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The Rise of the Pilgrims

  1. The Rise of the Pilgrims

    So I've seen a lot of stories and I've really wanted to do one myself. Decided I'd take my LLT, Plymouth Argyle, to the top. I've tried this multiple times but sadly I've never really got it running. So here it goooeesss!!

    The Rise of the Pilgrims-s1386328_for_2365217_18040.jpg

    Plymouth Argyle

    Since becoming professional in 1903, the club has won five Football League titles (one Division Two and two Division Three), five Southern League titles and one Western League title. The 2009–10 season was the club's 42nd in the second tier of English football. The team set the record for most championships won in the third tier, having finished first in the Third Division South twice, the Third Division once and the Second Division once.

    Plymouth as a city is the largest city to have never had top-flight football, however the most South-Western club in England would like that changed, and have chosen former Sunday League player, Mark Jennings, to potentially give the city some top-flight football.

    When Mark was hired the fans took to the streets, demanding why the club has chosen an inexperienced, unproven manager to take over from John Sheridan. James Brent has come out and said "Yes we know Mark is inexperienced yet we all fully believe he can take us to the next level. Despite never managing a team before we still think he has what it takes but he needs the fans to back him and have faith." Since this the Green Army has had a change of heart and are starting to open up to the former Sunday League player.

  2. The Rise of the Pilgrims-plymouth-logo.jpg
    Plymouth Argyle

    Here is our First Team Squad:

    The Rise of the Pilgrims-2015-04-26_00005.jpg


    The Rise of the Pilgrims-2015-04-26_00006.jpg


    The Rise of the Pilgrims-2015-04-26_00007.jpg

    Pretty good squad, impressively we have the best Work Rate in the league, but the worst pace so I'll need to remember that...

    Also originally I hadn't planned to make a story from this so I changed Tyler Harvey's PA to 140 as I feel that he is a great prospect and I truly believe that he can become a good BPL player so hopefully you guys won't mind about that (This becomes vital in the next update).

    So looking at the squad, I feel CB is our strongest position so that really helps with our captain Curtis Nelson and Anthony o'Connor our two greatest prospects in there to lead from the back.

    We are lacking a second striker in case Reid gets injured or can't perform (With 10 finishing and 8 composure this can easily happen).

    So next update will be my transfers and our final squad for the season!

  3. The Rise of the Pilgrims-plymouth-logo.jpg
    Plymouth Argyle
    2014/15 Transfers:

    The Rise of the Pilgrims-2015-04-27_00001.jpg

    On the in nothing really special, got a couple players on loan to add depth to the striker role and also picked up Esteban Lopez and Park on a free and turned out they are both useful players.

    Going out the club there is only one transfer and it's the biggest transfer in the clubs history. Originally I rejected a 400k and they kept on coming back so I made an outrageous 3.7million reply which they accepted. Sad to see Tyler Harvey go but we managed to get him back on loan for this season.

    So this is our final squad for the season:

    The Rise of the Pilgrims-2015-04-27_00003.jpg

    Pleased with the overall squad, hopefully we can go on and get promoted to League 1!

  4. The Rise of the Pilgrims-plymouth-logo.jpg
    Plymouth Argyle
    August Results

    Firstly we only had one friendly against the U21s so I didn't bother to post that.

    Name:  7.JPG
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    Started the season well, Reid opened his account as we dominated the match but only managed to score from the spot. We had 12 attempts to their 4.

    MOTM: Curtis Nelson

    Name:  6.JPG
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    We opened up our cup run with a 4-1 drilling of League 1 side Leyton Orient who were favorites before the match. 4 different goalscorers ensured our progression and we managed to have twice as many attempts as we cruised past the O's.

    MOTM: Bobby Reid with a rating of 9.0

    Name:  5.JPG
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    Arguably the best match of the month, and I dont think it will be topped this season. A 5-1 slaughtering of our local rivals Exeter featuring a Rueben Reid hattrick and a wonder goal from Cameron Park, I was delighted to impress the 11,500+ fans with a pitch perfect display.

    MOTM: Reuben Reid and Cameron Park. Although Reid walked away with the match ball and a 9.6 rating Cameron Park was just as influential.

    Name:  4.JPG
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    Once again, the Pilgrims put their opposition to the sword with another near perfect display which saw us extend our lead at the top of the table, Reid and Park continued where they left off and grabbed all 3 goals between them.

    MOTM: Jason Banton. Despite Reid scoring 2 goals Jason Banton got 2 assists from the left wing and got a 8.9 rating.

    Name:  3.JPG
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    We grabbed another win except this time was a last minute winner, we could of and probably should of won by more but we had to deal with both of our Reids getting injured and once Reuben Reid went off in the 80th minute we managed to scored the winner despite only having 10 men and no striker.

    MOTM: Jason Banton. Once again grabbing the MOTM with an impressive winner in the 88th minute.

    Name:  2.JPG
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    I guess the less said the better, tried to match fire with fire in this game but we could never of really posed a threat with our second XI. Good news is we managed to score 2 against a very strong team.

    MOTM: Wes Hoolahan

    Name:  1.JPG
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    Oh no, is this the start of a downward slope? Out played Southend yet they kept on finding a way back, they should of won the match but luckily they missed the penalty in the 82nd minute.

    MOTM: Bobby Reid managed to be the shining light with a 8.0 rating and traveled 8.4 miles and he is starting to look like a very good player.

    So the player of the month is...

    The Rise of the Pilgrims-2015-04-27_00011.jpg

    No surprise here, scored 9 goals in 7 appearances as Reid looks to continue bossing League 2.

    Also Banton and Nelson came first and second respectively in the Young Player of the Month award.

    I also got Manager of the Month so lets hope we can continue this form.

  5. The Rise of the Pilgrims-plymouth-logo.jpg
    Plymouth Argyle
    August Update and League Table

    Earlier this month we started improving our facilities with the Harvey money.

    The Rise of the Pilgrims-training-facillites.jpg
    The Rise of the Pilgrims-youth-facillites.jpg

    Sadly the board rejected our proposal for an improved Youth Level but you can't get everything you want.

    After 5 games this is what the table looks like:

    The Rise of the Pilgrims-2015-04-27_00013.jpg

    Pleased with our position and how well our players are doing individually. Lets hope we can get back to winning ways!

    Plans for this month:

    Possibly look at a new assistant manager (Sorry Paul)
    Retain our league position
    Keep the moral high

  6. To everyone reading this is there anywhere where I can improve and also can you please give some feedback on how it is going and what you want to see happen in this save.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by markkkkk View Post
    To everyone reading this is there anywhere where I can improve and also can you please give some feedback on how it is going and what you want to see happen in this save.
    Good start man I want you to win the PL with Plymouth!

  8. Brilliant start to the season mate! keep it up!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by SeanKeaney View Post
    Good start man I want you to win the PL with Plymouth!
    Thanks hope so too! Would be a first!

    Quote Originally Posted by SamPeters View Post
    Brilliant start to the season mate! keep it up!
    Thanks man!

  10. green army!
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  11. The Rise of the Pilgrims-plymouth-logo.jpg
    Plymouth Argyle
    September Results

    Name:  1.JPG
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    There goes the hope of winning a cup. Lost our spark once Reid went off in the 4th minute. Hopefully someone can take over Reid's job upfront or we are in for a hard run of fixtures.

    MOTM: Miles Storey

    Name:  2.JPG
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    Ahhhh. Used three different strikers this match and all had less then a 6.3 rating. We played terribly and now we are officially in a hole...

    MOTM: Oduwa

    Name:  3.JPG
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    Well we aren't good away from home. McCormick got injured so Bittner had to play who isn't League 2 quality so I'm thinking of getting Siegrist from Villa as cover. Appiah is struggling up top.

    MOTM: Redshaw

    Name:  4.JPG
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    Talk about a response. We seem to be able to overcome anyone at home but we play like headless chickens away from home. Bobby Reid scored two and McHugh managed to get one in as we turned our form around!

    MOTM: McHugh. Defended well and managed to even grab a goal at the end.

    Name:  5.JPG
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    Hmmmmm. Seems like we are unbeatable at home. Glad to get back to back wins just to boost the moral a bit. Appiah scored his first league goal (Finally) and despite Hartley getting sent off it was a good display.

    MOTM: Jason Banton. Seems to be getting better every game. Really hoping for his form to stay like this the whole campaign.

    Name:  6.JPG
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    Well we didn't lose. Banton scored before getting injured in the 41st minute and Reid also made his comback in this game.

    MOTM: Curtos Nelson. Currently he is now a decent Sky Bet Championship defender so it's great to see our captain consistently put in these performances.

    Our player of the month is:

    The Rise of the Pilgrims-2015-04-27_00023.jpg
    Banton was in great form with 3 assists and 2 goals until he got injured. Hope he can come back stronger...

    Never had this before!
    The Rise of the Pilgrims-2015-04-27_00024.jpg

  12. The Rise of the Pilgrims-plymouth-logo.jpg
    Plymouth Argyle
    September Updates

    So we managed to pull it back towards the end of the month so our league position doesn't look to bad. Reid remains the league's top goalscorer.

    The Rise of the Pilgrims-2015-04-27_00025.jpg

    Hopefully we can fix our away form and we should see ourselves in League 1 next season.

    Also we are planning on buying our stadium so we can expand it later on.

  13. Guys if you want me to add anything please let me know I feel like I'm lacking something...

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