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When QPR sack me....
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  1. When QPR sack me....

    Hi i m p.klopp

    i walk in to the QPR club with confident to bring them to the glory..
    i finished 1st season with rank13. (not bad for the club that to predict at rank20)
    and C.Austin is the top scorer with27goals.

    2nd season
    with player like bolanta & romeo that i bought last year.
    QPR board sack me before the cristmas .

    but the dramatic occur in this year

    in the last 6 games WBA offer me a job
    WBA is in the 20st rank and far from the 17st for9point ,seem to be too far for the comback..

    i accept that job and save WBA in the 16st with miracle..

    full first season with WBA
    i finished 8st and FA cup winner

    and got EuroCup & Communitieshield winner in the next i bring WBA from relagate to the UCL in 2yearand a half.

    for4year past,QPR still the bottom of the table and no glory for them..

    very very dramaticially

  2. Maybe this one could go in a 'short story' thread..

  3. This is the best thing I've read in a while, I don't know why but I read it in a crazy mexican accent!
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  4. I feel like its a poem.. 'When QPR sack me' by Peter Klopp

  5. This is great
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  6. #6
    Haha Fantasticooo!!

    What is more amusing is the fact that none of my full length stories have accumulated this many comments in such a short space of time! haha

    Well played Peter Klopp!
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by peterklopp View Post
    very very dramaticially
    Has to be by far my most favourite thing I have ever read..

  8. Peter Klopp should make a auto-biography
    It would sell, very very dramaticially.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by peterklopp View Post
    very very dramaticially
    Yes, this was definitely a very very dramatic story.
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  10. Bolanta is very great player.
    It is a shame QPR board sack you before the cristmas .

    It must have been very dramatic when WBA offer you a job
    Specially when they are 20st rank.

    I am happy with the dramatic miracle you had..

    full first season with WBA
    finishing 8st and FA cup winner is very good

    No glory for QPR show they should have kept you

    very very dramaticially

    Please more update on this. I wait very very patiently

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