Ebbsfleet Zeros to Hero's Season 2 Vandarama Conference Premier

  1. Ebbsfleet Zeros to Hero's Season 2 Vandarama Conference Premier

    Season 2 Preview.

    Well I thought I'd lost this thread my hard drive crashed and I'd saved most of my games to the local instead of the Cloud, turned out I had one save that once I'd restarted my system with a new hard drive and downloaded the games that was salvageable, we've just been promoted to the Conference Premier its still Ebbsfleet so I shall continue with my Season 2 from there or here as the case my

    Targets From The Board

    Vandarama Conference - Promotion (No pressure there then)
    FA trophy - Reach 3rd Round
    FA Cup - Reach 1st Round proper

    SO here we are at the start of the season, pre-season went well won 4 out of 5 matches and one or two players looked good, we managed to strengthen in most positions, and with a few loan players I hope we'll do well.

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    So this is my formation for the coming season with what I think is my strongest 11, the only spot I'm considering is swapping in Josh and letting Padraig warm the bench.

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    My 1st choice new Keep Neil has the handling I need to control the back, however as we push up on the other teams more often than not I need a Sweeper Keeper, Niel has the skills to do one on ones but can also rush out.

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    Oliver is a total steal, I was trying to get him on loan from Newcastle all pre-season but they were just not playing ball, so at the end I took a cheeky gamble, offered all my transfer kitty £150K but with the option of 1st buy back of £1 Million I thought nothing to lose if I have him for a season and we win the league and get promoted to League 2, Newcastle MIGHT meet that buyout, but then I'd be in a powerful position in season 3 to kick on and for now he will be the difference between the defence being over run and that quick pass forward to my forward midfielders.

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    My 3rd power signing of the off season, I think Simon will score a lot of goals from Midfield, I'm also giving him Penalty taking duties he has a cool head and should push us on, he'll also control the Free Kicks for me, the weak spot his Long Shooting but we'll see how we get on.

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