Stade Rennais: The rise of the Underdogs.

  1. Stade Rennais: The rise of the Underdogs.

    Stade Rennais, A mediocre, mid-table, French ligue 1 side. In their 114 years of existence they have acquired 9 trophies, 3 French cups and A Ligue 2 title. I am here to change this.

    I want trophies, I want fame, I want to make history.

    Let the French Revolution begin.

    Commencer la Révolution

  2. FourFourTwo: "Hello, Thank you for attending and congratulations for your new job"

    Aidan Dickson " Great to be here and thank you for your kind words"

    442 " What are your realistic expectations for the upcoming season, Will it be a season of getting to know the team"

    AD " I don't believe it takes a whole season to get to know the team, I will hopefully be fully inform by the end of pre-season, for expectations, I am hoping to bring back European football for the first time since 2003/04"

    442 "Will you be making any transfers, if so have you got any targets"

    AD " We have our One and only transfer in the works right now as I believe he can single handedly help me create an impact, this season and in the future"

    442 " Any spoilers or hints you can release to us about who this lad is."

    AD " Well let's just say he has that French Mistique about him, that'll be all for today thank you,"

  3. Stade Rennias Manager to reveal new signing.

    We are glad to announce that we have confirmed the 11 Million pound signing of Alexandre Lacazette.

    We believe him to be a clinical finisher and he is exactly the sort of player we need to help sort out this team.

    I hope he can have imedieate effect as we push on for European Football.

  4. Best of luck with this mate, always enjoy a French story!

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