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Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section

  1. Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section


    This is a BaP game in the style recently made popular by Lippo and I also got the idea for this style of that game from Bullardinho so shout out's to both, this is the story thread for the game. This game features 17 users assigned to 4 fallen giants of European football, and will chart the success of these players in their attempts to resurrect the fortunes of these clubs and also to see how far these wannabe's can make it in the game. Every player also has the career plan to go on to become manager so once retirements start happening we can see how far our young pretenders get in management.

    Teams and Players

    Leeds United

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-dale-henderson_-overview-profile.png Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-joe-clarke_-overview-profile.png Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-matthew-harrison_-overview-profile.png Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-jorge-perez_-overview-profile.png


    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-burheim_-overview-profile.png Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-aaron-ryan_-overview-profile.png Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-mike-majic_-overview-profile.png Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-charley-mason_-overview-profile.png

    Real Betis

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-fernando-teixeira_-overview-profile.png Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-lewie-roberts_-overview-profile.png Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-simao-salazar_-overview-profile.png Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-daniele-del-conte_-overview-profile.png Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-aidan-dickson_-overview-profile.png


    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-angus-naterr_-overview-profile.png Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-eric-van-himst_-overview-profile.png Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-kristoff-menchinov_-overview-profile.png Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-jamie-williams_-overview-profile.png
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  2. Pleased with my guy!

  3. Come on Mike and my Torino team mates
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  4. I7IDanny's Avatar I7IDanny
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    Hopefully Betis play a 4-3-3, so we can all get in the team...

    Best line-up, right there
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by xJamieWilliams View Post
    Pleased with my guy!
    Quote Originally Posted by reubomad View Post
    Come on Mike and my Torino team mates
    Love the enthusiasm but please use the other thread for stuff like this I don't want this thread getting cluttered. but feel free to post character stuff, player profiles etc here. First season is done expect an update soon
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  6. Season 1 Review

    The first season is over and it has been a mixed bag for our young hopeful's, let us take a more detailed look at what is going on at the 4 fallen giants.

    Leeds United

    It was a torrid time for the first team at Leeds United, however our 4 young players where major stalwarts for the under 18s helping them to 2nd place in group 2 of the English youth leagues, losing to ipswich in the semi-finals

    season stat's

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-jorge-perez_-history-career-stats.png Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-matthew-harrison_-history-career-stats.png Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-dale-henderson_-history-career-stats.png Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-joe-clarke_-history-career-stats.png

    Of the Leeds bunch Jorge Perez came out with the highest average rating from the youth team (7.04) however pick of the bunch has to be Joe Clarke who made 6 starts for the first team having impressed manager Tony Mowbray with some assured performances at DM.

    Real Betis

    The 5 young players we will be looking at here seem to have made a real impression in Spain as all 5 have been fast tracked to the B-team however more recently Daniele Del Conte has been fast tracked to the first team so that Pepe Mel can take a closer look at him for the coming season.

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-daniele-del-conte_-history-career-stats.png Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-simao-salazar_-history-career-stats.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-lewie-roberts_-history-career-stats.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-lewie-roberts_-history-career-stats-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-aidan-dickson_-history-career-stats.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-fernando-teixeira_-history-career-stats.png

    It was a season that nearly ended in glory for the b-team as they finished 3rd in the second division B4 only to be beaten in the playoffs by Llieda they will be hoping for a good showing from the young lads next season although it looks as if first team glory may be coming sooner rather than later. Lewie Roberts bagged his first senior goal on his only start for the senior team. However it was Aidan Dicksen who flew under the radar with 10 goals in 19 starts for the B-team.


    It was largely a season to forget for Torino u18's finishing bottom of the pile in group 1, however this was largely due to the first team using under 18's star striker Aaron Ryan for a large part of their campaign he went on to make 9 appearances for the senior team scoring twice.

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-charley-mason_-history-career-stats.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-aaron-ryan_-history-career-stats.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-burheim_-history-career-stats.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-mike-majic_-history-career-stats.png

    in other news Mike Majic spent time away on loan at Foggia for the latter part of the season, all 4 of these youngsters will be hoping to push on next season and breaking into the first team.


    As the first team clinched the second division title these 4 youngsters got promoted from the under 19's to the second team and made over 20 appearances each. (sorry there is no fixtures or anything so I cannot say how the season wnet)

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-angus-mcnaterr_-history-career-stats.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-eric-van-himst_-history-career-stats.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-jamie-williams_-history-career-stats.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-kristoff-menchinov_-history-career-stats.png

    Menchinov and Van Himst where amonst the assists and where the real heartbeat of the team, Jamie Williams was in amongst the goals and a special mention goes to McNaterr who managed to get his first red card!

    Join us next time to see how our pro's fair next season.

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((feel free to pinch these screen shots for discussion in the other thread or even to write a small update about your player in this thread I do not mind what you do with them))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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  7. Bonus Stuff

    International caps

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-mike-majic_-overview-profile-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-kristoff-menchinov_-overview-profile-2.png

    Labelled the next

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-eric-van-himst_-overview-information-2.png Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-jamie-williams_-overview-information.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-dale-henderson_-overview-information.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-aidan-dickson_-overview-information.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-fernando-teixeira_-overview-information-2.png

  8. Aidan Dickson: Season review.

    This was already one of the best years of my life, Signing a youth contract with Real Betis, My favourite team growing up. I was expected a couple of Under 18's starts if I was lucky but my expectations were blown out of the water with 19 Starts for the Real Betis and EVEN A FIRST TEAM START.

    My mind was blown, a 15 year old making his Liga Adelante Debut, I was so happy. I was so grateful, not only had I made 19 appearences but all of them were in my prefered postition, I felt some of the more talented and older members would occupy the position. I was happy with the shift I put in, 10 goals in 19 appearences and even 2 assists. This was the season dreams are made of for me.

    I have heard in recent days that the Media are comparing me to be the next "Quini", I will admit personally I was not before hand aware of his Footballing career but after some research I felt blessed to be compared to such a great Goalscorer. 300 goals in 550 Games and even 8 Internatioanlly.

    I just hope the Real Betis boss's have faith in me next season and that I can continue to supply performances.

  9. Hi I'm Joe, a 16 year old from Leeds and I am currently the happiest 16 year old in the world.
    I made 6 appearances for my favourite club in the world. I never though I'd make it in the world of football, let alone getting my first appearance for Leeds when I was 16. It's a dream come true. One day I hope to lead Leeds and follow in the footsteps of billy bremner and Gordon strackham, two of Leeds greatest ever players

  10. Name:  LUFC.jpg
Views: 248
Size:  11.6 KB
    Jorge Perez

    Name:  Jorge Perez_ History Career Stats.png
Views: 263
Size:  61.1 KB

    I'm happy, I'm happy for me and my team mates. Dale, Joe and Matt all made their first team league debuts this season and I am very happy for them. I wasn't so lucky but I am happy with my performances and hoping next season I will get a call up. I made 20+ assists and I am happy I can set up my team mates as that is what my game is all about, I hope to do this throughout my career.

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  11. Season 2

    Let us take a look at our young pretenders in their second season's it was most definitely a season to remember for a fair few players!

    Leeds United

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-dale-henderson_-history-career-stats-2.png Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-matthew-harrison_-history-career-stats-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-jorge-perez_-history-career-stats-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-joe-clarke_-history-career-stats-2.png

    Dale Henderson spent much of the season on loan at Colchester aiding the next phase of his development but never really pulling up any trees. Matthew Harrison spent a short spell on loan at Port Vale and also managed 7 substitute appearances for the first team, Harrison seems to be developing nicely at Elland Road. Jorge Perez had a hugely successful spell on loan at Motherwell for the full season he was a mainstay of their midfield clocking up 22 league starts. Joe Clarke stayed at Leeds for the season but made 13 appearances for the club helping them to a 12th place finish.


    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-mike-majic_-history-career-stats-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-aaron-ryan_-history-career-stats-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-burheim_-history-career-stats-3.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-charley-mason_-history-career-stats-2.png

    Mike Majic graduated to the Torino U20 side helping them to a much improved 13th position in group 1, Aaron Ryan spent time on loan at Vicenza giving him some much needed first team action. Are Burnheim spent time on loan at Aberdeen but only made appearances and finally Charlie Mason had a largely successful loan spell at Ancona helping them to a mid table finish and playing over 30 first team games.


    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-eric-van-himst_-history-career-stats-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-jamie-williams_-history-career-stats-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-kristoff-menchinov_-history-career-stats-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-angus-mcnaterr_-history-career-stats-2.png

    Eric Von Himst graduated to some first team action and made 11 first team appearances for his club, Jamie williams spent much of his time in the reserves but did get a lot of games he made 2 appearances for the senior team, Merchinov spent all his time in the reserves but managed to get some valuable playing time. McNaterr spent most of his time in the reserves collecting 3 red cards, he made 2 appearances for the first team and it looks like he has done enough to stay there for next season. Kaiserslautern unfortunately suffered relegation from the bundesliga, but it is up to new coach Frank Kramer to get the best out of the clubs talented youngsters.

    Real Betis

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-aidan-dickson_-history-career-stats-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-simao-salazar_-history-career-stats-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-lewie-roberts_-history-career-stats-3.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-daniele-del-conte_-history-career-stats-2.png

    Aidan Dickson spent the first half of the campaign up front for Real Betis B putting in 4 goals he then went on loan to Logrones helping them to the playoff final which is still to play. Salazar also spent the first half the season in his parent clubs B team and then went on to have a largely successful spell at Corruxo averaging over 7 rating in his time their. Lewie Roberts got a lot of game time he started for the B team, then Pepe Mel gave him a chance in the first team he scored 2 goals in 3 appearances he then went on loan to Llagostera helping them beat the drop. Del Conte spent the season on loan at Stuttgart making 7 first team appearances, with Betis managing to stay in La Liga Pepe Mel will be hoping his talented youngsters propel them up the league and back to the glory days of the 90's.


    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-fernando-teixeira_-overview-profile-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-fernando-teixeira_-history-career-stats-2.png

    Teixeira made a dream move to Manchester City, he only made 1 start for the first team but is developing nicely, he starred in Man citys U19's run to the champions cup final and also helped man city u21's to a 3rd place finish. Already being likened to team mate Yaya Toure!

    savegame -
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  12. Am I in the England youth team yet?

  13. Name:  1733.png
Views: 175
Size:  27.2 KB Name:  679.png
Views: 159
Size:  48.2 KB

    Fernando Teixeira

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ferna.png
Views:	193
Size:	250.8 KB
ID:	825851

    Fernando was born in Barcelona in on 10th August 1998, with one dream, to be a footballer. When he signed with Real Betis, he knew he had a chance to make his dream come true. He played in Betis' B team, which was his chance to show what he could do. Alongside team mates Lewie Roberts, Aiden Dickson, Daniele del Conte and Simao Salazar, we had a great first season. We came 3rd in Segunda B4, with myself playing just behind Lewie Roberts up top. I had a great season scoring 13 and assisting 3 goals, and I wasn't the only one to notice.

    In the Summer of 2015, Premier League Champions Manchester City signed me for €4.5 million. I was delighted, could I really make it in the big time? Real Betis is one thing, but Man City was another. I had so many questions, could I be the first player to make it through City's youth team after so many had failed?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	stats.png
Views:	184
Size:	29.5 KB
ID:	825860

    Looking back on the 15/16 season, it couldn't have gone better, I managed to settle in England quickly, playing alongside Englishmen Michael Drake up front, in the same role I played at Betis. In 30 appearances for the youth side, I managed to score 18 goals and 5 assists. We managed to make it to the Youth Cup Final, as well as the Youth Champions League final! I only played as a sub in both of these games, which stopped me making the impact I would've hoped. Man City even gave me the chance in the 1st team, bringing me on for Edin Dzeko in the Manchester Derby! However I was injured and had to go off soon after I came on. But still, I have had a superb first season in England, I hope good things lie ahead for me and my new life!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	stast.png
Views:	157
Size:	23.0 KB
ID:	825858
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  14. Kristoff Menchinov

    Carrying the hopes

    of a Nation

    Born in Baku, Azerbaijan young Kaiserslautern winger Kristoff Menchinov migrated to Germany with his mother at the tender age of 10 in search of a better life.

    Kristoff immediately became involved with the local football team & it soon become apparent that he had a talent for the game.

    At 14 he'd become a first team regular for his local side & before too long found himself on the radar of a number of high profile German clubs.

    In July 2014 he put pen to paper on a youth contract with Kaiserslautern in the German 2nd Division & before too long had been called up to represent his country of birth at under 21's level.

    Seemingly the brightest young talent Azeri football has to offer, Menchinov now finds himself having to cope not only with the pressures of becoming a professional footballer, but also with the hopes of a nation who have long been starved for international success.

    Is it more then the young man can handle? Only time will tell....

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  15. Hi I'm Mike.
    I'm a Haitian footballer who plays for Torino.
    This buisness, football has been tough since being scouted by Torino at my local football club in Boston, I have moved over with bags of enthusiasm... literally.
    As I am not of sufficient calibre to aid the first team I spent my first few weeks at the under 18s, but it wasn't long before I had to go packing.. again!
    This fellow Italian team wanted me on loan and it wasn't long before I had to take the train to Foggia, although I struggled with form I made a couple of appearances scoring 2 goals and getting a man of the match award, which was very good.
    When I came back to Torino it was strange. I was back. I has experienced new things most people in the under 18s hadn't.
    At the start of the new season. I received a call, it was Marc Collat ( manager of Haiti ) he informed me that I had been picked to not just play for the under 21s but for the senior national team. I was estatic. That season I made almost 30 appearances for Torino reserves and I thought I did rather well. International wise I achieved a magnificent 10 caps for my country at 17. My life is really a roller coaster with many highs. Hopefully I can break into the first team next year...
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  16. Season 3

    It is season 3 and we will take a detailed look at our young starlets as they enter a key phase of their development's.

    Leeds United

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-matthew-harrison_-history-career-stats-3.png

    Mattehw Harrison is the only young starlet left at Leeds United as the bigger clubs circled round the club and signed up the rest. Harrison spent the season on loan at Luton helping them gain promotion from league 2.


    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-aaron-ryan_-history-career-stats-3.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-charley-mason_-history-career-stats-3.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-mike-majic_-history-career-stats-3.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-burheim_-history-career-stats-4.png

    Aaron Ryan spent time on loan at Crotone playing over 30 games and gettin 9 goals he helped them to a safe mid table position, Mike Majic spent time on loan at Valenciennes and got some playing time and has also gone on to play 36 times for Haiti he must be on course to be there best player ever. Are Burheim spent time on loan at Stade de Reims playing 28 times which has really aided his development. Charley Mason spent time on loan at Lanciano and played 18 times for them helping them to mid table.

    Real Betis

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-simao-salazar_-history-career-stats-3.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-aidan-dickson_-history-career-stats-3.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-lewie-roberts_-history-career-stats-4.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-daniele-del-conte_-history-career-stats-3.png

    Simao Salazar spent the first half of the season in the Real Betis B team playing 22 times, he then went on loan to Valenciennes but only played once. Daniele Del Conte spent time on loan at Numancia playing 25 games he also made some appearances for the spanish U21 side. Lewie Roberts spent a largely successful time on loan at Gimnastic helping them to the playoffs. Aidan Dickson spent time on loan at Deportivo scoring 4 times in 15 games helping them to a safe mid-table position.


    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-kristoff-menchinov_-history-career-stats-3.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-jamie-williams_-history-career-stats-3.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-eric-van-himst_-history-career-stats-3.png

    All 3 youngsters stayed at their parent club breaking into the first team, Menchinov only made a handful of appearances but broke into the Azerbaijani national squad, Jamie Williams is also pushing for a first team team place he made 10 appearances and must surely be in contention next season for a regular starting berth. Eric Van Himst is now well on his way to being a regular starting spot as he makes over 20 appearances from midfield.

    Join us shortly for a transfer special!!
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  17. Transferred Players

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-fernando-teixeira_-history-career-stats-3.png

    We already know Teixeira made his big transfer to Manchester City, he went on loan this season to Lorient making over 10 appearances. He got some valuable playing time in france and is one of the most hyped players of his generation.

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-joe-clarke_-history-career-stats-3.png

    Joe Clarke made a move to Manchester City he made one league start and spent much of his time in the U21's he is now with the England U20's preparing for the youth world cup.

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-angus-mcnaterr_-history-career-stats-3.png

    Angus McNaterr made a dream move to Manchester United and helped their U21 side to 4th in the top youth league, he also seems to have cleaned up his act as he did not get sent off this season.

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-jorge-perez_-history-career-stats-3.png

    Jorge Perez moved to Chelsea and played over 50 times for the U21's he is now with England U20's preparing for the world youth cup.

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-dale-henderson_-history-career-stats-3.png

    Dale Henderson moved to Arsenal and spent the time with the U21's Henderson will be hoping Arsenals success with young players will help his career.

  18. I'm nothing to do with this thread but can I make a suggestion?

    Would it possible to include a screenie of their stats as well as their playing history? It will give a better picture of their development.


    Ps great thread!

  19. Quote Originally Posted by jstewart85 View Post
    I'm nothing to do with this thread but can I make a suggestion?

    Would it possible to include a screenie of their stats as well as their playing history? It will give a better picture of their development.


    Ps great thread!
    I was just thinking the same thing

  20. Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-under-20-world-cup_-stats-player.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-england-under-20s_-national-teams-u20-squad.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-under-20-world-cup_-stats-player-2.png

    In the U20 world cup, 3 of our youngsters went to the youth world cup with england, Joe clarke played a couple of times in the groups phase, Matthew Harrison scored twice and proved to be a great foil for Dominic Solanke, but the star of the show was Jorge Perez who got 4 assists.

  21. Screenshots of stats

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-dale-henderson_-overview-profile-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-jorge-perez_-overview-profile-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-aaron-ryan_-overview-profile-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-aidan-dickson_-overview-profile-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-fernando-teixeira_-overview-profile-3.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-lewie-roberts_-overview-profile-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-kristoff-menchinov_-overview-profile-3.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-jamie-williams_-overview-profile-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-eric-van-himst_-overview-profile-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-charley-mason_-overview-profile-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-matthew-harrison_-overview-profile-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-joe-clarke_-overview-profile-3.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-angus-mcnaterr_-overview-profile.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-daniele-del-conte_-overview-profile-3.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-burheim_-overview-profile-2.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-simao-salazar_-overview-profile-2.png
    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-mike-majic_-overview-profile-3.png
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  22. Quote Originally Posted by epic terrorist View Post
    I was just thinking the same thing
    This and I see from an other post that you are watching the Monday Night Wars on the network, Great taste!
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  23. I7IDanny's Avatar I7IDanny
    Modern Day Legend
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Betis.png
Views:	266
Size:	311.7 KB
ID:	826599

    Player Profile

    Daniele Del Conte

    ​Eighteen year old Del Conte is one of the club's brightest prospects. After spending last season out on loan in Germany at Stuttgart, he has spent this year with Numancia, playing twenty-nine times for the La Liga club in a season that eventually ended poorly with relegation.

    Despite this, Daniele was one of the shining stars within that side, highly rated for his performances by the Spanish media, and was in with a shout at the Spanish Young Player of the Year award, despite his loan club's predicaments.

    With this breakthrough season within La Liga under his belt, at Betis there are high hopes for the Spanish U21 youngster, who must surely be hoping for his breakthrough to the side's first team this coming season. Whoever comes in to replace Pepe Mel, sacked after narrowly avoiding relegation, must surely have their eyes on him, a player who could be described as one of the potential diamonds in the rough of European Football.

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  24. Click image for larger version

Name:	482900_10151888943425507_836417852_n.jpg
Views:	305
Size:	39.7 KB
ID:	826901
    Angus (The Angry Pirate) McNaterr's Diary

    Dear Diary, (Part 1)

    Sorry I have not wrote in you lately but I have been living a dream, the dream is football, and I have been blessed with a talent I must share with the world!

    Since a young boy I always wanted to play Basketball, that's why I took those experimental growth hormones. I probably shouldn't have taken so many as I was almost 7 foot by the age of 9.

    I had the height but fate was against me. I grew up in Glasgow with my Mother and unfortunately Scottish people don't believe in Basketball, they think it is a myth, but maybe it's because they suck at it. My mum couldn't remember who my father was, but she used to say "he was Greek or some sh*t like that"

    I gave up with basketball and decided to leave home, I moved to Germany after being spotted by a youth scout and decided to join a succesful team at the time called kaiserslauten. Since then the team has gone downhill but I was determined to help them improve their fortunes.

    I have been included in there u18's squad and look forward to what's to come!

    Dear Diary (Part 2)

    I decided to Leave Kaiserslauten after a good many years. I made 3 first team appearances in my time there and managed 4 red cards (get in) in the reserves. Whilst there I also was the youngest ever player to play in the Bundesliga and the German Cup.

    Man U came in and it was tough decision but I had to go!

    My first year in Manchester has been both good and bad, the u18s won the u18s cup and I was a big part of this but I have put on weight whilst being in the reserves and my physical stats have declined! I know moving here was the right choice but I don't want to be the next Freddy Adu or Francis Jeffers...

    The gaffer says I need to cool my temper and stop getting so many cards, but I can't help it, I just like to break bones and make people cry!

  25. Player Introduction

    Dale Henderson

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-dale-henderson_-overview-profile-3.png

    My name is Dale Henderson, I am currently an Arsenal player I made my big move there from my boyhood club Leeds. It was with a heavy heart that I left my Elland Road but I have grown so disillusioned with the ownership there that when they sacked my mentor Neil Redfearn it broke my heart and I had to leave.

    I did not make many first team appearances at Leeds but I had a relatively successful loan spell at Colchester, that is when I received a phone call from the professor Arsene Wenger and he said he would like me to come to Arsenal and sign for them. He has big expectations for me and it really gets me excited but playing in the attacking midfield role I have a queue of people in front of me.

    I am currently learning from Santi Cazorla (I really am!) and I am learning not just how to become a better footballer but also how to conduct myself off the pitch, Santi has told me not to let the money go to my head and knuckle down and work hard and I will reap the rewards from the professional game. I have a lot to learn but I feel like I am at the right club to fulfil my potential hopefully I get some first team action this season or a loan.
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  26. Aaron Ryan

    Aaron Ryan - An Introduction

    Aaron Ryan, 15, was born on the 15th September 1998, in Milton Keynes, to an Italian Mother and an English Father. At the age of only 3, he moved with his family, back to his Mother's hometown of Turin, the home of both Juventus F.C and Torino F.C. He joined the youth set up at Torino F.C, and plays as a striker, at the age of ten and has remained there ever since.

    Aaron Ryan is a player with a growing reputation among football fans in Italy. He made his senior debut playing for Torino against Sassulo on the 21st September 2014, becoming their youngest player in the progress. Ryan, who is valued at 800K, currently has 2 years remaining on his 3.9K p/w deal at Olimpico.

    Aaron Ryan has spent his entire career at Torino, making a total of 29 appearances and scoring only 4 goals since joining. He has also spent time on loan at Vicenza and Crotone, making a combined total of 47 league appearances and scoring 10 goals. He has also currently made 12 U21 appearance for Italy, scoring 4 goals.
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  27. Burheim's journal.

    Burheim's journal.

    So, first of all, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Are Burheim, and I an a professional footballer, currently playing for Torino. Since we have quite a bit of time on our hands between practices, I've decided to create a blog! But for my readers to be able to get to know me, I've got to get back to the start!

    I was born in Milan, and I've lived in Italy my whole life. My dad was a football-crazy Milan fan, so from a young age I was brought to the San Siro to watch the Rossoneri home games. I still remember that horrible night in 2005, and the glorious evening in 2007 when Liverpool finally got what they deserved. My mom works for a fashion company in Milan, but is originally from Norway. She always talked about Norway at home, and made me eat brown cheese every week!

    It was always my dad's dream that I one day would play for A.C. Milan, so it was a tough hit to him when I was not accepted into their academy as a teenager. However, when I was 15, Torino made a call to my parents, offering me a place after I impressed in a youth tournament. So, after a bit of back and forth, I made the (not so long) journey to Turin to start training with the former giants.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Are Burheim 16.png
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    My coach told me that he was impressed my my fitness at a young age, and that I should keep up my playing style of always trying to look for the decisive pass. However, already my first week, I was told to put in some extra training on evenings, as I could always pick a pass in warm-ups and from set pieces, but I really struggled to keep my composure in practice games.

    My first season at Torino was a bit of a struggle. I featured every second week in the youth team, and even made my debut for the senior squad in 2 cup games. I got on very well with a couple of new recruits, especially Aaron Ryan, an Englishman that I seemed to always be able to find with my through balls. However, competition in the midfield was really rough. There were especially two players that I struggled to keep my spot from, Mike Majic and Charley Mason. Mike is from Haiti of all places. I've never heard of a single player from Haiti, so I have no idea how he could have gotten this good. Charley is another Englishman, and they always seemed to be put in the opposite team from me. I ran my ass off every single practice, chasing the ball, but the rest of the youth team was only decent, so it was a real pain in the butt.

    As I turned 17 and was getting ready for another season, I got a call from the u19 coach. He told med that Aberdeen had made an offer to loan me for the whole season, and that Torino had accepted. I had no choice but to go along with it, but why oh why did I have to move to Scotland of all places. I had my mom knit me 10 woolen jumpers, and got on the plane.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Are Burheim 17.jpg
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    The year in Scotland was horrible. I had no idea what the coaches were telling me, and I didn't understand a single word of what the other players said. I kept training with the senior squad, but the manager never seemed to pick me for the games. All in all it was a very frustrating time, but I put in a lot of extra effort to try to cope with the physical game they play in Scotland.
    One pleasing thing was that I got a call from the u19 manager of Italy, and was called up for qualifying games. I finally got to talk Italian again, and play proper football. I gave my agent a strict note that I was not to accept any move north of France for the next season.

    As I turned 18, I got myself a small apartment in the centre of Turin, and I finally got to see my mates again. They had all had more playing time than me, and I struggled to keep up at practices. I realized how wasted my year in Scotland had been. Aaron had played first team football at Vicenza, and seemed a step ahead of me all the time, I just couldn't find the passes that I used to. I feared the worst when I got the call from my agent, but I was surprised to hear that Stade de Reims wanted me for the season. He assured me that they had big plans for me, and that I would get to play, so again I headed abroad. I wanted to ask the other guys if they would rent my apartment, but all of them also headed elsewhere, so I had to rent it out to some party-freak from Germany.

    My time at Reims was brilliant. From the first minute, I felt they put faith in me. I was helped by players that could translate French, and I got lots of playing time. Finally I was happy playing again, and I could find those impossible through passes again. I was really sad to leave France at the end of the season, but I couldn't wait to show my mates what I could do!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Are Burheim 19.png
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    As we met again for the first time in a year, I could see that the year had been very good to me. I was dominating at practices, and for the first time we were all playing together, completely crushing the other team in practice if we got the chance. Mike told me about his year, and that he had spent almost half the year flying back and forth to the Caribbean to play for Haiti. I couldn't believe he had already played over 30 times for the national squad. And at only 19?? Me and Aaron had actually met a couple of times during the year, as we both were called up, and played for the Italian u21's. I had no idea Aaron had an Italian mother, so it was a bit of a surprise when I saw him in the squad.

    Torino did not have a good season, so I hoped that all of us youngsters were in for a shot at making the senior squad, but it turns out that only Aaron got to stay in Turin. Mike headed to Nice, Charley to Grosseto, and I got a call from Holland where AZ, who had just come second in the Eresdivisie, wanted me to come on loan. A possibility of Champions League football... what an opportunity! I phoned up my agent and urged him to accept.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Are Burheim 20.jpg
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    It turns out Champions League was only a hope. AZ lost to Sampdoria in the playoffs, and ended up in the Europa League. I did get to experience European football, as I got 2 games in the group stages, but we lost out to Schalke 04 in the knockout stages.
    AZ was really a new experience for me. The training sessions were always focused on maximum quality, and we were pushed to our limits every single day. I am in better shape than I have ever been, and I got to play about half our our league games. I really hope I can come back here, or get to train with a team like this again, as I feel I've made huge progress. Now, who knows what the next season brings, but I feel I have a great shot at making a breakthrough this year. Torino had a poor season, ending in 16th, so what have they got to lose by putting faith in us youngsters?

    I'm sorry if this has been a wall of text, but I really didn't have anything to do before this evenings practice. Mike has promised me he'll teach me a few tricks when it comes to taking free-kicks, and I promised to help Aaron with his overhead kicks, so it's bound to be a late evening! Until next time!

  28. Mike Majic - Story so far

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-2015-04-25_00002.jpgFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-2015-04-25_00003.jpg
    The year is 2018 and I am 20.
    Torino is great, but I cant help but feel that this isn't the place for me.
    I joined back in 2014 full of enthusiam and optimism. I was part of a intake along with Aaron, Mason and Burheim, who I am now great mates with, we share banter and go clubbing, that is when I am actually at Torino.

    For these last seasons I have been away at Foggia, Valenciennes and Nice in that order. Now don't get me wrong playing for teams like Nice and Valenciennes is great but when you sign for Torino you expect to play for Torino especially where you are the vice captain of your country; making 41 appearances. Aaron's had it better, not that I'm jealous... I mean I didn't see him score a 30 yarder at training last week. As for Burheim he's always injured but he did play for AZ which is pretty impressive he keeps reminding me. Mason is a confusing bloke, I have no idea how Toirno picked him up, then again I cant speak can I?

    At Nice, I met with Michael Krohn-Delhi, who was a new signing there, he gave me tips on how to improve my game, which really worked as I went on to make 18 appearances for the senior team though I did struggle to score goals. Anyway on to next season where I'll hopefully make my first senior appearance for Torino.

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  29. Attribute and appearance screenshots

    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-angus-mcnaterr_-overview-attributes.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-matthew-harrison_-overview-attributes.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-charley-mason_-overview-attributes.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-mike-majic_-overview-attributes.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-burheim_-overview-attributes.pngClick image for larger version

Name:	Angus McNaterr_ Overview Attributes.png
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ID:	829478Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-simao-salazar_-overview-attributes.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-jamie-williams_-overview-attributes.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-aaron-ryan_-overview-attributes.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-dale-henderson_-overview-attributes.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-lewie-roberts_-overview-attributes.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-jorge-perez_-overview-attributes.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-kristoff-menchinov_-overview-attributes.png
    Fallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-joe-clarke_-overview-attributes.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-eric-van-himst_-overview-attributes.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-daniele-del-conte_-overview-attributes.pngFallen Giant BaP/BaM Story Section-fernando-teixeira_-overview-attributes.png
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  30. Angus McNaterr's Diary part 3

    Another year in Manchester, I've made it to my 20th Birthday and I am still yet to fully break into the first team.

    I shouldn't complain as I have been a rock at the back for the u21 side, getting 1 goal and even 2 assists. I have got 7 yellow cards this year but unfortunately no red's.
    I made a couple of first team appearances for United and started in 2 cup matches.

    The highlight of the year has to be making my full international for Greece!

    I have spoken to the Gaffer and he has agreed I need first team experience so they are trying to find a suitable location for me to go on loan, let's see what happens!

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