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Road to Glory : The Manager

  1. Tuesday and Wednesday was all title talk and job talk. I had support though, from friend and fellow coach Marvin Andrews and Brendan Rodgers..

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  2. 22nd April 2020


    "Tonight has a focus on St James' Park where Newcastle United take on Liverpool FC. Newcastle boss, James McKenzie, has his job on the line while Liverpool chase another Premier League title. We are joined tonight by Phil Thompson, Iain Dowie and ex-Newcastle midfielder Joey Barton. Predictions?"


    "I don't think Newcastle have it in them, Jeff. They failed to hold on at Manchester City, they have been boring and almost fear going for it. Liverpool, you know, on the other hand, are chasing the Premiership title and just smashed Arsenal at Wembley. 3-1 Liverpool, I think, Jeff."


    "Phil has to be right, yeah Jeff. Pressure is really building now, on eh, James McKenzie. He's not seen the intensity of the Premier League before and it has hit him hard. I'd like to think he could get a season at the club, with his team but football just isn't like that. Liverpool will be too strong. 3-0."


    "I'd love to think McKenzie could get to start next year, get some business done. But they have struggled, they really have, and it is awful that Liverpool could seal the mans fate because I do think they will be too strong for Newcastle. We need performances, Zidane, has to start scoring. Wilshere needs to live up to his name. They could do it today, but again, maybe a 2 or 3-1 Liverpool."


    "Oh and it is a chance for Newcastle! No!"

    "What's happened, Phil?"

    "Garbutt, he has paced it down the left and got a looping ball into the box. Nitcham was there and he put a toe to it but hit the post!"


    "ITSA GOAL! NITCHAM THIS TIME. Ball is worked around the box before a shot deflects into his path, easy finish. It's 1-0 Newcastle, 20 minutes."


    "No way, it's another! Zidane turns his man and with his weaker foot - I think! Manages to curl the ball just around Simon Mignolet's hand. Liverpool look shocked."


    "Half time now, ere Jeff. Liverpool have been better but Newcastle are 2-0 up. Liverpool have to come back fighting or the title is back in the hands of Jose Mourinho."


    "Schurrle! That's more like it from Liverpool, I told ya Jeff. They had to come back fighting and they have worked that goal so well as Schurrle nicks in at the back post. They have grabbed the ball. They want this, they can win this now."


    "It's all over, Jeff. Unbelievable win for Newcastle United. They shouldn't have managed to hold on after that early goal, James McKenzie didn't celebrate once and Brendan Rodgers is trying to look cool and calm but he's got to be fuming. This should have been 3 points."

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  3. Been silent reading for a few days and now I've just caught up. Great story and very well put out.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bnpwp1979 View Post
    Been silent reading for a few days and now I've just caught up. Great story and very well put out.
    Thanks a bunch, buddy! Means a lot.

  5. Unbelievable. 2 Games to go.
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  6. The Final Day


    Welcome to what we have all been waiting for, the final day of the Premier League season and the conclusion of what has been an unbelievable season up in Scotland too as the Old Firm are swept to the side by Partick Thistle and Aberdeen.

    We have a lot to be decided in England though, there is 4 teams fighting for 1 spot of safety, teams vying for a Europa League spot, West Ham United are clinging on to a Champions League spot while Liverpool and Manchester United contend with Chelsea for the Premier League title. We also must talk about the likes of Tim Sherwood, James McKenzie and Leonid Slutskiy as they hold onto their jobs.

    James McKenzie's Newcastle United have had a big say in all that we have mentioned in the last 5 games, they have had Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, West Ham and today Blackburn who are looking for safety. What do you think of his chances of staying on as Newcastle boss, Matt?


    It's going to be tough, we don't hear much from the owners there but from what we hear and see it does look like he may be out after the Blackburn game. It always seems like "his last game" is a game that they can't sack him for, it's either Manchester City or a win against Liverpool. And to be fair, look at their form since January. It's much better. He deserves a season.


    So, our Super 6 starts with the Blackburn, Newcastle United tie. Thoughts?


    It has to be a Blackburn win today, but I just see Newcastle holding them. 1-1.


    Newcastle United are playing for pride, their boss' job and potentially a spot at the European Championship, while Blackburn are playing for the exact same and a spot in the Premier League. 2-1 Blackburn.


    Blackburn, at home, they need safety. Has to be 1-0.


    I think Newcastle will be a real thorn for Blackburn but I don't know. Close one. 2-1 Newcastle, I think Jeff.


    Hmm, 2-0 Blackburn.




    And the rest of the Super 6 is as follows.

    Blackburn - Newcastle
    Bournemouth - Manchester United
    Wigan - West Brom
    Liverpool - Leeds
    West Ham - QPR
    Chelsea - Arsenal

    You can have your say online, on Twitter and Facebook. Let us know.



    Half time has arrived at all ten Premier League grounds, and it is looking good for Chelsea as they lead 1-0 against Arsenal but a slip up and Liverpool are waiting as they are having no problems as they welcome Leeds United. Man United are of course still drawing, and at the other side of the table it is draws all round. Blackburn are currently drawing against Newcastle United and remember that both jobs could be on the line, Huddersfield are failing to beat Aston Villa, while West Brom just grabbed an equaliser at Wigan. West Ham United and Manchester City remain neck and neck in a bid for fourth, West Ham need to start winning though or they'll miss out. Anything could happen.

    WIGAN SCORE, 2-1 v West Brom

    "That's a goal, Jeff! Eden Hazard, it's 2-0. Chelsea are going to be Champions!"

    WEST BROM SCORE, 2-2 v Wigan

    "Pereeez! Manchester City take pole position for a run in the Champions League."

    "West Brom have scored another, Jeff. They don't want to go down today!"


    Just 5 minutes to go at most grounds, West Ham need to score for Champions League football. West Brom are set to secure their safety as Blackburn draw with Newcastle United. Chelsea are just waiting for the final whistle to blow, they are about to be crowned Champions of England.

    "Oh ho, Brendan Galloway has just scored an absolute screamer for Blackburn! It's 2-1. That was almost 40 yards!"


    It's a real shame because as it stands they will still go down on Goal Difference, unless Wigan can equalise against West Brom, it's still 4-3.


    And that is time, another Premier League draws to a close and I must say what a match at the bottom of the table - Wigan and West Brom, winner would be safe and West Brom came out on top and despite Blackburn's efforts against Newcastle United they will be set for the Championship.

    May I mention, we drew with West Ham United and they have missed out on the Champions League by Goal Difference, we beat Liverpool who miss out on the title by 2 points. We also drew with Tottenham who miss out on Europe while Manchester City beat us only 4 weeks ago and they manage to sneak into the top 4.

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  8. "Thanks for coming in, Mr McKenzie. Flavio is waiting." the receptionist said as I entered St James' Park. I had been called in, I assumed it would be to discuss next season but at the same time the sack does loom large.

    "James, take a seat. What is this!?" Flavio's voice rose as I turned a laptop towards me, it was the Sun's Gossip column that said I had applied for numerous jobs in a plea to get out the club before I was pushed out.

    "Journalists from the Sun trying to make for fun reading." I said, glancing back up at Flavio. He wasn't joined by Gonalez or Anibal, two of the ones I felt I had some sort of good relationship with. Flavio was aggressive and I had become sick of them judging me on papers.

    "It would make sense though wouldn't it? We said Europa League you gave us bottom half!" he shouted back at me.

    "You know, this media they give you support but you are gone!" He said, hands on hip and turning his back on me.

    "What?" I squealed back.

    "Squad harmony, other jobs, position. You are sacked, collect your things. I'll have the secretary contact you in the morning." and Flavio left me, sat there, heart-racing and jobless.

  9. By the sounds of it, you are better off well out of there!

  10. Career stats thus far.

    My £40,000 per week contract at Newcastle United was saved pretty well as I spent most of the time in a B&B before making my way to a house of Fabricio Coloccini, this meant I could go on a nice trip to France, particularly Alsace where I spent 6 months of my childhood. My agent would be looking at linking me to jobs and if I was particularly interested I'd travel for the interview otherwise a video conference would do.

    A few English clubs called, Championship sides Cardiff, Norwich and Watford. I wasn't overly interested though. English football exhausted me.

    It was when I was up early when I got a call from an unrecognised number where I was most interested in a job. I expected a journalist or something of the sort. I put Newcastle behind me and only kept contact with a few there so it could have been someone from there, what had annoyed me was Marvin Andrews and Carl Fletcher had gotten jobs back in football because of me and they didn't back me in my sacking. Remy Cabella and a few of the younger lads kept close while Michael Bradley and Luke Garbutt received disciplinary action for commenting on my sacking, in support. It was nice, but I said I would make Europe. If a cleaner doesn't clean they wouldn't keep their job - why should I?

    It was David Beattie though, the chairman of Partick Thistle. Derek McInnes had made the move to Newcastle, funnily enough.

    I arrived in Glasgow later that day for the interview, with a return flight to Alsace booked for 0234. If I wasn't to get a job I would probably go to Russia for the European Championships.

    Anyway, the interview went well and I was told he would be in touch. I was excited by the prospect of Champions League football with Partick Thistle. Europe is a huge thing to Scottish clubs and fans, it would be a brand new experience for them and myself.

    However, 3 days had passed and while I traveled to Spain for the beaches I checked BBC Sport to see Gary Teale had taken over at Partick Thistle, and sure enough moments later I had a text from Mr Beattie, detailing why Teale was chosen.

    'He is young' - I am younger!

    'Experienced in Scotland' - Youth development not count? Plus he was sacked as manager of Dundee United!

    Oh well, whatever. Drink and Spain will do for now.

    Or not.

    Kobenhavn? Denmark?

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    Come on Jela! The suspense is killing me!

  12. Well at least you went out with a really nice victory, can't wait to see where you end up next.

  13. "Welcome to Copenhagen, Mr McKenzie."

    I was greeted by a suited man, a driver, as I arrived at the airport. He had my name held up and I was greeted by a few optimistic fans who didn't speak a word of English. Even the drivers' English was very tough but could speak it.

    "We are happy you are here, Mr McKenzie" the driver continued as we made our way out for the black Audi. He continued to detail their second place finish last season, their heartbreak at choking their league push and the beauty of the city. All in eventually choppy English as the conversation got advanced. I arrived to meet the chairman in person, and meet the media in particular.

  14. Time to learn Danish

  15. So, here I was unveiled as the new manager of Danish side Kobenhavn, they had dominated the league in recent years but were without the title in 3 years, they hadn't won the cup since 2017 either. It was slowly beginning to feel like my time at Shamrock Rovers again, a 1 year deal to bring the club back into contention. Easy, right? Probably not. I knew the language when I was in Ireland. The majority of questions were asked in Danish and it all had to be translated for me, a few Brits made the trip in interest.

    "Why Kobenhavn?" was the first question to be translated for me, I knew what the man had said anyway so I smiled and looked back up.

    "English football exhausted me, the media, the pressure - and I understand both exists in Denmark but it isn't so intense, it's a beautiful city too. This gives me a completely new experience and I am ready to excel."

    "There was reports that you were sacked due to trying to leave before the boot, what's the truth?" was the second question, the press officer was also the translator and I was at a shock he allowed the question to come through. It startled me, the questions were supposed to be about me and Kobenhavn.

    "Well, yeah. No. I didn't look at other jobs, there was a gossip column that said I was wanting out and looked at the United post - something I'd never get anyway - and I walking on egg shells with the board after a row anyway to be brutally honest and it gave them a reason to push me off the edge." If the press officer is going to let stupid questions come through he can get stupid responses.

    "Alright, James? Does this feel like a step down from your English football experience and how excited are you at the challenges Danish football can provide?" I looked back up at the Scottish sounding journalist, it was Bryan, I had gone to school with him and when I ruined my non-existent football career he went off to do journalism - last I heard he was working the mailroom at the Daily Record..

    "Bryan f'n Thompson! Give me a call later yeah? But no, it doesn't feel like a step down. I've come into a side that provide me with very good training facilities, a good squad, a title challenge and the Europa League. I'm incredibly excited about what can be achieved here. I just want to get going, unbelievably excited."

    "There's a few who have expressed surprise in your appointment, thoughts?"

    "No thoughts, I mean what am I supposed to say? I've been an underdog all my life. I'm just happy to be here."

    and the questions continued.


    Meet the squad and such will come one we get to the start of the season but until then we will have usual updates along the way!

  16. NUFC made another mistake! Shouldn't of been total tosspots! Kobenhavn should provide a good challenge for yo though!

  17. Quote Originally Posted by JamesScott2908 View Post
    NUFC made another mistake! Shouldn't of been total tosspots! Kobenhavn should provide a good challenge for yo though!
    Felt a Champions League challenge, had a decent side after a few moves and had players coming in + an initial budget of £35m! Could have easily done something crazy at Newcastle, oh well - struggles make the game even more enjoyable!

  18. "Alright, Marvin?"
    I said, as the phone got picked up on the other end.

    "Oh.. James?" Marvin Andrews replied. Obviously it was me, as he seemed nervous.

    "Yeah, how's it over there? I'm probably looking to bring yourself, Carl and Richard over with me again. Are you guys free to chat terms.. " I was cut short.

    "Sorry, James. I have to go. I don't think we are leaving Newcastle."


  19. It was the day the lads all returned from their post-season break, I came in during this time so hadn't met any of them bar the captain and a few who used the facilities in order to keep fit and return from injuries. I was relatively nervous but ready as I stood waiting in the 'Games Room' which was just a common room, there was a pool table, tablets, a TV. They all filtered through as I stood with my non-playing staff on my shoulders, I hadn't made any changes after being snubbed by what I thought were "my guys". But whatever.

    "Hej" I said, it was just like saying 'hi' in English so was easy enough. The faces were still blank while I almost giggled at the stupidity of my efforts.

    "Okay, anyway - some of you will understand what I am saying while others won't. Thankfully our captain here, can speak both." I paused to let Thomas Delaney quickly repeat what I generally said.

    "It won't be easy but we will get this to work. I know you'll all be bitterly disappointed to have just missed out on the title last season and I am desperate we put in that extra 1% to win us that title. Let's do something this year, a Europa League run, a league win and let's make some f*cking noise. Alright? Get yourselves ready, Anders has you this morning for fitness." I was excited, the players could tell and were nodding away as I spoke and even more so when Delaney translated!

    This had to be our season. I needed this to be a success after my failure to prove myself at the top level. I have European football to look forward to, a shot at a title, Newcastle was the only club I failed to deliver at - even that's questionable, I got rid of so much deadwood and brought in real talent.

    Either way, Kobenhavn had to be a success.

  20. It was the Kobenhavn press day, it was mainly a chance for fans to see players and journalists to ask questions as we announced last seasons awards and officially showed off a few new signings. The big thing was the release of fixtures, predictions and expectations.

    We are the bookies' favourites, but anyone down to fifth are going to challenge. Rivals Brondby will be desperate to retain the title. I definitely feel it is possible for us to win the league, it is the aim. After speaking to managing director Anders Horsholt it was clear the club were hoping I would recreate what I did in Ireland, in bringing a once top side back into real contention. This would come with winning the title and Danish Cup while looking competitive in the Europa League.

    The season starts at the end of July and ends late May as there is a Winter break here, thankfully! As much as the Boxing Day fixture is big in England I feel they are desperate for a Christmas break.

    As for transfers, we have made a few big moves. Finances are quite safe at the minute at Kobenhavn so I was very happy to have a bit to spend.

    The first big move was to bring Magnus Wolff Eikrem in on a pre-contract deal. I was interested in him at Newcastle United but a deal never looked like it wanted to happen, he has been completely written out of action and prominence at West Ham United in the Premier League and a move to us looked good for the Norwegian who is set to hit 30.

    Upon arrival I was very quickly interested in Rasmussen who got the leagues highest number of assists last season, he's 28, Danish and a decent player to have in and around the side. He's incredibly versatile and is safe to play anywhere outside of the defence.

    The biggest of the deals meant bringing in another player once of the Manchester United academy. Tyler Blackett is an incredibly decent central defender who I feel can be a huge boost to our back 4 in both the league and European campaign.

    Definitely excited by our signings, I feel we can win the title this year and I feel like a child at Christmas at the prospect of the Europa League!

  21. Be nice to see a good cup run! Monday travelling to Denmark too


    I was so near to traveling to see the Championships before Copenhagen called and I was the manager of FC Kobenhavn. It was still of importance though, Denmark were competing as was our captain Thomas Delaney.



    Holland and France were joined by Romania in making it through to the knockout stages while Albania featured after knocking out Slovenia and Poland in the play offs for qualification. Some feat.


    Switzerland stun Spain while Czech Republic beat Greece in what would be seen as a game for the knockout stages.


    Finland were unbelievable, they sneaked into the Championships with huge wins over Russia and Ukraine in the play-offs and continued to stun as they forced Belgium out at the group stages.


    Denmark and Thomas Delaney had an easier group that most and they went unbeaten throughout with wins over Cyprus and Austria. Bosnia and Herzegovina narrowly miss out on a best-placed third for knockout football.


    Unbelievable, as Ireland manage wins over England, Sweden and Croatia as England's late winner at Sweden gives them knockout football. Ireland were unbelievable, with only one player outside of England and that is Perth Glory's 34 year old Andrew Keogh.


    A fair few draws as Germany advanced as expected. Norway weren't clinical enough as Turkey managed to go through ahead of them. Bulgaria, as expected, didn't uproot any trees.


    The Euro's continued with the first knockout round and the last 16, the first game to take place was Finland and France. France were hopeful of a good tournament while Finland had somehow found themselves in the knockout stages despite not thinking making the tournament was even possible.

    Unfortunately it seemed their run could not go on, 3 first half goals and a Teemu Pukki own goal had Finland 2-1 down, they played incredibly well and kept up with the French side but it wasn't enough as France went on.

    Thomas Delaney and Denmark would face up to England on the same day, England were shaken after their awful display in the Group Stages and had to pick themselves up again while Denmark may have become complacent after having a walk in the park.

    Extra time was waiting until a tired foul out wide on the right gave England a free kick, the ball was swung in onto Brandon Barker who slipped in at the back post - Goal! 94th minute. Unbelievable heartache as England squeeze passed the Danish.

    Romania then set up for Switzerland, Switzerland shocked many with their strong performances in their group and their ability to hold against Spain

    It wasn't to continue though, an early second half goal was all it took for the game to be decided. Incredibly boring, 1 real chance that lead to the goal.

    Eyes quickly shifted to Germany though as they set up to take on Croatia, while a tournament win was unlikely for Croatia they were a team to be reckoned with and Germany had to know this as they aimed to move Spain from their European throne.

    Germany were always in the lead, there was nothing to really take from the game apart from the goals. Otherwise it was a pretty average game with few shots. Croatia looked good in parts however the Germans were too clinical.

    Portugal were next on the agenda, as they looked on to see a stubborn Czech Republic side. Portugal had pleaded with Cristiano Ronaldo to return after an unbelievable season with Real Madrid aged 35 however he wasn't interested to the surprise of fans from around the world who thought Portugal had a shot.

    Czech Republic failed to hold their first half lead as a quick-fire double from Portugal kept their hopes alive - just! It was also a very controversial penalty.

    Ireland shocked the majority of Europe with their display in the Group Stages. Austria were next and they were expected to continue their winning ways.

    However, it wasn't to be. It was made harder when Derrick Williams found himself receive a red within the first 20 minutes, it did take Austria until the 85th minute before they hit Ireland with a goal and elimination.

    Holland would meet Italy in the pick of the second round games, both teams were desperate for progression. Holland were the World Cup holders and were expected to progress and Italy were paying for their group stage shortcomings by meeting Holland so early.

    However, missed chance after missed chance meant Italy basically just had to score to win and they did! Twice. Huge result knocks out one of the favourites at one of the first hurdles.

    Holders Spain would meet Turkey in the final game of the Last 16, Turkey would take inspiration from the Italy result but Spain were just too strong.

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  24. Gotta love international competitions in FM
    And its nice to have a familiar and very useful player around

  25. Looking good mate!! Good luck with it!



    The tournament finally draws to a close, some real upsets as Italy manage to hold Germany and then defeat them on penalties, the first major win for Italy since the 2006 World Cup.

    It was a thrilling watch but I am now days away from my Europa League and Kobenhavn debut..

  27. Best story on the site by far. Fantastic stuff matey can't wait to see how you get on in Denmark

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  28. Quote Originally Posted by Sam91 View Post
    Best story on the site by far. Fantastic stuff matey can't wait to see how you get on in Denmark

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    Thanks man! Looking forward to Denmark too, desperate for the title and a run in Europe.

  29. "Right lads, Europe is a brand new experience to me and some of you but we should hopefully have a few easy game to settle into it. That starts today against Inter Turku. I've told you how to play and we can't have a Finnish side beat us surely?"
    I called across the plane before take off, it wasn't ideal circumstances, we would travel the morning of the game on a short plane journey but I wanted us to go one night before but the board felt we should be comfortable against FC Inter Turku and it was a short flight after all.

    We arrived safely and had a light lunch before doing tactical work and a light run to keep players a little fresh after the trip on the plane. They had an 90 minutes to themselves before we would travel to the ground that was setting up to be a sell-out.

    FC Inter Turku would be no pushovers however, they had completely demolished Cliftonville and were looking strong in their league. Only narrowly missing out on a Championship to HJK.

    The players had a lot of adapting to do as they were playing a 3-5-2 last season, and the season before. But I was still confident, pre-season had gone okay too with decent games against Marseille, Boca Juniors and Bayern Leverkusen.

    The game got off to a slow start but Inter Turku hit first, the ball managed to find its way to Silvennoinen on the back post, with one good touch he left Kovacevic stranded and he powered it passed Ronnow. Not the best of starts and we had to fight back, thankfully we did manage a goal before half time otherwise I reckon they'd have held on all the way as Tarique Fosu, on his debut, managed to come in from the left and smash one in off the bar from 18 yards.

    The second half was an onslaught from us again, however our finishing wasn't quite there. We did manage one though, this time from the right winger Albrechtsen who dummied it and smashed it into the top corner from his wide right position.

    2-1 was the final score, I wanted more but that'll have to wait until the home tie. Players are still settling, and I can't speak Danish to reiterate how they are supposed to really play. It shall do!
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  31. Brendan Rodgers takes the next step in his managerial career, from winning promotion to the Premier League with Swansea in 2011 to fulfilling his aims at Liverpool with 2 Premier League titles, 2 FA Cups and 3 League Cups. He did struggle to succeed in Europe but Liverpool are certainly in position to challenge across the continent.

    In joining Barcelona, he joins the current Champions League holders, who also won the Europa League in 2018 but still fight with Real Madrid over Spanish dominance.

    He signed a 4 year deal worth £89,000 per week. Marcelo Gallardo is favourite to replace him who has dominated South America and had success with Shakthar Donetsk.

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  32. Nice win in your first European game!! I think Fosu could end up a club legend!

  33. Quote Originally Posted by Yeti01 View Post
    Nice win in your first European game!! I think Fosu could end up a club legend!
    Not got on too far but he has been very very decent!

  34. "Hi, who's calling?" I asked as I juggled paper and a coffee as I left my office and began my descent to the car park. It was an unrecognised number and I almost didn't answer it but felt it was necessary in my rushed state.

    "What is this, bossman!? Newcastle United sack you? Mr bossman can't be sacked?" The angry, buoyant South African called down my ear. I knew who it was as soon as I heard him.

    "And what does bossman mean? Who is calling!? Monday, Monday, Monday of course!" He added. I slowed up and had some receptionist quickly help me put all my possessions down on a table so I could properly talk to Mr Monde Magadla.

    "Your number came up as unknown, Monday!" I laughed back, trying to dodge the Newcastle United talk. Which wasn't too possible.

    "Oh, new phone! Save my number bossman, now quickly."

    "I can't save it while we are calling, Monde." I replied as he calmed down, waiting. There was a silence. Then the line went dead. He had really just hung up to ensure I saved his number!

  35. Struggling to fully get into the save, but i's simply the start of season blues! I am busy tomorrow night but should have a few updates for Friday and this weekend!
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  36. Quote Originally Posted by CantGetEnoughOfJelavic View Post
    Struggling to fully get into the save, but i's simply the start of season blues! I am busy tomorrow night but should have a few updates for Friday and this weekend!
    Perhaps a zany South African Ass man would know a cure for the early season blues?
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  37. Quote Originally Posted by Lippo255 View Post
    Perhaps a zany South African Ass man would know a cure for the early season blues?
    Was close to not posting another Monday update, feel too much pressure and don't want to disappoint nor have people think I am trying too hard! D:
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  38. Quote Originally Posted by CantGetEnoughOfJelavic View Post
    Was close to not posting another Monday update, feel too much pressure and don't want to disappoint nor have people think I am trying too hard! D:
    You can never have too much Monday!

  39. Quote Originally Posted by CantGetEnoughOfJelavic View Post
    feel too much pressure and don't want to disappoint nor have people think I am trying too hard! D:
    Just KUTGW like you have been so far!

    P.S.: Sorry, but I have to hope my RL team SønderjyskE can at least snatch a point or two from you...

  40. Quote Originally Posted by dllu View Post
    Just KUTGW like you have been so far!

    P.S.: Sorry, but I have to hope my RL team SønderjyskE can at least snatch a point or two from you...
    Thanks for following, I hope they don't! Good to have someone around who knows their Danish football though!
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  41. Finally finished it reading this! A week without an update is worrying though. Is this the end?

  42. Quote Originally Posted by JamieG310590 View Post
    Finally finished it reading this! A week without an update is worrying though. Is this the end?
    Thanks for reading it buddy!

    It is not the end, merely a break while I work on A Breath of Belief - Making It

    Give it a read too if you have the time!
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    Part 1

    James McKenzie, you say? Who's that

    James McKenzie is a young manager from Scotland, while he looked like he could have a stab at the Professional games a run-in with the law that put his and his brothers lives on the line had his time between Peterhead and Aberdeen FC cut short at 17.

    Being from Peterhead, with no qualifications, the boy turned to the fishing industry before Peterhead gave him a shot to work with their Under 18 side, they were useless and had no real shots of progression but McKenzie did get them to understand the game of football. This wouldn't go unnoticed as the Scottish Football Association picked him up as a coach who would mainly work from Aberdeen but would also travel to the Northern Isles and around the mainland giving coaching sessions to youngsters.

    After a fair few years with the SFA; a National C license and no real playing experience later had him wanting more. There was a drive and real energy behind the 32 year old that landed him interviews with South African clubs Jomo Cosmos and Santos FC. Both Professional, both with top tier experience and potential.

    In the end, both would also be vying for his signature and a managerial journey began at Santos FC, in South Africa. An unexpected 3rd place finish had James McKenzie, the bossman or Mr Scotland to South African media would be joined with Monday Magadla as they battled through a promotion mini-league and drama had them hit top spot on the final round of fixture(s).

    A wage rise and contract extension would see one more year at the club. The mid-table was ready to welcome the club as Mr Scotland was set to leave, worried for his safety as a xenophobic, wealth war waged on between the population of South Africa.

    With no job waiting for the Scotsman, and an unsuccessful interview or two later had the man jobless as the next season started. His money saved from South Africa began to peter out as he looked to return to real work until the Irish league drew to a close. Shamrock Rovers needed a boss and they wanted "that Scotsman who had a go at it in South Africa".

    The club had been years without a title, or piece of silverware. It was another shot for James McKenzie to try prove himself just as he returned to coaching workshops across Scotland and the odd interview for the Daily Record.

    A 1 year deal with Shamrock Rovers would be signed, the first landmark event of his time in Ireland would be defeat in the All-Ireland cup final against Dundalk. From there league form slipped despite uncovering the likes of Greg Kavanagh and Ben Hanrahan.

    Success would come with the Irish League Cup despite exiting the Senior Challenge Cup to Dundalk again, and while it looked like the title was out of reach Dundalk would hit perilous form and drop to second as the league closed.

    Shamrock Rovers were back in charge and the new champions of Ireland, the 2017 Irish League Manager of the Year went to up-and-coming Scottish boss James McKenzie as he opted to leave in December with success under his belt to takeover in England as he finally breached the football league with as John Bowler called him to Crewe.

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    A Breath of Belief - Making It




    Part 2

    James McKenzie, you say? Who's that?

    After breaking into the Football League, with Crewe Alexandra in the third tier of English football, James McKenzie would be forced to quickly adjust. English football, fans and media are all completely different to what may be expected elsewhere - it wasn't the xenophobic, wealth wars of South Africa - nor was it Ireland - it was simply English football.

    It would be an interesting, if sometimes turbulent, time at Crewe. Firstly, there would be major issues with the chairman and a Director of Football was brought into direct Mr Scotland about. Success would come early though, almost. An unbelievable FA Cup ran had the club dance their way to a date at Wembley with English superpowers Liverpool, one more victory would mean the final against Everton, however - Liverpool wouldn't play about and a 3-0 drubbing ensued.

    The FA Cup run would mean league focus would slip and automatic promotion was gone and the play-offs awaited. Could a second game at Wembley be on the cards for the Railwaymen and Mr James McKenzie? No. A lengthy penalty shoot-out with Birmingham City would see Crewe destined for another year in the third tier.

    The sale of youths saw money really available for the Scottish boss, who took full control, after Bowler returned to the club to remove the Director of Football.

    There was a real focus on youth, while the likes of Rafael Van Der Vaart and Tony Watt joined. Tony Watt would be required to replace 30 goals a season, Craig Davies who was released on a free at the age of 31.

    Tony Watt would have no issues as he smashed in a huge 37 in the league. Promotion. League Winners. This was Crewe and James McKenzie was thriving, he was talked about - who on Earth was this man in a tracksuit? He had no history and had NEVER failed to succeed at a club?

    The Championship beckoned, and the side had a real shot at uprooting a few trees and rising a few eyebrows. The side was desperately inconsistent, but still sat comfortably above the drop when rumours came out that Mr McKenzie was ready for the move to Geordie Land as Mike Ashley left and the Brazilian Takeover was complete.

    Their number one choice from Atletico Mineiro wasn't ready to leave Brazil and the title race and James McKenzie got the call. He got his break - however, no money was offered immediately and the weak side who slumped in 14th were expecting Champions League football.

    It would be an inconsistent start, a few additions came in January before McKenzie made some big money signings ahead of the Summer window with Mid-table obscurity looming. Despite this, fans were excited by what could come. Neal Maupay was one of the many set to join - the young Frenchman had smashed 25 past German opposition in the Bundesliga and this was a side that could push the top 4.

    However, the Brazilian board didn't have their Champions League football and the door was shockingly shown to Mr McKenzie. He was sacked. He wasn't allowed to be a success at 4/4 clubs.

    What was next?

    Denmark. This is where we are now. This is the now, this is the future. This is James McKenzie.
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    Thanks a lot for all the views, guys! Really stoked to get back on the save, have a nice few updates to come from the beginning in Denmark. Can hardly remember where we left off, but will have all the transfer dealings, staff updates and opening results and aims later in the day.

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