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Disclaimer89's English Premier League Chairman Game - FM 2015 Edition

  1. Champions League baby! That is some vindication for Montella, despite selling away all the top prospects I secured over the years....

    He better be developing the other ones well!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by stonecold View Post

    Man Utd are back on top of the Premier League only just beating out the free scoring Man Citu who almost broke the 100 goal barrier.Arsenal were a further 4 points back, draws costing them a shot at the title and Tottenham edged out Chelsea & West Brom to finish 4th.
    Sorry to say this WBA fans but due to Championship team Stoke finishing runners up in the FA Cup they get the final Europa League spot with Chelsea and League Cup winners Southampton.

    Dud signing of the season
    Bruno Fernandes - Chelsea
    Attachment 1000079
    Over £20m spent and he's hardly kicked a ball and when he has it looks like he would have been better off not!

    Devastated to have missed out on the CL spot but happy we cashed in on this flop
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  3. Summer 2022

    World Cup
    France 3-1 Turkey AET
    Name:  WC Final.png
Views: 194
Size:  217.1 KB

    Name:  world cup best team.png
Views: 362
Size:  459.8 KB

    2 goals from Lacazette in Extra time secured back to back World Cup wins for France. Nigeria beat Paraguay in the 3rd place play off. Russia, Brazil, Ivory Coast & Belgium lost in the Quarter Finals, Former Winners Italy, Spain & Argentina all went out at the group phase. Just noticed England didnt even qualify finishing being Turkey & Sweden

    Name:  tnf 1.png
Views: 197
Size:  448.7 KB

    Name:  tnf 2.png
Views: 192
Size:  448.2 KB

    Name:  tnf 3.png
Views: 204
Size:  449.1 KB

    Man City are the only team to spend over £20m on two players while selling wonderkid Gerson for £4.9m. Tottenham & Man Utd add more depth if not talent. Southampton are the big spenders in this window. Ronaldo still going at 37 years old has 2 goals in 3 games. Philipp Lahm retired , Chelsea make £24m loss on Avdijaj as he joins PSG., Georginio Wijnaldum joins Notts County on a free, Much travled Olade Chamberlin moves to Southampton for £15m, Falcao, AC Milan & Hummels to Real Madrid end there Premiers League careers.

    European Super Cup
    Arsenal 3-0 Wolfsburg
    Name:  super cup.png
Views: 197
Size:  220.9 KB

    Community shield
    Man Utd 2-0 Man City
    Name:  comm shield.png
Views: 184
Size:  217.6 KB

    Testimonials of note

    Sergio Aguero - Man City
    Phil Jones & David De Gea - Man Utd

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  4. Why the hell has 3 CL triumphs and consecutive title challenges and wins turned us into a selling club? We sell another great talent and buy Jon Flanagan?!?!
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  5. Disappointed to see sergio diaz go to man united, was a good player for my west brom

  6. Season 2022/23

    Name:  final table.png
Views: 145
Size:  413.1 KB

    New name on the Premiership trophy as Spurs led by Barbosa, Firmino and regen striker Nicolas Marino
    They were a very comfortable 9 points clear at the top with Man City following behind in 2nd. Chelsea & Arsenal secured the other Champions League spots. For Man Utd & West Ham it was Europa League only.
    At the other end we loose Hull, Fulham & Cardiff with Liverpool by 1 point & Southampton by 1 goal survived.

    Player Stats
    Name:  players table.png
Views: 174
Size:  418.2 KB

    Romanian wing back Ion Iordanescu was the star of a poor United team. While Robert Lewadowski hit 31 goals while Zach Clough managed a manic 22.

    Sim awards

    Team Of the season
    Tottenham rise from a solid top 4 to the league winners with one of the bigger margins.

    Team let down of the season
    Southampton They had a mental strike force. Lamela, Ronaldo, Oxlade Chamberlain, Okonkwo, Kane & Unai yet they only survived by 1 goal.

    Player of the season
    Eden Hazard
    Name:  player of the year.png
Views: 159
Size:  377.5 KB

    Played a huge role in leading his team back to the Champions League

    Player let down of the season
    Jay Dasilva
    Name:  player dud of the season.png
Views: 240
Size:  439.6 KB

    Welshman played a large role in WBA's regressive form

    Signing of the season
    Jordy Van Laere
    Name:  signign of season.png
Views: 149
Size:  457.6 KB

    Bolton left back arrived from Olympiakos for only £3m and in his 1st season he was either the 2nd or 3rd best wing back in the league.

    Top Scorer
    Robert Lewandowski
    31 Goals

    Now 34 years old the Polish striker scored more goals than ever before and won the award for the 3rd time.

    Golden Ball
    Paul Pogba
    Name:  golden ball.png
Views: 192
Size:  429.4 KB

    The Frenchman led his nation to back to back world cups.

    FA Cup Final
    Chelsea 2-0 Middlesbrough
    Name:  FA CUP.png
Views: 135
Size:  343.6 KB

    Lewandowski led his team to cup glory at last.

    League Cup
    Nottm Forest 4-0 Arsenal
    Name:  League Cup.png
Views: 130
Size:  337.8 KB

    Nottm Forest dominated this competition

    Champions League
    Bayern 2-2 Arsenal, Bayern win on Pens
    Name:  CL.png
Views: 128
Size:  347.3 KB

    So close to another Man Utd Arsenal final but this time Bayern turned current form on its head to beat Arsenal on the penaltys. Bayern 2-2 Arsenal

    Europa League
    Marseille 3-2 Chelsea
    Name:  Europa.png
Views: 143
Size:  222.2 KB

    For the second season in a row a London team's Europa League teams dream.

    January Transfers
    Name:  Jan transfers.png
Views: 136
Size:  445.9 KB

    Man City make 3 of the top 6 transfers with the other 2 transfers were outside the EPL

    Manager Movements
    Name:  Manager moves.png
Views: 132
Size:  385.6 KB

    Biggest move by a mile is Jose Mourinho returning to Chelsea to bring them back to the Champions League & winning a FA Cup along the way.

    Game Link!wBgVkKgY!nduyOEZ8k...brS0m3IIVrw0Ls
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  7. Love how awesome a team Spurs have become. Gonna put it all down to the solid foundations I laid out
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  8. So close to another CL triumph! But catastrophic league form! We better make big moves in the summer!

    Checked out the save. Where have our money gone? We have made transfer profits the last 3 years, selling loads of players who have become great players And still there are no funds to spend Seems Arsenal need me to function!
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  9. Summer 2023

    Name:  transfer 1.png
Views: 120
Size:  466.9 KB

    Name:  transfer 2.png
Views: 134
Size:  446.6 KB

    Name:  transfer 3.png
Views: 120
Size:  449.7 KB

    Man Utd spend £27m on a striker that has no history of scoring goals, Chelsea make a few big moves including signing Bolton's signing of the season Van Laere among the £100m they spent including former Stoke midfielder Yanick Gerhardt & Hull forward Joaquim Pinho. Arsenal sold Messi to Juventus for £1.7m and made one big transfer adding former Spurs & Swansea striker Malcom for £24m. Villa sold Jabbari to Real Madrid for £20m, Crystal Palace are lost there best player Kristoffer Ajer to Palermo, Little excitment at Liverpool who are a relegation waiting ti happen. Man City also went over £100m buying former Man Utd midfielder Stefan Hellgren for over £37m. Great work stand in chairman! another former United & Chelsea defender Serigo, ex West Brom Josh Kimmich and former Cardiff winger Timo Werner join the city bandwagon of former EPL players joinging City. Man Utd's signing are as uninspiring as the current team is. Nottm Forest spent over £40m biggest deal for EPL journeyman Bryan Cristante, QPR spend over £30m but still dont seem able to replace the stars they've sold. Southampton's summer was spent spending £24m on a new midfielder after selling Naby Keita for £24m. 38 year old Ronaldo is still in town. Sunderland get £11m from PSG for Mdudzi Mahashe and spend it very well on Ulrik Ytterdard Jenssen who's been a star in France & Portugal. Champions Spurs spend the summer adding depth to there squad with no major signings. West Brom were there usual busy self loosing Santos to Inter Milan and Sandro Helmes to Spurs. Nothing too exciting from there £43m spending spree.

    European Super Cup
    Bayern 1-1 Marseille, Marseille win on penaltys
    Name:  euro super cup.png
Views: 160
Size:  237.7 KB

    The french side strike a blow for the Europa league teams and win there 1st ever super cup

    Community shield
    Chelsea 5-2 Tottenham
    Name:  commy shield.png
Views: 121
Size:  247.6 KB

    The London sides play out a classic.

    Premier League Testimonials
    Oscar - Chelsea
    Hazard - Chelsea
    Ben Gibson - Middlesbrough
    Henri Lansbury - Nottm Forest
    Hugo Lloris - Tottenham

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  10. Fantastic to see our youth product Pinho making it at the top.... after being sold away cheaply only to become a great player

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Znik View Post
    Fantastic to see our youth product Pinho making it at the top.... after being sold away cheaply only to become a great player
    Our managers are fools! Utter fools
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  12. Season 2023/24

    Name:  League.png
Views: 300
Size:  419.5 KB

    Man Utd rebel from there season without Champions League action bu winning the League by 7 points.
    Chelsea, Arsenal & Tottenham return to the Champions League
    Man City, Southampton & Sunderland go into the Europa League.
    Stoke, Norwich & Bolton go down despite Stoke with Sagers & Bolton with Zach Clough being two of the leagues top strikers

    Player Stats
    Name:  player stats.png
Views: 309
Size:  413.9 KB

    Berardi & Lewandowski tie for the golden boot, Iordanescu is the highest rated player over Neymar and long term club pillars, Hazard Sterling & Depay

    Sim awards

    Team Of the season

    Led by 31 goal man Hugo Corona and some very shrewed signings including two of the top wing backs in the league and some good Man Utd youth players gave them a top half finish and a thrilling FA Cup victory

    Team let down of the season
    Returned to the Premier League after making voer £100m in profit in player sales while in the Championship but despite a huge budget & a top striker Russell Slade couldnt keep them up.

    Player of the season
    Memphis Depay
    Name:  Award - player of year depay.png
Views: 334
Size:  467.4 KB

    Now 30 a season after leading Tottenham to there first title Memphis gets his personal award for a wonder season including 16 goals and 25 assists

    Player let down of the season
    Curtis Fox
    Name:  Award - Dnkey curtis fox.png
Views: 312
Size:  457.6 KB

    Ok the former Man City youngsters stats are not grate but looking at those stats he probably kept Stoke from a Champions League Spot he was so awful

    Signing of the season
    David Bazan - QPR
    Name:  Award - signing of the season.png
Views: 298
Size:  451.3 KB

    £3.5m from the PSG reserve team to having the 20th best Ave rating in the league.

    Top Scorer
    Robert Lewandowski & Domanic Berardi
    30 Goals
    Name:  Award - top scorer.png
Views: 341
Size:  413.8 KB

    Surley this will be Lewandowski's last big season! 6 seasons at Chelsea 335 games, 248 goals. Kudos to Berardi who i still wont understand for leaving me at Man Utd for Barcelona for a £40m loss after one season!

    Golden Ball
    Bernardo Silva - Bayern
    Name:  Award - Golden ball.png
Views: 310
Size:  399.0 KB

    Did we all miss out on this one? Bayern grabbed him in 2017 for £6.75m

    FA Cup Final
    Sunderland 3-2 Arsenal
    Name:  FA CUP.png
Views: 278
Size:  337.8 KB

    They thrashed Newcastle 4-0 in the last 16, Beat Man City in the Semi then Arsenal in the final

    League Cup
    Stoke 0-2 Tottenham
    Name:  LEAGUE CUP.png
Views: 274
Size:  338.9 KB

    Spurs get some more silverware

    Champions League
    Arsenal 3-0 Marseilles
    Name:  Champions League.png
Views: 279
Size:  343.2 KB

    After beating Real in the last 16 Arsenal waltzed to there 2nd title in 3 years and 6th final in the last 8. This could have been harder than it looked as the final was in Marseilles stadium. Weak looking last 16 too with Granada, Marseilles, Zenit, Ajax, Monaco & Torino present.

    Europa League
    Man Utd 3-1 Nurnberg AET
    Name:  Europa League.png
Views: 278
Size:  345.2 KB

    Speaking of domination & Weak last 16's this waltz to the title sets up the first Arsenal - Man Utd game in the Super Cup

    January Transfers
    Name:  jan transfers.png
Views: 277
Size:  451.8 KB

    Arsenal Spend £17m on a Southampton teenager. Harry Calderwell was the only £10m+ transfer to make a impact of note.

    Manager Movements
    Name:  manager transfers.png
Views: 274
Size:  360.7 KB

    Gary Bowyer left Norwich for West Ham pre season with Nigel Clough failing to keep them in the top flight. Bolton sacked Russell Slade as they struggled and replaced him with club legend Kevin Nolan. Slade was soon back in work aStoke replacing the sacked Gary Rowett. Man City was the biggest Manager change sacking Antonio Conte for former Aberdeen & Sunderland manager Derek McInnes. West Broms 2 year decline led to Rashid Rahimov getting the boot for Garry Rowett while Eddie Howe's sacking at Villa ended the seasons activity.

    Ronaldo Retires
    World football says goodby to Cristiano Ronaldo who calls it a day at the end of the season
    Disclaimer89's English Premier League Chairman Game - FM 2015 Edition-ronaldo-stats.pngDisclaimer89's English Premier League Chairman Game - FM 2015 Edition-ronaldo-stat2.pngClick image for larger version

Name:	ronaldo stat2.png
Views:	104
Size:	579.9 KB
ID:	1006729Click image for larger version

Name:	ronaldo stat2.png
Views:	104
Size:	579.9 KB
ID:	1006729

    Game Link!EUYGHCyS!z2swUVI5t...E8RvYvA0EwuyiM

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  13. Glad to see Spurs doing well still. Memphis has had an exceptional career at Spurs. He was a bargain for whatever I bought him for

  14. So thats 5 seasons we've simmed and taken us a decade through the game since we started in 2014/15. So i ask where too now. Most of the big name players we brought in have moved on so i was thinking we do a decade review then either stop it here or set up another save and do longer sims, say two 5 year saves that would eventually go to 2035 so all our players would have retired and our clubs would have gone through huge changes and we'll see what kind of legacy we've left!

    What do you think?

  15. Well, it all depends on what you can be arsed to do really

    I'm pleased with a decade review, as I feel our influence is fading now. All my lovely talents have been wasted! Still, another CL triumph!

    As only a few of us follow this now, I think you can save yourself the extra work of simming another 10 years

    Really love that you've bothered with this though, fantastic work!
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  16. I would say do a decade review
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  17. For scoring so much, I don't understand how Lewa hasn't come close to the Golden Ball...
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  18. an every 5 year update is good for me... (possible with a chance to change a few things say, stadium + facilities and perhaps 2 signings (1 youth + 1 other)

    That's everyone is up for that i don't mind tbh....
    Is nice to check the thread considering i don't have FM16 yet...

  19. A Disclaimer Decade

    Due to all the changes not all club chairmen are listed. If you want your name next to a team you were in charge of PM me and I'll sort it out

    Arsenal - Znik
    A Wenger 96-16
    L Slutskiy 16-17
    V Montella 17-
    Name:  Arsenal best 11.png
Views: 349
Size:  398.1 KB

    Was Znik the winner of the save? Hard to argue otherwise. Only club along with Man City to finish in the top 4 every season. Won the most Champions league's, Only 2 League titles is not a bad downside!

    Aston Villa - WonderKid360

    13 Managers
    Name:  Aston villa best 11.png
Views: 282
Size:  395.1 KB

    The Clubs 30 year stay in the Premiership ends and the club are arguably in better shape now after cutting some fat in the Championship. 3 Mid Table finishes in a row is testament to that.

    Burnley - StoryTimeFM
    Name:  bunrley.png
Views: 244
Size:  394.9 KB

    Never got back into a playoff spot never mind look like getting promoted.

    Cardiff - bcfc1
    Russell Slade 14-23
    Ignacio Ambriz 23-23
    Nigel Pearson 23-
    Name:  cardiff.png
Views: 240
Size:  392.5 KB

    Promoted from the Championship in the first season and were a midtable side till 2022/23 When they finished bottom. Will be staying in the Championship next season.

    Chelsea - AW190
    Jose Mourniho 13-17
    Carlo Ancelotti 17-18
    Antonio Conte 18-20
    Ramon Diaz 20-22
    Luis Enrique 22-22
    Jose Mourninho 22-
    Name:  Chelsea best 11.png
Views: 373
Size:  397.6 KB

    Failure to improve the squad in the early seasons along with some questionable manager changes have seen Chelsea spend the last 7 seasons away from a title challenge. The FA Cup remains there's on average almost one ever two seasons. If only Lewandowski came earlier with some better reinforcements!

    Crystal Palace - Disclaimer89
    Alan Pardew 14-18
    Gary Bowyer 18-19
    Eddie Howe 19-23
    Andy Scott 23-
    Name:  Cry Palace.png
Views: 245
Size:  398.5 KB

    Only one top half finish but with the budget & Size of the club just staying in the league with the distraction of running the game gets a thumbs up.

    Everton - Yeti01
    9 Managers
    Name:  everton.png
Views: 257
Size:  397.4 KB

    Shocked to suffer relegation in 2017 they came right back up but only for 2 seasons as they finished bottom in 2019 and have been in the Championship ever since 3 years in a row making the playoffs but never getting the promotion desired.

    Hull City - SaintMotBot
    Name:  hull.png
Views: 247
Size:  393.9 KB

    Since 2017 Hull have spent 4 seasons in the Championship with 2 single season returns both ending with a 19th place finish and instant return to the Championship.

    Leicester - rishmanisation
    Name:  leice.png
Views: 257
Size:  397.7 KB

    Without the magic Vardy & Mahrez FM16 update the Foxes were relegated in 2019 ad to this day are still in the Championship

    Liverpool - Lippo255
    11 Managers
    Name:  Liverpool.png
Views: 255
Size:  395.8 KB

    Want a mess? Well times it by 2 and you have Liverpool. Nobody could sort these guys out many tried all failed to get them anywhere near the top 4. Now seen finishing bottom half and waiting for a relegation to happen.

    Man City - TheJoshster
    Manuel Pellegrini 13-16
    Pep Guardiola 16-18
    Carlo Ancelotti 18-20
    Antonio Conte 20-23
    Derek McInnes 23-
    Name:  man city.png
Views: 241
Size:  397.9 KB

    Two League titles, 2 League cups and a single FA Cup but no European honor. Hard to say they have evolved from the 2014 team but there still in the hunt every season.

    Man Utd - StoneCold
    Louis Van Gaal 2014-16
    Diego Simeone 2016-
    Name:  man utd.png
Views: 315
Size:  387.5 KB

    Like Znik at Arsenal the man in charge of my team these days is a idiot. Run of Champions League football ended last season as we finished 5th. Came back to win one more League title 4 in total is our nest achievement. Still not won a FA Cup but 2 League cups to go with 2 Champions League wins and a Europa League win is the best apart from Arsenal. Shame most of our talent in depth like Arsenal has been given away and replaced with sub standard European players.

    Middlesbrough - TornadoTom
    6 Managers
    Name:  middles.png
Views: 284
Size:  396.4 KB

    Found themselves in the Premiership for a year in 2016/17 and used that chance to build a squad that came right back up for a further 4 seasons before relegation struck again. Championship winner last season and a top half Premiership finish this season. The future looks bright

    Newcastle - Lewie100
    Name:  newcastle.png
Views: 231
Size:  393.2 KB

    The Toon the quickly progressed into a top 6 team. Sadly once the chairman's control weakened they slid and within 3 seasons were bottom of the table and going into the Championship. 11th in there 1st season recovery may have began by winning the championship.

    QPR - crchamp
    9 Managers
    Name:  qpr.png
Views: 239
Size:  396.1 KB

    Up there with Everton & Southampton for the most shocking relegation. 5th in 2017 then down 1 year later in bottom spot. Never been the same squad since that magic 2016/17 season with many of those players elsewhere in the league.

    Southampton - Reubomad
    7 Managers
    Name:  soton.png
Views: 227
Size:  398.5 KB

    Went down in season one and came back as a rebuilt force with a new chairman who has kept them in the top half in 5/7 seasons.

    Stoke - RVP20
    12 Managers
    Name:  stoke.png
Views: 243
Size:  399.2 KB

    Despite having a list of top level managers like Deschamps, Rodgers and even Pep they never cracked the top half of the league and eventually relegated in 2021. Came back up last season for one year only but will be back in the championship next season.

    Sunderland - xSOViiET
    8 Managers
    Name:  sunderland.png
Views: 236
Size:  397.4 KB

    Big thumbs up for xSOViiET, possibly the best legacy left when you consider the squad he started with consider in the last 6 seasons they have been top half in all but one and won a trophy.

    Swansea -FAZZA09
    7 Managers
    Name:  swansea.png
Views: 234
Size:  394.3 KB

    Two one season stays in the Championship and bottom half every season till now. Are the swans trending upwards at last?

    Tottenham - Matt419
    Mauricio Pochettino 14-19
    Brendan Rodgers 19-
    Name:  tottenham.png
Views: 233
Size:  391.2 KB

    Another Success story from this save. One really poor season with a 11th in 2018/19 but top 4 finishes in 5 of the last 7 seasons makes them a lock for a top 4 team maybe more after winning the title last season.

    Watford - CoolmCool
    Name:  watford.png
Views: 240
Size:  399.7 KB

    6 Managers

    West Brom - Bornexplorer88
    9 Managers
    Name:  west brom.png
Views: 236
Size:  399.7 KB

    Built well on a squad that was at best a bottom half team to a team that spent 3 seasons in a row they finished 6 before dropping back to 10th and 13 in the last 2 years.

    West Ham - Footy1
    8 Managers
    Name:  west ham.png
Views: 263
Size:  400.1 KB

    Looks like the real life 2015/16 squad here. Only two times they finished outside the top half. So close to a top 4 a few times. Wil lit ever happen? We'll never know

    Wolves - SaitMotBot
    Name:  wolves.png
Views: 263
Size:  396.6 KB

    Like Everton 5 seasons in the playoffs but yet to win promotion!.

    Shout out to other sides that were in the EPL later on
    Nottm Forest

    English Premiership 2014/24
    Name:  League history.png
Views: 240
Size:  409.3 KB

    Name:  League history 1.png
Views: 250
Size:  379.5 KB
    Name:  League history 2.png
Views: 257
Size:  387.9 KB


    Man Utd 4
    Man City 2
    Arsenal 2
    Chelsea 1
    Tottenham 1

    FA Cup 2014/24
    Name:  FA Cup history.png
Views: 241
Size:  465.8 KB

    Chelsea 4
    West Ham 2
    Arsenal 1
    Sunderland 1
    Man City 1
    Liverpool 1

    League Cup 2014/24
    Name:  Carling cup  history.png
Views: 222
Size:  435.5 KB

    Man City 2
    Man Utd 2
    Tottenham 2
    Chelsea 1
    Southampton 1
    Nottm Forest 1
    Sunderland 1

    Champions League 2014/24
    Name:  CL final history.png
Views: 266
Size:  442.6 KB

    Arsenal 4
    Man Utd 2
    Real Madrid 1
    Bayern 1
    Juventus 1
    Paris SG 1
    Barcelona never played in a final!

    Europa League 2014/24
    Name:  Europa final history.png
Views: 233
Size:  448.7 KB

    Liverpool 2
    Wolfsburg 2
    Man Utd

    Anything else? Then here's our final Save game link!!EUYGHCyS!z2swUVI5t...E8RvYvA0EwuyiM

    And finally a huge thanks to Disclaimer for setting up the save and running it for the first 3 seasons and to Znik and Joshster for running it in the second half. Had great fun playing will you guys and hope to see everyone again in this format

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  20. Great to see an and to an amazing game. Happy with what I did with QPR and my adopted Southampton. Disappointed we never won any trophy but that try place season was truely special.
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  21. Amazing job man! This game was a true pleasure to take part in! I'm thrilled to have achieved a lot with the Gunners, but my true winners of the game are the likes of XSOVIIET, bcfc1 and bornexplorer, who managed to build solid squads on minimum budgets year after year. Kudos to you guys! And ofc to Disclaimer, it wouldn't have happened without you, and you managed to stay up!

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