Ryan Giggs: My adventure into management.

  1. Ryan Giggs: My adventure into management.

    Ever since those four games at the end of last season I have wanted to be a full time manager in this footballing world. Comments have flown around in the press about Louis Van Gaal saying " I am just readying up the job for Ryan Giggs, He will be ready".

    It has come to my attention that I will not be ready, I feel like I need to go out into the rest of the world and build up my experience in managing teams. I wanted to really be ready if the Manchester United job, My dream job, ever did coming asking for me. I would however need to talk to Van Gaal about this and about my Assistant Manager Duties.

    *Rings Van Gaal*

    LVG "Yes Hello Ryan, how may I help"

    RG "Yes, I need to talk to you about the season ahead and my Duties at the club"

    LVG " Go on.. I'm listening........"

    RG " Well word has flown around that you are readying up the job for me, so firstly I need to confirm, is this true?"

    LVG "It is true I am just managing here until you are ready"

    RG" So yeah, I believe the best way for me to gain experience is for me to leave the club and go else where so I can experience the full manager experience and build up the knowledge I need before I manage such a big club.

    LVG " Are you sure this is what is best for you, I am willing to teach you everything here"

    RG " This is what I want, I would love to learn first hand"

    LVG "Well, If this is what you want then I won't stop you and I wish you all the best"

    RG " Thank you so much, I really do hope that one day I will return"

    LVG " Don't worry, I know you will"

    *Phone call ends*

    Now that I was relieved of my Duties I could go out and try my best to obtain a job in order to further my managerial experience.

  2. Good Luck!

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