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The Story of Sir Christopher Lee

  1. The Story of Sir Christopher Lee

    The Story of Sir Christopher Lee

    Right now, you may be thinking... what! Well basically here's the explanation for the title of the story: as some of you may know Sir Christopher Lee sadly passed away on Sunday at the age of 93 years old. Lee starred in many memorable films such as The Curse of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Man With The Golden Gun and most recently The Lord of The Rings trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy. As a fellow actor Christopher Lee is a massive inspiration to me and to many others and I was very sad when he passed away. So as a tribute to the film giant (literally) I have made a Football Manager tribute, I mean why not?

    The point of this story is to create a new career for Christopher Lee, he will start as a 35 year old manager - the same age he was when he starred in Frankenstein - and my vision is too start Lee's career of at FC Ingolstadt 04, why Ingolstatd I hear you ask, well because for those who are familiar with Frankenstein that is where Victor Frankenstein created the monster, who in 1957 was played by Christopher Lee, and therefore Ingolstadt seems a fitting place to start.

    FC Ingolstadt 04 are a football team in the German Second Division or the Bundesliga 2, in real life they were promoted this year so I'm hoping I can follow the success in virtual form. Ingolstadt is a fairly new football team, only founded in 2004 after the merging of two other teams with the same city of origin - Ingolstadt.- Since the club has been formed they have had considerable success by winning two titles and being promoted to the Second Divison of German football, I hope to use the powerful squad and get as far as possible.

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  2. Great idea man! And a fitting tribute!
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  3. wow, interesting. Following!
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by clarky1683 View Post
    Great idea man! And a fitting tribute!
    Quote Originally Posted by CantGetEnoughOfJelavic View Post
    wow, interesting. Following!
    Thanks guys for the early support, yeah the fm15 era is almost over, so I thought I might do a story,
    though I didn't expect a Christopher Lee story, but because he is one of my favourite actors and because
    he has sadly passed I thought it would be fitting to do a story about him.
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  5. Sir Christopher Lee

    Firstly I gave Lee the necessary stats for his level, the main reason I did this was because Lee is a legendary actor so I thought it was wrong to make him unqualified, so just imagine Lee was a professional footballer who has Continental A license!

    As you can see by this screen he can speak alot of lanaguages and all those languages that are there, he could speak in real life so I thought I'd share this, he was also half Italian so that's his other nationality.

    FC Ingolstadt 04

    Here's some extra information on the club known as Die Shanzer to the Ingolstadt faithful, they finished mid-table last season so obviously I want to build on that finish... and win the league.

    Even more information on the club, no legends or icons but there is a favoured personal called Andreas Buchner who actually still plays for us, and has played for us since 2006! We have no fierce rivals but we have alot of smaller rivals. We are predicted ninth but the press are going to be proved wrong as we are going out guns blazing.

    Here are the facilities and I am pleasantly suprised by them, good training facilities, average youth facilities and a pefect pitch but the only downfall is the junior coaching and recruitment which needs to be improved.



    Two relatively good goalkeepers who can replace eachover, Weis is the younger option but Ozcan is in his prime and I won't prevent him for getting game time, I also think his experiance is great.


    I like this defense very much, Danny da Costa looks very good for a 20 year old defender, he is my best right back also Soares and Matip look very good as well, Soares is 22 and Matip is 28 and he is my captain. So our back-line is not that old so our defense is in safe hands.


    I'm really happy with my squad and having very good midfielders is key to a successful squad and we have just that, Pascal Gross looks very good as a DM and MC and he is only 22, Lex and Leckie look good aswell. Matip also pops up again as central midfield backup.


    Some good stikers with good backup here, Hinterseer is a new addition and at 23 he is one of our best strikers along with another new addition in Tomas Pekhart who joined us from Nurnberg this season. Hartmann was last seasons striker at at 27 he might get gametime, it all depends on injuries.

    Overall I'm happy with the squad as as you have seen it is very young with some experiance in there so I'm predicting we'll do well; call me optimistic.

    Next update is all about pre-season, transfers, tactics and individual players.
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  6. Looks a bit old for 35, doesn't he?

    But seriously, nice idea and a fitting tribute to arguably the greatest movie villain of all time. And the most prolific: 4 movies per year on average - for 70(!) years...
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by dllu View Post
    Looks a bit old for 35, doesn't he?

    But seriously, nice idea and a fitting tribute to arguably the greatest movie villain of all time. And the most prolific: 4 movies per year on average - for 70(!) years...
    Yeah he looks a bit peakish is you ask me! Yeah Lee is great and a excellent example of a badass (Still acting in his nineties!)

  8. Eff yeah - Count Dooku as a manager would be awesome. I imagine he would have no issues with player interactions!!!

    Whats that my Sith mind tricks don't work on you??

    **Force choke**
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  9. Pre - Season


    Pretty good as we picked up four wins out of seven games and also the games where we lost were against better opposition. My assistant took care of most games anyway, so it is pretty good that we got four wins. We played a mini cup competition, and we came second out of four teams, BMG and Wolfsburg being the big names and Wolfsburg went on to beat us in the final but not convincingly which is encouraging.

    More Information

    Some good news here, immediately we are already upgrading to Continental Pro, which is great considering we've just finished pre-season.

    This was our injury list, 7 players out injured and probably 5 first team players out, hopefully we can stop this and prevent a new influx of players getting injured.



    Well it's safe to say this isn't the most interesting screen ever but we had a Brazilian player leave by the name of Roger who was a centre back/defensive midfielder for 750K (965K with bonuses) and I think that is a very good price for the 28 year old.

    Mathieu Beda is the only person to join as of yet and he is free, he is a French centre back who is 33 years old. Are you mad!? I hear you ask, well he's free and he's good and he will be good temporary replacement for Roger, for this season.

    Here's Beda's stats, he is a exceptional centre back for this level and I can see us getting at least 2-3 years out of him still.



    Marcell Lucassen
    and Ulf Kirsten have joined our backroom staff. Lucaseen specialises in ball control and I didn't have a specialist in that area so I added him to our backroom. Kirsten might be a familiar name to many Germans as he made 100 appearances for Germany scoring 34 goals as a striker, most recently Krsten has been linked with Bayer Levurkusen, being a U21 coach and Levurkusen's assisstant manager for some time. He is a coup and he will specialise in shooting training.

    Key Players

    Moritz Hartmann - Striker

    Some of you may recognise me saying Hartmann won't probably feature as much as he was not as good as my two other strikers, Hartmann was also the only good striker that was at Ingolstadt last season. Now on to the bit why he's a key player: he has been exceptional in pre-season scoring five goals in six appearances and getting a average rating of 7.35, he looks very good and he will lead the assault at the top of my strikeforce.

    Danny Da Costa - Defender

    Even though he was injured midway through the pre-season fixtures, the defender has the highest average rating at 7.70. He played four games and he got three assists. He was at Ingolstadt last season and Costa looks very promising for a 21 year old.

    Alfredo Morales - Midfielder

    Morales was our best midfielder in pre-season and at 24 he looks like he will certainly improve. He joined last season from Hertha Berlin and made a impact in the games he played in. He is also very versitile as he plays as a defender, a defensive midfielder and a central midfielder, we will be playing him in the central midfield role.


    We have a three interesting tactics that can back up eachover and are equally capable of inflicting damage on the opponents, I may change the tactics as I go along but these are the tactics I will start of with, I owe credit to ChristianErikson for the tactics

    3 Strikers

    The one that I will use the most is probably the good ole three striker formation, which obviously is very attacking and risky and the flanks are especially vunerable for us but I believe that because we have the right players, we can use this tactic effectively.


    I have never really used a strikerless formation so again this is a risk but I might as well give it ago, eh? I have saw other people use this tactic and get success so I am hoping when I use this tactic I will get the same kind of success.

    The 4-2-3-1

    This is the tactic which I have always used on Football Manager and I have always had great success with it also this tactic isn't a risk like the other two because I have used it before, this is a tactic which exploits the flanks and it is relatively good for th defense aswell.

    Thanks for your support, I hope you are enjoying this so far.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Yeti01 View Post
    Eff yeah - Count Dooku as a manager would be awesome. I imagine he would have no issues with player interactions!!!

    Whats that my Sith mind tricks don't work on you??

    **Force choke**
    Yeah, I imagine him as a very assertive and quite aggresive
    " I gave you the chance of playing for me willingly, but you have elected the way of pain!"

    That is what happens when you mess with him in the dressing room
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  11. The strikerless formation looks really cool! Let me know how well it serves you!
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  12. Bundesliga News

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  13. 2. Bundesliga Matchday

    FC Ingolstadt 04 vs Greuther Furth

    1/8/14 at The Audi-Sportpark

    The time was now, was the tactic going to work? Was the team going to peform? Will Christopher Lee succeed?

    Press Conference

    Jorg Stock: Hello I'm Jorg, I'm from the German Football Chronicle, last season Ingolstadt finished mid-table, is there any difference in the team's mentality, will they be more attacking or more defending?

    Lee: The team is going to attack, we only have to remove those who oppose us to claim victory.

    Gregor Rosenthal: Hello, I'm from SZ, Greuther are expect to finish high in the table this season does this make the game more important?

    Lee: It makes things more interesting, it's like a duel between titans... my Ingolstadt against Frank Kramer's Furth.

    Gregor Rosenthal: I understand you're going four a 4-2-3-1 so one striker against Kramer's back-four?

    Lee: I only need one, Mr Rosenthal.
    Thank you for your questions, it was... interesting

    The Game

    Domination. The game started slow there was only one clear cut chance in the first half, so I changed my tactic to the three strikered formation and we got the goals. Hartmann opened up the scoring by placing a header in the bottom corner via a well worked free kick. The second goal was excatly the same, same scorer, same free kick taker. When the second went in we just sat back and didn't concede which I'm happy about.

    As you can see we had the upper hand on shots, passing and possession, not bad for a side that is predicted ninth against the predicted third, to be honest I don't think they even had a clear cut chance.

    Thomas Pledl won man of the match on his debut after putting in a super performance against the club he has just joined us from last season. He got a rating of 9.0!
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  14. Of course he handles press conferences...well, assertively. What reporter wouldn't be intimidated in his presence?

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