Mexico - Libertad Trabajo Cultura

  1. Mexico - Libertad Trabajo Cultura

    I've recently returned from Mexico and while I was there I saw how passionate the everyone there is about Football so I thought I would try something different and start a save in Mexico. Unfortunately the Towns I went to don't have team high enough to be in the game so instead I have chosen the team expected to finish last in the 2nd Division known as the Ascenso MX. That team is:

    Deportivo Tepic F.C. or Tepic in FM
    Mexico - Libertad Trabajo Cultura-tepic_-profile.png

    Mexico - Libertad Trabajo Cultura-tepic_-facilities.png

    Mexico - Libertad Trabajo Cultura-inbox_-inbox-2.png
    Seems someone was busy before I arrived!

  2. Mexico - Libertad Trabajo Cultura-tactics.png

    It would seem that this team is severely lacking in ventral midfield, all those transfers and not one decent CM
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Mexico - Libertad Trabajo Cultura-tactics_-overview-overview.png  

  3. Will be following!! Sounds like a fantastic idea. Don't let frustrations get in your way.

  4. Good luck!

  5. Mexico - Libertad Trabajo Cultura-%C3%81ngel-zald%C3%ADvar_-overview-profile.png
    Angel Zaldivar looks to be our best player. A handy looking AMR/ST he is currently on loan from 1st division side Chivas.

    Mexico - Libertad Trabajo Cultura-juan-antonio-ocampo_-overview-profile.png
    Juan Antonio Ocampo is a decent LB also on loan from Chivas.

  6. Will be following!! Sounds like a fantastic idea. Don't let frustrations get in your way.
    Good luck!
    Cheers! I'm quite surprised by how good the player stats are in this league!

  7. My first transfers!

    Mexico - Libertad Trabajo Cultura-isa%C3%AD-arredondo_-overview-profile.png
    Isai Arredondo may be a bit older but we are in desperate need of some midfielders

    Mexico - Libertad Trabajo Cultura-sebasti%C3%A1n-gonz%C3%A1lez_-overview-profile.png
    Sebastian Gonzalez doesn't really fit into my preferred shape but I thought he was to good a player to pass up

    Mexico - Libertad Trabajo Cultura-mart%C3%ADn-obayram-reyes_-overview-profile.png
    One for the future, hopefully Reyes can improve and score lots of goals for us in future seasons

  8. Transfers Part II

    Mexico - Libertad Trabajo Cultura-leandro-carvalho_-overview-profile.png
    Another loan, another midfielder

    Mexico - Libertad Trabajo Cultura-gerardo-peralta_-overview-profile.png
    Not really up to it but I need some cover in midfield

    Mexico - Libertad Trabajo Cultura-kristian-%C3%81lvarez_-overview-profile.png
    A very good pick-up! I managed to pick him up on a 2 year loan from... you guessed it Chivas!

  9. Mexico - Libertad Trabajo Cultura-inbox_-inbox-11.png
    Our group for the 1st stage of the Mexican Cup, a little harder than I was hoping for

    Mexico - Libertad Trabajo Cultura-inbox_-inbox-12.png
    Our injury list

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