Die Munchen Die: Borrusia Munchengladbach, rise from the ashes.

  1. Die Munchen Die: Borrusia Munchengladbach, rise from the ashes.

    I know my past stories have never really been a succses and they seem to tail off quite a bit but once I started this save I was instantly hooked, So please enjoy and If anyone has any suggestions or advice please leave it below as it would be much appreciated.

    When a once great club fall into the burning fire of the abyss, there ashes will lay upon the ground, from these ashes must rise a new version of the club, this new club must strive to be stronger, to be cheaper but mainly to be better. This team must use the ashes as their foundations as they look to build an empire. This team must create their own triumphs and write their place in the record books. This team must create and assert their dominance upon the world.

    Young manager Aidan Dickson looks to take the job upon himself to take BMG to the heighest heights of German and European football and mark the return of a once top team.

    Borussia Munchengladbach call a press conference new manager.

    BMG "We are glad to announce the hiring of our new manager who we hope will lead us into a new age for BMG: Aidan Dickson"

    FourFourTwo "Dickson sir, Hello, you have taken the challenge upon yourself to rebuild this once elite force, what made you choose Gladbach and how quickly are you aiming to bring sucsess"

    Dickson "Well I was offered the job of a club with some outstanding finances, a great history and a wonderful squad balance perfectly between Experienced and Potential young players and for sucsess, I am looking to bring Champions League either this season or next but I am looking for quick sucsess"

    FourFourTwo "You have already mentioned the squad and it's ability but will you be looking to improve?"

    Dickson "Well, No team is complete ever, but this is almost there but maybe 1 or 2 signings would really sure up the team and supply adequate back-up"

    FourFourTwo " So have you got any ......."

    Dickson "That will be all"

    With a transfer budget of 15 Million we could maybe add a couple of players in to make the squad just the little bit stronger and that could be vital this season. We will spend pre-season preparing tactic and hopefully finding the best 11.


  2. Transfers:

    Once I released the deadwood players who were on ridiculous wages and were never going to play and loaned out some promising youngsters I wasn't looking for any in or outs but Southampton came in with an 8 Million pound bid for Alvaro Dominguez and I had to accept after he had already asked to leave. I brought in a well known man in the FM world Eder Alvarez Balanta.

    After pre-season I found that I was a mid-table side so I would need two tactics for this season, One for when I am favourites and One for when I am the underdogs:

    Favourites Tactic
    Korb Balanta Jantschke Wendt

    Herrman Xhaka Hahn
    Raffael Kruse

    Underdog Tactic

    Korb Balanta Jantschke Wendt
    Herrman Xhaka Hahn

    The first tactic looks for us to control the play in a dominant way while the second looks to play a defensive counter attacking kind of play. Hopefully these two tactics will work well for this season. Only time will tell.


    It was a somewhat dissapointing pre-season but it don't determind the season so I guess we just need to put it behind us.

    Bromby IF 0-0 BMG

    BMG 0-3 Steaue

    Aachen 0-1 BMG


    Fortune Koln 2-1 BMG


    Uerdingen 0-0 BMG

    BMG 2-0 Oberhausen

    Raffeal Hrgota

    BMG 2-0 Adelade United

    Traore Eckert

    BMG 0-1 Fenerbache

    Let's hope the new season starts off alot better than what its like now otherwise we could be in for a difficult season.

  3. August:

    This was my break in month, I knew that it was going to be a struggle to really settle into a new country and at the end of the month we were shown how cruel it really can be, however a first day of the season win and two cup victories meant the month was quite sucsessful.

    BMG 3-0 Aue

    Balanta, Raffeal, Kruse - Fink S/O

    BMG 2-0 Be'er- Sheeva

    Balanta, Herrmann


    BMG 4-1 Ausburg

    Raffael (2), Herrmann, Traore - Ji Dong Won

    BMG 0-3 Bremen

    Selke, Makiadi, Aycicek.

    Player of the month:
    The award goes to the young center-back who got himself on the score sheet in the first two matches and only conceded 1 goal while in defence (Missed last game of month). He was a rock at the back and got himself an average rating of 8.3.

  4. September:

    Septmeber was an off month, that is not what you need when you are only two months into the season, we can take postives and negative from it and I hope we can move on and benefit from this.

    BMG 4-2 He'er- Sheva

    MOTM: Max Kruse (BMG)

    Kruse, Hrogta (2), Raffeal - Hoban, Ben-Shabbat

    BMG 1-4 Mainz

    MOTM: Koo Ja-Cheol (Mainz)

    Herrmann - Baumgartlinger, Okazaki (2), Ja-Choel

    BMG 4-1 Guingamp (EURO LEAGUE)

    MOTM: Patrick Herrmann (BMG)

    Raffeal, Kruse, Herrmann (2) - Randondic

    BMG 2-2 Paderborn

    MOTM: Branimir Hrgota (BMG)

    Hrgota (2) - Ziegler S/0, Lakic, Saglik

    BMG 1-0 Koln

    MOTM: Branimir Hrgota (BMG)


    BMG 0-1 Gelsenkirchen

    MOTM: Joel Matip (Schalke)


    Player of the month: Branimir Hrogta

    He popped up with 5 goals in 6 games this month and rescued us at least 4 extra points this month including a 90+3rd minute winner against Koln. He earns Player of the month.

  5. October:

    This was the month we needed, unbeaten throughout the month and we really look like we can start to pick up our season and push forward from this month.

    BMG 3-3 Dynamo Kiev

    MOTM: Andriy Yarmalenko (Kiev)

    Kruse, Hrgota, Herrmann - Yarmalenko (3)

    BMG 3-1 Stuttgart

    MOTM: Patrick Herrmann (BMG)

    Herrmann (2), Kruse - Werner, Gruezo S/O

    BMG 4-1 Frieburg

    MOTM: Throgan Hazard (BMG)

    Hazard, Kruse, Herrmann, Traore - Petersen

    BMG 2-1 Slovan Bratislavia

    MOTM: Patrick Herrmann (BMG)

    Herrmann, Hrgota - Slovenciak

    BMG 3-0 Hamburg

    MOTM: Granit Xhaka (BMG)

    Xhaka, Hahn, Jantschke

    BMG 1-0 Muchen Lions

    MOTM: Tony Jantschke


    Player of the month: Patrick Herrmann.

    Find me a reason not to hand it to this man, 5 goals and 2 MOTM performances show the Right midfield knows how to help bang in the goals as well as assist them.

  6. November:

    After an unbeaten month, I saw a month of empty performances and a broken team. Something changed and everything just suddenly dropped.

    BMG 0-2 Hoffenheim

    MOTM: Roberto Firminho (Hoffenheim)

    Firminho, Volland

    BMG 1-1 Slovan Bratislavia

    MOTM: Andre Hahn (BMG)

    Hahn - Vittek

    BMG 0-2 Hertha Berlin

    MOTM: Pekarik (Hertha)

    Kalou, Beerens

    BMG 5-0 Hannover

    MOTM: Max Kruse (BMG)

    Kruse (3), Pereira (O.G.), Hrgota

    BMG 0-2 Guingamp

    MOTM: Angoua (Guingamp)

    Maddane, Randondic

    BMG 0-3 Frankfurt

    MOTM: Meier (Frankfurt)

    Seferovic, Stendera, Injoskvi

    Player of the Month: Max Kruse

    After a terrible month no one really stood out so I gave it to Max Kruse for his hat-trick in our only win this month.

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