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Italian Serie A Chairman Game - Story
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  1. Italian Serie A Chairman Game - Story

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    Italian Serie A Chairman Game - Story

    This thread is just for posting posts that is to do with the story. If it is to do with discussion or questions or anything head over here Italian Serie A Chairman Game, thanks

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    Legend Takes over Napoli
    Italian Serie A Chairman Game - Story-giuseppe-bruscolotti-.jpg
    The man himself
    Napoli S.S.C have today announced that club legend Giuseppe Bruscolotti has taken over. After buying out Aurelio di Laurentiis' company Filmauro, he is now the owner of Napoli. He had this to say in a rare interview:
    "Sì, beh io sono molto infelice con il cazzo - what's that, you want me to speak English for some inexplicable reason? Ok! I am very unhappy with the fecking previous ownership, I think that in fact they had no love for Napoli, the heartless bastards. For too long people have seen Napoli as a haven for Mafia and match-fixing, but no more I say! Today that changes! "
    When asked how he got the money, he had this to say: "Well I... play poker and stuff. And umm... yeah. I uhh... worked hard. I think. Is that right? Hmm, I'm not sure let me check...."

  3. Red Bull Take Over Juventus

    Red Bull have today announced that they have completed the takeover of Serie A giants Juventus FC. The response to this news has been mixed among the Juventus fans, some thinking that it will be a good move and will inject more money into the already dominant Italian team, while others think that it could just turn Juventus into a part of a heartless and soulless corporation. Only time will tell
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  5. A New Dawn Approaches...

    It's 3am in Genoa and hundreds, nay thousands, gather outside Stadio Luigi Ferraris. Men, women and children ponder outside the gates with intrigue, anticipation and even horror in their hearts. Rumours spread through the night of a scourge from Austria sweeping through their city. Austrians and Italitans have been enemies since medieval times and tension between the two has always been high. This news has upset and even angered people that this "plague" has been met with little resistance, and any attempt to stop it changing their lives forever seems futile...

    As people conversed a strong bellow is heard from beyond the gates. A tall, half-naked muscular figure riding a horse storms towards the gates before rearing the horse and in turn letting out a loud war cry. Fans shudder in fear before the half-man half-god entity they see before them. Men quiver, women scream in fear, but the children still run around as they don't really know what's going on.

    The hooded warrior stares at the crowd blankly, dismounts his horse and enters the Stadium whilst holding his new Sampdoria shirt and says just 3 words to the audience....I'll be back!

    Arnie takes over Sampdoria!!

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    Fish in charge at Atalanta!

    Atalanta were proud to announce today the arrival of a club favourite at the helm, Mr G Fish. Fish, a wealthy sofa tycoon from England has previously owned the club as his first venture into football, and raised them into an epic title battle with Roma, who were chaired by the new Fiorentina owner. More recently, Fish has been spotted as Liverpool owner, and was widely accepted as Gary Linekers backer at Leicester.

    Fish announced his arrival with a short, sweet "I'm back b*tches". Regaining his composure, he went on to state the following:

    " It went well for me last time here. I found some spare change down the back of the sofa, and decided I'd return to my spiritual home. I'm pleased to see some old favourites in Serie A, such as the Fiorentina chairman. I look forward to pounding his club into the dirt. Same goes for Roma, that rivalry still stands, whoever the owner. "

    Fish also stated that he would spare no expense in getting Atalanta to the pinnacle of football, suggesting he "may have to shift a few more sofas than normal."

    Fish has also declared that every player has a price, and that any enquiries should be very quick.

    Eccentric sofa salesman, or a shrewd businessman? Only time will tell, but boy are we looking forward to it!

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  7. Let the Del Piero Decade Begin:

    Genoa have today announced that Italy and Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero has taken over the club today.

    He attended a short press conference to announce his arrival.

    J="Hello Mr.Del Piero, How does it feel to take over a club such as Genoa?"

    DP="It is great I left my mark in Italy as a player and now it's time to leave a new mark this time as an owner"

    J="About your time as a player, you spent over 10 years at Juventus, why have you now taken over one of their rivals?"

    DP= "Well Genoa are a club with some good players and when oppurtunity arises you must take it, I can hopefully build some good foundations for the club and bring great sucsess."

    J= "How do you feel about the squad"

    DP= "Well we have a good amount of talent however alot of it is on loan which means next season we will be low on players, we will need to make some good signings. That'll be all for Today."

  8. Roma boss slips on icecubes and pulls out of the game

  9. Milan announce Maldini as owner

    Click image for larger version

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    AC Milan announce club legend Paolo Maldini as their new owner.

    As has been rumoured for a long time, former Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi has sold his stake in AC Milan to move to Thailand. I have decided to get into knitting and want to make pretty dresses mr. Berlusconi was quoted stating as the reason for his sale. As a consequence, a consortium of former players lead by none other than the legendary defender Paolo Maldini has taken charge of the famous Milanese club.

    Paolo had the following to say to Sky Italia in a short interview:

    Italian Serie A Chairman Game - Story-paolo_maldini_maldini_768227.jpg

    I am thrilled to be back at the club of my heart. A lot of us former players have been very disappointed with how the club has been run in later years and wish to get the club back on track. We will not hesitate to spend when it is needed, but we will definitely stop bringing in has-beens as our long-term solution.

    In a short statement, mr. Maldini also claimed to be disgusted at the lack of quality in defence in the current Milan squad, and mentioned that he himself might have to pick up his boots again. As a result of this, Paolo stated that the following Milan players were available for transfer:

    Michael Agazzi - £1M

    Philippe Mexès - £300K
    Cristian Zaccardo - £100K
    Daniele Bonera - £150K
    Alex - £2M
    Cristian Zapata - £5M

    Sulley Muntari - £2M
    Michael Essien - £500K
    Andrea Poli - £4.5M

    Giampaolo Pazzini - £2.5M

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    We would like to announce today that Fiorentina have been taken over by giant drink corporation: Monster. Italian representative of the group Medoro Padovano will be the new president of the club and is delighted to take charge of such a great club, he is currently unavailable to comment but is looking forward to reestablish a rivalry with Atalanta's Sofa Tycoon owner and Red Bull's Juventus, it is believed that Medoro has claimed that Red Bull are the cancer of football and deserve to be no where near a great club like Juventus. This is an exciting time for Fiorentina as they look to compete at the top, finally Monster have confirmed they will not be changing any of the club's history and will not be changing the club name, stadium name or the badge.
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by xJamieWilliams View Post
    Roma boss slips on icecubes and pulls out of the game
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    Roma Taken Over!

    I have this to say. We will prevail. YOU DARE PREDICT ME FOR RELEGATION! -looks at Naterr- At least, I hope that isn't a reality. And listen up! I'M NOT HAPPY. I THINK THAT I SHOULD BE BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU. I deserve to be relaxing, instead, I'm forced to battle fools like Juventus and Atalanta (They annoy me right off.) WHO ARE DIABOLICAL! I'm here, to win leagues, then I will leave! SEE YOU LATER.... Or not...

  13. Click image for larger version

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    Surprising news from Italy just keep on coming. With 9 announcements of clubs being already sold in Italy, it seems that the announcement of the tenth one isn't far away. The mysterious new owner of Sassuolu might be english.


    Hello! You all are probably thinking "who is this damn english person, who thinks he can buy our clubs?". Well I am James Bond. Yep, that's right. I'm from MI6. Recently retired, if a secret agent can retire. Anyways, I bought this club cause I see great potential for this club. Our aims aren't high. I only expect to finish mid table and bring in some profit after a few years. Thank you, thank you all!

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  14. In a stunningly hostile takeover of Best roman club ss lazio, Shiek Dirka Dirka made this statement.

    "Dirka dirka lazio Jihad. Dirka dirka, dirka dirka Mouhamid jihad. Dirka Lazio Dirka Roma Jihad Europa Dirka Tony Sanabria Dirka Jihad."
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  15. Arnie would like his fellow chairman to know that every player is available at a price as he looks to make a nice profit from Sampdoria!

    Also we have had interest in Joaquín Correa and we need a bid of about 20mil to convince me to sell!

  16. The Sheikh would like to inform everyone that his wingers are for sale. Antonio cadreva, sandic lulic, Balde keika, and felipe Anderson. Come one come all and get a good deal on top quality players. Antonio is the jewel of the group but the rest are great backups and developmental talent. get more then 1 of them and get a deal.

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    Two Join On Loan

    We are pleased to announce that Domenico Berardi (19) and Kingsley Coman (18) have both joined on loan from Juventus.

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Size:  5.5 KBDomenico Berardi has joined on a two year loan whilst Kingsley Coman will be here until the end of the season. Domenico Berardi has a recall option at the beginning of next season but Kingsley Coman has not got a recall clause attached to the player.
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    Fiorentina owner is delighted to have signed the two players and said it's a step in the right direction even if it is just for short term. He also claims he is still looking for other players and has agreed that there has been interest in Alberto Aquilani and Vargas.

  18. Italian Serie A Chairman Game - Story-image.jpg

    Transfers Available

    Juventus have today announced their transfer policy for the upcoming transfer window. Juventus have today given a statement saying that they are prepared to listen to offers for any players. However for the likes of Pirlo, Pogba and Tevez they will have to be extremely good offers.

    The he actual transfer listed players are as follows:
    Marco Storari and Rubinho, two very experienced goalkeepers going for very cheap (less than a million)

    Angelo Ogbonna for £4m. A centre back who will be a very good signing for mid to low table sides, and available for £5m (price is negotiable)

    No other players are transfer listed, however they will be available. For the right price of course.

  19. wonderkid360's Avatar wonderkid360
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    Transfer List
    Napoli have announced that the following players are available:
    • Giandomenico Mesto: Kind of shit, and on 17k a week, this right back is yours for the low low price of nothing!
    • Michu: The excellent false nine, who has joined us from Swansea sadly bulks out our squad too much. For just £4m, he could be yours!
    • David Lopez: This former Espanyol midfield, like Michu is a useless Spaniard signed by the previous owners for no reason! Available for just £3m
    • Ivan Strinic: This Croation is another player signed in a big summer spending spree of useless tat. Available for £2m.
    ​Today footballers, but tomorrow we will be doing a presentation on used cars!
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  20. Click image for larger version

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    Cagliari announce Gianluca Vialli as their new chairman. He takes over the reigns of the Sardinian club and hopes to turn their fortunes around. He had this to say in a recent press conference;

    "I'm a big admirer of Serie A as this is where I made my name as a player. Gianfranco (Zola) told me all about the history of this club that is so close to his heart. My days of being a manager are over and I want to step up to this side of the game. I will be speaking to Franco in the near future to see if he wants to be a part of the set-up of this fantastic club.'

    Click image for larger version

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  21. Milan confirm departure

    Click image for larger version

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    AC Milan's owner Paolo Maldini has confirmed the first piece of business of the summer.
    Central defender Alex has left the San Siro to join Fiorentina for an undisclosed fee. This has come as quite a surprise to most people as Alex had just joined on a free from PSG earlier this summer. However, the Brazilian cannot have done enough to impress defensive legend Paolo, who stated:

    Alex was so slow on a few of our summer practices, that he lost sprints to Mauro Tassotti, our assistant manager. Mauro looks in good shape however, and I might consider offering him a playing contract if he keeps up his good work! Anyways, best of luck to Alex, he is used to wearing some sort of purple anyways, Fiorentina will suit him.
    Click image for larger version

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    Alex, best suited for purple. And playing a bad guy in action movies.
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  22. Hellas Verona have become the latest Serie A club to announce a new Chairman, with 2006 World Cup winner Mauro Camoranesi returning to the club he spent two years with during his playing career.

    Camoranesi was part of arguably Verona's most talented squad; the squad however was surprisingly relegated in 2002, despite being filled with future stars including fellow World Cup winners Massimo Oddo and Alberto Gilardino, Adrian Mutu and Danish centre back Martin Laursen.

    Whether Camoranesi is here as just the public face of the new consortium owning Verona, or the man behind all the decisions for the consortium, similar to Daniel Levy at Tottenham, is unknown. What is known is that Camoranesi brings a lot to the club, a World Cup winner with a fantastic reputation within the sport, a player the Verona fans have always held a soft spot for and he had a great career within Serie A, where Verona are so desperate to remain.

    There is a reason why Verona are tipped by many critics to be relegated this season, and the average age of the squad may be the biggest. Luca Toni impressed one and all by scoring 20 goals last season in Serie A, but will he be able to repeat those feats? For Verona to survive, they may need to rely on more than a 37 year old striker, regardless of his undoubted qualities.

    Camoranesi's press conference is to come tomorrow, where he is expected to announce his expectations for the season, what his role within the club and consortium really is, and what players and staff changes may be on the agenda.

    Cameronesi and his famous ponytail starred during the 2006 Fifa World Cup. Can he emulate his playing success in the boardroom?

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  24. Quote Originally Posted by Alain Orsoni View Post
    I'm breaking my own rule of the story thread but want to say I really appreciate the effort you have put into that, it looks very professional and like the actual club has released that.
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    Same goes for Roma, that rivalry still stands, whoever the owner. "

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  26. Milan announce shock move

    Click image for larger version

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    Shock announcement as Inzaghi resigns as Milan manager.

    Today we saw the first clear sign of Paolo Maldini's views on the Milan future as it seems he will not let former friendships be more important than the club. His former teammate and fellow Champions League winner Filippo Inzaghi was seen at meetings inside the San Siro until late last night, and now a statement has been released that confirms that Inzaghi has handed in his resignation. The statement says:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Filippo_Inzaghi-1200.jpg
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    It is with a sad heart that today, the Rossoneri-family say goodbye to a dear friend, Super-Pippo himself. After talks over the club's future, mr. Inzaghi did not agree with the new owner's vision for the club's future, and thus elected to be released from his contract. Filippo was asked to stay on as a coach, but has elected to move on to search for a new employer.

    It has not been made clear who Inzaghi's successor will be, but Italian media speculate that Maldini may look to some more experienced faces as he aims to rebuild Milan as a European force. Former players such as Frank Rijkard, Parma manager Roberto Donadoni, and Marco van Basten are all among the bookies favourites to become the new Milan manager.

  27. Cagliari Signing

    Click image for larger version

Name:	transfer-window-michael-essien-done-deal_3073360.jpg
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    Cagliari chairman Gianluca Vialli is delighted to announce the loan signing of Michael Essien from AC Milan for the rest of the season.

    He said "I'm ecstatic to secure to services of Michael for the season. He's a former Real Madrid and Chelsea player so he's played at the top level. He may be in the twilight of his career but I still believe he can be important in the club achieving their goals this season! I would also like to say what a pleasure it was to do business with the Milan chairman!"

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  28. wonderkid360's Avatar wonderkid360
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    Villas Boas appointed as Napoli manager
    Italian Serie A Chairman Game - Story-photo_38166.jpg
    Andre Villas Boas has been announced as Napoli manager after Rafa Benitez was fired earlier in the day. His wage is rumored to be a pinch at 4.2k a week, with 2.9m in compensation to be paid. Villas Boas, who after failing in the Premier League with Chelsea moved to Russia and Zenit St Petersburg. When asked why the Portugeseman (?) was hired, owner Giuseppe Bruscolotti had this to say: "I couldn't resist his luscious locks: Benitez is old and fat, and I think a bit of youth and beautiful hair would server this club well."

  29. Attachment 815769

    Shock Move As Kanye Buys Roma!

    A very strange and weird moment in time has come when Kanye West has jumped into the Footballing world buying Roma! Below is a recent press conference with Kayne West on the matter of buying the club.

    Q: May I start by saying welcome to Italy and welcome to the footballing world Kayne! What made you want to buy Roma and was it a quick buy?
    K: Yeah, it was a quick buy. I had a buddy who contacted me saying If I fancied buying a soccer club and I thought why the f*ck not.
    Q: What do you think of the history of the club and where do you think you can take the club in the future?
    K: History? What history are you on about? We are the future of all soccer! We will go to the top and from what I've heard this club has got some good players but we will see. If we don't do well I will have to open a can of whoop ass on these motherf*ckers.
    Q: Is this for the long term Mr West or just something to keep you entertained for the time being?
    K: What you trying to say? I'm not interested in this? Man, I got so much money I thought why not. If I run out of money then I'll have to get Kim naked in a new magazine or even make a sex tape!
    Q: WOW! Steady on there. Do you know anything about this club to reassure the fans?
    K: Of course I do, the standard of the club and training staff is amazing which will lead us to win medals.
    Q: Do you have any players/managers in mind to help take this club forward?
    K: Nope, not a clue! I will try and google some people later and see where I end up.
    Q: Ok... Last question for today, Do you have any rival chairman as of yet due to your past history for kicking off at the smallest things?
    K: Nah not yet, I've calmed down a lot since being with Kim and having North but will see what happens. If the wrong person doesn't respect me we will have trouble.

  30. Click image for larger version

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ID:	815778

    Ledley King purchases Inter Milan!!

    Sky Sports: "We stand beside the new chairman of Inter Milan! So Mr King, why purchase a Serie A team?"

    King: "Well Jim, Serie A is a fantastic league with a lot of famous teams that helped shape world football, Inter Milan being the most influential of all Serie A teams! Why wouldn't I want to own a part of history?" I also have experience with owning Tottenham, which will stand me in good stead when it comes to running this great club."

    Sky Sports: Are you looking to take advantage of owning 2 different teams?"

    King: "No not at all. I think both teams can shape their own history without help from one an other. So I will be keeping both teams as separate entities."

    Sky Sports: Are you looking to change the way in which the club is run whether that be with a new manager or with a change of players?"

    King: "Once again, not at all. Mancini is a fantastic manager who has done wonders for this club in the past and I would be a fool if I were to change that."

    "I am looking to keep the current spine of the team together, although I have one major change in the pipeline which I will be announcing shortly, once all the paperwork has been completed!"

    "I'm sorry but I must dash, I have a few meetings today which I cannot be late for! The fans should know though that I will do my utmost best to make this club a force in world football again!"

    Sky Sports: "Thanks for your time, Mr King. There you have it folks, the new chairman of Inter Milan...Ledley King!!"

  31. Mauro Camoranesi held his first press conference this morning, with the transfer deadline just ten hours away. Camoranesi was in composed mood, but his calm exterior could be hiding his true feelings, with his Verona side lacking quality.

    Here are some of the key statements made by the World Cup winning Chairman during his conference:

    On his return to football as Chairman of Verona: “I retired from the playing side of the game recently after a number of seasons in Argentina, the country of my birth. Italy holds such a place in my heart, that the opportunity to return to this country was too good to resist. Being a Chairman allows me to be involved in the sport I love, with a club that began my love affair with Italy.”

    On his involvement with the consortium owning Verona: “I am their choice of Chairman, it is simple. I am here to run the club on their behalf – yes I am accountable to them at the end of it all, but day to day decisions will run solely through me. I do not need to ask them about every decision I make. Like any job, it will be reviewed at stages, but they trust me to do the job and to do the job well.

    Thoughts on the playing squad: “There is a lot of talent here, the side has been great over the last two seasons. The challenge is to establish ourselves in the division. We have a number of players performing at their peak or even past their peak powers, with the remaining hours of the window I will be hoping to add some youth and enthusiasm to the squad so it has a more balanced feel.”

    How it compares to the Verona side of 2002 Mauro played in: “On paper, there is not the same quality. Reality wise, my team got relegated. We had a lot of guys who went on to be successful at bigger clubs, but they were not successful for Verona in 2002. If Verona kept the side together we had in 2002, then it would have become a great side – but we didn't perform that year, we were relegated and we all seeked a move to a higher level, and Verona fell by the wayside. That always disappointed me, and I was delighted when they returned to the top flight, where I feel they belong.”

    Transfers and staff changes on the horizon with deadline looming: “We have already released Fernandinho (returns to Gremio) and Mattia Valoti (returns to AlbinoLeffe) from their loans. This frees up a substantial amount in the wage budget. I am looking to run a tight ship, I have looked at a number of players on the transfer list, and there are some great deals available from clubs higher up the ladder, such as Milan and Napoli, but the wages are an issue and I have not become desperate enough yet to offer for those players. If I can't get the players I need on lower wages, I will have to bid for established talent from these clubs and pay the premium that is their wages. As for staff changes, there is no change. Mandorlini is my coach, he has done a fantastic job at this club and I hope he is here for many more years to come.

    With the deadline arriving, are any of your players available: “Everybody has a price. Except for Luca Toni. Toni can not be bought.”
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  32. Italian Serie A Chairman Game - Story-roma-fc.jpg

    Ashley Cole out!?

    Cashley Cole, Errr I mean Ashley Cole. Could be leaving Roma ASAP according to close sources of Kanye West. Reports of rumours that Mr Cole has tried it in with Kim Kardashian just hours after Kanye had taken over of the Italian club. Kayne was rumoured to have wrecked the players dressing room in anger to try and find Ashley but had no luck so far, he shouted and screamed he would pay for what he has done and he WILL be leaving every soon.

    We will keep you updated on all other reports.
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  33. Sampdora being busy in the market!

    Arnie has not long been in charge of the Serie A team but has been heavily involved with the ins and outs at the club.

    Angeloa Ogbonna has joined from Juventus for a fee believed to be a round 4m

    a big swap deal happened with Napoli

    Samuel Eto'o left to join Napoli and in return Sampdoria received Jonathan De Guzman, Michu + 4m

    Arnie would also like everyone to know that Corerrea and Obiang are available but would command a large fee

  34. wonderkid360's Avatar wonderkid360
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    Napoli Announce Signings
    Italian Serie A Chairman Game - Story-logo_napoli_by_johnjoker7-d4yds1m.png
    Name:  dv1954771-199x300.jpg
Views: 473
Size:  17.4 KBName:  jonathan-de-guzman-119564_21.jpg
Views: 532
Size:  65.3 KBName:  michu-ssc-napoli-v-paok-limu7iygdfjl.jpg
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Size:  58.4 KB
    Napoli chairman Giuseppe Bruscolotti (Or as he insists on being called, Gus 'I'll plumb your mum' Bruce) has announced a few high profile signings on the club's official website. Samuel Eto'o joins the club from Sampdoria, in exchange for
    Michu and Jonathan de Guzman, as well as £4m. Gus believes this deal gets rid of 'two enormous wage whores' in exchange for a proven striker.
    Name:  mqdefault.jpg
Views: 433
Size:  11.0 KBItalian Serie A Chairman Game - Story-b2ehiguain-1.jpg
    Inter striker Mauro Icardi also joins, with Gonzalo Higuain and £10m going the other way. Gus had this to say: "I think that this is the deal that will decide our season. Icardi is one of the biggest prospects in football, and is already amazing. I hope he can live up to expectations. If not... he's getting the axe [Makes motion of decapitation with hands]"
    Name:  Eder-Alvarez-Balanta-219x300.png
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Size:  113.5 KBName:  250x250_30120937rulli.jpg
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Size:  26.8 KB
    Two other excellent prospects also join, in the form of Jeronimo Rulli and Eder Alvarez Balanta
    have also joined the club. With the team lacking a clear goalkeeper, Gus clearly feels that Rulli will fill that void, while Balanta should make up for a lack of defensive depth. Both are believed to have joined for £4.6m.

    Italian Serie A Chairman Game - Story-foto-6-roma.jpg

    Kanye West has tonight announced and confirmed the signing of new left back, Alex Sandro. FC Porto and Brazilian footballer has decided to join Roma for a pricey £8.4m and we have some comments from both the chairman and player.

    Q: With Alex joining your squad does that mean Ashley Cole is going?
    K: Yes of course it does, I told you that last time out didn't I! Alex is a star defender and will go straight into the team with no problem.
    Q: Alex, are you glad to be joining Roma or didn't you have much of a choice?
    A: A Bit of both, I was a starter in the Porto setup and I really enjoyed myself out in Portugal but I guess I needed to join a bigger team which Roma is. I hope I can make a real difference and help the squad to do well this season as we have a great bunch of players here. I'm also looking to playing along side Iturbe as I think he is one to keep an eye on this year and the years to come.

    You heard it here folks, Alex Sandro joins Roma but is he really happy? Who knows...

  36. Milan making big changes!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	c767f18189ae5ead7879821b3d2be5a8_large.jpeg
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Size:	1.30 MB
ID:	816852

    New Milan manager announced.
    After days of speculation, A.C. Milan chairman Paolo Maldini has announced the new manager to take the club forward. Despite rumours claiming Maldini would go for a former player, he has opted for a renown face to take control of the team.
    The man that will lead Milan this season is none other than former Russia, Turkey, South Korea, Holland, Real Madrid and Chelsea manager, Guus Hiddink.

    Italian Serie A Chairman Game - Story-guus-hiddink_1351576c.jpg
    Guus' last employment was a two year job at Anzhi, where he left suddenly in 2013. Paolo Maldini declared that he had full faith in Guus to lead the club to victory: We have found the man that can get Milan back where they belong. Guus has the passion, tactical knowledge and motivational ability to create another legendary Milan team.

  37. Shiek Dirka Dirka Has come forward to show the Best rome club faithful The loot collected from the and I quote "Dirka Dirka Muhamid jihad Tony sanabria Dirka Dirka"

    Motivated by Sabermetrics and the Moneyball theory Shiek Dirka dirka has in his devise wisdom to form a new roman empire

    Tony Sanabria a promising future striker has been stolen from Pretender Roman club with a future fee to be paid next year.

    Guillermo Burdisso The best backup CB in the world was purchased for a middling fee from a South american club.

    and Finally a backup midfielder has been acquired for a small fee from Hanover.

    Even with these few purchases the bank has not only kept even but has expanded quite a bit. Expect some splashes in the winter transfer window and Shiek dirka Dirka steadies the team with reinforcements for a bid to European qualification bid.

  38. Former 3x WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee takeover of Sassuolo Complete.

    -AJ Lee makes a surprising move-

    In a shocking move, 3 time WWE Divas Champion and recently retired, AJ Lee has taken over Italian club, Sassuolo. The 28 year old from New Jersey, USA, made headlines as she shocked the world as she surprisingly retired from action inside a squared circle, which sparked much rumours. Well this perhaps answers them. AJ is set to be backed helped by husband Phil Brooks, also known as CM Punk to support the financial side of the club. Mrs Lee said, "It is my honor to say thanks to the fans who have already shown much support and have shared the kind words. I am not here to 'get attention' or anything like that. I'm here to prove women deserve roles in Football. Let's give women some respect. But back to the club, I am delighted. The club has potential and I'm excited to go and interact with all the staff and players. I'd love to create a legacy."

  39. Italian Serie A Chairman Game - Story-verona-badge.jpg

    Five arrive on Deadline Day

    Hellas Verona are delighted to announce the arrival of five new players after a hectic transfer deadline day.

    New chairman and former Verona player Mauro Camoranesi promised to add youth to the squad in his press conference and he has delivered in a big way, with all five of the signings aged 21 or under.

    Only one of the arrivals cost the club more than £1 million, but it can still be considered a bargain purchase; with versatile winger Jean-Paul Boëtius arriving from Feyenoord in exchange for £1.8 million. Boëtius, 20, made his big breakthrough last season with Feyenoord, scoring 10
    goals in 29 Eredivisie appearances. His performances earned him a call up to the Netherlands National Team, where he debuted under Louis Van Gaal in a friendly against France. He was part of their preliminary squad for the World Cup, but did not make the final 23.

    Boëtius has been convinced to move to Italy after discussions with his cousin, Urby Emanuelson, who first arrived in Italy in 2011 following a long spell with Ajax.

    Italian Serie A Chairman Game - Story-jpb.jpg

    It seems the Eredivisie has been targeted as a league from which great talent can be signed, as all three of the “Foreign Club signings” allowed by the League’s regulatory body have arrived from this league. The second signing is 20 year old defensive midfielder Yassin Ayoub, from FC Utrecht. Ayoub arrives for a fee of £900,000 and has represented Netherlands at under-17, 18 and 19 level. Ayoub made his breakthrough last season with FC Utrecht, making 26 appearances and scoring 3 times. He is a player with a bright future and has the qualities to add something to the first team from the get-go.

    Italian Serie A Chairman Game - Story-ayoub.jpg

    The final signing from the Eredivisie is 19 year old Cedric Badjeck, who arrives from Excelsior. Badjeck is a raw player possessing both pace and decent technical ability; importantly as a striker he is a player that is comfortable both with the ball at his feet and in the air. Badjeck is eligible for the national teams of both Cameroon and the Netherlands, and it will be interesting to see if he develops well enough to have an International career. Verona fans won’t expect to see too much of Badjeck this season, with the likes of Toni, Saviola and Nicolas Lopez ahead of him in the pecking order, but it is certainly another commitment to the future by Camoranesi.

    Name:  Badjeck.jpg
Views: 449
Size:  5.6 KB

    Ensuring that Domestic talent has not been ignored, Camoranesi has also bought in two players from the Italian Serie B. Italian under-21 right back Stefano Sabelli arrives from A.S. Bari for £800,000. Sabelli has represented Italy at every level from under-18 to 21 and arrives after appearing in 37 of Bari’s Serie B games last season. Sabelli came through the academy of A.S. Roma and has the ability to prove to Roma they made a mistake in letting him go and that he belongs in Serie A. Sabelli is the oldest of the club’s signing at 21.

    Italian Serie A Chairman Game - Story-sabelli.jpg

    The final signing comes from Avellino, with 20 year old central defender Rodrigo Ely joining for £600,000. Brazilian-born Ely came to Italy as a young teenager to join A.C. Milan from Grêmio, and has gone on to represent Italy at under-19 and 20 level. With two seasons of first team experience at Reggina and Varese (loan spells) under his belt, Milan decided to release Ely; seemingly because of the belief he would not become good enough to represent the club. Verona have seen something in him though, and have snapped him up for a big fee considering he had only just joined Avellino, who decided to make a quick profit on the youngster and cash in now.

    Name:  Ely.jpg
Views: 446
Size:  6.6 KB

    All this has been achieved whilst reducing the wage budget, after releasing two players from their loans and selling the remaining 50% share held for Jorginho to Napoli. Camoranesi promised to add youth and to run a financially tight ship. With the first transfer window over, it appears Camoranesi is a man of his word.
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  40. wonderkid360's Avatar wonderkid360
    Modern Day Legend
    More deals confirmed at the San Paolo
    Italian Serie A Chairman Game - Story-logo_napoli_by_johnjoker7-d4yds1m.png
    Italian Serie A Chairman Game - Story-jorge-luiz-frello-jorginho-1vc4bz53uxlm.jpgName:  Hacim_Mastour-320x180.jpeg
Views: 329
Size:  25.1 KB

    complicated exchange deal has been confirmed as Napoli's last signing 'Other then a young french left back'. The club have announced the purchase of the co-owned player Jorginho. He has then immediately been swapped with Hachim Mastour of AC Milan, in what may be seen as a strange move, swapping a proven central midfielder for an unproven 16 year old. Gus, however seems confident saying "Jorginho was unlikely to play, and we have way too many central midfielders. Mastour will be one of the best in the world in 5,6 years."
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  41. Milan in major upheaval!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	c767f18189ae5ead7879821b3d2be5a8_large.jpeg
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Size:	1.30 MB
ID:	817392

    Business time at the San Siro
    In a press conference called at the San Siro today, new owner Paolo Maldini announced major changes in the first team squad. The following players were announced to be leaving the Rossoneri:

    Name:  Andrea-Poli.jpg
Views: 378
Size:  26.6 KB Name:  Daniele-Bonera.jpg
Views: 420
Size:  24.3 KB Name:  I0000Kml0mrHEQo0.jpg
Views: 333
Size:  36.9 KB Name:  Hachim-Mastour.jpg
Views: 1169
Size:  23.2 KB Name:  Michael-Essien.jpg
Views: 350
Size:  9.9 KB Name:  Pablo-Armero.jpg
Views: 424
Size:  27.2 KB

    Andrea Poli - Atalanta: Central Midfielder Poli joins Atalanta in a permanent deal, thought to be around £4M. Poli was deemed unlikely to get much playing time this season but will surely be a great player for Atalanta.

    Daniele Bonera - Atalanta: Right back Bonera was also sold to Atalanta in a permanent deal. Bonera's contract was about to expire, and he was not deemed good enough for the first team squad.

    Philippe Mexes - Atalanta: In, incredibly, the third deal involving Atalanta, central defender Mexes has joined them on loan for the remainder of the season. Maldini was stated to be delighted with removing Mexes from the wage bill.

    Hachim Mastour - Napoli: The most shocking move of the day was when Maldini announced that Milan have let their most promising youngster go to a rival like Napoli. A flurry of questions as to what the circumstances around the transfer lead to Maldini having to shed light on what had caused this deal to be felt needed:
    Ever since an incident earlier in the summer involving Hachim, two other youth players, and a bacon sandwich, Hachim had become completely reluctant to train with the squad. In meetings with me, all he would say was "Dirka Dirka Lazio Jihad, Dirka Dirka Bacon Jihad". We contacted Lazio owner about this, but his only answer was "Dirka Dirka Contract release jihad. So when Napoli declared an interest, we saw no other choice than to accept the trade. I would strongly suggest to the Napoli owner that he keeps an eye on the movement of the young boy, as the influence of the Lazio owner may cause major problems in the future.

    Michael Essien - Cagliari: Essien joins Cagliari on loan for the rest of the season. Maldini stated that he would probably struggle to get into the first team, and that this was a deal that benefitted both parts.

    Pablo Armero - Udinese: Maldini has also elected to terminate the loan deal of Armero, sending him back to Udinese. Media speculate that this means Milan will be in the market for a left back.

    Maldini ended the press conference stating that they will hold a new press conference later today to announce several new signings.
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  42. wonderkid360's Avatar wonderkid360
    Modern Day Legend
    Gus slams Dirka dirking
    Italian Serie A Chairman Game - Story-logo_napoli_by_johnjoker7-d4yds1m.png
    Gus Bruce, Napoli chairman has called Sheikh Dirka Dirka's 'dirking' in his affairs 'unacceptable.' After the distribution of an alleged bomb inside a Bacon sandwich, for the fourth time in 3 months Bruce slammed Dirka for his alleged involvement. He said that his Cult of The Dirka was 'dangerous' and posed a huge threat to 'Bacon lovers everywhere.' More on this story later....
    [Translation to Dirka: Gus dirk dirk dirk dirka dirka dirking, unacceptable dirk, bomb jihad bacon dirk dirk dangerous bacon dirk.]
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  43. Name:  cillessen.png
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Size:  999.1 KB
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  44. Name:  novo.png
Views: 301
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  45. Name:  kenedynathan.png
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  46. Italian Serie A Chairman Game - Story-roma-logo-2013.jpg

    Roma Struggle For Goals!

    Roma have had a terrible start to the new life with new chairman Kanye West. With 5 games in the Serie A, Roma are sitting 11th with only 5 points! A unlucky position for the team and which they would hope to start improving as soon as possible. The club has only scored 5 goals in 5 games which manager and chairman both aren't happy about.

    Roma(Balde Keita 18,89 Gervinho 52) vs Verona
    First game was against Verona with a great 3-0 win with Balde Keita pulling out a MOM performance with 1 assist and 2 goals to his name on his debut. Both new signings Thiago Motta and Alex Sandro seemed to have awful games on their debuts which annoyed Kanye due to his time and effort bringing both players to Italy.

    Roma have been drawn a fairly even group in the Champion's Cup with the likes of Chelsea, Schalke and CSKA Moscow. Kanye believes his team can qualify through the group stages but will have to play well against all teams including Chelsea to require the points needed.

    Schalke vs Roma
    Roma had lacked class and style during this 0-0 draw in their first game again german side Schalke. The game was a game to forget for the fans as they couldn't turn possession into something good with only taking 3 shots the whole game compared to the 13 shots Schalke had. Roma had 0 shots on target to add to the misery! Fans alike soon started to talk about the lacking strike force captain Totti and Doumbia hold.

    Inter vs Roma
    This was another bore 0-0 draw but this time in the league against a very strong Inter side. Roma got 6 shots off this time and finally got 3 shots on target but Inter still looked the better side throughout the game and Roma fans we're happy to walk away with a point. Doumbia started up top again and will want to put another bad game behind him with misses 2 clear cut chances to add to his poor start at the club.

    Roma vs Juventus(Tevez 39 Llorente 46)
    Juventus strike force put away the chances they had on the night walking away with all 3 points when Roma fell defeat in a 0-2 loss in Rome. Alex Sandro had another howler of a game which seems to seems to have become a bit of a habit since joining Roma. The game was riddled with fouls with Roma notching up an amazing 25 fouls! With 2 shots on target again and another 2 clear cut chances missed, Kanye started to get furious with the strikers and says he will be looking to improve in the winter transfer window.

    Udinese(Geijo 26 Di Natale 41) vsRoma(Keita pen 23, 70)
    In a very even game again Udinese the score was split both ways with a 2-2 draw. Alex Sandro put in yet another woeful performance for his new side with a 6.3 rating but it was the attackers who took the glory with Balde Keita getting another brace and taking the MOM title to add to the mantle piece. Doumbia must of heard Kanye's comments last match as he stepped up his game against Udinese pulling in a 7.4 rating and bringing in an assist but still no goals!

    All in all was a terrible start to the season with the new signings not pulling the weight that they should be and the strike force not putting away chances which would change the game. With the likes of Gervinho which was just broken his leg gives the chance to highly rated Iturbe to step up and take control and help improve the clubs league position. Castan and Spolli are injured which set Roma back in the central defence department but on the bright side, Strootman will be returning to fitness the next week and hoping to hit the ground running again.

    Kanye and Garcia are hoping to change it around next month and hoping to get 10 points out of a possible 15 and hoping at least 3 points against Chelsea and CSKA Moscow.

  47. Milan finalize squad for the season!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	c767f18189ae5ead7879821b3d2be5a8_large.jpeg
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Size:	1.30 MB
ID:	818148

    Milan complete six signings to finalize this seasons squad.

    In a press conference today, A.C. Milan revealed six new signings to take the team forward. All signings are young players who are yet to reach their full potential. This is a marked change in the transfer policy of a team that has been known to sign established players in former years.

    The signed players are:
    Name:  Jose-Gaya.jpg
Views: 391
Size:  17.3 KB Name:  Andre-Gomes.jpg
Views: 327
Size:  26.9 KB Name:  Jorginho.jpg
Views: 268
Size:  39.7 KB Name:  2014_2015_36671_501913.jpg
Views: 283
Size:  28.5 KB Name:  Sergio Diaz.jpg
Views: 317
Size:  37.9 KB Name:  Arianit Ferati.jpg
Views: 260
Size:  13.0 KB

    José Gayà, Left Back - Valencia: Gaya has been dubbed the next Jordi Alba, and with good reason. He is quick, technical and has a great left foot. At only 19 he has time to improve, and will make the left back his own, even as early as this season.

    André Gomes, Central Midfield - Valencia: Another import from Valencia is young talented playmaker André Gomes. Gomes made his breakthrough for Benfica and a big move was always on the cards for him. He is only 20, but has already been capped for Portugal and has a bright future ahead of him.

    Jorginho, Central Midfield - Napoli: Forming a young creative duo with Gomes will be Brazilian Jorginho. He joins from Napoli in a trade with radicalized young bacon-terror Hachim Mastour. A complete midfielder with good stamina, tackling and passing, Jorginho will be a balancing player in the middle.

    Vincent Aboubakar, Striker - FC Porto:
    Aboubakar has been signed as the striker of the future for Milan. He is very athletic, and has also got great finishing ability. Porto fans must be shaking their heads at allowing this gem of a player be sold for what can only be described as a silly sum.

    Sergio Dìaz, Striker - Cerro Porteño: At only 16 years of age, the young Paraguayan Diaz is one to watch for the future. He has already got a big star in the local league in Paraguay, and will be keen to show what he is capable of in the years to come, under the leadership of the coaches of the Milan Academy.

    Arianit Ferati, Attacking Midfield - Stuttgart:
    Another 16 year old talent joins us from the talent factory that is Stuttgart. Ferati is an exceptionally gifted player technically that will surely play his part in making sure the Milan faithful do not miss Hachim Mastour too much. He is a left footed attacking midfielder that can play in the middle as well as on the flanks. He is already a regular for the Germany u18's and has been dubbed very similar to Juan Mata in style of play.

    Name:  ignazio-abate.jpg
Views: 337
Size:  24.4 KB

    Milan announce the departure of Ignazio Abate.
    Milan also used the press conference to announce the sale of Ignazio Abate to PSG for a sum thought to be around £2.5M, with a possibility to rise to £4.5M due to a number of clauses. Abate was in the last year of his contract, and had stated that he had no intention of re-signing, so Paolo Maldini admitted he felt forced to sell Abate before the transfer window shut. Sceptics now claim that Milan look very light at right back should Matteo Di Sciglio pick up an injury, with only Christian Zaccardo as a possible replacement.

  48. wonderkid360's Avatar wonderkid360
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    Italian Serie A Chairman Game - Story-logo_napoli_by_johnjoker7-d4yds1m.png
    Napoli September update
    Dnipro 2 - Napoli 1
    Gama, Konoplankya - Gabbiadini
    A bad start. A 2-1 loss to the likes of Dnipro, even in the Champions League should've been an awakening to the players. Unfortunately, it wasn't.
    Napoli 2 - Dnipro 1
    Zuniga, Callejon - Gama
    (6-5p to them
    We just scraped this one on penalties. Relying on a goal from Camilo Zuniga just to get this far, we lost 6 - 5 on pens.
    Napoli 1 - Milan 1
    Callejon - Aboukabar
    Jose Callejon's early goal helped us get a draw here, in a match dominated by Milan. Our strikers were awful (no Icardi???) and it was transfer target Aboukabar who punished us. I've noticed a theme beginning to develop - scoring early, and then conceding late.
    Torino 2 - Napoli 1
    Glik, Molinaro - Eto'o
    Torino were far the better side. We only had 3 shots on target - they had 7 (with 1 more shot overall then us). It's good to see Eto'o getting off the mark... and then he got an injury putting him out for 3 months.
    Napoli 1 - Wolfsburg 2
    Gabbiadini - Bendtner x2
    Lord Bendtner put us to the sword here. In a home match as well, we really should be expected to win.
    Napoli 3 - Sassuolo 1
    Hamsik, Gabbiadini, Zapata - Maganelli
    Our first win of the season, thanks to a trio of late goals. We had all the possession, and eventually it seems decided to do something useful with it.
    Parma 2 - Napoli 1
    Mendes, Ghezzal - Callejon
    The latest in a string of 2-1 defeats. We dominated the possession, but unlike in the Sassuolo game failed to do anything with it - with only 2 shots on target.

    Napoli 2 - Fiorentina 1
    Digne, Icardi - Gilardino
    Our home form has been far better then our away form, with us not losing in the league at home. A good win, if against a struggling side, and Icardi got off the mark. The most worrying thing here is the goalscorers - Icardi has failed to start a game, and Digne... if we're relying on a left back for goals, things might get bad.

    Extremely poor. We dropped points all over the place, lost to teams we have to be winning against. However, most concerning was the fact Villas-Boas seems to be insane. He has started literally everyone other then Icardi - who finally got a goal - for no apparent reason. No matter their form, it seems as though everyone starts over Icardi... who is our best striker. Not only that, he seems to be playing Dries Mertens over Lorenzo Insigne. Mertens has done nothing at all to justify this so far. He will be facing the sack if we can't improve. He also sold Raul Albiol. Our best defender. To Tottenham. For 7 million. Shitttttttt.
    Player of the Month
    Jose Callejon
    Name:  8576.jpg
Views: 315
Size:  14.1 KB
    This was a very hard decision... for all the wrong reasons. He's been our top goalscorer.... with 2 in the league. All in all, his average rating has been consistent, and he's bagged 2 assists as well.
    Worst player (manager) of the month
    Andre-Villas Boas
    Name:  41dmvb.jpg
Views: 286
Size:  10.4 KB
    This was a hard one to chose, with so many bad performers. However, it has to go to Andre Villas Boas, with his ridiculous and illogical team selection.
    Next month we face a in form Cagliari, an out of form Roma, a easily winnable Partizan and bottom of the league Verona, among others.

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  49. Click image for larger version

Name:	_75524401_vialliivpic.jpg
Views:	697
Size:	31.2 KB
ID:	818488

    Gianluca Vialli has expressed his delight at Cagliari's astonishing start to the season.

    "To sit top of the league after 5 games is an amazing start to my time here at the club. The goals of Marco Sau and the form of Samuele Longo have been particularly pleasing. With only 1 summer signing the squad are very settled and I believe this can be a successful season for the club. Our main aim is to avoid relegation as it should be at the start of every season, but in reality we take it one game at a time and who knows where we might end up..."

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