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Clueless Kaarto manages Hednesford Town F.C.
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  1. Clueless Kaarto manages Hednesford Town F.C.

    Clueless Kaarto manages Hednesford Town F.C.
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    Football Manager 14/15: Old Stories

    Hednesford Save History (Story Spoilers)
    2025/26- Premier League- 2nd
    2024/25- Premier League- 13th
    2023/24- Championship- 3rd
    2022/23- Championship- 7th
    2021/22- League 1- 2nd
    2020/21- League 2- 1st
    2019/20- League 2- 12th
    2018/19- Conference- 1st
    2017/18- Conference- 4th
    2016/17- Conference- 4th
    2015/16- Conference North- 1st
    2014/15- Conference North- 2nd

    Hednesford Save Achievements
    2025/26- Qualified for UEFA Champions League
    2024/25- Won Capital One Cup
    2023/24- Won promotion from the Championship
    2021/22- Won promotion from League 1
    2020/21- Won League 2 Title
    2020/21- Won Johnstone's Paint Trophy
    2018/19- Won Conference Title
    2015/16- Won Conference North Title

    Hednesford Legends (Story Spoilers)
    Scott Shulton (2014-2020)- Attacking Midfielder- 205 appearances, 55 goals, 50 assists
    Archie Love (2014-2020)- Central Midfielder- 290 appearances, 21 goals, 33 assists
    Ben Smith (2014-2021)- Goalkeeper- 364 appearances
    Matthew Fletcher (2014-2021)- Striker- 258 appearances, 90 goals, 41 assists
    Danny Barrow (2015-2021)- Left Winger- 280 appearances, 53 goals, 61 assists
    Donald Love (2017-2022)- Right Back- 317 appearances, 6 goals, 35 assists
    Kwame Thomas (2018-2022)- Striker- 152 appearances, 61 goals, 44 assists
    Jack Barmby (2018-2024)- Left Wing- 297 appearances, 82 goals, 76 assists
    Sergi Canos (2019-2024)- Right Wing- 234 appearances, 59 goals, 65 assists

    I’m giving this type of save yet another go, after failing to get anywhere in my past two attempts. This time I’ve changed it up and chosen Hednesford in the Conference North. I am going to stick with them and attempt to drag them into the Premier League. Why did I decide to join Hednesford? It reminded me of spelling Wednesday phonetically as Wed-Nes-Day when I was 6. That is all. You can expect a brief posting style and sub-par football management while reading this story.

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  2. Season 1 (2014/15)

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    I waltz into my first club as a bit of a useless hack.


    Name:  F s1 in out.jpg
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    As usual when I join a new club, I completely overhauled the first team. The tactic I use is to sign as many scouts as possible, and then request a report card on every single free agent in England. Every once in a while, I'll find a diamond in the rough and I'll do my best to get them into the club. I won't be showing any screenshots of players only signed for backup.


    Matthew Fletcher (ST)
    Name:  F s1 signing fletcher.jpg
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    I am stoked that I found a quality striker to add to the side. He has great dribbling, finishing and even a little bit of pace. I expect Fletcher to bang them in at this level, and keep banging them in after we get promoted as well. He was signed a little bit into the season.

    Ben Smith (GK)
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    Not only have I found a great striker, I've also locked down a great keeper. I always look for Reflexes, One On Ones and Handling, along with low Eccentricity. Smith ticked all those boxes and my scouts agreed.

    Scott Shulton (AMC)
    Name:  s1 signing shulton.jpg
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    This is my old mate from my Bath City saves. Despite his stats looking bog average, he has piled on the goals and assists for me in the past. As soon as I saw him available I had to grab him.

    Danny Fitzsimons (DC)
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    We needed depth in centre-back, and Fitzsimmons looked decent with 8-10's everywhere. He is here on loan with no wages, so there is no risk involved.

    Fred Murray (DL)
    Name:  s1 signing murray.jpg
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    I don't usually like signing players over the age of 30, but with nothing better available I had to grab Murray. He should do a job for a season at left back.

    I've successfully bolstered the first team with a few great signings and I hope we can get promoted straight away.
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  3. Would be great to see you go up at first try with an Aussie banging in the goals for you!
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    Using all of my tactical nous I've produced the most brilliant generic 4-2-3-1 you'll ever see. I'll do some tweaking during the season just to see what works.


    Name:  s1 friendlies.jpg
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    I got carried away with signings and forgot to schedule myself a pre-season. Because of this we are going into the season a bit underdone, but we should be able to scrape some good results early anyway. Backup striker Jacob Gibson did very well in these matches, netting a few times. My secret talisman Scott Shulton went down with injury in the first fixture.


    Archie Love (MC)
    Name:  s1 key love.jpg
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    When I saw this bloke sitting in my squad, on a non-contract, I was slightly pleased. Archie has outstanding attributes everywhere, and is simply far too good for this level.

    James Hurst (DR)
    Name:  s1 key hurst.jpg
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    It's a similiar story with Hurst. He has outstanding physicals, and is too good for this level. Hurst and Love are just gifts for me as a manager.
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  5. Looking forward to this..3rd time...charm..and all that!

    Good luck mate.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Disclaimer89 View Post
    Looking forward to this..3rd time...charm..and all that!

    Good luck mate.
    That's the hope haha.

    I need to get a conference side to the premier league just once so I can move on. I just don't feel right trying anything else on FM knowing that I haven't done this yet
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  7. 2014/15 LEAGUE RESULTS #1

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    I always manage to start seasons well, and this is no exception. Our defense has looked solid, only lapsing once away at AFC Fylde. We've also had a nice mix of goalscorers with the surprise being left midfielder Glenn Walker, who has netted 4 times in 10 appearances. I've managed to put Hednesford straight on the map as promotion contenders.
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  8. 2014/15 LEAGUE RESULTS #2

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    The first four results shattered my confidence. We were on top in all of them really, but just couldn't put the ball into the goal enough. So I went onto the transfer market and grabbed striker Matthew Fletcher. In his debut he netted twice to drag us to a draw, and our formed peaked up again with a few wins.
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  9. 2014/15 LEAGUE RESULTS #3

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    Bit of a mixed bag, but at least we look very solid at home, proven by 4 wins on the trot at Keys Park without conceding. Our away form leaves a little to be desired, but I guess I can't expect to just romp everyone on their turf. While our defence has stayed the same, our attack has dried up, with scorers like Walker, Gibson and Semple nowhere to be seen. Fletcher hasn't been as dominant as I expected, but there is nothing wrong with 4 goals in 9 appearances.
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  10. 2014/15 LEAGUE RESULTS #4

    Name:  s1 results 4.jpg
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    This seems to be how we are going to play the whole season. We aren't going to win every game, but we are good enough to win at home and take some points away as well. Our defence has been the highlight of our season, spearheaded by new goalkeeper Ben Smith. Even when our attack is switched off we can depend on the back 5 to keep the opposition quiet. Just looking at these 6 fixtures as an example, we only conceded twice. We are right up the pointy end of the table, but Boston Utd are comfortably first. We'll probably need to go on a huge winstreak to get near them at this point, but more likely we'll be battling in the playoff's.
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  11. So far so good! Although the idea of Play-offs makes me nervous; I never have any luck in play-offs!

    Could you put up the league table?
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  12. Quote Originally Posted by Disclaimer89 View Post
    So far so good! Although the idea of Play-offs makes me nervous; I never have any luck in play-offs!

    Could you put up the league table?
    I've never been promoted through the play-off's, eventually it has to happen, surely?

    League table will be up soon, only 7 more matches for the season.
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  13. 2014/15 CUP RESULTS

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    We performed decently in both the FA Trophy and FA Cup, but nothing special happened. I find cup runs a bit boring in the lower leagues, as no matter what happens you get about $5 from it.
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  14. 2014/15 LEAGUE RESULTS #5

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    Rather than kick on and challenge for the top spot, our attacking prowess disappeared and we collected draw after draw. Once again, our defence really keeps us in it, but we can't quite produce enough goals. We finish easily in 2nd, 5 points clear of 3rd place. Now it's time to hope for the best in the playoff's and hopefully start next season in the Conference.
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    Name:  s1 league table end.jpg
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    We've achieved 2nd place in the Conference North. While we had the 2nd best defence in the league (37 goals conceded), we only had the 9th best attack (56 goals scored), so I know where we need to improve going into next season, no matter what league we are in. Still, I'm happy to be in second place, giving the club a good chance of getting promoted through the play-off's.
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  16. 2014/15 LEAGUE PLAYOFFS

    Name:  s1 results 6.jpg
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    The dramatic write-ups can wait until we are a little higher than the 6th division. We comfortably disposed of Tamworth in the semi-final, before our encounter with Lowestoft in the final at Keys Park. 3,469 packed in to see Boateng open the scoring for Lowestoft in the 8th minute. Our central midfielder Jamey Osborne equalised 10 minutes later, but the opposition took the lead again through Danny Crow in the 37th. Once again Osborne hit back a few minutes later to keep us in the tie. Our attack couldn't get the job done with a winning goal, so eventually we went to penalties. Unsurprisingly, we lost out and we will stay in the Conference North again next season.
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  17. Ah man, thats rough!
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  18. Quote Originally Posted by Lippo255 View Post
    Ah man, thats rough!
    If I don't finish in the automatic promotion spots I know I'm not getting promoted. No expectations, no disappointment haha
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  19. So close - although I'm sorry to see you beat Tamworth. I'm doing a career thread with them right now on the SI forums...
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  20. 2014/15 SQUAD REVIEW

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    The player I identified as key player in the pre-season Archie Love was our best player by a margin. I played him mainly as a deep lying playmaker, so his goals and assist tally wasn't huge, but he was easily our most dependable. Winger Glenn Walker contributed some useful goals, while Shulton was injury plagued. Striker Matthew Fletcher put in 14 goals in 31 starts, along with some added assists. Our star right back James Hurst wasn't as good as I hoped, and he's off to a bigger club after throwing a fit. Players over 6.8 get a pass mark. Anyone under a 6.8 average rating is on the chopping block going into next year as I try to get promoted.
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  21. 2015/16 (Season 2)

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    The board is too cheap to let me study, so I will remain useless until they splash the cash.

    Name:  s2 in and out.jpg
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    James Hurst moved to a League 2 side while I judged Semple, Campion and Westwood to not been good enough for the squad anymore. Loan central defender Danny Fitzsimmons has made his move permanent. We also signed right back Matthew Challoner who should improve our stocks in Hurst's absence. Overall, we've kept faith in the first team we already had to get us promoted this season.


    Danny Barrow (AML)
    Name:  s2 signing barrow.jpg
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    We were struggling with creating goals in attack, and I think this partly comes down to our lack of quality on the wings. I was stoked to find a pacy, skillful winger on loan to help Hednesford produce in the final third.

    Godfrey Poku (DM)
    Name:  s2 signing poku.jpg
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    With the new formation that I want to play, I needed to purchase a defensive midfielder. Unfortunately, all DM's on the market were under 170cm for some reason. I still hope Poku can do a job in the midfield despite being quite small.

    Mirza Sedjic (ST)
    Name:  s2 signing sedjic.jpg
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    A loan signing designed to backup Matthew Fletcher. I think he should be able to contribute some useful goals for the side due to his pace, strength and finishing.

    Jordan Keane (DC)
    Name:  s2 signing keane.jpg
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    We had a central defender leave, so I signed another. Looks like a decent player for this level, nothing more, nothing less.
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    Name:  s2 tactics.jpg
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    We've changed the tactic to what is apparently a 4-1-4-1 DM Wide, ditching the 4-2-3-1. I simply like having a DM in midfield to control the game.


    Name:  s2 friendlies.jpg
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    I think it's quite clear that I remembered to schedule myself a pre-season this time around. Mirza Sedjic was a surprise package, burying goal after goal so he may even challenge Fletcher while he is in this form. I don't think you can read too much into the results against weak opposition, but hopefully after so much football the squad is raring to get into the season.
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  23. 2015/16 LEAGUE RESULTS #1

    Name:  s2 results 1.jpg
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    We've clearly hit the ground running, going unbeaten in these 12 fixtures. Sedjic was on form early, even winning us two games in a row with early goals. However, I then gave Fletcher a chance and he scored 5 goal in 6 appearances in a purple patch for him. It's a good selection dilemma to have.
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  24. 2015/16 LEAGUE RESULTS #2

    Name:  s2 results 2.jpg
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    And the unbeaten run continues. I've just been able to sit back, watch our defence lock the opposition out, and enjoy the goals from Fletcher, Sedjic and Barrow.
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  25. 2015/16 LEAGUE RESULTS #3

    Name:  s2 results 3.jpg
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    Then FM realised just how well I was doing and decided to put a stop to that. Louie Theophanous is a striker I brought in momentarily, desperately looking for someone to score goals. He did score one, but we still couldn't win a fixture. The common pattern I experience is that I'll dominate the early season, then taper off and have to cling to first place. This is very much the situation here, hopefully our form can lift and we can start accumulating points again. It probably has something to do with team's adjusting to my tactic, but I have no alternative idea's, especially considering my small specialised squad. Still, a 28 game unbeaten run to start the season is nothing to complain about.
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  26. 4 times 0-0 in a row! I don't think I've ever managed that, but at least you know defense is not a problem...
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  27. 2015/16 LEAGUE RESULTS #4

    Name:  s2 results 4.jpg
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    Results are still up and down as we attempt to cling on to 1st place. Luckily we created quite the buffer early, but unless we can win some more games it might be close at the end. Amari Morgan-Smith is another striker I signed for the short term to try and score more goals. For some reason my strikers always score on their debut, so I'm just using that to my advantage by signing a new one every week.
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  28. 2015/16 CUP RESULTS

    Name:  s2 cup result.jpg
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  29. Congrats on the promotion mate!!
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  30. 2015/16 LEAGUE RESULTS #5

    Name:  s2 results 5.jpg
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    The more we stumbled the closer our main challenger Tamworth got. Going into the tie against Leamington we were only 3 points clear on the top of the table, but season 1 signing's Fletcher and Shulton pulled us over the line. Being 6 points clear with superior goal difference we went into our last match already promoted, and it showed. After possibly the least convincing half season ever seen we have managed to cling on to top spot and achieve promotion.
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  31. Quote Originally Posted by Yeti01 View Post
    Congrats on the promotion mate!!
    Extremely lucky in the end, but we are going up and that's all that matters.
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    Name:  s2 league table.jpg
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    Well, we made it hard on ourselves as it was ultimately our first 28 games that secured our promotion. We managed 60 points in those 28 games, but only 19 points in the back 14. Our attack is still very much sub-par, despite my signings, but the defence made up for it, conceding 13 less goals than anyone else. At least we are finally moving up a division into the Conference.
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  33. 2015/16 SQUAD REVIEW

    Name:  s2 squad review.jpg
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    Shulton was able to stay on the pitch this season, and was our best player, although his stats are skewed by penalty duties. Archie Love performed well again, with our first team centre back partnership both averaging more than 7. Both Barrow and Sedjic made some useful contributions in attack while they were here on loan. Sedjic (age 17) actually scored the same as Fletcher from less starts. Striker Fletcher was okay with 13 goals, while keeper Ben Smith had another solid season. Everyone is on the chopping block as I improve the squad for the next division.
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  34. 2016/17 (Season 3)

    Name:  s3 stats.jpg
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    My training attributes are a little better and I'm fantastic at managing finances.

    Name:  s3 in out final.jpg
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Size:  104.6 KB

    We've had a complete overhaul of the squad. Anyone that didn't excel at Conference North level has been told to bugger off, and we've replaced them with some higher quality players. Our attack is the main area the needs improving, but there was no one on the market that suited our needs. I extended Danny Barrow's loan deal, which doesn't appear here. Anyone signed as backup doesn't get a screenshot.


    Marcos Painter (DL)
    Name:  s3 signing painter.jpg
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Size:  209.9 KB

    These are the type of signings that strengthen the side. I was stoked to find Painter and bring him in on affordable wages. The catch? 3 Natural fitness. 3. I only noticed this when I played him in a fixture, and then when I wanted him to play again in the next fixture he had about 3% fitness. He'll need rotation, but when he does play he'll be great.

    Donald Love (DR)
    Name:  s3 signing love.jpg
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Size:  211.0 KB

    I also managed to sign Archie Love's brother to the side. I am concerned with him only standing 167cm, but he was too good to pass up, especially on such low wages. We've vastly improved both full backs, which should see us continue our stellar defensive records from the first two seasons.

    Wes York (AMR)
    Name:  s3 signing york.jpg
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Size:  217.1 KB

    I always utilise one or two loan signings every season, and York is one of those. Wes looks decent all round.

    Kyle Hempshall (DC)
    Name:  s3 signing hempshall.jpg
Views: 616
Size:  209.3 KB

    Another loan signing. Good heading, marking and tackling.

    Billy Bodin (AML)
    Name:  s3 bodin.jpg
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Size:  216.0 KB

    A decent winger with a bit of pace. He'll be a backup player, but considering he's backup for both wings I assume he'll play quite a bit.
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    Name:  s3 tactic.jpg
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Size:  104.5 KB

    Another tactic that I'm going to trial. I've still got the tactics from both previous seasons that are still in use. They are all variations of the same thing anyway.


    Name:  s3 friendlies.jpg
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Size:  84.9 KB

    Backup striker Louie Theophanous has been on a massive hot streak with 5 goals in our last 3 games, pushing to take over Matthew Fletcher as our lone striker.
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  36. 2016/17 LEAGUE RESULTS #1

    Name:  s3 results 1.jpg
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Size:  139.9 KB

    The results look good but we've been pretty lucky. For a start, Shulton scored 5 penalties in our first 5 games. We scraped through a few 1-0 victories, but overall we've looked okay with the step up to a new level. We've had an even spread of goals, other than Shulton with his penalty assisted tally of 7. Fletcher has 3, while York, Barrow and Poku have all slotted 2.
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  37. 2016/17 LEAGUE RESULTS #2

    Name:  s3 results 2.jpg
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Size:  123.6 KB

    A more realistic set of results as our luck dried out a little. Our home at Keys Park is still a fortress, but we've struggled on the road, losing 3 times.
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  38. 2016/17 LEAGUE RESULTS #3

    Name:  s3 results 3.jpg
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Size:  114.2 KB

    We still haven't lost at home all season, but we just can't steal points away. We were even on the end of an 8-2 drubbing from Torquay, simply because the defence couldn't be stuffed. Overall, it's all going okay at this stage.
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  39. Still looking like a good first season up mate. Where abouts on the table are you?
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  40. Quote Originally Posted by Yeti01 View Post
    Still looking like a good first season up mate. Where abouts on the table are you?
    We are bouncing around 2nd-5th. Going to take an impressive run to challenge for automatic promotion but we should have a chance (a 0% one) through the playoff's.
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  41. 2016/17 LEAGUE RESULTS #4

    Name:  s3 results 4.jpg
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Size:  82.9 KB

    If only we could get lucky and turn some of these draws into wins. Same as seasons past, it is our attack struggling while our defence holds the opposition well. I honestly don't understand how I can consistently have a early season surge and a late season drop-off every single season.
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  42. 2016/17 CUP RESULTS

    Name:  s3 trophies.jpg
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Size:  91.2 KB

    I don't particularly care about cups.

    Great FM story update, spectacular attention to detail but lacks excitement. 9/10.
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  43. 2016/17 LEAGUE RESULTS #5

    Name:  s3 results 5.jpg
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Size:  80.7 KB

    Our usual late season pathetic performances. We managed to ruin our unbeaten streak at Keys Park, losing our last two fixtures at home. While we've ended up in the play-off's, it's only just and I don't expect us to mount a serious challenge. We'll see how we go, maybe we'll get some random playoff luck in the season where I don't deserve to be promoted.
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    Name:  s3 table.jpg
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Size:  148.6 KB

    We've finished up in 5th in one of the closest leagues I've seen. 2 more wins and we are automatically promoted, 1 more loss and we aren't even in the play-offs. Not a terrible season after getting promoted, but of course I want to be that guy that goes from Division 6 to the Champions League in about 4 seasons. I just realised that this screenshot spoils the fact that we didn't get promoted, so I guess I'll abandon the suspense and chuck the playoff's results up straight afterwards.
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  45. 2016/17 LEAGUE PLAYOFFS

    Name:  s3 results 6.jpg
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Size:  41.8 KB

    We easily battered FC Halifax both home and away to get ourselves into the final. With promotion on the table Ebbsfleet took control of the game early and never let go. While right winger Wes York gave us hope in the 58th minute we were never on top and Ebbsfleet finished us off. We didn't deserve to get promoted, but this is just another lost playoff final to add to the tally.
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  46. Tough break in the playoff final mate! Would have been awesome to move up into the football leagues!
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  47. 2016/17 SQUAD REVIEW

    Name:  s3 squad review.jpg
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Size:  213.5 KB

    Our first season signing Scott Shulton is again our finest player, with a dominant average rating of 7.36, even though his stats are inflated due to penalties. Left back Marcos Painter was great when he played, but he only managed 20 starts due to constant niggling injuries. Winger Danny Barrow took the next step this season, being a part of 24 goals this season. I'm hoping to sign him on a free when his loan deal ends. The Love brothers performed very well while Striker Matthew Fletcher slotted another 15 goals, as he does every season. As always, I'm looking to clear out anyone below the 6.8 threshold to strengthen the side for promotion next season.
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  48. 2017/18 (Season 4)

    Name:  s4 my stats.jpg
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Size:  124.8 KB

    I am slowly improving as a manager.

    Name:  s4 professiona;.jpg
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    The board randomly decided to become professional during the pre-season. The club is already hemorrhaging money without this change, so I have no idea why the club saw this as a good choice. To add to that, now anyone I bring in on a transfer wants ridiculous wages compared to before. But on the plus side, some higher quality players want to join the club.

    Name:  S4 In Out.jpg
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    I've cleared some under performers out of the club. The only real notable out is Marcos Painter, who got injured again, so I just released him to free the wage budget. Surely that violates some sort of workers right, but FM isn't that detailed. Since we turned professional, the wage budget wasn't large enough for me to overhaul the first team. Maddison (AMC), Alfei (DC), Brown (DL) and Clarke (MC) were just backup's, to replace all the backup's I've just released. I've kept faith in our first team, but added 3 key additions.


    Thomas Rogne (DC)
    Name:  s4 signing rogne.jpg
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    Rogne is easily the best player to walk through our doors in this save thus far. With 15's everywhere for all key centre back stats, I think he'll be an absolute rock for us this season.

    Lescinel Jean-Francois (DC)
    Name:  s4 signing jean francois.jpg
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    Jean is another key defensive signing, with rounded attributes all around the board. He can also fill in at left back if need be.

    Alex Marrow (MC)
    Name:  s4 signing marrow.jpg
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    I never felt like Godfrey Poku was doing the job I wanted as our defence minded midfielder, so I released him and brought in Marrow. Just like our other two signings, he is amazing for this level in every category. Hopefully these 3 signings will earn us some vital points and we can push for promotion again in the Conference.
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  49. Rogne should be a great signing at that level. I tried to get him to come to Notts County, in League 1, but he wouldnt come!
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    Same as last season.


    Name:  s4 friendlies.jpg
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    We cruised through some easy friendlies to kick-start our campaign.

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