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A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story
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  1. Tough times for Ezra! The story is still gripping - my only complaint is that you don't update often enough!
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by PatrickLFC View Post
    Tough times for Ezra! The story is still gripping - my only complaint is that you don't update often enough!
    Haha I'll fix that asap!
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  3. Chapter 13
    Matteo – Small Talk

    “Those girls are checking us out amico. Wanna go talk to them?” Cesare whispered as he looked over my shoulder.

    I peeked around and noticed them. They were two blondes who were quietly speaking with each other and giggling with every glance our way.

    “Eh. I don’t know man. I have training soon. Need to get those hours on the field in,” I said dismissing the idea of making small talk right now.

    We were in a café in the town trying to get time to pass. Cesare and I have admittedly become better at spending time in the towns and cities of the clubs I’m loaned to. We no longer have close calls in the kitchen and now go out and enjoy our time. We were still getting used to Lustenau though but have found that we really liked this café.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-blondes-lustenau-cafe.jpg

    “Come on man, training is in an hour. You have time,” Cesare pleaded.

    “Nah. Go for it. You don’t need me as your wingman with all your smooth moves,” I chuckled. “Tell you what, if you can go over there on your own and get us a date tonight. I’ll happily come along.”

    “Oh you’re on friend! You’re on!” Cesare said with a grin before he sucked up the last of his drink through his straw.

    “Alright man. I’ll leave you to it. I’m going to find my own way to training today so I’ll meet you later at the apartment yeah?” I said as I picked up my training bag from off the seat next to me and slid it over my shoulders.

    I doubt Cesare heard my last words to him as he had already walked over to the girls. “Ladies, hello there.”

    I laughed at the idea of him speaking German and left the café. I decided to walk a bit on my way to training just to reflect on my season so far. I had already made 8 appearances, although 5 were form the bench but I had also already scored 2 goals. Right now my focus was to break into the senior national team in a few years. Austria had become my focus now for international experience because I knew I stood no chance getting in the England team right now.

    Aside from my time on the pitch, I was thinking about something else. The fact that I’ve been Austria for a bit now and my dad hasn’t made any contact with me. I needed to perform and give him reason to call.
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  4. Chapter 14
    Matteo – No Time For Personal

    “So is this thing with that girl serious?” I asked Cesare as we walked to our apartment.

    “That girl? You mean, Luisa?” he answered. Since meeting the two girls in the café Cesare has continuously been out with one. Personally, I opted for the role of recluse and stayed home away from people as much as I could.

    “Yeah, her. You’ve been seeing her so much lately. You two a thing now?” I quizzed some more.

    “Uh…no. I don’t think we’re a ‘thing.’ She knows our situation with staying here. So we’re just working with the time we have,” he explained.

    “You know…I somehow always felt like you’d end up with a German girl. Like…a German doctor or something,” I chuckled while I opened a bottle of water I had been walking with.

    “Really?” Cesare laughed. “For some reason I thought you’d end up with a German girl too. One that likes the game. Probably even more than you,” he continued.

    I thought about it. Mom is already on my ass about finding someone to settle down with because she wants grandchildren. I’ve been so focused on my career though I’ve already given much time to a personal life. So far this season I’ve mostly made substitute appearances. Internationally though I had made 5 more U-21 appearances and scored in two friendlies. The club was 2nd in the division while the national team was 3rd in their qualifying group. I just wanted to push on from here. I didn’t have time to think about anything else.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-25_00002.jpgA Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-25_00003.jpg

    “That won’t be happening anytime soon,” I smiled.

    “May be sooner than you think amico,” Cesare said smiling with a girl that had walked by us.

    ​Had to check back in on our friend Matteo!
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Meehar View Post

    “You know…I somehow always felt like you’d end up with a German girl. Like…a German doctor or something,”
    Just brilliant hahaha

    In an alternate universe...
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  6. ​hahhaha love the style of this! hope you'll update it soon again
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by PatrickLFC View Post
    Just brilliant hahaha

    In an alternate universe...

    Quote Originally Posted by Player2Manager View Post
    ​hahhaha love the style of this! hope you'll update it soon again
    Thank you, coming right up!

  8. Chapter 16 -
    zra - Fortunes

    A few months have passed since my terrible summer and my fortunes have barely changed. Currently I was treating an injury for a slipped disc that I picked up during training. Before this I made two appearances for Swansea in cup games. I didn’t score in either but I didn’t play too badly and I felt like I could only build on these performances. My body felt otherwise though and now I was injured.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-25_00004.jpg

    Name:  2015-08-23_00022.jpg
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    Being out injured felt worst these days because of everything that happened. My parents still weren’t talking to me much - especially my dad. Since my injury my mom’s instincts have kicked in and she’s been checking on me regularly and even offered to come visit me. However I knew that would only irritate my dad further so I told her not to. I could hear him yelling at the idea, “He wants to be a man, let him be! He was man enough to go off and make bad decisions wasn’t he? He’s man enough to handle his own injuries!”

    It’s not like he was wrong. On the other hand, VJ was still supportive and had started to visit me more. His deal in the Netherlands was finally finalized so he started to see me more often as well. If it weren’t for him, I think I would honestly be losing my mind. I never thought I would admit it either but right now, I honestly felt like I missed being in Newport. Though I had a rough year there, it was still the club that has defined my career so far. I also had developed some good friendships there both on and off the field. I would jump at the chance to go back one day.

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  9. Chapter 17
    Ezra - Rebuild

    So listen here Ezra, Swansea hasn’t said anything about a new contract yet and we may need to start thinking about alternatives. Do you want me to start talking to other clubs?” Mr. Gray said over the phone.

    With only a few months on my contract there was a steady worrying in my camp that I wouldn’t get my contract renewed by Swansea giving everything that had happened. There were slight positives that I was being used sporadically by the manager. I had played a handful of times for the first team even though it was mostly from the bench. I hadn’t scored for the senior team this season though so I wasn’t enjoying that.

    I was also playing for the U-21 and U-18 teams though and I was scoring for those teams so it was good. Overall after the start to the season I had, this was good for me. I wasn’t playing as much as I liked but I was playing and this was a good step for me to rebuild myself.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-25_00009.jpg

    “No, I want to commit to here. I owe them one so let’s wait for them to offer one. I’m confident they will,” I responded after giving it though.

    Name:  2015-08-25_00010.jpg
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    “Alright Ezra. I’ll reach out to those in charge to see where they stand on renewing your contract then. I’ll make sure it happens.”

    “Thanks Gray and hey, if you don’t mind my’s my dad?” Truth be told, we still hadn’t communicated despite the efforts of Vince and mom.

    “He’s fine Ezra. He won’t admit it but he misses you and he’s still looking out for you. I’ll give him your regards,” Mr. Gray said warmly.

    “Thanks. Let him know I’d like if he came to the new contract negotiations if they come up too. Even though he may not want to.”

    “I will. Don’t worry, he’ll come. I’ll make sure of it.”

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  10. Again, Cracking updates mate, Love reading these to see how they are getting on!
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  11. Chapter 15
    Matteo - Misery's Warm Up

    My time in Austria was proving to be difficult. I got 4 starts under my belt but that was it. I’ve had injury problem after injury problem and now I was out with a sports hernia. I wasn’t enjoying it at all and had already regretted the decision to accept a loan move here.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2015-08-25_00008.jpg
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    So far I’ve yet to hear from my father and despite Cesare’s insistence that I reach out to him, I’ve proved stubborn and rejected his idea. Instead I was very content in staying in our flat and keeping an eye on what’s going on in the Premier League.

    I just had a couple months left before I was back in London moaning about my lack of chances with Palace anyway so being injured here was like a warm up to going back home. It was sad that this was now my outlook on my football career but I couldn’t help it. I wasn’t enjoying myself at all.

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  12. Quote Originally Posted by JamesScott2908 View Post
    Again, Cracking updates mate, Love reading these to see how they are getting on!
    Thanks fella! How about some more updates then?
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  13. Chapter 16
    Matteo – No Staying In Vegas

    “You know, I’m proud of you Matteo. I have to admit,” Cesare said as we settled into our seats on the plane. I rested my head back and looked out the window, “Yeah? Why?”“It was a tough year for you but you didn’t complain once. You just took it in stride. That’s growth brother.”I sighed. In truth I was complaining, just not out loud. I only made 15 appearances all season and 10 of those were from the bench. Injuries really interrupted my season. SC Austria Lustenau didn’t do badly though as they finished in 5th. Back in London, Palace finished in 14th.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-25_00011.jpg
    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-25_00012.jpg
    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-25_00016.jpg

    “I guess,” I shrugged. “It could have been worse. That’s the only way I can look at it really.”

    “It could have been. You could have been that bloke at Swansea. The one that went on a rant in Vegas. He had a terrible year really. Surprised Swansea renewed his contract. They really gave him the cold shoulder this season. Couldn’t help his development,”
    Cesare said trying to cheer me up. Though it was through someone else’s struggle.

    “Oh yeah. I heard about that. Vegas for us!”
    I chuckled.

    Really all I wanted to do for this holiday was spend time with mom and get myself prepared for the season ahead. I doubt I’d get my chance at Palace after the year I just had but I was ready to take whatever chance that did come my way.

  14. First connection! Great stuff
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  15. Could a meet between the 2 be on the cards? Would be interesting to see what happened if they both ended up at the seam team!
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by JamesScott2908 View Post
    Could a meet between the 2 be on the cards?
    Ha, ya never know!
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  17. Chapter 18
    zra - Good Things To Come

    The car ride back was quiet and tense. It had never been like this between us and I have never felt afraid to talk to him about anything. He didn’t even look my way, instead keeping his eyes on the road nodding his head along to the radio.

    I swallowed and finally decided to break the silence, “Dad?”

    “Mhm?” he sounded, keeping his attention to where it was.

    “I just...I just wanted to say thank you. For helping with the contract renewal. I also want to say...I’m sorry. For everything. It’s been a difficult year through no one’s fault but my own and I understand that,” I said slowly. Trying to get my words out without jumbling them up.

    He swiped his thumb over his nose and scratched above his eyebrow. Then sighing, he spoke “I’ve missed you boy.”

    I was hit hard with his words and my eyes teared up a bit but I held it back because the truth was:
    “I missed you too dad.”

    For the remainder of the ride we laughed and shared stories of the months we had missed together through our silence. We talked about some of the cases he worked, as well as how many times his friends back home would poke fun at him about my Vegas trip. We talked about mom always finding a way to guilt us into doing things. We talked about Vince’s matureness over the years and how proud we were of him with him doing well with his family’s business. The last thing we talked about was my season.

    “This coming season is a big one for you Ezra. You have to make up for the time lost this season. Having only 7 first team appearances in the league...5 coming off the bench isn’t good enough. Especially compared to what you were doing in Newport.”

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2015-08-25_00015.jpg
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ID:	965392

    “I know. I asked Mr. Gray to look into seeing if they would want me on loan against this season. I want to go back and make it up to them. I want to score goals again. Important ones. I didn’t score any in the first team this season.”

    “Exactly. In the long run of these, we’re going to have to see if Swansea is beneficial for you too. Getting the new contract for you was just for security but it was only a two year contract. We need to see what their plans for you are,” he said. I genuinely missed how he focused on my career. He spoke with such passion about it.

    “That’s true and it doesn’t look like they’re going back to the Premier League any time soon. Only finished in 16th this season. My new goal is to make it to the Premier League. I’ve stopped thinking about Balon d’Or’s and national call ups. I just want to play in the top flight now,” I said in similar passion.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-25_00016.jpg

    “That’s my boy. It’ll happen. Just keep your head down this season and only good things can come.”

  18. Chapter 19
    zra - A Rush To The Head

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-25_00018.jpg

    “So they’re calling you the 'adopted son' in the paper’s huh?” Vince said as he throw down the print on the table.

    “Yeah. They’ve been so accepting of me since I came back. It’s amazing,” I said as I adjusted slightly on the couch.

    “I know. They gave you the wonderful welcome gift of a concussion too!” Vince said laughing.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2015-08-26_00005.jpg
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ID:	965396

    He had been poking fun of the fact that it only took a week for me to get back into training with the Newport lads for me to get ruled out because of a concussion I picked up in training. I didn’t care though. Coming to Newport County for the third time in my career was the best thing that could happen after last season.

    I made sure in earnest to avoid any bad publicity during my holiday as well. I kept my head down and out of the media eye by staying in Stoke with my family and running training drills with my dad to make sure I’d be at my best for the new season. It had only taken just about 10 days after returning to training with Swansea when I was told Newport County wanted me on loan again. I was more than happy to go with their wishes and reserved special thanks to Mr. Gray for making it happen.

    The scenes at Newport had changed a little. The got relegated to the Vanerama Conference last season and their was a new manager in charge. Most of my old teammates stuck around though and there was a sense of optimism around so that was positive. I also wasn’t staying at the house I usually stayed at when I came here either as it had been bought by someone else. Instead Vince had rented out a flat for us to stay at for the remainder of the season. He wouldn’t stay for long periods but he would visit more often so that was good for me.

    “So how are you feeling? Ready to get back out there?” he asked sitting down on the sofa across from me.

    “Definitely. The physios says just a couple more days and I can get the all clear to start training again. Right on time for season kick-off.”

    “Lovely. You gotta have a good year this year Ezra. Make big things happen out on that pitch!” he encouraged.

    I thumbed up in agreement as I imagined scoring again and getting the chance to run to the touchline to point on my name on the back.

    “Oh and let’s hope you find the mystery girl this time around too. Score both on and off the field will ya lad?” He could hardly hold back his grin.

    “You still don’t believe she’s real do you!?”

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  19. Love how quick these last few have flew out!
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  20. Class, his dad saying he missed him would bring a tear to a glass eye!

    Get some more updates on mate, loving the Ezra stuff
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  21. Chapter 20
    zra - Nostalgia

    I sat on the bench and kept my leg outstretched. The pain wasn’t so bad currently but it certainly wasn’t healed yet. Tearing my hamstring in training so early in the season was just my luck but I wasn’t too downbeat. I had a run of 10 games before that, starting 9 and scored twice and laid on one other. Already I was doing much better than I did last season so I felt okay. This physios say I’ll need about 6 weeks to recover and then I could be back out so I was waiting for that.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2015-08-26_00004.jpg
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ID:	966377

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2015-08-26_00005.jpg
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ID:	966378

    It was a nice evening to be out. There was a quiet stillness around with the occasional jogger that passed and waved hello. In truth, I probably shouldn’t be anywhere but home right now keeping my leg elevated but I didn’t want to be indoors.

    As the evening went on and the waves continued, I decided it was time for me to hobble on home. I grabbed my crutches and walked the trail home thinking about how everything had played out at Newport. I eagerly wanted to help them get promoted back to League 2. They deserved better in my opinion.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-26_00006.jpg

    As I continued my walk I noticed someone on a bench peacefully reading. It reminded me of the times my mom would take me to the park and read to me.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-....jpg

    It’s probably why I liked going for these walks so much these days. I smiled at the stranger and nodded hello as I continued my slow tread back home with my crutches.

    “Why hello Ezra Morrison,” the stranger said in response to my hello.

    I stopped and turned to see who it was that knew my name.

    “Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten me already,” the stranger said again, brushing hair from their face so I could see them clearly.

    I couldn’t quite believe it.

  22. Still a great read mate, really loving it!

    Congrats on the nomination for writing in the Story of the year awards too! Well deserved.
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  23. Quote Originally Posted by Lippo255 View Post
    Still a great read mate, really loving it!

    Congrats on the nomination for writing in the Story of the year awards too! Well deserved.
    Thanks man and I saw that. It's very much appreciated and thanks to all those who made that possible!
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  24. Just read this story this afternoon and I've loved it. I'll be doing a more in depth BAP story in FM16 to the one I'm doing now at the end of this FM, and the way this is written has given me so much inspiration to do a similar style for my FM16 BAP story.

    Once again, ains loved this and I'll definitely keep following it. I'm gonna go back and read that story of yours you linked on the first page now
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  25. Quote Originally Posted by Matt419 View Post
    I'm gonna go back and read that story of yours you linked on the first page now
    Do it! Absolutely brilliant, you'll be gutted that it was cut short

  26. Quote Originally Posted by Matt419 View Post
    Just read this story this afternoon and I've loved it. I'll be doing a more in depth BAP story in FM16 to the one I'm doing now at the end of this FM, and the way this is written has given me so much inspiration to do a similar style for my FM16 BAP story.

    Once again, ains loved this and I'll definitely keep following it. I'm gonna go back and read that story of yours you linked on the first page now
    I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Much appreciated. Eager to see what you'll do in FM, sure it will be great!

  27. Chapter 17
    Matteo - How About Some Success?

    I stood looking at the sign outside the stadium.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Welcometostevenage.jpg
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ID:	967113

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2015-08-25_00019.jpg
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ID:	967115

    This is my 4th loan club in 4 years. Grimsby Town was and still is the best time I’ve had out on loan but I’m 21 now and I need to look forward and try to do better than that. The management here said all the right things and told me I would play an important role for the season. It was an easy choice to come here this season. I needed to do more than last season and I hoped that injuries would seriously not prove a problem.

    With Stevenage only being a little over an hour and a half away from home, my mom was sure this was the right move. She dreaded that I was in Austria last season. Even if I did probably play a role in me getting to appear for the youth level national team, she didn’t care. Cesare, as always, came along with me.

    Before agreeing to come here, I tried telling him that he didn’t have to follow me to every club I went. That even though he was one of my agents, he could go on and have another life at the same time but he refused the idea. He told me all the traveling with me could be the foundation of a good book one day. I knew Cesare though, he wouldn’t be sitting down to write any book. He earned his income by making smart investments and giving others business advice. In truth, he could play a bigger role in football in a boardroom than he was doing right now as my agent but such was his loyalty.

    Now I just needed to repay that with some degree of success and Stevenage had presented me with that opportunity this season.

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  28. Chapter 18
    Matteo – Apples

    “This is what I’ve been waiting for mom.. I’ve finally been getting a chance.”

    “I’m proud of you Matty! I saw your last game where you scored. You don’t need to look so upset in your celebrations though. Show your smile!”

    I chuckled. It’s been some time since I’ve gotten to call her so I’m glad we could have this talk. “I’ll dedicate my next goal to you. Look out for it. I’ll have a huge smile too,” I said beaming remembering my last goal.

    “Aww, that’s sweet of you Matty.”Just look for the kiss to my wrist mom. I’ll have your name tattooed there by my next game.”

    “A tattoo? I was wondering how long it would take for you to get one. At least it’ll be of my name first and not some girl you meet,”
    she giggled.

    You’re always first in my life mom. Always,” I said lovingly. I was also surprised at her ease at the thought of me getting a tattoo. Though I wasn’t too surprised. She got a few when she was younger.

    “And I’m second! Hi Aunt El!” Cesare yelled as he closed the door behind him and headed to the kitchen.

    “Hello little Cesare!” she yelled for him to hear.

    “Ahh! He won’t hear you mom. The phone’s not on speaker.”

    “Well, tell him hello for me. I hope you two are doing well and eating properly!”

    “We are. We are. In fact, I think he just brought dinner so I’ll call you again this weekend okay?”

    “Okay Matty. Keep making me proud! I’ll be looking out for that goal for me! I love you.”

    “I love you too mom,” I whispered so Cesare wouldn’t end up yelling again.

    “I love you tooo!” he yelled. I couldn’t prevent it.

    “I know. I know. I’ll tell him you love him,” I quickly said on the phone and hung up before my mother yelled in my ear again.I walked around to the kitchen to see Cesare unpacking grocery.

    “Housewife looks good on you,” I said poking fun at him.

    “Cazzo…” he mumbled after mimicking laughter.

    “What are we having for dinner tonight?” I asked. I was beginning to feel hungry.

    “Not sure, we could probably eat out again. We need to talk about your contract winding down at Palace.”

    I paused for a moment and thought about what I wanted for dinner before I grabbed an apple from a basket.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-apples.jpg

    “Oh yeah, that’s happening again huh?” I said before biting in my apple. “I’m not too fussed about it. I’m finally playing some games regularly and feel like I’m sort of developing.”

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-26_00003.jpg

    “Sort of? You are. You’ve already played more games and scored more goals than you have in any other season you’ve spent on loan. And now with 4 assists, you’re 2 away from your best that you achieved at Grimsby. That’s impressive brother!”

    Name:  SSS.jpg
Views: 186
Size:  19.1 KB

    “I suppose you’re right,” I said with a mouth full of apple. “I need to help the club to climb up the table though. We’re 22nd. That’s woeful.”

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-table.jpg

    “Try swallowing!” Cesare yelled as he watched me with my apple.

    “Gee. Take me out to dinner first. Is this what you say to all your girls?” I laughed.

    “Don't choke,” he mumbled rolling his eyes but that only made me laugh louder. “Basta! Sei impossibile!”

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  29. Has Ezra found this girl of his? Pleased to see them playing a bit of football too!
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  30. Chapter 21
    Ezra - Fluttering

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-curtainslight.jpg

    My eyes fluttered open and adjusted to the light. I stretched, yawned and groaned in my usual fashion.

    “Morning sunshine,” a voice said.

    I rolled over and looked in the direction it came from. I rubbed my eyes to see a clearer view as it was all still foggy for me. “Vince…?”

    “Hey buddy. Slept well?” he said. He was sitting across the room reading a newspaper. “Your club’s climbing up the table now. Nice. Though, it is surprising not seeing your face in today’s issue.”

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-26_00011.jpg

    “What time is it?” I asked ignoring everything else.

    “Around 8 I think.”

    “Hell. Why are you here so early?” I yawned, lifting myself to the edge of the bed to sit.

    “I came in last night actually but you were passed out when I came. Had another night with your mystery girl?”

    Truth is, I did. That night at the park, the stranger that called my name was her. I smiled remembering everything that had happened:

    She called my name and I turned around to be completely surprised. What followed was amazing. She patted the space on the bench next to her inviting me to sit. “I think it’s in everyone’s best interest that we sit. Can’t have you running over me again,” she teased and giggled. We spent hours into the night talking right there on that bench. She told me she read about my Vegas adventure which made me feel completely embarrassed. Then she shared some of her embarrassing stories to make it even. While she talked, I couldn’t help but keep my eyes glued to her. The way her nose wrinkled when she smiled to her dark eyes that the lights around us lit perfectly. When she laughed she would flip her head back or run her hands through hair and when she was trying to remember something she would touch her nose with her index and look out into the horizon. I was completely taken by her. At some point in the night, I made the decision to not leave without asking her one question, “What’s your name?” She promised to tell me if I walked her home again and I didn’t think twice about it. On the walk I told her about how I spent my time in Newport searching for her after the first night we met and she told me that because of me she kept an eye on sports news. Then as we got to the spot where she ran off into the night the first time, she turned to me and whispered in my ear, “Emma. I’m Emma Smith” Then she slipped something in my pocket and walked off into the dark again, looking over her shoulder smiling at me.

    I smiled at the memory. In my pocket, she had slipped a paper with an address. The next day, I went to the address and found out it was a local library. I sat there for six hours after training and to my delight she came. Since then, I have met her at this library as many times as my schedule allowed it and we spent nights together talking.

    “Hey lover boy! Quit dreaming and snap back to me, yeah?” Vince shouted effectively ending my trip down memory lane.

    “Huh? Sorry. What did I miss?” I rubbed my hands over my face to wake up some more.

    “I asked if you had another night with Emma but based on your smile and drool after the question, it seemed you did,” Vince said smiling.

    “Yeah,” I chuckled. “She’s amazing. I’m telling you Vince.”

    “You know, I got the tech guys at the offices to run a background check on her,” she said quietly as he went flipping through the papers again.

    “You did??” I asked surprised. “What did you find!?”

    “Nothing…” he said continuing in his quiet tone.

    “What? What do you mean nothing?”

    “I don’t know. All we have is a name on her. We found a few Emma Smith’s in the area but none match your description. Yours has no social media presence or any records nor anything.”

    “That’s not a bad thing though,” I reasoned.

    “You sure she’s real right?”

    “Oh not this again. Yes! She is!” I yelled getting out of bed to put a shirt on.

    “I’m just making sure you’ve not gone bonkers man. I mean, you only see her at night. Most times you two are completely alone. She’s given you no number or you haven’t actually been to her house. You just walk her to a spot and she disappears after that. All a little weird no?”

    When he listed it out like that, I had to question it myself but I was defiant. “Enough Vince. You’ll meet her soon enough. You’ll see.”

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  31. Chapter 22
    Ezra - Low Profile

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-26_00012.jpg

    “Did you see my goal?” I asked eagerly, curious to know if she has been watching my games.

    “You found space brilliantly to get that shot in,” she said with a huge grin knowing that I’d be delighted with her answer.

    I leaned in and kissed her then fell backwards onto the grass. We were having a late night picnic which was of course Emma’s idea. It’s been a few months now of seeing her and I’ve never been more happy with life. On the pitch I was still playing games and helping the team climb the table in the Vanarama Conference and off the pitch, everything was next to perfect. From my parents, to Vince and now Emma, everything was going my way. I also finally got to prove to Vince that she was indeed real by taking a picture with her. It took several weeks of pleading but she finally agreed to do it so he could stop telling my mom I had imaginary friends again.

    “Hey Emma...can I ask you something?” I didn’t look at her as I spoke keeping my eyes glued to the starry night above.

    “Anything,” she said confidently.

    I lifted myself up to a seated position and looked in her eyes. She looked back smiling and brushed her hair behind her ears. “Why didn’t you want to give me your number at the beginning? And why haven’t you ever made me walk you right to your door? We also always meet at nights. You keep such a…”

    “Low profile,” she said finishing my thought. She rested her chin on her fist and looked beyond me. I could tell she was thinking about it.

    “I mean, you don’t have to answer any of this of course,” I said trying to play my curiosity down. I did want to know though.

    “No. It’s okay. They are all valid points and questions. I just...I just don’t know how to answer them right now,” she said still looking past me, over my shoulder. I’ve never seen her this dazed. “The simplest answer I can give you Ezra is that, I just don’t want to be found.”

    “Why not?” I quickly asked. Even more curious.

    She chuckled lightly and ran her fingers through my hair. “I promise you...I’m not crazy or anything. Or wanted. Or any of those bad things. I’m just used to living like this and to be with you. Someone who is more or less constantly in the spotlight goes against all my ways but you. You’re worth it Ezra.”

    I smiled and rested my forehead against hers. I completely understood what she meant and it wasn’t very much different from how I lived. Though I had big dreams that would potentially throw me in the spotlight - and it did ala Vegas - I never liked being known. I preferred living in the hush.

    I kissed her forehead and pulled her down to the grass with me to watch the stars. “You’re the best thing that has come out of all these years of training for me.” If I had not been running that night because of bad club form, I would have never have met her.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-dq275885-l.jpg

    Hey guys, as always thanks for following. I just want to announce that I'll be aiming to update this story to it's end at a faster rate. This is due to the beta of FM16 being out and me having to fight within myself to not start a story for it. As a result, I haven't even opened it haha. So the aim is to wrap this story up in the next few days or weeks and then start preparations for my FM16 story so look out for it!

  32. Does this mean loads of speedy updates then mate haha?
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  33. Quote Originally Posted by JamesScott2908 View Post
    Does this mean loads of speedy updates then mate haha?
    It does! Going to be awesome
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  34. Quote Originally Posted by JamesScott2908 View Post
    Does this mean loads of speedy updates then mate haha?
    Quote Originally Posted by PatrickLFC View Post
    It does!
    That's the plan! Keep an eye out
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    It does! Going to be awesome
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  36. Chapter 19
    Matteo – Say Cheese
    “Alright Locke, just give us one more smile.” The shutters clicked. “Alright, got it. Thanks.”

    Name:  SBL2.jpg
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    “You did well. Thanks for the interview,”
    the reporter said. I had won the Sky Bet League 2 young player of the month award and did an interview with the local press about it.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-26_00008.jpg

    To say I was enjoying my time in Stevenage would be an understatement and my form showed just how much of a good time I was having. I had scored 2 more goals and added a couple more assists too playing a big role in my team’s attacking unit. The team has collectively seen an upturn in form too as we have climbed the table to 13th in the league.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-26_00009.jpg

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-26_00010.jpg

    “No problem. Thanks for having me,” I responded. Before heading for the exit I made sure to call mom and tell her it went well.

    “That’s terrific! I’ll be sure to look out for the release of the issue. I’ll even frame it!” she said excitedly.

    I laughed. Nothing made me happier than having her happy about my success. Deep down I had been missing her as well so I made calling her more often a priority. “It won’t be the first print you’ll want to frame for me. I’ll make sure of it,” I promised.

    “That’s what I like to hear Matty. Keep doing well and focusing and you’ll achieve anything you want.”

    “Thanks mom. What have you done today? I hope you’re not burying yourself in work because you miss me and Cesare,” I said as I got into my car to head home.

    “You know I can’t help that Matty. I’m just hoping that I can interview you next soon.”

    “Oh please, you only report on the stars and big guns in sports. I’m nowhere near that.” What I said was completely true though. Mom was a respected journalist and covered some pretty big events. Hell, if it wasn’t for this job of hers - I wouldn’t have been here today. After all, she did meet my dad the Austrian Grand Prix. That’s another story though.

    To reach a point where I could end up being written about by my mom would be an honor though. Just not one that I’d see happening anytime soon. Who knows?

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  37. Chapter 20
    Matteo – Moments

    “Congratulations lads! We’ve secured a playoff spot!” At the end of the manager’s words, the room erupted! Our turn of form at the beginning of the year turned into an unbelievable run and we climbed all the way into a playoff spot and now could dream of being promoted.Personally I had never played this much football or this well in all my years so far. In total I have played 37 games, starting every single one of them. With 7 goals and 12 assists, I had been helping out as much as I could and it showed in the assists tables as I was ranked third. I was elated. Moments like these are why I enjoyed the game. I couldn’t wait to get on the pitch for the playoffs.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-26_00016.jpg

    The good news didn’t stop there either. “We’re in talks to renew your contract at Palace lad,” Allen, my agent, said. “They’ve been impressed with how you did this season and want to see you continue your progress.”“Told you you’ve been impressive Matteo. I’m proud of you. Can’t wait to see you in those playoff finals,” Cesare joined in saying.“Neither can I Cesare, neither can I.”

    Update News: You'll find the separate stories blending into each other now. Usually I give both player updates separately highlighting how they've been playing over the same period of time but I've found that sometimes I don't really have much to update on one or the other so now it'll be more fluid, flipping randomly between players.

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  38. Chapter 21
    Matteo - Playoff Finals

    My first taste of a final. It wasn’t the biggest one but it was a final nonetheless and I wanted to help the team win. I was in the team right from the start and was down to play on the right side of a midfield four.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-26_00018.jpg

    The gaffer was playing it safe in this one as this wasn’t my winger role further up the pitch that he had played me in for parts of the season. I was used to play a little deeper though and over the last few years I had become a natural at this position.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-26_00019.jpg

    I needed to step up in this game as our leading scorer Jack Marriot was out of this clash. So if I could create just enough chances for my teammates or even score one, I would be delighted. The atmosphere in the stadium was loud and intense as we talked out onto the pitch.In the early stages of the game we were controlling position. I played my role in keeping the ball and playing smart passes. We had a couple shots at goal but we looked far from threatening at the moment.Finally in the 33rd minute me and my teammates were wheeling off and celebrating. We played a smart throw in near the corner where the ball was headed back to Dabo who swung the ball in the box and Okenarbirhie…or Oken as I called him, ‘cause really his name is a mouthful, headed it home. 1-0.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-ball-net.jpg

    At halftime the gaffer encouraged us on and sent us back out there. His words really got to us and a minute after the restart we got a free-kick. It was at the perfect angle for my left foot so I stood over it to make them know this was mine. I ran up slowly and launched a shot at goal that the keeper parried and Dimao pounced on the rebound. It was 2-0! Promotion looks like it’s going to happen. We were going crazy!The buzz through me and my teammates was evident and so it came as no surprise when fine passing from a few of us led to Oken being slipped through to put us 3-0 up! He ran to me hugging me but our celebrations were short-lived. Offside! Dammit.When Tomlon turned in the box after a free-kick ricocheted its way to his feet and smashed the ball in the net. Nothing was stopping our celebrations this time. 3-0!When the final whistle came we went mad! We had done it.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-26_00023.jpg

    Promotion was ours after a solid season and a fine showing on the pitch today. I knew I wasn’t going to be playing with these guys next season but I was enjoying the celebrations and would definitely have a drink with them later to continue celebrating.

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  39. Stevenage borough moving up the league!
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  40. Chapter 22


    It was the off season and once more my time in Newport had come to an end. To be honest, most of the season had been a blur to me with how my life off the field has been. To say I had been enjoying my time with Emma would be an understatement. That’s not t say I neglected my training and on field responsibilities though because let’s face it, dad would break us up in an instant. I had a decent year all things considered and picked up a few team of the week appearances.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-26_00017.jpg

    Now I was back at Swansea and waiting to see where I would go next. With a handful of clubs interested in me, it could have been anywhere but in all honesty, I wanted to stay at Swansea.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-27_00001.jpg

    This way I wouldn’t be too far from Emma. I knew I had no say though so I just had to patiently wait.


    “What a year you had honey. I’m proud of you,” mom said as she sat at the dinner table with me and Cesare. I was on holiday and decided once more that home was the best place to enjoy my break. I knew it wouldn’t be for long though as Crystal Palace had already informed me that four clubs are interested in making a loan offer for me. It would be down to me to decide where I’d go now.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-27_00002.jpg

    “Thanks mom. Everyone at Stevenage made my time there perfect and I’m glad I could help with their success,” I said while I looked at Cesare stuffing his face without breaks.

    “Cesare sweetheart, slow down,” my mom said when she followed my eyes. “You two don’t eat when you leave do you?”

    “We eat,” Cesare said coming up for air. “Just not good food like this one!”

    “So when do you two leave me again? Have you made a decision on your clubs Matty?” Mom asked.

    “More or less. It’s an easy choice really. Just depends on who makes an offer. Cesare and Palace will sort everything out at the end of the week then we’re off again in two weeks.”

    “Awh, okay. I wish they’d just let you play for them so you could stay here.”

    “Me too mom but that won’t happen sadly. For some reason they just don’t want me playing for them,” I said shrugging it off. I had given up hope on playing for Palace and my main career goal right now was to just find a team, settle in and feel important. Similar to how important I felt at Stevenage, even getting the honor of being selected in the Players’ Team of Year.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-26_00025.jpg

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  41. Chapter 23


    I was back where I belonged.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-27_00004.jpg

    After such an amazing first year at Stevenage, it was a no-brainer to come back when they asked me to. If only it were permanent. We were in a higher division than last year and I just wanted to help them push on. Unfortunately I would have to wait to do that as I got myself injured shortly after turning up. Still, I was here and I was looking forward to developing further.


    “It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense dad. They didn’t let me go out on loan and I repaid their faith with a fine showing in the Capital One Cup but…” I said downbeat over the phone.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-27_00006.jpg

    “But...they put you on the transfer list. I know my boy. It shocked both me and Grey and we spoke to them about it. They didn’t really give us a reason other than saying they saw no future for you at the club. Nothing we can do about it now,” he said in a similar tone.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-27_00011.jpg

    “What happens now then?”

    “Now you just wait and try to keep yourself motivated. From the sounds of it, you won’t be appearing much for them for the remainder of the season. So we can only hope they let you go on loan. There are still a few clubs interested in you. I know you wanted to stay close to Emma but things probably won’t go that way unless Newport come back for a fourth time!” he said chuckling slightly.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-27_00011.jpg

    “Ha. Newport, I wish they’d just buy me already!” I said with a similar chuckle.

    “I wish they’d buy you too!” Emma shouted from the other room.

    “I could buy you!” Vince shouted shortly after lightening the mood.

    “There you go son. You have a strong support system with you. From Vince to Emma, to me and your mom. We’ll always be here for you. Maybe not always at the same time but we’ll be here,” my dad said after hearing everyone in the background.

    He was right. I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything, not even a Champions League winners medal.

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  42. Chapter 24


    “I miss you. When do you come back?” she asked over video chat.

    “January, unless they decide to extend my loan. I miss you too,” I said.

    For the first time in a while, I was alone and away from everyone. Cambridge United had approached Swansea to loan me for 5 months and they accepted. I didn’t have much of a choice as I needed the playing time to keep sharp and help secure a permanent club for next season.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-27_00013.jpg

    “You need to go to sleep. Don’t you have a game tomorrow?” Emma said as she laid in bed and pulled her blankets up to her shoulders. I could tell she was tired. She had stayed up with me every night online and left her video on while she slept.

    “I do. I need to keep my form up. Hasn’t been ba-.” I looked at the screen to find that she was already out like a light. As great as she is, she is still not a great football enthusiast and so falling asleep while I ramble about it was nothing new.

    I did need to find a way to keep my form up though. I had already scored 3 goals and assisted 2 in just 8 appearances for Cambridge. I had a few more months until the loan expired so I needed to perform as best as I could. This season is a crucial one in my career.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-27_00014.jpg


    My second season in Stevenage wasn’t going all as planned. The team were finding it a lot tougher in a higher league. My stats on the field were nothing to boast about either. Even though I had scored in our last game, that was only my second goal in 13 games and I have yet to lay on a goal for a teammate. I was determined as ever to get out of this slump though.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-27_00012.jpgA Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-27_00015.jpg

    Off the field, everything was the same. Mom still called as much as she could and Cesare still annoyed me about finding myself a mate. He even went ahead and got us a double date. To say I was not looking forward to it was an understatement but I couldn’t argue with him as he had already threatened to do things to me while I slept. What would he do? I had no idea but I’m a heavy sleeper and it wasn’t worth the risk at all.

    Hey everyone. Be sure to check out my new FM16 story coming up: Dug Out To The Dugout
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