[FM15] LEEDS UNITED: Rebuild The Young Guns

  1. [FM15] LEEDS UNITED: Rebuild The Young Guns

    Before it start, I want to apologize for my bad English, since it's not my daily language. And maybe I'm not good writer like everybody did. But i'm trying to give my best storyline for this thread

    Hello everyone. :cool:

    Actually this is my 2nd thread. The 1st one is in community sigames. But since few respons, i moved my story here and hoping lots of positive responds in here. I've been reading FM Career Updates for a long time. I always find it interesting how people telling they journey with their club in Football Manager games. The objective in my threads still the same like others. Not only to tell you all my story, but also recording my step by step in-game (transfer, staff transfer, fixtures, mentoring, development and so on) decision so I can remember what happen in my early path. So my thread maybe will very detail for some of you (or maybe not). And I'll be updates this thread in 1-2 times per week, so yes, my thread will be moving slowly.

    I'm playing using my white macbook (early 2009 edition). That's why even I want to start unemployed and adventuring across the world to start my career, it's not possible due my computer spec.

    So I decided start with one of my favorite clubs, Leeds United. And I really wish I can turn the club fortune's around to their glory time. It's already 10 years since their last performance in Premier League. And I'd really like to see the "Young Guns" hit Premier League again. I will use all in-game attribute and statistic rather than see the reality in real world, since I know some of players under-rated in the game. And i will no use winter transfer update and database from the first patch.

    Here's some of my objective I want in my career at Leeds United:
    1. Promotion to Premier League in maximum 3 (three) seasons
    2. Developing Youth System
    3. Getting Rich :lol:
    4. Be Top Club in England in maximum 10 (ten) years
    5. No moving from Leeds United

    I hope you enjoy my story as much as I do.

  2. Good luck with Leeds

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