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The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge

  1. The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge

    Ok so my last story failed as i did get sacked for losing the dressing i am going for another Challenge in the Sir alex ferguson here are the rules and things i will adhere too

    "I can't believe it. I can't believe it. Football. Bloody hell." - Sir Alex Ferguson, 1999

    The SAF Challenge

    Now the replication approach is often touted:
    Start at East Stirlingshire, win European cup with Aberdeen and go to United. However this has been done before and is following his path.
    What I thought of though is how when he got the job in 1986 at United they were 2nd bottom in the league. It took him 6 years to bag his first title with Man Utd.
    So, the challenge I propose is to holiday your game until November 6th. At that stage, whoever is currently 2nd bottom of the Premiership, you take over.
    You then have your team and can set on making them a great club side and starting your legacy.
    There isn't any real stipulations there on, however maybe to focus on bringing the club's youth through.
    Also he never bought more than 11 players in 1 season (03/04) and 8 of them were first team
    players so I will set a limit of only 8 transfers a season so you can't just revamp and buy 25 wonderkids! Also his biggest spending season equated to £62million so that is your upper limit, which if you get to, you are doing pretty darn good anyway!

    Challenge requirements

    Holiday until November 6th - Ferguson took over Man United on Novermber 6th 1986
    Take over the team 2nd bottom in the Premiership - United were 2nd bottom when Fergie took over
    Stay at this one club - Ferguson stayed at United until 2013
    Aim to bring youth players through - Ferguson often focused on bringing youth through, notably in 1995 with the likes of Giggs, Beckham, Neville, Scholes, Butt to name but a few, aka Fergie's Fledglings.
    Persuade long term players to become part of your backroom staff and/or

    - Scholes, Solskjaer, Bruce, Keane, Berg, Ince, Robson, Hughes, Strachan, Blanc, Robins etc


    Win a domestic cup within 4 seasons - Ferguson won his first cup vs Crystal Palace in 89/90
    Win a league title within 7 seasons - Ferguson won his first title in 92/93
    Win a league and cup double within 8 seasons - Ferguson wonhis first double with United in 93-94
    Win a league, cup and Champions League within 13 seasons- Ferguson won the infamous treble in 98/99

    So i will holiday till nov 6th and come back

  2. TouchyFM
    I'm doing this as well The Alex Ferguson (SAF) Challenge let's hope you get someone as good as Spurs!! Good luck

  3. Quote Originally Posted by TouchyFM View Post
    I'm doing this as well The Alex Ferguson (SAF) Challenge let's hope you get someone as good as Spurs!! Good luck
    I will take a look at ur story too

  4. The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-barclays-premier-league_-overview-profile-2.png

    So Nov 6th has come and I get Swansea city..rather happy with this as they are a good club

    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-inbox_-inbox-3.png

    I will do this monthly updates and will highlight any special talents i may get through the youth or ones i sign
    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-schedule_-senior-fixtures.png

    Well no win yet this season and already out of the Capitol one cup

    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-squad_-players-players.png

    We have a good Squad ...With Bony and sigurosson still at the club
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  5. November

    Swansea 2(Bony,Sigourson)
    Arsenal 1
    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-swansea-city-v-arsenal_-overview-overview.png
    A massive fluke i reckon...but a win to start it off is always great

    Hull 6
    Swansea 2(Amat,Gomis)

    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-hull-city-v-swansea-city_-overview-overview.png
    Ok so not what the doctor order and a massive thumping..suprised we actualy scored

    Burnley 1
    Swansea 0
    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-burnley-v-swansea-city_-overview-overview.png
    Well this result sent us bottom of the league..we need to get it together or we will struggle to survive..


    So a great win to start with..but then a dreadful performence against hull Fabianski just forgot he was a goalkeeper.the Burnley game was better but we just could not get anything past Heaton he was brilliant..

    20th in the prem is rubbish but i do believe we will climb out of the relegtion zone..

    December fixures

    Leicester city
    Crystal Palace
    Man Utd
    Aston Villa

    so i am targeting 9 points....i think i will lose to Man Utd and QPR(Bogey team) but should beat villa,Palace and Leicester

  6. December

    SO i changed my Assistant manager from Colet to Dutchman Jan Olde Riekerink
    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-jan-olde-riekerink_-overview-profile.png

    Swansea 3
    Leicester city 1
    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-swansea-city-v-leicester-city_-overview-overview.png

    Nice way to start the month very much deserved

    Crystal Palace 2
    Swansea 2
    Fernandez sent off
    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-crystal-palace-v-swansea-city_-overview-overview.png

    Not happy we should have won...when Gomis scored int the 88th minute i thought the game was done but noooo

    Swansea 1
    Man utd 4
    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-swansea-city-v-manchester-united_-overview-overview.png

    Ok so i fully expected to get tonked in this one but always nice to score.

    Aston Villa 1
    Swansea 0
    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-aston-villa-v-swansea-city_-overview-overview.png

    Frustrating to say the least we had more shots, more possesion but just could not break them down

    Swansea 2
    Sigoursson x2
    QPR 4
    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-swansea-city-v-queens-park-rangers_-overview-overview.png

    Disgraceful performence was an even game and just seemed QPR took their chances and we could not

    Newcastle 1
    Swansea 1

    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-newcastle-united-v-swansea-city_-overview-overview.png

    We played well and a point is what we both deserved and yet again Bony failed to score and Gomis did.

    Month review

    ok so 3 losses aint good but we did well against Newcastle and with Leicester and then unlucky getting robbed by good signs and things we need to work on... we got 5 of the 9 points i thought we would get so just need to kick on

    Objectives for jan
    ---Depending how much money i get ..bring in some players
    ---- Consider letting Bony leave(just not performing)
    ----Win at least 2 League games in Jan..


    Middlesbrough( FA Cup)
    West Ham

    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-barclays-premier-league_-overview-profile.png
    So back where we started..we did climb out after beating Leicester but back in drop zone after the 3 straight defeats..

  7. hopefully you can beat the drop... what are your board expectations for this season?

  8. Looks like a really challenging one so far

  9. Quote Originally Posted by deakz View Post
    hopefully you can beat the drop... what are your board expectations for this season?

    They want mid table..not sure we can do it..lost bony to african cup of will be harder

  10. Quote Originally Posted by elyybourgess View Post
    Looks like a really challenging one so far
    yeah especially as we are not playing well at all

  11. The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-schedule_-senior-fixtures-2.pngThe Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-barclays-premier-league_-overview-profile-3.png
    I do think we have played well in the games we have played some amazing results beating chelsea and drawing with arsenal and man city, but some bad results too losing to west brom and i believe we should have won. so 16th i am ok with at the moment..but i kno we can get to at least 14th maybe 13th with some good performences..

    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-squad_-players-players-2.png
    Ok so Bony has been horiffic and will likely be sold at the end of the season...Giylfi has been fantastic scoring 14 goals from CAM

  12. April/May update

    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-swansea-city-v-burnley_-overview-overview.png
    Swansea 2(Bony x2)
    Burnley 0

    Good win and Bony got a brace just after i slagged him off to the press for lack of goals

    Leicester 0
    Swansea 2 (Amat,Gomis)

    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-leicester-city-v-swansea-city_-overview-overview.png

    A very good win again and Gomis Getting a good goal...he has out performed Bony this year

    Swansea 1(Gylfi)
    vs Palace 1

    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-swansea-city-v-crystal-palace_-overview-overview.png

    So a frustrating draw as they scored very late on to dash our hopes

    Swansea 1(Montero)
    vs Man utd 3

    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-swansea-city-v-manchester-united_-overview-overview.png

    I never expected to win this so to keep it down to 3 goals is ok

    Swansea 2(Montero,Bony)
    Newcastle 0

    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-swansea-city-v-newcastle-united_-overview-overview.png

    Back to winning ways Newcastle were never in this game really and we really should have got more

    QPR 1
    Swansea 1(Bony)

    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-swansea-city-v-queens-park-rangers_-overview-overview.png
    I am happy with a draw as these are our bogey team

    Swansea 0
    Aston Villa 1

    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-swansea-city-v-aston-villa_-overview-overview.png
    Well i did play some fringe players for the final game of the year so did expect to with really

    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-barclays-premier-league_-overview-stages.png

    So 14th is a good finish .considering we started 19th..

    So Burnley Newcastle and Sunderland all go down...i am very suprised that newcastle went down to be fair..but hey ho guess there will be a tyne-wear derby in the championship

  13. August and Transfer Update
    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-transfers_-transfer-history.png

    Ok so with this i decided to dump most of my transfer budget into my wage as i saw Richards and Cleverley on a free so i wanted those players..i also brought in Jenkinson from Arsenal as back up to CB and RB

    Aston Villa 3
    vs Swansea 2(Gomis,Montero)
    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-aston-villa-v-swansea-city_-overview-overview-2.png
    We did play well but just could Gabby was just to quick as he always has been and punished us on the break

    Swansea 2(Bony x2)
    vs Arsenal 2

    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-swansea-city-v-arsenal_-overview-overview.png
    A very crediable draw against arsenal here and Bony got his 1st goals of the season

    Capitol one cup

    Swansea 3
    Bolton 1 AET

    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-swansea-city-v-bolton-wanderers_-overview-overview.png
    I did play a rotated side against Bolton..Baptiste having his debut at 16 on the Left wing

    Fulham 2
    Swansea 3(Taylor,Britton,Gylfi)

    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-fulham-v-swansea-city_-overview-overview.png
    We were very lucky to win this..fulham played very well but Gylfi scored yet again from his attacking midfield

    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-barclays-premier-league_-overview-profile-4.png

  14. September Update

    After a good start the season i was looking foward to maintaing our form...Bony was looking very sharp in the opening few games

    Results so far......

    Swansea 3 vs Hull 0

    Bony scored a Hatrick ..his finishing was brilliant and Hull just could not stop him

    Cardiff 1 vs Swansea(Nene,Dyer,Bony)

    Great away game here ....and to win an early welsh derby was brilliant...Slade slagged me off in the press so was great to shut him up...

    Swansea 0 vs Everton 2

    SO back down to earth everton were just too good and the boys could just not get going..

    Swansea 4(Bonyx2,Montero,Britton) vs Southampton 2

    Another great win here...i was so critical of Bony last year as he only got 8 goals in 28 games and this season he has scored 9 in only 8 games so far.

    we are flying high in the premier league this year and at the end of September we sat 5th in the league...

  15. Update

    Ok sorry guys i been busy with work so not updated this in a few days..i have still been playing the save and here is my progress so far..

    .The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-schedule_-senior-fixtures.png

    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge-barclays-premier-league_-overview-profile.png
    So 3rd in the League is brilliant we have played very well in most games as you can see from the schedule above.

    Top Goalscorer: Wilfred Bony -14
    Top Assists:- Gylfi sigoursson-13

    I did Bring Ashley Young from Man utd and Steven Naismith in jan to ice us a few more options on the wing and up top

    I will Play febs fixtures and then update again...

  16. How??

    How can apply at nov6th??? in fm 16

  17. Easy to do Lackow you create an umemployed manager then holiday to 5/6th Nov then add another manager managing the team in 19th place and retire the original unemployed manager.

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