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Sie können nichts mit Kindern zu gewinnen - A youth challenge

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    Sie können nichts mit Kindern zu gewinnen - A youth challenge

    Sie können nichts mit Kindern zu gewinnen - A youth challenge-image-537898-galleryv9-fxsz.jpg
    They said you can't win anything with kids. Or more accurately, they said "Sie können nichts mit Kindern zu gewinnen". Jens Keller proved them wrong. Sort of. After a poor start to the season Keller's youthful side won 11 out of 17 matches in the league, finishing third and qualifying for the Champions league, for a club record third time in a row. Sure, they lost 6-1 to Real Madrid but in the Bundesliga they were phenomenal - and what is most important is that the likes of Klaas-Jan Hunterlaar and Jefferson Farfan were out for most of it, they fielded a very young and inexperienced side, and won games with it. Now, with his resignation, Schalke must search for a new manager, one who will still uphold those ideals. That is the premise of this story. I should give credit to PaperClipFMer's excellent story (find it here), which this one has taken heavy inspiration from. Here are the rules I have set myself:
    • No non-germans over 27, goalkeepers may be up to 32. Germans/HG non-germans may be up to 32 and 34 respectively. This forces a focus on home grown talent.

    • We can lose no less then £10m on transfers per season.
    • We can have no more then 3 players over 65k a week, and the maximum wage is 130k.
    • To not pay excessive agent/sign on fees (generally £3m +).
    • Use players we have developed at the club, and young Germans in general.
    ​I aim to win the Bundesliga within 4 seasons, the Europa League within 3 and the Champions League within 5. The transfer restrictions are slightly looser then PaperClip's, as are the wage however the limit on age is what will be most difficult. I do not intend this necessarily to be a one-club save either, so I may branch out - very possibly create new characters to do it as well. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and let us begin! Steh auf Köningsblau!

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    Sie können nichts mit Kindern zu gewinnen - A youth challenge-schalke.1-png.png.png

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    Klaus Fischer Announced as new Schalke boss
    Name:  im214-321px-Klaus_Fischer_2013-06-29.jpg
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    Schalke have rolled back the years to appoint veteran striker Klaus Fischer as Head Coach. The 64-year old lacks any coaching qualifications [I have given myself international footballer with no coaching badges], but Clemens Tönnies clearly feels that the club record scorer - and second highest Bundesliga overall scorer - is the man to replace Jens Keller, and win over the fans. What changes he'll make remain up in the air, but it is understood Fischer wants to build a youthful - and sustainable - club. His first goal would seem to be too steal second place from Dortmund, and try to repeat Schalke's form last season.

  4. Nice start! Should be interesting!
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  5. Best of luck.
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    Overview of our squad:


    Name:  LFMZc.jpg
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    Left to right: Michael Gspurning, Christian Wetklo, Fabian Giefer, Ralf Fahrmann, Timon Wellenreutherup
    We have quite a few goalkeepers up for contention. Michael Gspurning and Christian Wetklo are both going out of the club. Ranking in at 33 and 34 respectively, they both are surplus to requirements to allow 18 year old Timon Wellenreuther to grow. Meanwhile, 25 year old Ralf Fahrmann and 24 year old Fabian Giefer will fight it out for no.1 spot, although Giefer currently has a long term injury. Overall I'm pretty happy with the goalkeeper spot, we have a lot of good players there.
    Left Back

    Name:  Bundesliga-Kolasinac-faellt-bis-zu-sechs-Wochen-aus.jpg
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Size:  17.1 KBName:  Dennis-Aogo-Schalke-300x169.jpg
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    Left to right: Sead Kolasinac, Dennis Aogo, Christian Fuchs
    Sead Kolasinac will probably be our main starter here, and at 21 he has room to grow. If 27 year old Dennis Aogo puts in some good performances, he may well overtake him. Both Sead and Dennis can also play in central midfield, which is a good boon. Meanwhile Christian Fuchs ranks in at 28, as he is Austrian he'll have to go, although I would sell him anyway.
    Right Back
    Name:  imagesCAFTMTZP.jpg
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    Left to right: Uchida, Itter
    25 year old Astuto Uchida would normally be shoo-in here, however a nasty injury leaves us with the inexperienced Pascal Itter as our main option. Itter is only 19, so he will likely improve yet, however I will look to the transfer market to find a new right back for the time being.
    Central Defence
    Name:  UPLOAD_832012-5-2014.jpg
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    Left to right: Benedikt Howedes, Joel Matip, Matija Nastasic, Jaan Kirchhoff, Kaan Ayhan
    We're pretty overstuffed in defence with quality players, which led me to considering a 3 at the back formation, however I have decided to stick with 4 at the back. Nevertheless, we have 22 year old Joel Matip, who's already good, and can become even better. Kaan Ayhan is a 19 year old, who I'll be rotating in the side - he can also play in central midfield and at right back. 23 year old Jan Kirchhoff is on loan from Bayern Munich, although I'm considering terminating it . Matija Nastasic is 21 years old and has much room to improve. However he is my only player above 65k wages, and I would probably prefer Joel Matip and Benedikt Howedes to be my central defence starters. Benedikt is our club captain, and at 26 has some much needed experience in a youthful side.
    Left Wing/Midfield
    Name:  2b478789-97d2-413f-8924-c57e813ebdfa-ch.Jpeg
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    right to left to right: Julian Draxler
    We only have one 'natural' (although plenty of players who double here) in this position: Julian Draxler. The 20 year old is reportedly coveted by the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona, etc etc. Essentially all the top clubs ever. However he's at the best club of them all, and I expect him to remain here forever more. Forever...
    Right Wing/Midfield
    Name:  jefferson-farfan-600_298x171.jpg
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Size:  15.3 KBName:  7019obasi.jpg
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Size:  17.7 KBName:  wpid-Sidney-Sam-300x168.jpg
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    Left to right: Jefferson Farfan, Chinedu Obasi, Sidney Sam
    We really only have one natural here as well: Sidney Sam. The 26 year old, a new signing from Bayer Leverkusen for a mere £2m fee. He is a real bargain, and at 26 he has a few more years. Meanwhile Chinedu Obasi is also here, though he might as well not be - he's leaving on a free at the end of a season, which is a shame as I would've liked to get some money for him. He's 28 so won't be playing anyway. Jefferson Farfan will also be leaving, probably in January as he's got a 3 month injury, and is 29.
    Central/Defensive Midfielders
    Name:  Kevin-Prince-Boateng-Hairstyle-2015-Photos-200x255.jpg
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Size:  16.5 KBName:  roman-neustadter-schalke.jpg
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    Left to right: Kevin-Prince Boateng, Roman Neudstater, Leon Goretzka, Marco Hoger
    Leon Goretzka, at only 19, has the potential to be one of Germany's greatest central midfielders. I believe he can surpass the likes of Bastian Schweinsteiger. Kevin-Prince Boateng, meanwhile should not expect to be getting in the first team all that often, as he is 27 and there is little point in keeping him for much longer. I may look to sell him this window, for the right price. Meanwhile 26 year old Roman Neudstater is an excellent holding midfielder, and will be looking to cement a first team place if Boateng leaves. Finally Marco Hoger at 24 is Neudstater's apprentice, and may yet have room to develop.
    Central Attacking Midfielders
    Name:  SetWidth330-SetWidth638-10105fca42658x2.jpg
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    Right to left: Leroy Sane, Tranquillo Barnetta, Max Meyer
    Max Meyer is an 18 year old who I expect to start every game this season - not many can say that. He looks to be one of the best young talents in Germany right now, and with more game time will become something special. Tranquillo Barnetta at 29 is too old and will be leaving, however his contract expires in a year so he may well end up leaving - like Obasic - on a free. Leroy Sane meanwhile has an extremely promising future. He's the same age as Meyer, 18 however not as well developed. I will look to give him so game time this season.
    Name:  t_real_madrid_jornada_2_schalke_04_vs_real_madrid-7912767.jpeg
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Size:  11.0 KBName:  2jg7z1z.jpg
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    Left: Klaas-Jan Huntelaar; Right: Maxim Choupo-Moting
    Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is the player i'm most afraid of losing due to his age, at 30. Sadly though, the prolific striker has to go, which leaves a considerable burden on Maxim Choupo-Moting. I will have to bring in reinforcements this window, because having only one natural striker is not a good idea. He's 26 and not getting any younger, so may only last a season here but for now he has to be on top form.

    A good squad, however lacking in depth and the loss of Huntelaar will really hurt us. Hopefully we can bring in a clinical striker as well as some backup and a new right back, but other then that I'm really happy with the squad.

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    Sie können nichts mit Kindern zu gewinnen - A youth challenge-i469haog_400x400.jpeg
    So far, preason has been bad. Not even a week in charge, and I already face a crisis. Gregory van der Wiel wanted 100k a week just to play for a couple of seasons and then leave. I, of course, said no. Then I tried to make a move on the promising Alexandre Lacazette, offering £5,000,000 as well as Huntelaar and Farfan. I had already got the owner to increase the wage budget, and he refused to put anything into transfers. I've had one offer so far, for Christian Fuchs for £2m from CSKA Moscow. Nobody wants the likes of Kevin-Prince Boateng, Huntelaar et al. So they just sit there, taking up valuable wages on 2 year contracts. The Lacazette move was blocked by Farfan throwing a hissy fit, so I'm going to probably end up with Wissam bin Yedder, who is pretty much a poor man's Lacazette. That means I probably won't be able to do anything about my right back situation, or sign Carlos Fierro, a great young striker. So far... things are looking dire. And I haven't even played any games yet!

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    just realised the reason I cant sell any of my players is because when you enable the German National Team all players that played at the World Cup are 'on holiday' until end of pre-season.

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    3 in, 4 out at Schalke
    Name:  882827e8a216d50cdcd9d97120978d3f.jpg
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Size:  8.3 KBName:  Alexandre-Lacazette-300x199.jpg
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Size:  44.3 KBName:  mqdefault.jpg
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    New faces: Cedric Soares, Alexandre Lacazette, Gerard Moreno
    Schalke 04 have announced 3 new signings, and 4 outgoings at the club. Alexandre Lacazette joins for a club record fee of £17,000,000, surpassing the previous record of Klaas Jan-Huntelaar for £12,000,000. It is understood he is the clubs' top earner, at around £85,000 a week. Huntelaar leaves for £7,500,000, joining Fiorentina. Meanwhile Kevin-Prince Boateng leaves for Real Madrid, Huntelaar's former club for a figure believed to be £7m - they have taken a huge risk, and it seems unlikely he can cut it at that kind of level. Tranquillo Barnetta joins Everton free of charge, after his contract was set to expire next year. Christian Fuchs goes to CSKA Moscow for £2.5m, he also had only 1 year left on his contract. Cedric Soares comes in from Sporting Lisbon for £4.6m due to the injury of Atsutso Uchida. Finally Gerard Moreno completes a loan move from Villareal to the club, with an option to buy at £2.5m. Overall some older players have left the club, and younger ones joined, with Lacazette at 23, Soares at 22 and Moreno 21. It is unlikely there will be any more activity at the club, with a possible loan move for Jese of Real Madrid the only deal on the horizon. It is understood that Jefferson Farfan complained to his manager about the transfer of Huntelaar, but was told to 'deal with it'. Whether this will boil over to anything more remains to be seen, but a exit for Farfan looks to be on the horizon.

    I used the editor to 'remove all bans' on all the players who were on holiday, rest assured I have not used it on anything else.

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