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Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins

  1. Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins

    I was so inspired by Lippo's story that I had to do this myself!

    Introducing Tenzin Dorji:

    Born in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA to an American Mother and Bhutanese Father. He moved to Bhutan shortly after his birth. Tenzin comes from a footballing pedigree where his mother played Division 1 college soccer for the University of New Hampshire and his Father was the Starting goalkeeper for his University’s Division 2 National Championship Team in the late 80's. Tenzin excelled at football from a young age. He started playing for his local team U18 team in Bhutan before being spotted by scouts from India’s Mohun Bagan at a regional tournament in Sri Lanka. Tenzin hopes to make an impression in India and score many goals!

    Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-pre-contract.pngTenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-att.png
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  2. Tenzin makes his debut in a preseason friendly and scores a brace! What a promising start for the young Bhutanese American striker. Mohan Bagan fans will surely be excited for more things to come from Dorji.

    Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-screen-shot-2015-04-30-4.11.44-pm.png

    Some bad news for Dorji, he suffered a fractured wrist in the following friendly against Kolkata and will be out for 7 weeks.

    Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-screen-shot-2015-04-30-6.37.10-pm.png

  3. The Debut:

    I am so happy to have made my professional debut during a vital cup match for us, and for me to have scored a goal was icing on the cake really. I worked so hard to get back to fitness, I hope the manager keeps picking me for the team!
    Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-debut.png
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  4. I like that a few of the newer Player story's have people starting in different spots. Like Kenrry's it will be interesting to see the career path your player ends up taking!
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Yeti01 View Post
    I like that a few of the newer Player story's have people starting in different spots. Like Kenrry's it will be interesting to see the career path your player ends up taking!
    I find this type of story fascinating I hope it pans out!

  6. Season Review 2014/2015:

    It was a tough season for me this year. I started off preseason with a bang and scored a couple important goals but I was only able to make 3 league appearances. I was mainly with the reserves and threw up some decent stats with the Under 18 team. I hope to break into the first team this coming up season or at least go out on loan to get some more experience.

    Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-screen-shot-2015-04-30-8.10.41-pm.png
    Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-screen-shot-2015-04-30-8.16.21-pm.png

  7. Go Prove Yourself, Kid

    I received a call from the gaffer explaining to me that a loan offer from SC Goa has come in for me and if I would interested I told him, let me think about it boss, I really want to prove myself here at the club but if I have to go on loan I will.

    Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-screen-shot-2015-04-30-9.17.23-pm.png

  8. Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-screen-shot-2015-04-30-9.39.49-pm.png

    I have been playing really well start to rack up goals, appearances, and now an award let's go!

    Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-screen-shot-2015-04-30-9.39.23-pm.png

    This is really unfortunate..... I'm gutted. I broke my ankle after going on a tear and now my season is done, the world of Indian football can be a cruel place for a player like Tenzin.

    Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-screen-shot-2015-04-30-9.41.33-pm.png
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-screen-shot-2015-04-30-9.39.40-pm.png  

  9. Off to a Flying Start

    I was uneasy at first at returning to Mohun Bagan but they promised to play me and I was named a Key Player. I have had a solid first season as a starter. I hope I can keep this going. I really feel like this is an important year to develop as a professional footballer. I just celebrated my 19th birthday.

    Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-screen-shot-2015-04-30-11.05.22-pm.png

    Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-screen-shot-2015-04-30-11.04.48-pm.png

    Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-screen-shot-2015-04-30-11.12.29-pm.png

  10. Great start, be interesting to see how you go in India and possibly abroad!
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  11. Coming into my own

    2017 Season Review:

    I finished my first full season as a starter injury free. I have a very productive season infront of goal for a 19 year old with 27 appearances, 13 goals, 2 assists and 3 PoM awards. All my hard work payed off and I won the Young Player of the Year award! Soon the Bhutan National Team became interested in securing my services for their national team. I made my debut against Thailand on November 15th 2017. There was also minor interest from the New York Cosmos, but that has seemed to die down recently. All in all a great year for Tenzin who is really starting to become an established player in South Asia

    .Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-season-stats.png

    Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-ypoy.png
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-screen-shot-2015-04-30-11.29.29-pm.png  
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  12. 2018 and 2019 review

    2018: The season was cut short by injury and I was only able to make 6 appearances and rack 3 goals and 2 assists. I continued to be apart of the Bhutan national team setup, but have yet to score my first international goal.

    2019: I came back as good as I could have hoped for making 18 appearances and scoring 9 goals. Mohan Bagan offered me a contract extension but I refused. I have one year left on my deal hopefully I can improve in 2020 and garner some interest from abroad.

    Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-screen-shot-2015-05-01-6.24.19-am.png

    Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-screen-shot-2015-05-01-6.25.45-am.png

  13. How are his stats looking?

  14. He has had slight improvements all around injuries have played apart in him not improving as much as I hoped. It also looks like he might turn into a one club player which would be cool.

    Tenzin Dorji, The Quest Begins-screen-shot-2015-05-01-9.14.14-am.png
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