria a new deal, but she didn't want to talk about new contract just yet. They also offered to change the aim of the season, but she didn't change it. Also was the not so good record of highest goals conceded in the Taça da Liga.

    In the league, Chaves remain at the top, with four points advantage over Belenenses and seven above Boavista, after the last defeat against Trofense, who won in the first half of the league.

    During December I was thinking on Jean, how he had not returned to his form from last season and I though a part was after the touches to the system, with Baldé joining the attack, he was now more worried for covering his back. After offering him for eighty thousand, Panthrakikos offered around thirty. Not bad. I looked for players of his type and then I found Chidi, one very similar but clearly better, who was expected to ask for less. After dealing with him and getting him to sign a contract slightly cheaper than Jean's, I accepted Panthrakikos' offer so Jean was out. In the end, it's barely saving money but team should be improved.

    Oto'o came to me asking for more first team time, which I wouldn't give to him as he gets so many knocks, so he's out and I found Jorge Silva to be the back up.

    And finally, though the strikers have been very good, in recent times it seems as if Fixe and Sidibé are running out. Sidibé has just come back from an eleven hour goal drought. And since there's a chance of top division football, I decided to forget financial worries and bring Simy, hoping he'll help while he settles this half of the season and have some improvement in the striker position, specially in regards to aerial play, where Fixe is very poor and considering how many goals come from headers. Best of all is he accepted a rotation role.

    Since Lima was not all that convincing and he's not great in the air, I also brought young Kaiser to fill the centreback position.

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    «Closing to the end of the season, Viktoria hasn't been happy at all in a long while. Some say it's the rot of form, but many have pointed her lack of enthusiasm in celebrating Chaves' goals since January ended. It's said that's rubbing on to the squad and the team is in a phase of depressed game.»

    I don't know who's the idiot who writes articles like that. Though one thing is true: I knew this rot was coming since well November. The strikers lost their sharpness and we had been very lucky to win many of those games. In January it become clear to me promotion would be beyond out ability, even if I did some things thinking on the jump and even after I did, like hiring Norinho, hoping his speed may give that edge we're lacking this season. Things haven't been made any easier by injuries preventing making rotations or giving time to keep match fitness levels.

    Despite all, Chaves is still in the fight for the second promotion place, after Belenenses ran away with the league, ensuring the win with five matches to end the season. The most annoying thing of that is I miss on the manager of the season award.

    The four next games include a hard fight against Belenenses, while third placed plays them in the closing fixture. Even so, anything that's not winning the other three is losing the promotion tace, and that's exactly what will happen, I'm sure of it. I hope the prize money will allow to pay my coaching course, at least. For now I'm declining any talks to renew my contract, though I will renew as the season finishes as sure as we'll stay here.

    And that may not happen, as she's spending 50K plus 200K over 18 months in Luis Norinho. Also she's bringing to Chaves a few youngsters who had no contracts to add to the three youth candidates she approved.

    In other notes, Fixe broke two records: goals and assists, mostly thanks to his pre December form. Gonçalo Gomes gets a small wage increase and a few bonuses are paid for guaranteeing survival in Segunda Liga quite late despite being so high in the table, to have the club at a negative balance of over six hundred thousand euros.

    Finally, the team stats show that Fixe and Sidibé are the key players up top, with Baldé the most important of the others. João Mario could have been there but injuries made him miss a good deal of matches.

  29. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend
    As Ackerman expected, the other three games than Belenenses weren't won. But Beira-Mar had an unexpected slip! Chaves is up to Liga Nos finishing second thanks to their head to head record against Beira-Mar with 85 points.

    Because of invisible scroll bar I didn't realize it returned up and the screenie I took doesn't show the two wins, 0-2 loss in the last match and the 3-3 draw against Belenenses

    In the way to the end of the season, Viktoria calmed the fans and board accepting a new contract. With the end of the season came the awards and prizes. Not enough yet to get a positive bank balance. Baldé got the most PoM award and Ms. Ackerman the manager of the year. The promotion was complimented with the U19 win of their league.

    Also, Fixe gets a bonus for reaching twenty goals, which is also the goalscoring record in league for him.

    Best fan player, season and ever best elevens are chosen. The only surprise I see is that of Gonçalo Gomes in the best ever XI.

    There's not been long enough to have a significative change regarding stats, but there they go.

    Next season I'll use a cleaner view, or so I think it will be.

    With the arrival of the commercial summary, with new deals of sponsorhips and TV, the finances have a little bump...

    ... that is enough to pay for Ackerman's coaching course to get the Continental B license! And to have a considerable raise in wage budgets, which covers much more than the wage raises triggered by promotion.

    Finally the preseason is set to last the maximum possible seven weeks, where Ms Ackerman will work on signings and tactics. It is thought she won't be using the same tactics used this season. Some fans are unhappy with her, though, as it's been spread the idea she's planning on signing some oriental player just for the shirts income.

    ((Also, I decided to load two new countries and unload two divisions and one country


  30. Wow, what a year for Chaves & Viktoria!

    Well done on promotion & M.O.Y. interested to see how Chaves cope with the step up next year.

  31. Quote Originally Posted by Lippo255 View Post
    Wow, what a year for Chaves & Viktoria!

    Well done on promotion & M.O.Y. interested to see how Chaves cope with the step up next year.
    Lippo are you flirting?

  32. Quote Originally Posted by xJamieWilliams View Post
    Lippo are you flirting?
    Jealous Jamie?

  33. Quote Originally Posted by Lippo255 View Post
    Jealous Jamie?
    You've been ignored, Lippo..
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  34. Quote Originally Posted by xJamieWilliams View Post
    You've been ignored, Lippo..
    Story of my life
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  35. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    Near the start of the transfer window, two news to mention happen: the link with Leixões ends because Chaves is a division above and the board presents Viktoria with the final choice of a parent club. Finally! She chose Genoa because it's the one paying more, double than the rest.

    For the first time, FFP will be a factor Viktoria will need to consider, though not really of importance, considering the financial position of her clubs have forced her to look out not to overspend. With the new season there are other good news: TV deals that will bring more money to Chaves, extended scouting range, new coaches and, with the first match of the season, a new record attendance and gate receipt. Little change to budgets as expectation is kept at try to avoid relegation and cup prize money is kept to the minimum.

    The odds say the expectations set to the board are realistic: Chaves can't hope for anything more than staying up if things go really well.

    The transfers made lead to decide upon making the Chaves pitch not as narrow and a tad less long.

    In transfers, the youngsters came first July as did Norinho, the only transfer with a fee and João Amorim, a fullback who's not too fast nor too great in the air but will provide good backup. Other than them, only three players have been added to the squad by Viktoria: Leonardo Mancuso, picked by his versatility and chosen to play in the wing opposite to Fixe, who will return to his natural right wing, and two loans from Genoa, using the new link: Youssef Maleh to have a back up for the left wing and Rolando Mandragora, a defensive midfielder to give an alternative to Luciani Teixeira.

    Near the end of the window, however, a player has been brought to attention: Mano, quality right back who could be the Baldé of the right, who Viktoria would sign without a second thought but with Amorim already in will most likely not be bought.

    The preseason has gone well, starting poorly but with little adjustments tot he 4-3-3/4-5-1 the performances improved, including a great win against Deportivo de La Coruña. Apparently confirmed with the season, started with a win and seeing Chaves twelfth with three points after two matches, with good positives from the defeat, which was less comfortable for Académica than it may seem. The stats of the players show also that the defence is well protected.

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  36. This story needs more updates! It's good!

  37. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    Thanks, I've thought a few times on increasing frequency of updates, but for laziness or being so close to the next important point I keep not doing it.

  38. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend
    I made new deals before the end of the season because they were needed and I had found something we needed. Paulo Ribeiro came to me asking to let him go to Paços Ferreira and when I asked my staff for similar players they showed me Jefferson, who is much better. So I offered Ribeiro to Paços and signed Jefferson. Then found young Pedro Eira to have the other centreback with good jumping reach. I wanted to be nice to Ribeiro as he's done better than I expected when I took over and despite playing him constantly being a backup player he shocked me being a jerk. As if I was really going to want him back. Idiot.

    Jefferson has proved to be a very good signing by Ms. Ackerman, becoming the first Chaves player to be in the Team of the Week in the top tier. Shortly after, Baldé and Eira did just that in the same week. Unfortunately, Baldé picked a long injury, five to six months, after the first week of October. Despite that, Chaves reach the first third of the league in thirteenth position, though just three points off relegation.

    It's a mixed feeling regarding this start. We've got three wins, two against teams around, one against a team above, drew against one of the bottom teams and then were very close in a couple of other matches. Against Académica we paid the bad start, otherwise we'd have won; against Guimarães things were looking good and two defensive errors cost us the match. Sporting defeated us 5-2, but we were there, 2-2, with a serious chance to go up, but then when they took theirs my team crumbled. The best and worst has been the last league match against Benfica, though. We scored early, then held them very nicely. Then some luck made their 2 vs 6 end in goal at the end of the first half and a unlucky rebound in the second gave them a win they didn't deserve no matter what they say. In the cups we lost badly, but then I don't mind them and I used them for match fitness and minutes for the young.

    Goals seem more shared among players than past year, with Fixe and Norinho seeming to be the ones who will come ahead and I hope they do. We are around middle in the goals scored ranking. There are players with good average rating, which is pleasing to see. Jéferson, Lima, Sagna, Baldé, Maleh and Fixe are rated above 7. Assists seem to come mainly from the left wing. Centrebacks seem protected well enough. A bit worrying to see Enrique trying dribbles. I would add Philippe if I didn't use him as a full back to cover an injury in a cup game. If Norinho could be more careful with the offside we may be a bit better, his pace has got a few goals, though not more than two come from pace.

    On other miscellaneous items and news, Ackerman increased her reputation and it's now national (71% from 57% past season). The board has increased the portion of transfer income to be kept as transfer budget. Ackerman applied for the USA U23 manager position and it was given.

    ((Since I found after looking how to scout with U23 NT staff for players U23 play only Oympics and that's still three years away, I'm considering whether or not it's worth staying. For: resigning may have consequences. Against: Kind of cheap way to learn English.))
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  39. Good read, smashed my way through it so didn't really keep up with all the details you are putting into it but busy and just trying to catch up with stories on here.

    What I did notice, however, was the fact you completely disregarded poor Lippo!!
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  40. Quote Originally Posted by CantGetEnoughOfJelavic View Post

    What I did notice, however, was the fact you completely disregarded poor Lippo!!
    Oh well, Viktoria gets added to the list of women who give me the cold shoulder

    That list is getting quite long now!

    In all seriousness though mate, great read. I'm with Jamie, more updates!!!

  41. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    Hahahahahaha! Sadly for Lippo, the FM15 algorithm says he's got no chance with Viktoria.
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  42. Damn it! Thought you had updated! hahaha

  43. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend
    Two matches against Penafiel, Chaves won the one that mattered to start a run of four unbeaten matches and get two thirds of the target points to stay up in a third of the season. Shortly after the board would offer Ms Ackerman a new contract, though she'd refuse to talk about it, and a few days later she was offered to change expectations and she did, increasing them to avoiding relegation. It is been said that she's regretting it. She's not said a word about it. Fact is, Chaves hasn't won a game since then, not even drawn it. There was one chance to get a draw but a wrong penalty call took it away. Viktoria was furious in the press conference for the first time. Another fact is they've had to play some of the harder matches, including the several times postponed Porto match.

    Fifth January a new bad news came on top of the results: Chidi, one of the key players, picked a two months injury, which means Chaves will be lacking two key players, since Baldé has been long out. Finances keep going down and it will have to be a big prize money in Liga NOS if she wants another coaching course. But not everything is bad news: Ackerman completed her course for a Continental B License and the board still keeps their faith in her. In a curiosity item of news , she reached for first time a hundred matches for a team, just in the last win.

    I said Chaves lost two key players: Baldé and Chidi; but Ackerman signed another quality leftback to take his place, though he needed to get match fitness. Also unhappy during all the season with her defence, she signed also jumping centreback Marcos Vinícius. For the future she added an U18 goalkeeper, Carlos Machado, who needs to improve in key areas but in some he's almost as good or better than Jéferson.

    Of the transfers done for this season, Simy has been a disappointment. He's done very little, maybe because of the lone striker system. Kayembe has had a slow start but he's looking promising. Vinícius has been a total disaster. Three matches, one penalty and one unmarked striker. The rest have been good, making good movements and some good decisions, even if one might ask for a little more accuracy in front of goal.

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  44. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    No recovery for Chaves. After the Braga, Benfica, third placed Marítimo and twice Porto, the defeat run was too long and the morale of the players would not recover. After a few key matches against other teams near the relegation area, after Chaves fell to last position, were also ended with defeats. Only one point taken since mid December.

    Seeing the team unable to get anything from so many matches has been painful; but the worst of all have been the robberies and gifts from the matches that were being played well and were set to be wins. Against Paços Ferreira we looked better, threatened quite well until the referee invented a penalty and then the players' morale went crumbling down and with their more defensive there was no hope for anything better. Against high of the table Académica things looked magnificent but a silly mistake in defense gave them victory. Then we went up against Guimarães only to see another invented penalty ruin morale and the team crumbled again. Against Estoril things were again going quite well until Vinícius decided staying between ball and his mark was too frightful and he switched sides. We were getting a huge result winning 1-0 against Sporting CP when they make a non threatening cross to my three centrebacks, the right wingback Sagna and meekly into Jéferson hands when Sagna decides to head the ball of Jéferson hands into goal. And finally against Olhanense we were 1-0 up when Jéferson decides to save a back pass and punch it into our own goal and again morale dropped down. With that and results in other matches, any chance of staying up is unrealistic.

    Team stats have gone down the drain. Not even the mood to comment on them. I was going to let go a number of players including Fixe and had renewed contract for others such as Chidi, Baldé and Alves. Look at the finances. No way to get a coaching course here in a long time.

    ((Originally I was going to make Ackerman so depressed with the end of season she went on holiday waiting for her contract to expire so they'd not ask her why he always resigns. Then I found two things: if you go on holiday you end accepting a new contract, at least when you're less than two months from expiring, and U23 teams aren't playable or not if it's not a big side. When the squad selection came I found 23 greyed out players I couldn't remove from the squad, but if I picked real players the greyed ones would disappear from the list but still be counted as selected so I would have to play with greyed out crap players with no chance of doing anything. So I reloaded before the holidays and just resigned from USA U23 as well. I know now not to take U23 jobs.

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  45. Sheesh, that fixture list did not make for good reading!

    Oh well, onwards & upwards hopefully

  46. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend
    Yeah, the worse thing it has not been the first time, past season promotion was almost ruined with a very poor end of the season as well. In part I found something that seemed to work at first and I got too complacent with it, hoping it would get results again once the tough fixtures passed. Then I changed to a 5-3-2 that had signs of having potential but it didn't get results, then back to the 4-5-1V and things improved, but again no results, with those robberies by refs or clown acts by my players. A pity, I was hoping to survive and stay at Chaves for a good while.

    Next team surely won't be top tier and not unlikely a mess as I think Chaves has been the least unbalanced squad I've seen at the moment of arrival.
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  47. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    A couple months and Viktoria found herself two clubs to pick. Both from Serbian second level that finished within two points of each other, sixth and seventh. Both with unbalanced squads: Mladost, sixth and expected to have finished third, with only one left back and two strikers. Sloboda with a lot of advanced central midfielders and central midfielders and only two centrebacks, both loanees. Viktoria chose the first one. She managed to get her wage up from the offered €800p/w up to a thousand. Right as she was appointed she was granted the funds for a coaching course toget the Continental A license. Then she yelled "suckers!" and left. Joking. According to the assistant report, only one good striker, no wingers of worth and two poor keepers, apart from the known one leftback, though in the reserves there were two decent. ((When I took the screenie for the reserves I had already moved them to first squad))

    Reserves. The injuries are < 1 month from return.

    First squad-

    Finances are healthy, though according to the news the profits came mainly from player sales. Even so, the transfer budget available is of a few hundred thousand euros and allowed wages are the expected, not two thousand per week.

    Training isn't great and there's no space in the board allowances for more coaches. At least there's a small bit of help for Viktoria in the player of the year vote by the fans.

    Also as expected, finding players that would improve on what there is or who are strong for the weak positions is a hard task. Those who may be willing to come to Mladost are asking more than can be offered. Viktoria decided to wait to the end of loans so she can look into what positions she can loan for. Things took on a dark appearance when Eze, the only striker that has quality, knocked on Viktoria's office asking to be allowed to leave to Goteborg and finally Viktoria accepted a St Pauli offer, which he took. From there came her first two deals, that sadly don't comply with the signing young players, something she intends to do in future deals. She signed on a free Maazou, a player that's solid physically and not poor mental or technicaly. And then she found out she could bring a known face: João Mario for a small fee from Chaves.

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  48. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    Preseason has been somewhat busy in the transfer market. Most of the deals following those of Maazou and João Mario have been loans, one with payment per month and that of Radunovic with a €625K future fee. One purchase. Not ideal was the signing of Degorcija as he's foreign, like Berili (already in the club), and with Maazou and João Mario already as foreigners, makes squad selection a little of a problem, as no more than two in the squad, including bench, are allowed at each match. Mladost also receives part of the profit by the sale of an old player from another club. The resulting squad appears to be one of the strongest in the league, meaning Mladost should be in the fight for the title, as aknowledged by the bet companies.

    The newcomers are a midfield creator, Marko Jovanovic. A midfielder more oriented to attack with some competence in defence as a backup in young but physically weak Marko Golubovic. The strong and fast-ish Ivo Degorcija to complete a solid centreback line. A backup striker, David Sinkovic, who's not as strong as it would be desired and his stamina is low. Bojan Tasic, another back up striker who can fight to be starting left inside forward. Finally, the more important of the lot is Boris Radunovic, a young goalkeeper with potential that improves upon what Mladost had.

    BATE Borisov, the Champions League team, came with a good bid for Milunovic, who's the best centreback we had. I couldn't reject the offer for then it was sure he'd be angry we'd be stopping his big chance to step to a better club and competitions. But there was something that could be done. I offered him a generous new deal and, luckily, his loyalty to the club plus the offer was good enough to keep him in the team!

    In other news, the financial status of the club is healthy, with profit expected at the end of the season. The preseason, that was centered about the development of a 4-5-1/4-3-3 and a 4-2-3-1 of DMs and wide midfield wingers. It was good, until the cup in which a heavily rotated team to finish bringing players to match fitness costed too much.

  49. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend
    As the league start approaches, with Viktoria's 200th game in management, South Korea's manager, Uli Stielike, offers the U23 job to Ms Ackerman, who accepts it.

    Things began well, but then turned into a frustrating season. Or a Dr. Jekyll (South Korea U23) and Mr. Hyde (Mladost). As it turns out, the sides not tipped for promotion have stronger players, so I underestimated them. After the initial victories, there came a string of defeats and a drop dangerously close to relegation places. The tactic seemed to lose the defensive solidity and up front the players lacked the accuracy to make the good chances pay. Having Pejic, a key player in the right back position, injured for the rest of the season was no help, something that happened just before the losing streak. And then they went to Viktoria's office to tell her they were unhappy and didn't trust her. Pejic trying to force a move away... but he's injured for long and when offered a mutual termination he refuses. At any rate, Ms. Ackerman promised tactical changes to turn things around and, ditching the defensice 4-2DM-2MLR-1AMC-1 for a 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 depending on player availability, she managed to turn things around and get the team back to top 3 and with that recovered the lost confidence.

    The Asian Games with South Korea U23 was the opposite. With a counter attacking 4-2-3-1, the team dominated every match, with comfortable wins in every phase and extending the winning streak. After the end of the competition, Ackerman left the position due to the lack of matches in several years.

    Bsck to Mladost, there was an obvious need to bring a replacement for Pejic, who ends his contract at the end of the season. It has to be a Serbian due to the match squad rules. The solution was Branislav Milosevic, from Rad. Not as fast as Pejic, average marking and not great in the air; but he does have decent defensive stats and mental attributes, plus solid crosses to help the offence. The finances, however, have suffered since the start of the season and is now projected to suffer losses at the end of the season.

    A look at the stats reveal some of the problems, mainly the centrebacks have never been properly shielded by the midfield and Milunovic has found himself too many times needing to dive into last ditch tackles. Passing completion is not very good, caused by Viktoria's attempts to comply with the promise to play direct football. Strikers and wingers are the leaders in goalscoring, but they don't score enough, having started to find the net again after the change to the 4-4-2. The lack shielding of centrebacks, with that change, is something that may need to be accepted in exchange of the new found accuracy in front of goal. Radunovic proved to be a solid signing, leading the clean sheet stat in the league.

    ((That bad spell has reminded me of the Huesca team in my FM13 career with Aurora Schmied. The tactic seemed to work, players in good defensive positions and achieving good attacking positions, yet letting the opposition get the goals and failing to score. It was more obvious in the Schmied save, as in here the tactic had clear issues in which, despite finding good attacking positions, it seemed harder to find them than it was with Huesca/Schmied. Perhaps a part of it could be blamed on not speaking the language, though there's other thing worth considering, as the rebel side of the team conversation had the players said they want Viktoria out of the team: I didn't look during Ackerman's first match, but during the pre match of Aurora's first with Huesca it was said the Huesca fans had received her poorly. Maybe it was the expression of the players discontent with being managed by a woman?))

  50. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    Winter transfer window has passed and so it's time for an update, even though little has happened in competition. Only one competitive match, a loss that gets Mladost off of promotion and then friendlies to get match fitness back after a two months break. The best thing of the matches is that with a few tweaks to the 4-5-1 we stood toe to toe with Sloga, a Jelen Superliga team.

    There has been some transfer activity. Barillon left the club for a few thousand, being a foreign with not good enough attributes. Bazanja swipped off Sasa Jovanovic for €115K, which was accepted due to; higher club reputation and not wanting to anger Jovanovic, Jovanovic not willing to negotiate a new contract and finances not being that good. Then Crvena Zvezda came for young Urosevic with a €450K offer, €150K upfront, which was accepted because, although Urosevic is a very hot prospect, he is unlikely to develop to his full potential at Mladost, plus the money far exceeds his current value. Degoricija asked to terminate his loand, which was accepted, as he was barely playing, being the third foregin player, and he's inconsistent. It was followed by the surprise loaning out of Maazou. In came Nikola Popovic as the replacement for Maazou and Niko Bungert in place of Degoricija, so Mladost has now two foreign players in João Mario and Niko Bungert. Also, Cicmil has agreed to sign for Radnicki at the end of the season, which Viktoria couldn't prevent.

    Why did I loan Maazou? It's always that same question. There was a better player for striker position in the most important abilities and it allowed me to avoid being limited to Serbians in bringing a good centreback. Without Maazou going out I wouldn't play Niko Bungert as much as we should or we would be paying Maazou or João Mario for not playing.

    As soon the team returned to promotion places, before the defeat, Pejic declared to wish to remain in Mladost. Golubovic was unhappy and promised first team football and was promised. A bit silly of him since he was out with a long injury and I was waiting for him to recover match fitness. Since he was about back I promised. Then the two months break and after a month he comes saying I didn't do it, how could I without matches? With a whole month in the middle where friendlies can't be held. I hope he won't complain again before the competition is resumed and I can give him competitive starts. To make things worse, the second time he wasn't received by Ackerman and that made the squad unhappy. Fortunately she could make them happy.

    Despite not really doing anything that would hurt finances by the numbers available and the Maazou deal that means Mladost will receive money every month after factoring the part of his wages they'll pay, finances keep getting worse and are now expected to be in the red at the end of the season. Someone is not doing his work right in the finances department. Already just after the Maazou deal that was to bring money monthly the finances projection went to worse. It even went to worse after a deal of other clubs for a former Mladost team means we'll be getting a good deal of money.

    In December Viktoria got the Continental A license. A bit late. She applied at the end of Chaves's Segunda Liga season or start of the Chaves's first time in Liga NOS and it was expected to be 12 months long, it's been like 18 months but I missed messages of delayed coaching qualifications. Did I miss it during the unemployed days? Was it delayed because the completion would have happened unemployed? I don't know and can't answer. And since the balance is still in the white, Viktoria asked and got the funds for the course to get the Pro Continental license.

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