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New Story Suggestions

  1. New Story Suggestions

    Hi guys,
    I just wanted to get some feedback on which team people would find most interesting for me to base my new story on, I want to start a save that I can really get engrossed in until the arrival of FM16, I will still be running the Ultimate Player Story as well as my Bullardinho Player story but unfortunately with all that 'going on holiday' I am starting to lose a bit of interest in FM as I miss actually playing the game. So my possible choices are..

    D Eibar

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    With Back-to-back promotions, Eibar have somehow found their way into La Liga for the first time in their history. The town of Eibar, a small town in the Basque Country which has a population of 30,00 and the club average attendance is just under 5,000 a match. They have had many financial troubles in the last few years leading the town to start a ‘Defend Eibar’ campaign to save the club, a campaign that to date has helped the club stave off administrators, for now.
    So in short, Eibar are a tiny club with absolutely no money, no real stand out talent and have only recently just beaten their transfer record by signing Dani Nieto from for a whopping 75,000 euros. My challenge would be to survive, compete and then eventually dominate.

    Mechelen FC

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    Mechelen FC are surprisingly a side I know very little about all though they are previous one time winners of the Cup Winners Cup in 1987-1988, in fact they won it in style, managing to remain unbeaten throughout the entire competition. The clubs short, sharp rise to success was purely down to a tycoon by the name of John Cordier who injected an enormous amount of money in the club in the 80’s, whilst this did drastically improve the clubs fortunes overnight, it did not last and Cordier left the club in the 90’s and unfortunately the club now find themselves plying their trade in the third tier of Belgian football. Can I get them back to the dizzy heights of top tier and Continental football?

    New York City

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    Along with Orlando City, NYC are the newest franchise to join MLS League, founded as a joint venture between Manchester City Football Club and the New York Yankees. They already have David Villa and Frank Lampard confirmed in their squad however they have no official matches until 2015 and as such that means you have an until March 2015 to build your new team. The idea of starting with a blank canvas, a club with absolutely no history is quite exciting and of course plenty of backing financially. The only negatives of taking charge of the American side are that I do not understand the MLS franchising rules, annual drafts and all the other weird stipulations the League Officials have created.. still could be fun though.

  2. Eibar would be cool
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  3. Eibar or NYC! Although I'd be more interested to see an Orlando story personally - may be my next story!
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  4. Brendn's Avatar Brendn
    Modern Day Legend
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  5. I vote Mechelen! Looks like a fantastic challenge!! Although Eibar would be good too
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Brendn View Post
    Thanks for setting that up

  7. Simulate 10 years, then take over the "big" team that has dropped the lowest in the european league systems!
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  8. Hard choice between Mechelen and Eibar but went for Mechelen. Would be interested in following any of the 3 though!
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Znik View Post
    Simulate 10 years, then take over the "big" team that has dropped the lowest in the european league systems!
    To be honest with you I would be all up for that idea had I not spent the last week literally just 'simming' season after season of FM haha

  10. Out of the choices you have given, Eibar for sure. Have started 'supporting' them since I saw Neymar and Messi playing in that tiny stadium!

  11. Eibar would be a challenge mate, go for it !

  12. Looks like so far Eibar is the popular choice, I must admit I am pleased as this was my favourite

  13. Eibar would be a nice story to follow. A nice project.

  14. I haven't really followed and MLS story so I voted NYC

  15. Looks like Eibar it is guys with a major majority vote Thanks for voting guys! Let the story commence
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by Bullardinho View Post
    Looks like Eibar it is guys with a major majority vote Thanks for voting guys! Let the story commence
    Completely missed the poll but look forward to the story mate.
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