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Aaron Ryan - From Rags To Riches

  1. Aaron Ryan - From Rags To Riches

    Aaron Ryan - From Rags To Riches

    This BAP story, like many others, was inspired by Lippo225, and his story C.J Lippo - A Life In Football. If somehow you have not stumbled upon this masterpiece yet, then definitely check it out.

    This is, if you haven't already read above, a BAP story (I know, another one!). I have decided to set my CA to 75, my PA to -8 and my position to striker. I have also of course set his staff preference to management. The rest, attribute/height/weight wise, I have left to the FM Gods above, with all their mighty wisdom.

    Aaron Ryan - From Rags To Riches-aaron-ryan_-overview-profile.pngAaron Ryan - From Rags To Riches-aaron-ryan_-history-career-stats.png

    Aaron Ryan, 15, was born on the 15th September 1998, in Turin to an Italian Mother and an English Father. He grew up in Turin, until at the age of 14 he moved to the town of Milton Keynes with his family. His father had been working in England for the last ten years, travelling between England and Italy every few weeks, but a new promotion had meant that he had to move to England permanently, and so his family came with him. Unfortunately, due to the limited amount of time spent with his father, Aaron had never had the opportunity to learn English, which meant adapting to life in England much harder as it was very hard for him to communicate with the other people in his school and local area. However, he did find one way, through football.

    Aaron had been massively into football all his life. He had grown up playing football on the streets with his friends, and was held very highly among them for his ability to find the back of the net from anywhere. A big supporter of Torino (and Arsenal, his father's team), he had been filled with joy when he was inducted into their academy at the age of 8. But it was not to last, as his move to his new home in England took this all away.

    As soon as he had started at his new school, he began to play football with all the other boys in his year, and it instantly became apparent that he was miles above them in terms of ability. He joined the school team, and despite not being able to communicate properly with the other boys, was made captain, with the manager hoping that his skillful example would be enough to improve that of his team mates and successfully lead them. It was during only his second game for the school, that a scout from the local team, MK Dons approached his father, and asked if he would be able to come along for a trial. Realizing this great opportunity for his son, his father joyously accepted and later that week Aaron found himself standing, as the youngest player there, among the other MK Dons youths at their training ground in Tattenhoe. The trial had gone very well and Aaron was offered a contract immediately.

    This gave great pride to Aaron's father, seeing his only son standing there with the MK Dons manager, Karl Robinson. However, it was what Karl said to him after that did it for him.

    'Your son can make it big', he passionately explained, 'Your son has the potential to go all the way!'

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  2. The rise of Aaron Ryan, looking forward to this.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by reubomad View Post
    The rise of Aaron Ryan, looking forward to this.
    Thanks man! Though with a height of only 171cm and a jumping reach of 5, he's not really going to be rising too high.
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  4. DaveAzzopardi's Avatar DaveAzzopardi
    Best of luck. Looks an interesting save!
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by DaveAzzopardi View Post
    Best of luck. Looks an interesting save!
    Thanks mate, appreciate the support!

  6. Great finishing stat! Already look better than my 31 year old ever looked!!

    Look forward to his, love these stories so much!

    Hopefully you avoid those torn hamstrings and broken legs though
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  7. MK Dons - A Background

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    Source: Wikipedia

    Milton Keynes Dons Football Club (usually abbreviated to MK Dons) is an English football club based since 2007 at Stadium:mk, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, about 56 miles (90 km) north of London. The result of Wimbledon F.C.'s relocation to Milton Keynes from south London in September 2003, the club officially considers itself to have been founded in 2004, when it adopted its present name, badge and home colours. As of the 2014–15 season its first team plays in Football League One, the third tier of English football.

    Initially based at the National Hockey Stadium, the club competed as MK Dons from the start of the 2004–05 season. After two years in League One it was relegated to the fourth-tier League Two, where it remained until it won the 2007–08 League Two title under the management of Paul Ince. MK Dons also won the Football League Trophy that year. The team has since remained in League One, under the management of Karl Robinson since 2010. MK Dons have built a strong reputation for youth development—between 2004 and 2014 the club gave first team debuts to 14 local academy graduates.

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    Great finishing stat! Already look better than my 31 year old ever looked!!

    Look forward to his, love these stories so much!

    Hopefully you avoid those torn hamstrings and broken legs though
    Thanks mate! I have to say that I to am quite surprised with the good stats. However, I've also notice that the FM Gods have decided to make my player vertically challenged. A real achievement for him will be scoring just one headed goal in the whole of his career!

    I'm hoping to avoid those injuries too. You see how much C.J Lippo's development was stunted by injuries, and I definitely don't want that to happen to me!
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  9. Aaron Ryan - Pre-Contract

    Aaron Ryan - From Rags To Riches-bap-1.png

    MK Dons F.C today announced that their new youth starlet, Aaron Ryan, has signed a pre-contract deal, which will take effect when he reaches his 17th birthday, on Tuesday 15th September 2015.

    This news has been received with great delight by the Dons supporters, as they feel that this deal continues to show the club's talent at youth development, and they realise that Ryan may one day play a big part in the club's success.

    On a phone-in chat with Milton Keynes' local radio station, Heart FM, Aaron's father revealed that Aaron was ​'Looking forward very much to continuing his development at the Dons, and that he is happy that he will be remaining with such a talented group of players'.

    With the season yet to get underway, does this deal tell us of a possible First-Team usage for Ryan this year, or will he remain in the under-18 squad, so that his development can be properly nurtured.

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  10. Aaron Ryan - Performance Update

    Aaron Ryan - From Rags To Riches-bap-2.png

    'Unstoppable!', that's how the media described Aaron Ryan's performance for the Dons under-18's 2-0 victory against Northampton Town U18's. The pacey striker managed to bag two goals, while picking up the MOTM award for his performance. The young starlet was a constant threat to the opposition goal, especially when he was allowed the space to run against their defense.

    Surely, with performances like this it can't be long before the MK Dons manager, Karl Robinson, has no choice but to call him up for his first-team debut! And, if he puts in a performance like this one, he might well be staying there!
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  11. That 16 in determination is going to worth its weight in gold also!

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