Hans Frettaberg - Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge

  1. Hans Frettaberg - Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge

    Hans Frettaberg - The Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge.
    This story is centered around the career of... you guessed it, Sir Alex Ferguson.
    Now as many of you will know Sir Alex started his career at East Stirlingshire where he then went on to manage St Mirren, Aberdeen and finally Manchester United.
    Instead of Sir Alex a new man is about to enter the realms of management.
    Hans Frettaberg.

    Hans was born in Reykjavik in Iceland in 1979 to a Icelandic mother and Danish father, in 1984 he moved to Denmark to a town called Br
    ondbyvester. It was there where he developed his love for the game of football and his local team Brondby IF.
    Soon Hans was thrown into the game he loved into the Lyngby academy in 1991 at the age of 12, he was not playing for his favourite team but he loved it none the less. In 1992 Lyngby won the Danish superliga toppling the power of Brondby who won it the year previously. In 1994 his footballing skills were noticed by the head of developement who instantly offered Frettaberg a contract under the guidance of the manager. The year was 1997 and Hans was struggling he had made two senior appearances and looked less than convincing in both, consequently Hans' contract was terminated. It was August 1998 and Brondy had offered a contract, he accepted gratiously. It was his dream, finally he had made it. His father expressed his pride and his mother was estatic.

    By 2001, Frettaberg was a first team regular at 22 as a defensive midfielder, it was not his job to score goals however when he did score goals they were often spectacular, he was a brilliant shooter and a brilliant passer claimed his manager.
    2002 was a good year Brondby won the league and Frettaberg played a big part in that success by 2002, Frettaberg had made 16 appearances for Denmark and scored 3 goals. It was brilliant and by 2003 at 24 years old he packed his bag and left his beloved team for West Bromwich Albion. Frettaberg stayed at West Brom until 2009, he made 182 appearances and scored a combined total of 31 goals. In 2010 he moved to Aberdeen for £2.3 million pounds that same year he announed international retirement at the age of 31 due to fitness issues, he made 44 appearances and scored 12 goals.

    In 2014 he retired at the age of 35. Four months later he went for a job at East Stirlingshire a club famous for the starting base for Sir Alex Ferguson. Hans soon found himself manager of East Stirlingshire. Beginners luck he said.

  2. Transfers
    Hans Frettaberg - Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge-2015-04-24_00007.jpgHans Frettaberg - Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge-2015-04-24_00002.jpgHans Frettaberg - Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge-2015-04-24_00003.jpgHans Frettaberg - Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge-2015-04-24_00006.jpg
    Hans Frettaberg - Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge-2015-04-24_00005.jpgHans Frettaberg - Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge-2015-04-24_00004.jpg

    There is no point of showing the out as that was just the old manager who just happened to be a player too.

    Scott Dobie - A solid striker, could be argued as being too old but in this league if the players are good and free they could be useful. He may not always start but he could be a very good backup.

    Paul Mckenna - I know this guy because he used to play for my personal favourite team Nottingham Forest but I was suprised he was still around. At 36 years old he played for a non league side called Bamber Bridge, he needed convincing because apparently East Stirlingshire was a step down for where he already was, which I thought was quite rude but I picked him up for nothing.

    Manny Panther - My scout recommended him, so I picked him up as a backup, he is not the best but I thought I needed a strong backup and Manny fitted that bill. Again he was free... are you picking up a trend here?

    Gordon Forsyth - Nope there isn't a trend! Gordon is a good left back who I picked up for a mammoth amount of money... 12.75k! He came from a Highland club called Inverurie Locos could start for us.

    Callum Antell - A young backup goalie, who will probally take the helm after our first team goalie which isn't long as you'll see by the next update.

    I hope you like this so far next will be a squad update.

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  3. Squad overview
    My squad is strong. The new additions have really added something to the squad
    Hans Frettaberg - Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge-2015-04-24_00030.jpg
    The defense is strong and most players can back each over up which is always good
    My midfielders have a lot of attacking intent in them which is very good as you'll see by my tactic and also back each over up in many areas
    The strikers may not seem like much but there are many midfielders who can play in that position.

    Hans Frettaberg - Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge-2015-04-24_00031.jpgHans Frettaberg - Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge-2015-04-24_00032.jpg
    My tactic is inspired by Sir Alex's way of play very attacking and can work very well.

    Key Players

    1. Paul Mckenna
    Hans Frettaberg - Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge-2015-04-24_00034.jpg
    He was a bargain to be perfectly honest, this may be his only season to play with us but even that is brilliant.

    2. David Mckenna
    Hans Frettaberg - Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge-2015-04-24_00033.jpg
    Here when I came, very good all rounded player. He prefers to play up front but I put him the left wing, just to give other player a chance up front.

    3. Scott Dobie
    Hans Frettaberg - Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge-2015-04-24_00035.jpg
    I know this list has been 2/3 of my new signings but Dobie can play where I want him, attacking midfield if we are lacking cover or just simply upfront.

    My next update is Winter.
    So see you then.

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