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New American League Chairman Game - Story
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  1. New American League Chairman Game - Story

    New American League Chairman Game - Story-dodgelogo.jpgNew American League Chairman Game - Story-14new-bl.jpg


    At the end of the 2013/14 season an audacious plan was launched to create a brand new American Football League in the USA. Finally a league without any of this “Soccer” rubbish would be present in USA. The plan was adopted by 22 ambitious Chairman who quickly began to found franchises across the USA.

    Click image for larger version

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    Red=Premiership Blue= Championship

    Each chairman has had the summer to build a 25 man squad along with a team of backroom staff, through 5 auction rounds. With a number of high profile names been attracted, fans across the world are eagerly awaiting the start of the season.

    The football league has been divided into 2 divisions, comprising of the Dodge Premier League and the Bud Light Championship. The structure of these leagues can be seen below. There will also be a number of domestic trophies on offer throughout the season.

    We shall soon find out who has created the most successful new franchise!

    Dodge Premier League:
    • 12 teams
    • Each team plays each other 3 times
    • Top team wins the division
    • 12th Place gets relegated to the Championship
    • 11th and 10th have a 2 leg relegation playoff
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    Bud Light Championship:

    • 10 teams
    • Each team plays each other 4 times
    • Top team is automatically promoted
    • 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th will have a 2 leg promotion playoff
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    Joining the Game

    1) To sign up you must have a copy of FM15.

    2) If you join you agree to put some effort into your press releases. If you won't be able to spare a few minutes to write a proper post then don't bother to sign up.

    3) You must be able to regularly check the thread for updates, read your PMs, and follow the rules of the game.

    4) Before joining, read ALL the rules below and make sure you understand them. If you do not understand something then PM me and I will explain it to you.

    (Pretty much copying Disclaimer 89's - so thank you!)

    Playing the game


    1) You may sack your manager, or any other member of staff, at any time. Doing so will require you pay the remainder of their contract in full.

    2) Signing a manager from another team will require you to pay a compensation value of the remainder of their contract. The new managers wage will be his current wage he was on plus 25% If it is a human controlled team you must agree a compensation fee. If you wish to promote from within then the unemployed rules apply. If the manager you wish to sign is unemployed, here is the key:

    Worldwide: Your current managers wage x3
    Continental x2.5
    National and below x2

    3) You may set your transfer & wage budgets to whatever you like, (for your AI manager) but if you put them too high you run the risk of your club having financial problems in the future, so I advise against going too high.

    4) Facilities may be upgraded at any time, however at a cost:

    2,500,000 for a minor improvement to your youth system.
    3,000,000 for a minor improvement to your training facilities.
    2,500,000 for a minor improvement to your Junior Coaching.
    2,500,000 for a minor improvement to your Youth recruitment.

    I may allow stadiums to be upgraded in future seasons, but not initially. Any upgrades done will come directly out of your bank balance. Please PM me if you want to have an upgrade. A minor upgrade is 1+.

    5) I will be uploading the save game file every transfer window. The results/updates will be posted on the thread (monthly- game time).


    First of all:
    There are 5 different types of Signings:
    -C2C (Chairman to Chairman)
    -DOM (domestic - MLS and lower and USA Nationals)
    -FOR (Foreign)
    -FORu18 -(Foreign under 18 - youth signing)
    -FREE (Free signings)

    These are all explained in detail below

    1) To sign a player from another team in your league you must contact the Chairman of that club pm via and agree a value with them. You can then calculate their wage using one of the rules below.
    Both Chairmen will then need to PM me with the agreed amount and quote the message showing you have agreed the transfer/loan, and once I have confirmed it then you can announce the transfer.

    2) The number of players that you can sign is limited to the following:

    Transfers between clubs in the league - Unlimited
    Loans between clubs in the league - 2

    Transfers from clubs within the MLS and lower and USA Nationals - 2
    Loans from MLS and lower sides - 2.

    Transfers from foreign clubs - Maximum of 2 in the Summer, maximum of 1 in January.
    Loans from foreign clubs - 1

    Transfers of youth players* from foreign clubs - Maximum of 1 in the Summer, maximum of 1 in January.
    *A youth player is classified as a player aged 18 or under.

    Free signings - 3 per season

    3) The price of players is as follows:

    Transfers between clubs in the leagues - Agreed between Chairmen
    Transfers from clubs in your nation and USA Nationals- 1.5 the players current value
    Transfers from foreign clubs - 2 times the players current value
    Transfers of youth players from foreign clubs - Double the players current value IF they have not represented their nation.
    3x times the players current value if they have represented their nation.

    4) Loan fees

    -C2C (chairman to chairman) a loan may be agreed , set at 100% covered. There will be no loan fee

    - DOM (MLS and lower or USA Nationals) loans are:
    Premiership Sides: 250k loan fee and 100% wages.
    Championship Sides: 125k loan fee and 100% wages.

    -FGN(foreign) loans are set at 100% wages
    Premiership Sides: 250k loan fee and 100% wages.
    Championship Sides: 125k loan fee and 100% wages.

    5)PM me the player that you want to sign on a free transfer. Then at the end of the transfer window I will put them all in the thread and there will be a blind auction. By that I mean every Chairman can submit contracts to the players, these offers will be sent to me via PM. After the auction has finished the players will join the team that offers him the highest wage.

    6) You may release any players from their contract at any time, but will have to pay the remainder of their contract to do so.

    7) If you wish to sell players then you need to post them in the thread as available. Other Chairmen can then make offers for them if they wish. If they are not sold to another Chairman in the league then I will set them as transfer listed in the game, this does not guarantee that they will be sold however.


    1) This is quite complicated, so please read it carefully.

    The wages that players will be signed on will vary depending on the player you're signing and the club that you're at.

    Player aged 18 of less - 1.75 times current wage
    Players aged 19 to 32 with less than 10 international caps - 1.75 times current wage
    Players aged 19 to 32 with more than 10 international caps - 2 times current wage
    Players aged 33 or over - 1.5 times current wage

    Players aged 18 or less - 1.25 times current wage
    Players aged 19 to 32 with less than 10 international caps - 1.25 times current wage
    Players aged 19 to 32 with more than 10 international caps - 1.75 times current wage
    Players aged 33 or over - Same as current wage

  2. Dodge Premier League

    1. Washington Capitals - Zacram - [email protected] / PM
    2. Alaskan Direwolves - Matt419 -
    [email protected]
    3. Columbus Dragons - Yiliang99 - [email protected]
    Charlotte Cheetahs - I7IDanny - PM
    5. Philadelphia Freedom - Znik - [email protected]
    6. Florida Fighters - Lewie100 - [email protected]
    7. Cascadian Wolves - DreamTempest - PM
    8. Mississippi Eagles - SeanKeaney - [email protected] / PM
    9. New York Bigfoot and Yeti - Telstar - PM
    10. El Paso Chihuahuas - xSOViiET - PM
    11. California Cougars - AW190 - [email protected] / PM
    12. Jacksonville Sharks - wr1097 - PM

    Bud Light Championship

    1. Idaho Magic FC - bornexplorer88 - PM
    2. Chicago FC - VACANT
    3. New Jersey Jaguars - Eoin McG - PM

    4. Dallas Daggers - reubomad - PM
    5. Las Vegas Strip Foxes - jbauerhun - PM
    6. Las Vegas Gamblers FC - kino4city - PM

    7. Tennessee Titans - Toby Mason - [email protected]
    8. San Juan Caribes - GermaRican10 -
    [email protected]
    9. Gotham Guardians - Portugal8713 - PM
    10. Hawaii Typhoons - TheCelticKid - PM


    1)............1)...Las Vegas Strip Foxes .................................................. .................Las Vegas Gamblers

    ...........Best Rated Regular Starter.................................................. ...........Top Goalscorer

    Winner: Highest place finish at end of Season 1
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  3. Florida Fighters announce Team Ownership

    Name:  download (10).jpg
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    The MLS is no more, now we have the Dodge Premier League and the Bud Light Championship.

    The first team to be announced for the Dodge Premier League is the Florida Fighters. Here's a quick word from their owner, Lewie Roberts:

    I am really excited to be the one to own this great team. We hame the potential to light up the world, and we will prove that Florida is the best state for footballing glory in the future!

    We have also got some breaking news about which players have been chosen to play for the Florida Fighters


    Name:  Guaita.jpg
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    Vincente Guaita - Likely to be 1st choice, regular Valencia keeper back in 2011/12
    Sergio Rico - Young 20 year old, likely to fight for backup
    Sean Johnson - Good American keeper, backup contender


    Name:  Romagnoli.jpg
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    Alessio Romagnoli - Starter, either at LB or CB. Just 20 years old.
    Nicolas Lombaerts - Decent CB, likely to be starter unfortunately.
    Anthony Vanden Boore - Out for 2-3 months at beginning, looks decent at 26 years old, RB potential starter
    Édgar Castillo - Main LB, best USA player here
    Will Packwood - Young CB, possible starter
    Chris Klute - Versatile LB/RB, will start at RB while Boore recovers
    Tommy Meyer - Squad filler CB, 4th choice
    Ben Sweat - Only in there for the surname, no chance of starting unless a crisis happens


    Name:  Coutinho.jpg
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Size:  10.8 KB Name:  Gerrard.jpg
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    Philippe Coutinho - Star Man, 22 year old CAM, will be a Legend here.
    Steven Gerrard - Legend at Liverpool, Star Man, Most likely Captain, CDM role
    Yannick Ferreira Carrasco - Young LW, potential to be great player, has been loaned to a unknown team yet.
    Hans Vanaken - Belgian CAM/CM, I have no idea who he is
    Humam Tariq - Iraq CAM, young superstar, available for loan if someone wants him.
    Lucas Leiva - Former Liverpool CDM/CM (Love em!), will rotate with Gerrard.
    Benji Joya - USA CDM/CM, could be a CM starter.
    Dennis Flores - USA CAM, Backup to Coutinho in the 1st season, only 20 years old
    Stuart Holden - Former Bolton CM, out for 4-6 months.
    Danny Cruz - USA RW, terrible player, likely to be sold


    Name:  Negredo.jpg
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    Álvaro Negredo - Star Man, regular goalscorer in Sevilla days, out for 6 weeks - 3 months
    Jelle Vossen - Middlesbourgh loanee, decent Belgian ST
    Orr Barouch - USA ST, I still don't have an idea of who he is.
    Fabián Espíndola - Decent Argentie ST, likely to be starter before Negredo comes back.


    Name:  Kreis.jpg
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Size:  5.4 KB

    Jason Kreis - New York City FC manager IRL, knowledge of the USA, FC Dallas player from 96' to 04'

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  4. Click image for larger version

Name:	2000px-Flag_of_Las_Vegas,_Nevada.svg.png
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ID:	901360

    Las Vegas Strip Foxes

    The Las Vegas Strip Foxes has been founded in 2011 by Patrik Pintér who is the 100% owner of the club. They are playing in the Bud Light Championship and have only one rival the Las Vegas Gamblers FC. The club has a stadium, called Excalibur Stadium what has 29k capacity, and based on the edge of Las Vegas.

    Backroom staff

    Click image for larger version

Name:	800px-Dave_van_den_Bergh.jpg
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ID:	901368

    Dave van den Bergh

    Dave is a former Dutch footballer who last played for FC Dallas in MLS. He was also the assistant coach for the US U-20s before he accepted the contract offer from LV Strip Foxes where he'll be a coach. He is just 39 years old. He won Eredivise and UEFA Super Cup with Ajax in the 1995-96 season. He also won KNVB Cup in 2002-03 and 2003-04, and Johan Cruijff Shield in 2004 with Utrecht and MLS Western Conference in 2008 with NY Red Bulls. He managed to get 341 apps and 51 goals in his playing career. He is looking through a successful carreer with the Las Vegas side, as he signed a 2 years contract, with the option of +3 years.

    Name:  1e-elftal-joophiele.jpg
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    Joop Hiele

    Joop Hiele is a former Dutch goalkeeper, born in 1958 in Rotterdam. He earned 7 caps for Netherlands. His biggest success is the 1988 European Football Championship where he was the member of the winner Dutch team, but he was only second choice behind Hans van Berukelen. Hiele played at Rotterdam in Feyenoord, SVV, Dordecht, and Go Ahead Eagles. He retired in 1995, and became a goalkeeper coach. He worked at Willem II, Netherlands U21, ADO Den Haag and PSV Eindhoven too. He has 447 apps in the Eredivise. He accepted a contract offer from Las Vegas Strip Foxes in 2015 and became an assistant coach.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	earnest-stewartaz1.jpg
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ID:	901378

    Earnest 'Big Ern' Stewart

    Ernest Stewart is a retired American soccer player. He was born in 1969 in Veghel, Netherlands, but he has American nationality, too. Stewart's father was the member of the African American US Air Force. He started his professional career in 1988 at VVV in the Dutch 2nd tier. Then he moved to the Eredivise to Willem II in 1990 and in this year he also made his first cap for US. He also played for NAC Breda, D.C. United and VVV-Venio. He was managed to get 484 apps and scored 119 what is great for a midfielder. He also got 101 caps for US and scored 17 goals in the national team. He was the Director of Football at AZ, but in 2015 he accepted the contract offer from Las Vegas Strip Foxes and he become the Head of Youth Development in LV.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	wpid-sinisa-mihajlovic.jpg
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ID:	901382

    Sinisa Mihajlovic

    Sinisa was born in 1969 (just like Big Ern) and he was a former Serbian football player. He spent his youth career at Borovo, and that was his first team, too. He moved to Vojvodina in 1988 and made 73 apps. He go on to Red Star Belgrade in 1990, where he made 38 apps. Then Roma comes for him, and he moved to this team at 1992, but he can't perform so well, so he moved to Sampdoria, then he became a Lazio player, and his last team was Inter Milan. He managed to get a total of 467 apps and he scored 71 goal as a defender. He was the member of the national team of Yugoslavia and got 63 caps where he scored 10 goals. Then he became the assistant manager of Inter Milan. He go to Bologna in 2008 but after 1 season he has to move on to Catania, where he also can manage just 1 season, and then go to Fiorentina, he left the club at 2012 for the Serbian national side, but he go back to Italy and became the manager of Sampdoria in 2013. He rejected the offer from AC Milan, for Las Vegas Strip Foxes in 2015, and signed a 2 year contract in Las Vegas. The main goal will be the promotion for him, because he known as one of the most ambitious manager in Italy. He already started to get some players for the team and he will announce the squad of LV Strip Foxes tomorrow.

    Name:  Sandor_nevnap_Csanyi-Sandor.png
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    Pintér Patrik

    The chairman of LV Strip Foxes was born in 1971 in the USA from Hungarian parents. He has a 50% ownership in Excalibur Casino & Hotel, and he is also the owner of the Hungarian National Bank. He lives in Budapest, Hungary but he come to Las Vegas in every weekend to spend it with managing the teams finances and the Casino too. He founded the football club in 2011 and he built a stadium for them. He is looking for a successful season in the Championship and hoping to get promoted immediately.

  5. Name:  download.png
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    Today is the day , the Columbus Dragons is born. They will play in a brand new league called the Dodge Premier League.

    Introduction of the chairman
    The chairman's name is Yi Liang. He was a supermarket boss who suddenly won the lottery to have the money to invest in a football team.

    The manager of the team is Steve McClaren who have great experience in coaching so I hope he will do well.
    The other stuff include George Finidi, Hyong Myung-Bo and a person called Digital. The chairman just randomly pick names and that's how they got the job.

    Sergio Asenjo
    Quentin Westberg

    Nicolas Otamendi
    Scott Dann
    Tyrone Mings
    Erik Palmer-Brown
    Gotoku Sakai
    Chris Schuler

    Fran Rico
    Nathan Dyer
    Will Hughes
    Jose Francisco Torres
    Alejandro Guido
    Harry Shipp
    Kellyn Acosta
    Lucas Ocampos
    Christian Gentner
    Nermin Crnkic
    Dilon Powers

    Gary Hooper
    Hirving Lozano
    Ezequiel Ponce
    Joshua John
    Quincy Amarikwa

    Players Idk who he is
    Daniel Becerra- (useless player)

    We have lots of midfielders and less defenders which might be a problem but I'm confident that they are the right players and staff to lead us to victory.
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  6. Name:  idaho sigf.png
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    The New Beginning

    "If the United States is ever going to become a true player on the international soccer scene and gain the ultimate prize of winning the World Cup, the country needs to start producing more talented players.
    While that is a simplistic statement, it is more complex than it appears.
    To really improve the ability of the players that will one day represent the U.S. National Team, changes have to be made on an academy level. Those changes need to start with the Domestic Pro Leagues...."
    New American League Chairman Game - Story-usa-soccer-ball.png

    "Well since USA's outstanding performances at the last World Cup. There have been some changes, we see a whole new brand there today, with two pro leagues. With 22 teams split over 2 divisions, we must surely now be able to expect a bright future in the sport."


    Claudio Reyna, Owner of Idaho Magic FC
    announces finalised club structure for the beginning of America's new soccer league


    Name:  1200296.png
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    Backroom Staff:

    Name:  1200624.png
Views: 913
Size:  39.4 KB Name:  1200576.png
Views: 913
Size:  40.9 KB Name:  120637.png
Views: 887
Size:  40.1 KB

    Key Players:

    Name:  8835677.png
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Size:  41.5 KB Name:  980486.png
Views: 905
Size:  35.9 KB Name:  8832889.png
Views: 898
Size:  45.3 KB Name:  14005628.png
Views: 918
Size:  34.1 KB Name:  76015366.png
Views: 894
Size:  35.8 KB

    Hot Prospects:

    Name:  43083931.png
Views: 982
Size:  35.9 KB Name:  19229435.png
Views: 952
Size:  37.5 KB Name:  43163320.png
Views: 929
Size:  78.6 KB


    Steve Clark; David Ospina

    Pablo Armero; Chad Marshall; Younes Kaboul; Danielle Rugano; Pedro Franco

    Pape Diop; Michael Bradley; Willian; Dillon Serna; Uvaldo Luna; Kenny Saief

    Attacking Midfielders:
    Juan Fernando Quintero; Jose Izquierdo; Erik Lamela; Hachim Mastour

    Conor Doyle; John Cordoba; Malcom

    Name:  idaho_magic 2.png
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Size:  38.9 KB

    Idaho Magic to win the league!

    If only they could find a right back and maybe a proven goalscorer...

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  7. Name:  gamblers sig.png
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    Johnny Vegas has claimed a “landslide victory” in his bid to claim control of Las Vegas Gamblers Football Club, one of many new additions to to the new revamped American League Structure.

    The ultimate goal would be to take Las Vegas Gamblers Football Club, nicknamed the Gamblers, to the American Dodge Premier League, - that would mean a tough first season promotion, but Vegas seems to have got the better of Johnny as he has already placed a wager with local rival, Las Vegas Strip Foxes.

    Vegas has previously revealed his concerns about the lack of American players rising through the ranks in the US.

    Vegas said: ‘The lower echelons of American soccer — once a vital breeding ground for players such as Landon Donovan, Earnest “Earnie” Stewart, Brian McBride, Claudio Reyna, Brad Friedel, most of them had to leave America to seek better soccer options — and many American players were left withering away in the MLS. Now with the new re-vamp we can expect to see more and better talents than ever before, with the league anticipating a great worldwide reception, things are looking bright for not only us but for the other new franchises."

    Click image for larger version

Name:	c38e0e0c968138b9233b4a8520711a4a.jpg
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Size:	48.2 KB
ID:	901914

    Johnny Vegas brings with him a team of staff to help run this club going forward, all of whom have great soccer experience and are world widely known within the game...

    Management Staff

    Name:  2011567.png
Views: 944
Size:  84.0 KB Name:  2014410.png
Views: 961
Size:  109.6 KB

    Neil Lennon (Manager) and Roy Keane (Assistant Manager)

    Head of Youth Development

    Name:  2003443.png
Views: 992
Size:  111.9 KB

    David Beckham

    Head Coach

    Name:  2005033.png
Views: 973
Size:  109.0 KB
    Gary Neville

    Full Roster

    GK: Brad Guzan; Carlos Kameni
    FB: Chancel Mbema; Juan Pablo Ocegueda; Nicola Murri
    CB: Luisao (C), Guiseppe Belluschi; Micahel Parkhurst; Hector Moreno
    DM: Marlon Hairston
    WM: Simeone Pepe; Nicola Gaitan; Sinan Kurt; Justin Mapp
    CM: Josip Radosevic; Jorginho
    ST: Vincenzo Rennella; Khiry Shelton; Mario Manduzic


    "A great looking backroom staff here, unfortunately the player drafts didn't work out to well, a well balanced team no doubt but with no real stand-out players, with the exception of Mario Mandzukic, who could well end up at arch-rivals at the end of season if the club dont finish higher than the Foxes, this could prove a long and hard season for The Gamblers."

    Name:  661804.png
Views: 923
Size:  66.8 KB

    Mario Mandzukic
    4/1 - League Top Goalscorer

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  8. Click image for larger version

Name:	891030d1435165057-new-american-league-chairman-auction-game-spaces-available-sharks-fin-logo.jpg
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Size:	9.5 KB
ID:	901867

    Sharks To Play in Premier League

    The Jacksonville Sharks (an arena football team based in Jacksonville, Miami) today announced that they will be expanding their franchise in order to participate in the newly formed American League, sponsored by Dodge. The Sharks are the last team to confirm their participation in the highest division of the League.

    The franchise has been bought out by Russian oligarch Anatoly Zolnerowich, whose advisors wasted no time in forming a squad capable of challenging for the title.

    Name:  Russian_billionaire-300x336.jpg
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Size:  22.7 KB
    Mr. Zolnerowich at a press conference to announce that his company - Oilbank - would sponsor both the team and their newly constructed home ground - the Oilbank Arena (cap.28000)

    A list of the players and coaching staff was released by the club later that day - and it is thought that the players from all over the world will be landing in Miami shortly, in order to make the trip to the Sharks' training base near the Veterans Memorial Ground.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	330915_1.jpg
Views:	915
Size:	10.3 KB
ID:	901871
    The former Deportivo head coach holds the highest possible qualifications and also has experience managing in Portugal and Belgium

    Backroom Staff

    Name:  svict.jpg
Views: 887
Size:  63.0 KB
    Sasha Victorine - capped 4 times by the USMNT - will join the Sharks' as assistant manager. Also joining the backroom staff are Ryan Suarez and Kelly Gray.



    Click image for larger version

Name:	Rui+Patricio+Eau6TwPszrVm.jpg
Views:	1673
Size:	17.8 KB
ID:	901877

    Rui Patrício (26-year-old from Sporting CP)
    Tally Hall (29-year-old from Orlando City)

    Center Halves

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Niklas+Moisander+sBGoiTBy8UZm.jpg
Views:	940
Size:	25.4 KB
ID:	901880

    Niklas Moisander (28-year-old from Ajax)
    Jeffrey Gouweleeuw (23-year-old from AZ)
    Omar Gonzalez (25-year-old from LA Galaxy)
    Babajide Ogunbiyi (27-year-old from Viborg FF)


    Name:  jetro-willems300.jpg
Views: 925
Size:  11.9 KB

    Jetro Willems (20-year-old from PSV Eindhoven)
    Jonathan Silva (19-year-old from Sporting CP)
    DeAndre Yedlin (20-year-old from Tottenham)
    Justin Morrow (26-year-old from Toronto)
    John Neeskens (20-year-old from Colorado Rapids)

    Center Mids

    Name:  70098.jpg
Views: 1093
Size:  17.1 KB

    João Moutinho (27-year-old from AS Monaco)
    Leroy Fer (24-year-old from QPR)
    Youri Tielemans (17-year-old from Anderlecht)
    Collin Martin (19-year-old from DC United)
    Bryan Gerzicich (30-year-old from Maccabi Petach-Tikva)

    Wide Mids

    Name:  250012632.jpg
Views: 975
Size:  41.3 KB

    Viktor Fischer
    (20-year-old from Ajax)
    Anwar el Ghazi (19-year-old from Ajax)
    Brek Shea (24-year-old from Orlando City)
    Brad Davis (32-year-old from Houston Dynamo)
    Bertrand Traoré (18-year-old from Chelsea)
    CJ Sapong (25-year-old from Philadelphia Union)


    Click image for larger version

Name:	38Aikn2M.jpeg
Views:	1061
Size:	24.3 KB
ID:	901911

    Bas Dost (25-year-old from Wolfsburg)
    Sebastian Giovinco (27-year-old from Toronto)
    Andrija Novakovich (17-year-old from Reading)



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  9. Click image for larger version

Name:	2000px-Flag_of_Las_Vegas,_Nevada.svg.png
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Size:	167.8 KB
ID:	901993

    Las Vegas Strip Foxes
    Player review


    Asmir Begovic - Asmir probably will be the first choice for Foxes, he is 28 years old. The Bosnian goalie came from Stoke City where he spent 5 years and in 160 apps he scored 1 goal.

    David Bingham - David surely will be the sub for Begovic, and the starter in cup competitions. He is just 25 years old, and born in California. He played fo San Jose Earthquakes before LV Strip. He got 40 apps so far his career.


    Rhodolfo - Rhodolfo is a mostly unknown player who borned in Brazil, and just 28 years old. He is a class centre back and probably he'll be the first choice for Mihajlovic.

    Zak Whitbread - Zak who borned in Texas started his career in Liverpool and he is started as a big talent, but he never reached his potential, and he is mostly played for Championship sides. He is already 31 years old, and he was a free agent before joined to LV.

    Onyewu Oguchi
    - Onyewu is an USA grown player, who borned in the capital. He is 33 years old, and he played in 7 countries across Europe. He comes from Charlton Athletic where he made just 3 apps.

    Karim Rekik - Karim is a Dutch player who played as Centre Back for Marseille. He is just 20 years old and started his career in Manchester City, but he made just 1 apps and he spent his loan-spell in Portsmouth, Blackburn and PSV. He probably will be a key player for the Foxes in 1-2 years.

    Patrick Doody - Patrick born in Illinois in 1992. He started his career in Chicago Fire, and he spent his last year at Sant Louis FC. He is a largely unknown player who probably will be a reserve in Las Vegas.

    Alex Büttner - Alexander Büttner borned in the Netherlands in 1989. He is a left-back and just 25 years old. He started his career at Vitesse, then moved to Manchester United, and in 2014 he goes to Dynamo Moscow. In 2015 he signed a 2 year contract with LV Strip Foxes.

    José Gaya - José is a spanish player, who is 20 years old. He is a very promising talent, who played in Valencia, he also represented in the Spanish U17/18/19/20/21 national team, too. He'll be the key player for the Foxes in 2 years as he has very big potential.

    Gregory Garza - Garza borned in Texas, and he is just 23 years old. He is an unknown player, who came from Tijuana because of the USA player number rule. Probably he won't get a chance from his coach.

    Fabian Johnson
    - Johnson borned in Münich, Germany. He is 27 years old, and spent his first years at 1860 München, then he moved to VfL Wolfsburg, after that Hoffenheim comes for him, and in 2014 he joined to Borussia Mönchengladbach. He represented in Germany Under teams, but he decided to go with the US national team, and he has 32 caps for US and scored 1 goal. He is a first team right-back.


    Perry Kitchen - Perry borned in Indiana, he is a defensive midfielder, he is a decent player. Before joining to LV he played in D.C United. He also represented in the US Under teams, and in 2015 he got his first cap for the main national team, too. He has the potential to be a first team player.

    Jeff Larentowicz - Jeff who borned in California and currently 31 years old is a backup midfielder, who played in Colorado and Chicago before Las Vegas. He also have 4 caps for US.

    Alex Song - Alex borned in Cameroon in 1987. He started his career in Bastia, then joined to Arsenal in 2006, then with a big step he signed for Barcelona, but his last season spent at West Ham on loan. He can play as defensive midfielder, and central midfielder, too. He is a first team player, and probably he'll make the difference at the matches. He played for France U16, but then he decided that he wants to play for Cameroon, and he has 48 senior caps.

    Alen Halilovic - Halilovic borned in Croatia, is an another Barcelona player, he is just 19 years old, and has great potential. He started his career at Dinamo Zagreb, and in 2014 joined to Barcelona. He player 30 match for Barca B and scored 4 goals. He started at Croatia U14 and in 2013 he made his first debut at the main national team, and he already has 7 caps. He has the potential to be a key player in 1-2 years.

    Darlington Nagbe - Darlington borned in Liberia, in 1990, but he started his career at Akron Zips as youth. His first senior team was at Cleveland Internationals, and in 2011 he joined to Portland Timbers. In 2015 he signed a 2 years contract with Las Vegas Strip Foxes. He is a decent midfielder for the Bud Light Championship.

    Eljero Elia - Eljero borned in the Netherlands. He is currently 28 years old, and started his career at ADO Den Haag, then played for Twente, Hamburg and Juventus. He joined to Werder Bremen in 2012, but goes to loan for Southampton for his last season. He signed for 2 years and he is a very decent player for the Championship.

    Dan Delgado- Delgado borned in Mexico in 1991. He started his career at Orange County, then moved to Ventura County and his last club was Oklahoma City. He is a reserve midfielder, as he isn't the best player at Las Vegas. Probably will be loaned out.


    Dimitri Payet - Dimitri borned in France in 1987. He played for Nantes, Saint-Étienne, Lille, and Marseille. He is a very good player especially for the Championship. He played for France U21, and got his first cap in 2010 for France. He player 14 matches in the national team and scored 1 goal.

    Patrick Mullins - Patrick is a largely unknown player but he started shining in the recent years and he has great potential. He borned in Louisiana in 1992 so he is just 23 years old, and played for New Orleans, New England and New York city. He moved to Las Vegas and signed a 2 year contract. He has a potential to be a great national side player.

    Ricky van Wolfswinkel - Ricky borned in the Netherlands and he is currently 26 years old. He is a decent striker, he played for Vitesse, Utrecht, Sporting Porto, and Norwich. He spent his last season at Saint-Étienne, and he also have 2 caps for Netherlands.

    Aleksandar Mitrovic - Aleksandar borned in Yugoslavia in 1994 in Smederevo, Serbia. He is currently 20 years old and played for Teleoptik, Partizan and joined to Anderlecht in 2013. He has very great potential and he will be a key player in 1-2 years. He is already a very good player and he can shine for the top. He also have 13 U19 apps and 5 U21 apps for Serbia.

    André-Pierre Gignac - Gignac probably will be the captain for the Foxes. He borned in France, and he is 29 years old. He is a very good player and he started his career at Lorient, he then moved to Toulouse, Marseille and he rejected a move to Tigrec in Mexico and joined for Las Vegas Strip Foxes for 2 years. He also have 19 caps for France.

    Kevin Hoyos - Kevin borned in California and he is currently 22 years old. He is probably at the team because of the rules of the USA growned players. He is a backup striker and he will probably loaned out or be sold.

    Transfer List

    The Las Vegas Strip Foxes are willing to listen every offer for every player, but they prefer a swap deal, as they needed a right back.


    There was a premiere at yesterday evening at the hall of Excalibur where the chairman, Patrik Pintér revealed the new kits for the 2015/16 season.

    New American League Chairman Game - Story-home.png Home kit

    New American League Chairman Game - Story-away.pngAway kit.
    (Thanks to bornexplorer for the kits)
    The shirts made by Nike, and sponsored by Excalibur, they also announced that they want to celebrate promotion with this shirts, so this is the main goal for the club.

  10. Mississippi Eagles

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Mississippi Eagles.png
Views:	947
Size:	104.0 KB
ID:	902247

    Introducing to you the Mississippi Eagles!


    Click image for larger version

Name:	Gan Pieri Gasperini.jpg
Views:	977
Size:	71.3 KB
ID:	902250
    Gian Piero Gasperini

    Gian Piero is an experience Italian manager who prefers to play the 3-4-3 formation. He has spent time as Inter Milan manager but is most famous for his time spent at Palermo and Genoa in Serie A. He will be the first manager of the Mississippi Eagles and he will be assisted by footballing legends Patrick Vieira (Assistant Manager), Jamie Carragher (Coach) and Ronaldo (Head of Youth).

    Squad Roster:

    Paul Nardi
    Dan Kennedy

    Joel Ward
    Zarek Valentin
    Liam Moore
    Angelo Ogbonna
    Tommy Redding
    Kurt Zouma
    Ike Opara
    Manuel Pasqual

    Tom Huddlestone
    Blaise Matuidi
    Jermaine Jones
    Scott Caldwell
    Claudio Torrejon
    Kelyn Rowe
    Antonio Valencia
    Alejandro Bedoya
    Matt Jarvis
    Shea Salinas

    Cauley Woodrow
    Anthony Martial
    Giuseppe Rossi
    Jack McBean
    Steven Lenhart

    Key Players

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Angelo Ogbonna.jpg
Views:	952
Size:	191.6 KB
ID:	902260
    Angelo Ogbonna

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jermaine Jones.jpg
Views:	1211
Size:	40.6 KB
ID:	902262
    Jermaine Jones

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Blaise Matuidi.jpg
Views:	2173
Size:	185.7 KB
ID:	902264
    Blaise Matuidi

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Antonio Valencia.jpg
Views:	1176
Size:	80.0 KB
ID:	902267
    Antonio Valencia

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Anthony Martial.jpg
Views:	968
Size:	28.3 KB
ID:	902268
    Anthony Martial

    Jermaine Jones will be the club captain due to his knowledge and experience of American football. Angelo Ogbonna will be the leader at the back in what looks like being a 3 at the back formation for the Eagles. Jones will be joined in midfield by ex-PSG maestro Blaise Matuidi who is arguably the marquee player of the side. Antonio Valencia is capable of playing the wing back role or as a winger and with Anthony Martial and Giuseppe Rossi up front the Eagles shouldn't be short of goals.

    Name:  home kit.png
Views: 1058
Size:  136.6 KBName:  away kit.png
Views: 964
Size:  131.1 KB
    Home & Away Kits

  11. Philadelphia Phillies announce squad

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Philadelphia_Phillies.jpg
Views:	437
Size:	212.9 KB
ID:	902244
    Philadelphia Freedom announce squad roster!
    One of the newest franchises in the newly formed Dodge Premier League is the Pennsylvania-based Philadelphia Freedom. The franchise, owned by arch-American Uncle Sam has declared high ambitions for the coming season, hoping to compete for the title, already in it's first year.

    To achieve those ambitions, owner Uncle Sam has gathered a strong first team squad that should be able to peform well in this first season:

    Name:  2014_2015_46761_500091.jpg
Views: 460
Size:  19.6 KBName:  Bono-1.png
Views: 701
Size:  43.3 KB
    Danijel Subasic and Alex Bono are the goalkeepers. Former AS Monaco keeper Subasic is an established Croatian international and will be first choice for the Freedom. Young goalie Alex Bono is a talented American who will provide cover for Subasic this season.

    Centre Backs
    Name:  PAZ.jpg
Views: 400
Size:  8.8 KBName:  terence-kongolo.jpg
Views: 416
Size:  20.9 KBName:  Shane-ONeill-Colorado-courtesy-MLS-Colorado-Rapids.jpg
Views: 414
Size:  11.2 KBName:  Kofi-Opare.jpg
Views: 446
Size:  11.5 KBName:  boswell-headshot.jpg
Views: 409
Size:  4.8 KB
    The Freedom have opted for a very young central defensive core. Argentinian talent Nehuen Paz and Dutch wonderkid Terrence Kongolo will be the starters, while young American talents Shane O'Neill and Kofi Opare will provide backup. Experienced American Bobby Boswell will also provide cover when needed.

    Full Backs
    Name:  2012_2013_42331_500080.jpg
Views: 409
Size:  27.0 KBName:  Lorenzo-De-Silvestri_large.jpg
Views: 418
Size:  49.2 KBName:  2196654249542c03ce819d6022e180eb.jpg
Views: 479
Size:  6.7 KBName:  Farrell_Andrew_14_0.jpg
Views: 539
Size:  9.8 KBName:  Cochrane.jpg
Views: 397
Size:  9.1 KB
    Argentine Fabian Monzon will be a starter at left back, he has more offensive qualities than defensive, and should be entertaining to watch for the Phillies faithful. He will have backup from American Greg Cochrane. Italian Lorenzo De Silvestri is a quality first choice right back, and will get backup from young Americans Oscar Sorto and Andrew Farrell.

    Central Midfielders
    Name:  Fudbaler-Angelo-Palombo.jpg
Views: 406
Size:  7.6 KBName:  Ivan Rakitic.jpg
Views: 432
Size:  15.6 KBName:  Fernando-Gago.jpg
Views: 386
Size:  23.6 KBName:  Ante Coric.jpg
Views: 458
Size:  13.2 KBName:  Alfredo Morales.jpg
Views: 503
Size:  13.1 KB
    Freedom have got quality in abundance in the centre of the pitch. Italian veteran Angelo Palombo is the team captain, and has the quality to still dominate matches at the age of 32. Former Barcelona star Ivan Rakitic is perhaps the biggest star of the team. His technical ability can win the team points in even games. Experienced playmaker Fernando Gago adds to a very technically gifted midfield trio that should be able to pass any opponent off the pitch. Young Croatian talent Ante Coric should become a perfect understudy for countryman Rakitic, and can become a superstar in the future. Young American international Alfredo Morales adds to a very strong central midfield.

    Name:  2014_DEMPSEYclint.jpg
Views: 444
Size:  10.3 KBName:  Diego Perotti.jpg
Views: 430
Size:  12.6 KBName:  Nahuel Leiva.jpg
Views: 408
Size:  14.0 KBName:  Kandji_Macoumba_2012.jpeg
Views: 400
Size:  10.1 KB
    American superstar Clint Dempsey leads the line here, and will surely create excitement for the Philadelphia supporters. He is flanked by technically gifted Argentinian Diego Perotti, the exceptionally talented Spaniard Nahuel Leiva and lightning quick American Mac Kandji.

    Name:  Emmanuel-Emenike.jpg
Views: 455
Size:  26.9 KBName:  Jonathan Calleri.jpg
Views: 409
Size:  18.3 KBName:  Terrence Boyd.jpg
Views: 450
Size:  12.2 KBName:  Andrew Stadler.jpg
Views: 393
Size:  11.8 KB
    Up front, Nigerian Emmanuel Emenike leads the line. With his power and pace, he can frighten any defence. He'll be challenged by Argentinian talent Jonathan Calleri, who may well be just as big of a threat already as Emenike. American international Terrence Boyd will also want to steal a starting spot, and will have company from Andrew Stadler, who will likely struggle for playing time.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Gus-Poyet.jpg
Views:	418
Size:	29.1 KB
ID:	902333
    Gustavo Poyet is informed that he will manage Philadelphia Freedoom

    Philadelphia Freedom will be managed by Uruguayan Gustavo Poyet. The talented manager comes from his last spell at Sunderland, and will bring enthusiasm and a motivating attitude to the Phillies. His backroom staff will include three Canadians. Coach Marc Bircham, assistant manager Pat Ercoli and goalkeeping coach Pat Onstad

    To better fit Gustavo Poyet's preferred formation, Philadelphia are on the search for naturalised right midfielders and possibly a left back, they have been rumoured to be willing to even trade some of their wonderkids or striker Emenike in order to get quality in.
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  12. Name:  Caribes_logo_aufweiss_xs.png
Views: 367
Size:  21.2 KB

    SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO (July 7, 2015) – The commissioner of the newly founded American Soccer League announced today that San Juan has been awarded an expansion team that will begin play in 2015. The new team will be owned by Lucas Martinez, a German Puerto Rican businessman, and will play at the new world-class La Concha stadium in the heart of San Juan.

    “We are very excited to bring a Bud Light Championship side to San Juan,” said Martinez. “We are going to build a first-class organization on and off the field that will be a source of pride for the entire community, and we believe our downtown stadium will become a destination for soccer fans throughout the island for many years to come.”

    "We want to build a squad with ruthless german efficancy and latin flair," continued Martinez. "Our state of the art Youth Facilities will bring in technically gifted and tactically proficiant players to challenge for the first team. Competition breeds excellence."

    To guide the Caribes in their inaugural season, Martinez has hired former Porto boss Julen Lopetegui as manager. The spaniard has had successful stints with several Spanish Youth sides, winning both the U-21 and U-19 european championships. His most recent turn as Porto manager has show promise aswell. While not winning the league, his impressive showing against german giant, Bayern, in the first leg of the Champions League shows the class and potential of San Juans new hire.

    Joining Lopetegui as coaches will be Hanover 96 legend Steven Cherundolo aswell as former USMNT players Tony Meola and David Regis.

    The roster of the inaugural Caribes side will include stars from around the world. Former Atletico star Arda Turan, Gladbach speedster Andre Hahn aswell as promising youngsters Kenedy, Jesus Vallejo and Marco Ascencio will surely have fans storming the gates throughout the season. For a full breakdown of the roster, see below.

    “Puerto Rico is home to some of the most passionate sports fans in the country,” said Martinez. “And no sport has grown in popularity during the last two decades as much as soccer. I expect match days for our new team in San Juan to be colorful and festive events, as we will be striving for promotion in year one."



    Volkan Demirel
    Richard Sanchez


    Gökhan Gönül
    Jan Kirchhoff
    Dennis Aogo
    Ramires Funes Mori
    Filip Daems
    Tyler Turner
    Jesus Vallejo
    Jordan Harvey
    Sean Cunningham


    Arda Turan
    Christoph Moritz
    Niklas Füllkrug
    Kyle Beckerman
    Andre Hahn
    Isaac Acuna
    Caleb Stanko


    Shawn Parker
    Joseph Claude-Gyau
    Teal Bunbury
    Andrew Wenger
    Jose Villareal
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  13. Click image for larger version

Name:	890858d1435146462-new-american-league-chairman-auction-game-spaces-available-bfnyy.png
Views:	446
Size:	456.2 KB
ID:	902463


    Today, approximetely 14.20, a new franchise was founded in New York. The franchise is taking part in the Dodge Premier League. The plans for the club were already ongoing during the MLS. But the dissolvement of Major League Soccer gave it another push and now here it is, a brand new club.

    The franchise plays in the Sasquatch Stadium. It has a capacity of 30 000.

    In it's very first season ever the club has made 18 000 season tickets available. One season ticket costs around 350 pounds. A ticket for a home game is 50 pounds. You can get these tickets cheaper or even free, but you must know someone at the club, like the owner Telstar.

    There are also clubs kits on sale. You can find them everywhere in the city of New York.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	901720d1436143119-new-american-league-chairman-auction-game-spaces-available-home.png
Views:	434
Size:	166.8 KB
ID:	902472Click image for larger version

Name:	901723d1436143128-new-american-league-chairman-auction-game-spaces-available-away.png
Views:	463
Size:	147.9 KB
ID:	902473

    The Yeti has already completed a few signings.

    Their first management and coaching team consists of
    Quique Flores - manager - former Atletico Madrid manager, who guided them to the victory of EURO and European Super Cup
    Steve Bould - assistant manager - spent his entire non-playing career at Arsenal
    Steve Pittman - coach - former american defender
    Jason Dodd - HoYD - former Southampton HoYD

    As for players

    Joe Hart - Our nr.1 goalkeeper
    David Yelldell

    Rich Balchan - RB
    Darijo Srna - most important defensive player - RB
    Cameron Carter-Vickers - CB
    Tim Ream - LB; CB
    Gael Clichy - LB
    Jose Mario Gimenez - CB; RB
    Damian Suarez - RB

    Geoff Cameron - CM; DM; RM; CB; RB
    Claudio Yacob - CM; DM
    Gonzalo Castro - AML; ML
    Giorgian De Arrascaete - AMC; AMR; AML; ST
    Gerson - AMC; AML
    Joe Gyau - AML; ML; AMC; MC; AMR; MR
    Wellington Nem - AMR; AMC; AML; ML
    Joaquin Correa - AML; AMC; AMR
    J.J. Koval - DM
    Bobby Convey - LM
    Bernardo Anor - LM

    Dom Dwyer
    Kekuta Manneh
    Jack McInerney
    James Wilson
    Liber Quinones

    NYBAY will be looking for right midfielder and a goalkeeper. Offers and trades will be considered.

    We, at Bigfoot and Yeti, wish you the very best and hope we all have a good year.

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  14. New American League Chairman Game - Story-el_paso_chihuahuas_logo_detail.png

    El Paso Chihuahuas

    Following the disbandment of the MLS and the call for new franchises in the newly founded Dodge Premier League, the city of El Paso, Texas, was able to find funding from former Mexican drug lord and ex leader of the Knights Templar cartel Servando Gomez to form their own franchise the El Paso Chihuahuas.
    Although the Chihuahuas are situated in the state of Texas, its close proximity to Mexico and the heritage of the city mean there is a real Mexican/Spanish vibe around the club, this is further reinforced by the large number of Spanish and Mexican nationals within the playing squad.

    Gomez or La Tuta as he is better known as will be in charge of the day to day running of the club.

    First team management will be taken by ex Argentinian international Matias Almeyda
    New American League Chairman Game - Story-matias_almeyda_1.jpg

    Almeyda will be backed up by Assistant Manager Alejandro Moreno an ex Venezuelan International and coaches Pat Jennings and Piotr Nowak who bring yet more international experience to the team.

    The Chihuahuas first team squad will be announced soon.

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  15. Tennessee Titans Are Born

    Name:  Texas Titan.png
Views: 418
Size:  101.3 KB
    Like the Gods that were created before Mankind himself the Titans have been born. (Funded and created by American novelist and multi-millionaire Tobey Mason). Taking place amongst their peers in the Bud Light Championship. The sheer power the Titans possess will be solely judged on how they take on the others in the league. Michael Laudrup has bravely taken the reigns to guide these beings into and towards their destiny which is to lift the almighty Bud Light Championship trophy in their God-Like hands!

    More knowledge bout the Titans are as follows... The Thunder Star stadium is the structure that will house these Gods most match days, a 32,000 strong fortress which will see mere mortals cheers their heroes on. The club will wear Silver and black or blood red and black, colours which will ward off their enemies in battle.

    The brave warriors to fight within the Titans are as follows....

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Tennessee Titans_ Players Senior Squad.png
Views:	351
Size:	20.3 KB
ID:	902583

  16. Name:  Wolves.png
Views: 386
Size:  50.1 KB
    Click image for larger version

Name:	WolvesKits.jpg
Views:	392
Size:	157.3 KB
ID:	902682

    Russian-american billionaire Cyril Severov has released a statement following the creation of the new Cascadian Wolves franchise of the Dodge Premier League based in the city of Seattle.

    Severov's Statement:

    "It is with great pleasure that I announce the creation of what will soon be the greatest soccer club in American history. A team whose spirit lies with the extraordinary people of the Pacific Northwest. The Wolves stand for its history, its traditions and its culture. Its a club made by soccen for soccer fans.

    Its sucess and glory lies within the passion we aim to inspire from its supporters. Our claim is clear, we want to be the most passionate and devoted team in the history of sports. With that in mind we have considered the Northwest as the perfect region because of its ideals and long history of counterculture.

    The Wolves aim not to be some cold corporate symbol. But a living thing composed of each and every supporter. Being a wolf is not a hobby but a way of life, an inebriating experience that spreads to all around you. Ultras will be encouraged and actively supported by the administration so long as they fight against violence. I've worked with european and especially german football before and that is the sort of passion we want, But this time with american and of course cascadian flavor.

    The state of Washington and Oregon can now unite their love of soccer and show the world how far we can go."

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CWStaff.jpg
Views:	354
Size:	220.2 KB
ID:	902704

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CWPlayers1.jpg
Views:	373
Size:	603.8 KB
ID:	902707

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CWPlayers2.jpg
Views:	364
Size:	359.4 KB
ID:	902709

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  17. El Paso Squad announced

    Name:  el-paso-logo1-2013-300x225.jpg
Views: 475
Size:  20.8 KB
    El Paso are pleased to announce that the following players have decided to join the initial squad for the inaugural Dodge Premier league season.
    New American League Chairman Game - Story-sqiad.png

    Key players include, Colombian hitman Jackson Martinez who has scored 92 goals in 132 appearances for previous team Porto.
    Mexican forward Carlos Vela, Spanish wizard Benat, US rock Matt Besler and Portuguese winger Valera.

    Those regarded as hot prospects are Italian midfielder Bryan Cristante, Spanish defender Insua and Mexican striker Carlos Fierro.

    There has been much excitment on social media about El Paso's devastating foward line including Martinez, Vela and Bojan/Varela.

    The board are keen to stress that while they are happy with the balance of the squad they are on the lookout for a quality left winger and attacking midfielder.

  18. Name:  gotham.jpeg
Views: 353
Size:  5.9 KB
    Gotham Guardians Join the Bud Light Championship!
    Billionaire superhero Batman has invested in a squad for this coming year in American Soccer!
    The squad that was drafted in the mystery auction, is very strong and the Dark Knight is extremely pleased!

    Name:  a cons.jpeg
Views: 380
Size:  4.4 KBAndrea Consigli is a pretty decent goalie, he is definitely no Gigi Buffon, but he is capable of getting the job done.
    Name:  l sof.jpeg
Views: 364
Size:  43.3 KBLuis Soffner is some scrub, who will probably play very few games in The black and gold guard's goalie uniform.
    Right backs:
    Name:  k theo.jpeg
Views: 333
Size:  7.9 KBKevin Theophile-Catherine is a decent right back, he runs a lot, and loves going on attack, also fairly determined.
    Name:  a hen.jpeg
Views: 371
Size:  4.4 KBAdam Henley is one for the future, I can really see him being the future captain of this squad, he has the right tools, and I am glad we were able to steal him from Blackburn!
    Left Backs:
    Name:  l bain.jpeg
Views: 377
Size:  5.5 KBProbably our best player, and our vice captain. The Great LEIGHTON BAINES, he will be flying up your right flanks and terrorizing you all!!
    Name:  ven alv.jpeg
Views: 337
Size:  4.4 KBVentura Alvarado- decent young left back, has half a chance of succeeding with Leighton Baines around to teach him.
    Name:  john born.jpeg
Views: 370
Size:  3.8 KBJohnathon Bornstein... FOR SALE
    Center backs:
    Name:  leo bon.jpeg
Views: 343
Size:  5.6 KBLeonardo Bonucci- 3 Time serie A champion at the heart of Juve's defense, beast, Italian, need I say more??
    Name:  phil jag.jpeg
Views: 325
Size:  5.8 KBPhil Jagielka- Captain of the Dark knight's squad, very spirited and determined, just needs to put some silverware in his resume in a great career!
    Name:  map yang.jpeg
Views: 339
Size:  8.1 KBMapou Yanga Mbiwa- Good cover for the other 2 center backs, will pobably get pissed at backing them up, but I will keep him around for as long as I can
    Name:  mihal oroz.jpeg
Views: 342
Size:  4.7 KBMichael Orozco Pascal- good #4 center back
    Name:  steve bir.jpeg
Views: 361
Size:  2.7 KBSteve Birnbaum- scrub... but homegrown, so what are you gonna do eh??
    Center mids:
    Name:  ett cap.jpeg
Views: 379
Size:  5.0 KBEtienne Capoue, explosive defensive midfielder, ready to dominate the midfield in the Championship
    Name:  gaary med.jpeg
Views: 328
Size:  4.6 KBGary medel- simple defensive midfielder, while Capoue will fire up the field, Medel will cover for him with his crunching tackles.
    Name:  ged zel.jpeg
Views: 374
Size:  4.4 KBExtremely driven and determined wonderkid Gedion Zelalem, will be a great backup and cup player for us, (can't wait for him to break into the Mighty Arsenal IRL)
    Name:  be swan.jpeg
Views: 325
Size:  2.7 KBBen Swanson- 16 year old decent youngster, and home grown, Ben swanson will be a decent player for us in the future.
    Right Wingers-
    Name:  laz mark.jpeg
Views: 375
Size:  5.2 KBAs a Benfica fan, I enjoyed the short time Markovic tore up the wing in the Portuguese League, and although he didn't have an amazing season at Liverpool, he is still very young, and I have complete faith in him tearing up the right wing of the Championship. FEAR HIM!
    Name:  bilal.jpeg
Views: 337
Size:  4.7 KBBenfica's newest signing IRL, I can't wait to see him in action, at 17 he has the makings of an all star already, dubbed the next arjen robben. RUN!
    Left Winger:
    Name:  nick deleon.jpeg
Views: 392
Size:  5.9 KBscrub back up, but home grown... must sign new left winger ASAP
    Center attacking Mids:
    Name:  nabil fek.jpeg
Views: 323
Size:  3.5 KBNabil Fekir, young wonderkid, should be ready to take the starting role within the next 2 years
    Name:  fed hig.jpeg
Views: 343
Size:  4.0 KBFederico Higuain... Gonzalo got all he talent in the gene pool... FOR SALE
    Name:  carlos.jpeg
Views: 326
Size:  1.8 KBCapable finisher, always on the move, fairly determined. Say hello to your Championship top goal scorer... Carlos Bacca
    Name:  m baye.jpeg
Views: 382
Size:  6.4 KBM'baye Niang- 19, wonderkid, already set to backup Bacca.
    Name:  juan agu.jpeg
Views: 349
Size:  3.5 KBJuan Agudelo, Home grown and decent as a number 3 option.
    Name:  gar monk.jpeg
Views: 335
Size:  5.2 KBGarry Monk has the right tools to lead this team to glory, and he is young and ambitious too. Can't wait to see him bring this team to life, I have the utmost confidence in his ability, and the rest of the staff we have acquired!

  19. Name:  Lazza.jpg
Views: 295
Size:  19.7 KB

    Larry Ellison's plans to reinvent FOOTBALL in the US have been revealed.

    Following on from Mr Ellison's dramatic overhaul of tennis in the US, he has turned to football and is entering a team in the new Dodge Premier League.
    Introducing: California Cougars!
    New American League Chairman Game - Story-california-cougars-logo.jpg
    The Cougars are soon to be the new dominant force in American football (or soccer as they used to say). With the world's fifth richest man backing them (he's worth more than all these oil oligarchs) they are surely destined for great things.

    The first thing at Mr Ellison's press conference was the squad introduction:

    Name:  fahrmann.jpg
Views: 404
Size:  4.3 KB
    Ralf Fahrmann - 25, Schalke 04 (First choice)
    Cody Cropper - 21, Southampton (Backup/Future Prospect)

    Full backs:
    Atsuto Uchida - 26, Schalke 04 (First choice RB)
    Chris Duvall - 22, NY Red Bulls (Expendable but backup RB)
    Aly Cissokho - 26, Aston Villa (First choice (Only) LB :/ )

    Centre Backs:
    New American League Chairman Game - Story-umtiti.jpg
    Samuel Umtiti - 20, Lyon (First choice CB, can get much better)
    Nicolas Isimat-Mirin - 22, PSV (Second first choice CB - once he returns from loan)
    Carlos Bocanegra - 35, Chivas USA
    Aurelien Collin - 28, Sporting Kansas City
    ^Both backup

    Centre Mids:
    Name:  Axel.jpg
Views: 394
Size:  7.1 KBName:  Ilkay.jpg
Views: 321
Size:  2.9 KB
    Axel Witsel - 25, Zenit (first choice CM with Gundogan)
    Ilkay Gundogan - 23, Dortmund (first choice CM with Witsel)
    Josuha Guilavogui - 23,Wolfsburg (first choice CDM)
    Daniel Williams - 25, Reading (Rotational Midfielder)
    Fernando Arce Jr. - 17, Xolos Tijuana (Who?) (Backup, hot prospect)

    Joshua Gatt - 22, Molde (Out for 15 months...)
    Lamar Neagle - 27, Seattle Sounders (As crap as Gatt, just not injured)
    Danny - 30, Zenit (First choice LW, just)
    Josh Murphy - 19, Norwich (Rotational LW with Danny, huge potential)

    Anthony Knockaert - 22, Leicester (First choice if we play a CAM, if not then rotational RW)
    Inri Manzo (For sale)
    Diego Fagundez - 19, New England Revolution (HG, good potential)

    Name:  modest.jpg
Views: 403
Size:  6.4 KB
    Anthony Modeste - 26, Hoffenheim (First choice)
    Donis Avdijaj - 17, Schalke 04 (Third signing from the Germans, hot prospect)
    Caio - 23, Internacional (Backup, hot prospect as well)
    Mike Magee - 29, Chiacgo Fire (HG, shouldn't be used)

    Manager: Stefano Pioli - The ex-Lazio manager has a vast amount experience despite his age (48) and is looking to play in Mr Ellison's preferred 4-1-2-3 DM wide formation.

    Assistant Manager: Dante Washington - part of Mr Ellison's plans are to increase the level of coaching in the US, so he has bought in an ex American player who has a fair bit of experience from the MLS disaster.

    HOY: Brian Maisonneuve - Also American, played with Washington and is currently a Coach for the US national team

    Coach: Tim Martin - made as many appearances as the other two over his career but only had one season in the MLS - that was enough to make him retire, given his first chance at coaching by the Cougars

    New American League Chairman Game - Story-120423801h.pnghNew American League Chairman Game - Story-120423801a.pnga
    Mr Ellison has used his contacts to ensure that the shirts are made by high-quality manufacturers - Puma. He has also agreed to let his own company become the shirt sponsors.

    Transfer Plans:
    A new Left back and Right mid are needed - otherwise Mr Ellison is satisfied with his squad.

  20. Click image for larger version

Name:	2000px-Flag_of_Las_Vegas,_Nevada.svg.png
Views:	332
Size:	167.8 KB
ID:	903483

    Las Vegas Strip Foxes
    Transfer List

    Doody Patrik DL
    Alex Büttner DL
    Darlington Nagbe MC
    Kevin Hoyos ST
    Patrick Mullins AML

    "These players are avaliable on loan and on transfer, too. Some of them are HG players, and they're avaliable for cheap, but we're willing to listen every offer for every offer, and we likely do swap deals, too.

    Also we looking for a right back and a backup goalkeeper. Our scouts are going through America to look after some players. In other positions, our manager feel the squad enough to achieve the promotion in the first season." - Said the Foxes's chairman, Patrik Pintér to the Sky Sports today.

    "We're also arranged the pre-season friendly matches, we'll play against Coyotes, Gaz Metan, and Vitesse. Then we will play in the Excalibur stadium against the great Valencia, and one of the best club in the world, Real Madrid. After these matches we'll play some confident boosting matches and we'll start the league against San Juan Caribes. The 1st Las Vegas Derby will be played in the 13th of September. We are already looking forward to this. We already sold about 15k season tickets and we're expecting full house in the Derby, and a massive average attendance during the whole season."

    According to the bookies, the Las Vegas Strip Foxes have 4/5 odds (1.80) in decimal, the same as New Jersey Jaguars, and Idaho Magic.

  21. Znik decided to ruin my life, and point out that I do not have Carlos Bacca... instead I have Carlos from Atletico Miniero...
    Name:  carlos.jpeg
Views: 376
Size:  3.2 KBCarlos- decent young striker, still has a long way to go, but he will be good
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  22. Click image for larger version

Name:	1280px-Washington_Capitals.svg.png
Views:	551
Size:	84.7 KB
ID:	903677

    New American League Chairman Game - Story-home3.pngNew American League Chairman Game - Story-away3.png

    The Washington Capitals were originally an Ice Hockey franchise, located in Washington DC. However, ambitious chairman Chuck Norris has decided to expand this franchise into the world of football, and will be joining the brand new Dodge Premier League at the start of the 2014/15 season. A large amount of money has been pumped into the club, in an attempt to make history and become the first club to win silverware in this division.

    Chuck Norris has brought in a number of big stars from across the world and appointed Leonardo Jardim as the clubs first manager.

    New American League Chairman Game - Story-ng02fc8ba7-7fe5-405c-a09e-035ccd3942e0.jpg

    Here is clubs 25 man starting roster;


    Tim Krul
    Jonathan Bond


    Michael Harrington
    Fernando Navarro

    Roy Miller


    Jose Fonte


    John Brooks

    Eriq Zavaleta


    Andres Cubas
    Mix Diskerud
    Dilly Duka
    Ricardo Kishna
    Bobby Wood
    Luciano Acosta
    Michael Farfan
    Jimmy McLaughlin


    Mario Ballotelli
    Paul Arriola
    Carlos Bacca
    Andrew Wooten

    The Washington Capitals are looking for a proven CM as a priority. We have surplus wingers, attacking midfielders and strikers in case a trade deal can be arranged.

    Nobody is officially transfer listed as of yet as Chuck Norris and Manager Jardim are willing to give everyone a chance to prove themselves for the club. Although everyone is for sale.... at the right price.

  23. New American League Chairman Game - Story-mississippi-eagles.png

    Mississippi Eagles chairman Sean Keaney reveals their interest in a wing back and a CB if any other chairman have players in either of those positions available?

    The club are also willing to listen to offers for Matt Jarvis.

  24. Name:  download.png
Views: 366
Size:  7.4 KB

    Columbus Dragons is looking for a defender for loan. Any players is available if a good price is offered

  25. Idaho Magic FC

    Click image for larger version

Name:	idaho sigf.png
Views:	407
Size:	141.4 KB
ID:	904014

    Players for sale
    Willing to negotiate - expecting around 1.5 x current value or player exchange)

    Conor Doyle (Homegrown) ST
    Donny Toia (Homegrown) FB --- Sold awaiting League confirmation
    Will Bruin (Homegrown) ST
    Chance Myers (Homegrown) FB
    Dillion Serna (Homegrown) WM


    New American League Chairman Game - Story-conor-doyle.png New American League Chairman Game - Story-donny-toia.png New American League Chairman Game - Story-will-bruin.png New American League Chairman Game - Story-chance-myers.png New American League Chairman Game - Story-dillon-serna.png

    Positions Needed:-
    (Preferably HomeGrown)

    GK (loan)
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  26. Click image for larger version

Name:	gamblers sig.png
Views:	444
Size:	169.1 KB
ID:	904214

    Transfer List:-

    Carlos Kameni - £8m
    Giuseppe Bellusci - £4m

    Mario Mandzukic (wages are to be amended by zacram - as currently incorrect) - £40m

    Willing to listen to offers for any player
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  27. Controversial British Journalist Piers Morgan to Enter Team Into, Newly Formed Bud Light Championship.

    Piers Morgan has today announced that he has successfully completed the paperwork to enter a team into the newly formed American football league system. Morgan has suggested that the team will be based in New Jersey being called the 'New Jersey Jaguars'. In an interview with Sky earlier today Morgan answered a few questions on the future that lays ahead for the franchise.

    : Hello Piers! The shoe seems to be on the other food today eh?

    : Haha, yes. It does seem weird to be on the receiving end of some tough questions, I just hope you aren't too harsh on me.

    : Of course not! Anyway, down to business. Where did this whole idea come from? You've never been involved in football before, apart from in the twitter sphere. Aren't you a little worried about your lack of real experience?

    : Well, as everyone will know I'm a die hard Arsenal fan however since moving to the US I've not been able to see as many games as I would have liked. This gives me the opportunity to immerse myself in football again - they may not be up to the standard of my beloved Arsenal from the get-go, but that surely is the goal! In regards to my experience, I know I haven't been involved in the game before other than being a supporter, so I'll be handing over a lot of the responsibility to the manager that I'll be putting in place. I won't be too controlling when it comes to which players come in/out or who the staff are.

    : It sounds like you have somebody in mind for the job?

    : We've lined somebody and are hoping to have a deal done as soon as possible. Obviously with the deal not being completely over the line yet I can't say too much, but the candidate has experience at the highest level and has been in the game for a long time!

    : New Jersey have been entered into the 2nd division of the league and not the 1st is this something you see as a hinderance?

    : Definitely not! This is a completely new experience to me and nobody really knows what to expect from the league as it is new also. Being in the 2nd division puts a less pressure on the franchise and means we should be able to find our feet without too much trouble.

    : Some clubs in the league have suggested that they will be spending big in a search for immediate glory. What is you stance on this?

    : We won't be looking to overstretch the finances and from the squad I have assembled at the moment the we will will not have to spend too much more in order to strengthen the team much further. I think some of the other teams may risk financial trouble by overspending.. Right, I have got to catch a plane back to London so I must be off. I've scheduled
    Jeremy Clarkson
    for a special episode of Life Stories!! Other officials from the club should be on hand to release squad and staff information to the public very soon.

  28. Don't know why it came out like that...... fuck sake.
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  29. Summer Transfer Window 2014 - C2C only

    New American League Chairman Game - Story-transfer-window-closed.jpg

    Name:  100000024.png
Views: 240
Size:  20.1 KB

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Premiership.png
Views:	271
Size:	542.1 KB
ID:	905603
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Manager Movements.png
Views:	247
Size:	100.0 KB
ID:	905604

    Name:  100000025.png
Views: 244
Size:  26.7 KB

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Championship.png
Views:	279
Size:	692.8 KB
ID:	905610

    *Carlos Bacca had been incorectly allocated to Gotham Guardians when it should have been "Carlos" who has now been transferred. The duplicate at Washington "Bacca Jr" was released (lowered his stats so no one will buy him :p) and the original from Gotham was transferred to Washington.

    - Yannick Ferreira Carrasco is on loan deal

    - Sean Johnson was transferred for an undisclosed fee

    - Alexander Buttner was transferred for an undisclosed fee

    - Gregory Garza was transferred for an undisclosed fee

    - Kenny Saief is on loan with an optional future fee of 1M agreed

    - Dax McCarty is on loan with an optional future fee of 1M agreed

    - Giuseppe Bellusci was transferred for an undisclosed fee

    I dont see an option to loan players out in the editor so will move those players back at the end of the season. When i move players they are all on frees, so transfer fees have been edited in your club finances. This is the way it will always be done unless someone knows a way around it....

    Feel free to announce you transfers and reveal the undisclosed fees aswell if you wish!
    Last edited by zacram; 10/07/2015 at 06:28 PM.
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  30. So guys... Who do you think will be the surprise of the season? Personally, I feel that Philadelphia Freedom will do well this season, some good players there!

  31. Quote Originally Posted by lewie100 View Post
    So guys... Who do you think will be the surprise of the season? Personally, I feel that Philadelphia Freedom will do well this season, some good players there!
    Thanks for the confidence! I've never seen Poyet keep a job for a season though, so I'm most afraid of him failing! And I could use a top striker!

  32. August 2014

    Name:  100000024.png
Views: 143
Size:  20.1 KB

    Round 1
    Click image for larger version

Name:	1.png
Views:	175
Size:	419.0 KB
ID:	905816
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2.png
Views:	152
Size:	244.8 KB
ID:	905818

    Round 2
    Click image for larger version

Name:	3.png
Views:	188
Size:	470.9 KB
ID:	905819
    Click image for larger version

Name:	4.png
Views:	147
Size:	241.9 KB
ID:	905822

    Round 3
    Click image for larger version

Name:	5.png
Views:	169
Size:	662.7 KB
ID:	905823

    League Table
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Prem.png
Views:	166
Size:	1.00 MB
ID:	905825

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Premiership.png
Views:	170
Size:	537.0 KB
ID:	905828

    Name:  100000025.png
Views: 140
Size:  26.7 KB

    Round 1

    Click image for larger version

Name:	6.png
Views:	169
Size:	576.3 KB
ID:	905833

    Round 2
    Click image for larger version

Name:	7.png
Views:	159
Size:	521.2 KB
ID:	905835

    Round 3
    Click image for larger version

Name:	8.png
Views:	160
Size:	560.3 KB
ID:	905836

    League Table
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Champ.png
Views:	178
Size:	1,014.7 KB
ID:	905838

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Championship.png
Views:	167
Size:	594.8 KB
ID:	905841

    New American League Chairman Game - Story-american-cup.png

    Round 1 - 1st Leg
    The draw for the cup is random and not all teams are selected to play in the 1st round and get byes into the 2nd round

    Click image for larger version

Name:	9.png
Views:	168
Size:	679.8 KB
ID:	905845

    Round 1 - 2nd Leg
    Click image for larger version

Name:	10.png
Views:	164
Size:	719.1 KB
ID:	905848

    Round 2 - Draw
    Click image for larger version

Name:	11.png
Views:	168
Size:	703.6 KB
ID:	905851

  33. Go Wolves! (and damn you Mississippi )

  34. Well that didn't work, didn't it!

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  35. I called it! Time to give Poyet the sack!

  36. Alaskan Direwolves vs Dallas Daggers in round 2 of the cup! The big rivalry!
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  37. We are top of the league! Good signing in Mati Fernandez too! Bring it on Big Foot & Yeti in the second round of the cup!

    Gasperini's barmy army!
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  38. Only one win so far, my team definitely need to do better

  39. Damn....that's not a good start at all for the Sharks.

    The strikers have gone missing, I think

  40. Can't believe the Foxes beat me in the cup, no doubt a stuffy win.!!!
    Great performances in the league thou...
    Like he partnership of Celso Borges & Mario Mandzukic - used to love Celso Borges in previous FMs
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  41. Bottom of the league and out in the cup, this is not going as planned!!

    @zacram - I was wondering if it would be possible to a get save game link for the updates, I like to get a details update out every couple of months or so...

  42. Well, 7th in the league, just 1 point away from the promotion play-off place. Beat my rival in the cup. That's not that bad. We have to improve in goal scoring, but I think this will be okay. I'll do an update tonight (in CET+1 ).

  43. eh... ok start. 6th in the league is ok and I guess losing to Mississippi is ok since they are top of the premier league.

  44. Yeah i will put the save link up a bit later. Also wondering what sort of speed you guys want to sim at? I could do 2 months at a time then leave it a couple of days for club announcements and stuff?

    Also not sure if anyone ha a different ingame editor from the official one like "FMRTE" ? If so could you see if it will let you change competition rules, as i shouldn't have put a max squad size of 25 on!

  45. Quote Originally Posted by Matt419 View Post
    Alaskan Direwolves vs Dallas Daggers in round 2 of the cup! The big rivalry!
    Its on. Bring it Direwolves.
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  46. Personally, I think 2 months is fine, but right now perhaps just do September too. I might want to fire my manager after that at least!

  47. Dallas Daggers Founded

    Pretend I did this earlier

    Foreign Businessman Walder Frey has bought the into the new American League system. The Dallas Daggers, are the second Texas club that have been introduced into this new system, the first being the El Paso Chihuahua's. The Daggers will play in the Bud Light Championship (the second tier of American soccer.

    Chairman Walder Frey has spoken about the purchase: "When I heard the Starks bought a 'club', I immediantly joined in." Fans will be anxious about the new chairman, who has stated "where's America" and he has revealed "In celebration of this new purchase, my daughter is getting married, and I would paticulary like it if Robb Stark could make it... *cough.*"

    The Manager

    Yesterday a Ian Holloway was announded as the new manager. The unemployed former Blackpool and Millwall manager said "he is delighted to be part of the 'Daggers' though he has admitted he hasn't met the chairman.

    The Players

    The players joining are very interesting, the more interesting names being Jan Vertonghen, Lucas Pratto, Fraser Forster, Zakaria Bakkali and Pierre Michel-Lasogga. The squad has a mixture of nationalities and a mix of abilities but we have no doubt that they will do well.

    The Kits

    The kits are very vibrant and interesting, sponsored by popular American retail store Target. The home kit being yellow and away being purple.
    It is also Kappa made. Fans are so far excited by this kit and hope it will be the lucky promotion kit.

    Last edited by reubomad; 11/07/2015 at 11:19 AM.

  48. I'd say sim October and November together, and February and March together
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  49. Quote Originally Posted by zacram View Post
    Yeah i will put the save link up a bit later. Also wondering what sort of speed you guys want to sim at? I could do 2 months at a time then leave it a couple of days for club announcements and stuff?

    Also not sure if anyone ha a different ingame editor from the official one like "FMRTE" ? If so could you see if it will let you change competition rules, as i shouldn't have put a max squad size of 25 on!

    Just had a quick look but in FMRTE you can only edit the league prize money and you can register players individually but you cannot edit the nation/league rules or do a mass edit for squad registration...

    I don't know if it would be worth changing it and restart it but, it could cause problems when from peoples sims there seem to be a lot of injuries and at no point other the transfer window can you register a player that isn't already named in the squad

  50. Quote Originally Posted by Portugal8713 View Post
    I'd say sim October and November together, and February and March together
    Yeah I agree... I'd do something like this?

    All months mentioned are intended to be the end of the month

    July (Start of new Season)
    August + Chairman Transfer Window opens
    September + Chairman Transfer Window closes
    October + November
    December + Chairman Transfer Window opens + Draft Youth Intake (27th December - I think for USA)
    January + Chairman Transfer Window closes
    February + March
    May + June (End of the Season)

    ***Not too sure when the Youth Intake is, but your wanting to do a MLS styled draft you may have to shift around the months a little
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