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Luis Garcia - The New Manager On The Block
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  1. I hadn't actually told the lads I would be back for the Verona game. I had informed Russo of my selection; he'd got everything set up for me. My plan was to meet them in the changing room before the game.

    I navigated the back alleys to get to the Artemio Franchi, and waited, tucked away in the lounge. It had been closed off for renovations, so I was safe enough from detection. I heard the lads go past, they sounded stoked for the game.

    As I approached the changing room, I could hear Daniele Russo going through the line up. Dosso was in to start, I was proud for the kid. He'd come a long way since coming through the youth grads. I entered the room. A couple of the coaching staff notice, but I held a finger to my lips. They got the point and said nothing.

    Russo was getting to the end of his speech. "And remember lads, this is for the gaffer."

    "Too bloody right it is!" I interjected. The lads turned around, startled at first. Once it dawned on them who it was, their faces broke into smiles. Cheers went up, and there was a lot of hugging and handshakes all around. Once it had settled down, I spoke.

    "Last season, we started badly. It's why I'm here after all. We can't let that happen this time. You've seen the shirts outside, you've seen what the fans are capable of. We owe them a good season. They've stuck by me and the club the last couple of weeks, the best way we can repay them is by giving them silverware. It starts here tonight, let's go thump Verona into the middle of next week." That struck a chord. We were given the nod to leave the changing room.

    We lined up, with me at the head of the column. I could see the sea of purple in the stadium. It was good to be back again.

  2. I now understood why coming here was such a daunting task. When you face a wall of purple like that, you can't help but feel a little intimidated.

    As mentioned, the fans didn't know I was back. So the noise within the stadium hit an all time high as I emerged from the tunnel. It was a magnificent sight to behold. If Verona weren't sh*tting themselves at this point, they certainly were now. Chants of "Garcia" went around the ground as I took my seat. Game very much on.

    We battered them into submission in the end. 3 goals in the first half an hour ended the game as a contest. Murillo got one on debut, before Ntep carried on where he left off last season. Two superb finishes gave us the game. Jo did score for Verona but they were dead and buried when Dessena was sent off.

    Routine win for us on what was definitely not a routine day. The football world was a crazy world alright.

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  4. ^Keep your eyes peeled folks!
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  5. "Old scores. New clashes.
    Together we'll Rise"

    Coming Soon
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    Sums it up really

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  7. Whats happening with this Fish? Was really enjoying it!
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Lippo255 View Post
    Whats happening with this Fish? Was really enjoying it!
    Luis is currently on holiday through stress related illness...

    In seriousness, what with other projects ongoing, and a work schedule that isn't convenient, I've just not had time. I may revisit it on Tuesday when I get home though, will be the first day I actually have time.
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  9. how are you getting on ?

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