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Clueless Kaarto manages Hednesford Town F.C.
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  1. Quote Originally Posted by dllu View Post
    Whose interest? Yours or the readers'?

    I'm still playing FM13, and the only reason I do my career updates on the SI forums instead of here is because they don't have separate forums for older versions of the game. If I did an FM13 update here, no one would read it. Over there, I have plenty of readers...

    Anyway, thank you for a good story.
    For question 1, mine mainly. I go through massive patches of interest with FM, I can't keep going throughout an entire year. I fear when I gain my interest again I'll be relegated to some FM15 story forum which no one will ever visit. Making a story on the SI forums might be something I do in the future, considering I'm probably going to be sticking with FM15 (and continuing this save) for a while.
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  2. 2026/27 (Season 13)

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    I've maxed my skills already, which is a bit depressing for the remaining 50 odd years of my managerial career.

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    Mick Christie has been here on loan from Arsenal for ages, and we have finally locked him down permanently. We had to pay a little over his value, but for an English defensive midfielder I can't complain. William Noubissie joined us all the way back in League 2, making 229 league appearances at a 6.93 rating. He even captained the club for a few seasons. Unfortunately the central defender only made 4 appearances last season and performed poorly, so I lost the faith to play him in the Premier League. Stephane Prevost scored 4 times and assisted 4 times in 26 appearances, but was constantly complaining. I jumped at the opportunity to sell him at a huge profit (purchased for 6.5 million) to give myself some room in the transfer window.


    Fernando (DR)
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    Fernando has been signed for almost a year, but he wasn't allowed to join the club until he turned 18. He is a star right back, nabbed for a small fee and on small wages as well. This season he might have to play backup to Roberti, but I'm hoping that this man can be a cornerstone of our defence for the next decade.

    Michael McNeill (DC)
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    I've had an issue with not having many home-grown players for a while, so I decided that I needed to splash some cash on quality English youth. I snatched McNeill from Chelsea, and despite being just 20 he will be a vital cog in our defence. Another signing that can do a job straight away, but is also young and will continue to propel Hednesford to great success in the future.

    John Jairo Arzuaga (ST)
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    Arzuaga is a youth development signing, signed for basically nothing from Junior. They demanded a loan back clause, and I'll be watching on to see whether he can further his development. He has a history of injuries which could slow his career, but at the very least there is profit to be made from this deal.
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