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A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story
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  1. A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story

    I took a sip of my drink and looked through the window, beyond the lit modern day architecture but out at the world. Thinking about how things change so quickly and how life likes to leaving you wondering - What if?

    “What if I didn’t get into that car that night Cesare?” I mumbled, almost asking myself but enough for him to hear me. “What if...I focused and developed myself as a player?”

    What if?



    Hey guys. So as some of you may know, my story Locke, Stock and Two Smoking Bulls was lost due to software problems. Undeterred however, I wanted to jump back right into writing another Fm-base story. So after talking it over with Lippo and Patrick, this is what I’ve decided to do. Due to having some attachment to my original main characters from the first story - Matteo Mateschitz-Locke and Cesare Vincenzi and wanting to start a completely different story following another character. I’ve decided to do both!

    This will be a B.A.P style story. It will follow the lives of the original two, Matteo and Cesare as well as one new character who will be not only the main character in this, but my main character for my story I will probably write for FM16.

    The players will themselves will be Matteo and the new lead character, while Cesare will play his usual supporting role. This will serve as an alternate universe, so to speak and nothing that happened in Locke, Stock and Two Smoking Bulls when and after Matteo was convicted will play any real part here. As both sets of characters have no relation to each other at the start, i’ll alternate the telling between them and who knows, maybe someday they end up meeting?

    I have these leagues loaded:

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-database-2-.jpgA Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-database23.jpg

    And the CA/PA is set as this:

    Matteo Locke - CA : 77 PA: -8
    New character - CA: 68 PA: -9

    So, that being said, here we go!

    Hope you enjoy!

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  2. Chapter 1

    There was a loud thud on my door. “Get your arse out of bed! We have training boy!” a grizzly voice bellowed. I jumped up and rubbed my eyes as I tried to adjust to the light of morning. “Come on Ezra! You’ll get nowhere in life if you don’t get up and run towards what you want!” he continued shouting. “’s too early to start being hard on him again,” I heard mother say quietly behind the door.

    My dad had a crazy way of doing things but he was right. I needed to get up and get going. Today he was making me run for 15 miles then we would work on my heading and put in more work on my passing which was coming along better. He wanted me to be a more complete player and ready for my trial with local club Port Vale in a week.

    As they both quietly argued what they considered to be “hard” behind the door, I slipped out of bed and started getting ready. As customary on training days with dad, I measured my height and weight to see if I was bulking up. I was only 16 but dad said I needed to have the strength of a 30 year old, mentally and physically, to make it big. Next I slipped on my now tattered ‘98/’99 full Manchester United kit. That was a legendary season for my favorite club and wearing the kit always gave me an extra boost. One that I needed today. I grabbed my shoes and looked in the mirror. My dark brown eyes looked back at me and I could see the hunger. From the top of my curly black covered crown all the way down to the curve of my big toe.

    Unfortunately, this hunger was literal as much as it was figurative and I opened the door to my parents. “Morning you two!” I said with a beaming smile. “5ft 10 and 156 pounds dad,” I told him my measurements before heading off to the kitchen.

    “See? You’ve created a monster,” my mom said to him. Though I wasn’t looking at her, I knew she was smiling and shaking her head in response to his grin. He loved seeing me this prepared and ready.


    Later that day, I laid exhausted on the grass of the local field. I could barely feel my limbs. It was another long and arduous day training with dad and I certainly felt the burn and so much more. “What’s your name boy?” my dad asked as he dropped to a sit beside me. “Ezra. Ezra Morrison,” I responded through my heavy breathing. “Repeat it. What’s your name?” he again asked. “Ezra Morrison!” I shouted with confidence. “That’s my boy. Know your name. Say it with belief and someday, you’ll hear them singing it from the stands!” he shouted.

    That was our ritual. Everyday after training he would make me shout my name. My dad wanted me to have a long and successful career. Eric Morrison, 50 year old lawyer who grew up right here in Stoke-on-Trent. He was pretty good at what he did and could move out of this city whenever he wanted to but he and his father, and his grandfather and his grandfather’s father and so on and so on grew up here and not one of them left. He married my mother, Elizabeth, when they were both 22 after being highschool sweethearts. They never left each other’s side and that being said, my mother too went to law school with him and became a lawyer.

    So why wasn’t I being groomed to follow in their footsteps? Well, the trend for the Morrison men was to never break tradition. So they all grew up and stayed in Stoke-on-Trent, they all married fairly young and they all became successful lawyers. My dad wanted me to finally break that. Be the one to be free. Why?. When he was 12 he watched his first football game and knew that’s what he wanted to do and he expressed this to his father. He would work every weekend just like he has me working now towards this - much to his father’s chagrin. Then one day, his father had enough when my father was spotted by him talking to a scout. Dad said all the teles in his house were removed and the phones were disconnected. Football magazines were replaced with books about history and law and he wasn’t allowed to leave the house unsupervised again. It was a total lockdown and there was nothing he could do about it. So that’s when he promised my mother as soon as I was born - “Whatever he wants to do, I’ll help him to do it. Help him to be his own man. Not a Morrison.” It just worked out in his favor that as soon as I was able to walk, I soon followed it with being able to kick a ball. By the time I was 7, I knew I wanted to play football and nothing made my father happier. He was not only helping me to achieve my dream but living his through me.

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  3. Chapter 1

    “What do you mean you’re going to be one of my agents?” I asked as I threw my kit bag in the corner of the room. I had just come home from training with the Crystal Palace youth team. “You don’t have an agent yet. That’ll be me and Jamie Allen” Cesare explained as he opened our fridge. “We need food,” he mumbled, “let’s go grab a bite out.” I groaned at the thought of having to walk anywhere again but I was indeed starving and obliged.

    We stopped by a deli close by and had started eating. With my mouth stuffed, I mumbled out, “So what’s this about being my agent?”

    Cesare took a sip of his drink through his straw and rolled his eyes. “Have some grace about you man. Are you this sloppy in training?”

    I rolled my eyes and continue chewing away.

    “I’m going to be your agent. I’ve already done the test through the FA and I’m licensed but I’m young and have no experience. So, I spoke to your mom as well and she thinks it’s a fantastic idea and put me on to a fairly respected agent she knew named Jamie Allen. He and I spoke for a few weeks and he agreed to help me out with you,” Cesare explained.

    I slurped my drink and then burped. “Nice. So does that mean you’ll negotiate a better contract from Palace for me when they decide to give me a full-time deal instead of this youth one?”

    “It means I’ll be there along with Mr. Allen to make sure signing a new one will be in your best interest, yes. We’re going to take on the world now Matteo! I imagine you’ll become a big hit in the Premier League once Palace gives you your debut! Clubs will take notice of you and I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.”

    “Ambitious as always Cesare. The gaffer says I need to work on my attitude before he gives me a debut. Says I’m too temperamental or some shit. He does say I have good potential to make it though, so who knows,” I said as I eased back into my chair and looked around.

    Even though I had a nonchalant attitude to it all. Making it in football was a big thing for me and Cesare being my agent was exactly what I needed. He was a level head for me and his decision making was always top. Who knows where our partnership could lead us? Right now, one thing was certain though - I needed to push on from youth team football.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-matteo-locke-season-1.jpgA Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-matteo-locke-season-one-info.jpg

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  4. Great start mate, cant wait for this
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  5. Great writing, already getting hooked on the story!

    Just one small editorial note, though: The font (and size) you're using is really hard on the eyes...
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  6. Brilliant start, love it already!
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  7. Brilliant start and look forward to following this!
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by dllu View Post
    Great writing, already getting hooked on the story!

    Just one small editorial note, though: The font (and size) you're using is really hard on the eyes...
    Thank you and thank you everyone I was wondering about the size of the font. I'll edit it right away.
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  9. Chapter 2
    Ezra - It starts here.

    The noise we made was loud as we ran out the car, up the driveway and towards the door. Dad didn’t even bother to park. “We did it! We did it! We did it!” our chants were loud and I heard mum drop a plate in the kitchen. “What in the world are you two on about!?” she said rushing to the door in fright. “What happened!? Did what?” I hugged her tightly while dad jumped in on the hug too and gave her a big kiss on the cheek.

    “He’s on the team Liz!” he shouted before grabbing me and hugging me for what must have been 60th time since we got the news.

    “He is!? Ohh honey,” she pulled me from my father and gave me her own hug. “I’m so proud of you. Tell me everything. Come come, let me get you two dinner.”

    Mum had made my favorite creamy potato salad with roast chicken. Could this day get any better!?

    “Well, we got there early and dad made me warm up. The coach was impressed with that. I went through the motions to show them what I could do,” I started explaining. "Before long, they were talking to dad and said that they saw potential in me and would be glad to have me on board. Dad immediately called Mr. Gray to come on over and hash out my contract with them!"

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-1st-contract.jpg

    “Mr. Gray?”
    mom asked.

    “Yeah hon. Michael Gray - you met him at the firm’s dinner once. He’s an agent. Doesn’t have many clients and he’s agreed to work with me on Ezra’s future,” dad answered her.

    “Oh that’s wonderful!” she exclaimed excitedly.

    “Right? They were so impressed they said I’d be too good for the U-18 team so they’ll have me playing with the reserve/U-21 team. I can’t wait mom!”

    That night I stayed outside juggling the ball around and daydreaming. I could see my name in the headlines. I could see myself in the Manchester United kit scoring a winning derby goal and pointing to the stands to my parents. It starts here.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-ezra-1st-season.jpgA Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-ezra-first-day2.jpg

    Thanks for following! So, you'll realize Ezra actually has a face. After downloading and installing he player faces again after I had finished creating him, I went back into the game and to my surprise - he now had a real mug! I found it amusing haha. Can anyone tell me if they actually know whose face that is? Or why it would have done that? Anyways, it worked out well and has definitely given the character more life for me.

  10. Chapter 2
    Matteo - Fuck it.

    Come on. Pass it my way. I'm in acres of space here. Here it it! Time to run at them! I've beaten one...time for a one-t-OW!!

    I pulled up running and immediately fell to the floor in agony. There was a hellish sensation coming from the inside of my knee. I rolled grimacing and clutching to the grass blades. Before I knew it there were physios over me telling to me to relax as much as they could. Poking around my left foot with their fingers. I winced. Stop the torture!

    Just a matter of hours later it was confirmed, I strained my knee ligaments. I was going to be out for 6-8 weeks they said.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-locke-1st-injury.jpg

    That would mean I'd miss the start of the season, be it youth team or senior team, I wasn't going to be playing. Fuck it.

    "How are you Matty?" Cesare asked standing at the door of my room. I was sitting up in bend with my leg stretched out on my bed. I couldn't help but stare at it. This was my first real injury. So soon after signing a professional contract with the club at that. Such luck.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-professional-contract.jpg

    "I'll be fine," I responded downbeat. He walked in and gave me a bottle of water.

    "Yes you will be. This is just a momentary pause in a career I'm sure will take off. You'll overcome this and come back stronger than ever," he tried consoling me. For his sake, I hope he was right. I can't imagine what I would be like if I didn't make it. I'd probably spend my days inside away from life watching football documentaries on Netflix. Ha...maybe.

    "You're right. Besides, it's the best time to be out probably. Before the season is in full swing. Maybe I can impress when I'm back and finally get that senior debut," I tried to sound as positive as I could be.

    "That's the spirit Matty! You got this!"

  11. Chapter 3
    Ezra - Pep in my step.

    I coughed loudly, waiting for a piece of my lung to come flying into my mouth and out. How do I manage to get a flu at this important time? Mom did tell dad and I not to train in the rain on all those days last week. Yet, he isn't sick though.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-ezra-flu.jpg

    "Come on hunnie, take this," Mom walked on over to the couch I was on with a spoon with a green syrup. Yuck.

    "Did the physios from the club send it over?" I asked. I couldn't risk taking anything I shouldn't.

    "Yes my little professional. Now take it and let's get you into bed. You'll be back in training next week. Let's get all the rest we can now," she said as she ran her hands through my hair before feeling my forehead for a fever.

    I obliged.


    I'm ready for this. I'm ready for this. I'm Ezra Morrison. Ezra. Morrison. They'll sing my name through the stands one day.

    It was time. Fresh off signing my professional contract on my birthday last week, I was about to compete in my first game. It wasn't the senior team but instead, the U-18 team but that didn't matter to me. I was ready. Mom and dad were in the stands along with Mr. Gray and a few family friends to see this one. I needed to impress them all. We were playing the Shrewsbury U-18 squad this time around. "You're better than all of them - show them," dad said on our way to the game. I was ready.

    I did just what dad asked in the 32nd minute. I got a ball to my feet and with only 2 defenders in my way, I showed what I could do. I danced my way past the first challenge and slipped the ball through the legs of the next defender before driving home a low shot. I was elated! My first goal for Port Vale. It wouldn't count to my senior records but like I said, I didn't care. We were 2-0 down and this goal gave the team and me hope. In the 70th minute, I did it again. This time being teed up nicely in the box and curling a shot home. I wasn't done there either - just 9 minutes later I turned provider and provided the assist for the goal that ultimately won the game. My teammates were proud of me and I received plenty hugs and pats on the head all throughout the day.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-ezra-pom-u-18.jpg

    "You did excellently Ezra. Brilliant display!" dad said as he pulled me in for the biggest hug of all. I was beaming.


    "You're in tomorrow's team lad. You've done well in the 2 games you've played for the u-18 team so far and I think you're ready." I stood there in awe at the words I just heard. The first team? Already? Yes, I've already scored 3 goals in 2 youth team games but I still didn't expect to be given such a chance already. I grabbed the gaffer's hand and shaked it rapidly with gratitude. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I couldn't get any other words out.

    "You're welcome lad. Report here early tomorrow so the team can go over the game plan," he said before getting his hand free and walking away.

    I ran home that day to announce the big news. Understandably more hugs came my way and I was sure by now that my first injury would be a strained back from all the tight embraces. What a headline that would make.

    The next day, I started the game on the bench. Port Vale's form has been poor so far in the season's first few games as we haven't won a single game yet. Maybe I could change that? The atmosphere was great however with the fans singing and chanting in our little stadium. I wasn't sure where they were sitting but I knew mom and dad were here eagerly waiting to see if I'd come on and sure enough - I did. The boss sent me on 4 minutes into the second half. As I stood on the touchline, hands sweating and heart pounding with the # 70 on my back and my first name Ezra printed above it. I had chosen the number 70 to represent when I scored my second goal in that youth game. I noted that as the moment that got me this moment. . I could feel the eyes on me. This would be their first time seeing me step onto their pitch and don their shirt. I needed to make them proud.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-port-vale-debut.jpg


    "How did it feel?" dad asked on the drive home. "Immense. Surreal. I'm still feeling the jitters," I responded while I looked through the back window of our car. "You looked good out there in your kit. Seeing your run around on that pitch with your name on the back reminded me of when you were just a toddler. Your father got you your first Manchester United kit with your name. You never wanted to take it off," mom said in a motherly reflective tone. I could feel their sense of pride and I couldn't help but smile.

    "Just be sure to keep your head down now. Don't think this means our training sessions end because you have a senior cap under your belt. You need to push on from here," dad said making sure I don't get complacent. "I know. I'm raring to go again. Be it U-18 or senior. They'll sing my name!"

  12. Chapter 3
    Matteo - Impatiently Patient

    "I thought I'd find you out here," mom said as she stood at the side of the field. I was doing fitness drills to keep myself in shape. It's also what I did to clear my mind whenever I felt bothered. I would just get up and run. I must have been out here two or three hours because I really didn't realize it had gotten dark to the point where they needed to turn on the lights around the field.

    Name:  Matteo - Field lights.jpg
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    "H-hey mom. What...what brings you out here?" I stopped sprinting in one spot and caught my breath.

    "I called at your apartment for you and Cesare said he came home and didn't see you. He said you have had a lot on your mind recently so I thought...where does my baby boy go when he has a lot on his mind?" she started explaining, "It was either a bar or a big open field. So here I am," she said smiling proudly of her motherly intuition.

    I gave a half smile. I loved she could find me but really I didn't want to be found right now.

    "What's wrong my little Matty?" she asked pleadingly as she brushed my hair away behind my ears. "You need to cut this by the way," she said referring to my long blonde hair I never like cutting.

    "I...I don't know. I'm just frustrated that's all," I said looking in the distance.


    "Because mom...I'm not where I want to be right now. I haven't made a single senior appearance for the club," I explained in a downbeat tone.

    "And? You're only 17 love. You have plenty of time ahead of you. I've come to all 6 of your starts for the U-21 team and I know you'll get your chance. You've scored 2 good goals there and set up another 3. That's not bad at all love. Stop pressuring yourself so much," she said comforting me.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-matteo-u-21.jpg

    "I don't know. I just hoped I'd have more to show apart from this damn bruise on cheek which I would have hoped to have fade by now," I said in reference to a facial injury I picked up in training. My cheek was still reddish purple and it was unflattering as far as I was concerned.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-matteo-facial-injury.jpg

    "I know, I know. It fades longer because you're so pretty love," she said tongue in cheek. "Seriously though, just be patient. Your time will come and soon I'll write an article or even oversee an article about my son taking on the world of football."

    "You really think I can take on the football world mom?" I asked looking right in her eyes.

    She smiled warmly and held my face. "You can do whatever you want. You're Matteo Locke. I know you're pressuring yourself because of your dad but stop thinking about him. You're Matteo Locke. Not Mateschitz. You don't need to prove anything to him or anyone else."

    She knew me so well. I was being extra hard on myself because of my father Dietrich Mateschitz. He was a successful business man and was making his way into the football world by owning clubs through his Red Bull brand. We didn't have the best of relationships but I knew he wanted to see me succeed here. To make it to the highest level of the game. Mom was right though, I had nothing to prove to him or anyone else. I was doing this for me, for her and for Cesare and to them, I was already a superstar.

    I hugged her tightly, "Thank you."

  13. Nicely written mate, keep it up
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  14. Thank you, much appreciated

  15. Enthralled reading this! KIU!
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by JamesScott2908 View Post
    Enthralled reading this! KIU!
    Glad you like it!

  17. Chapter 4
    Ezra - Taking Chances

    It was January and I had just watched a stream of the Balon d'Or grand gala ceremony. What an honor it would be to lift that for myself. 6 months on from being signed up by Port Vale, I was steadily making my name locally. I even gave a short interview after I scored my first senior goal for Port Vale against Bristol City. What a moment that was for me. That wasn't my first goal this season however. The gaffer and youth coaches and made me play in plenty of different competitions so far. 3 senior appearances, all from the bench and a start in the St. Johnstone's Paint Trophy is what I had to boast about in terms of senior chances. Overall though I have started 15 games, with 5 substitute appearances with a goal return of 8 across the board as well as 3 assists and 2 man of the match performances. It wasn't too shabby if I said so myself.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-port-vale-jan.jpg

    Dad of course wanted more. He wanted me to be a regular in the first team now so when the gaffer told me he was going to put me up for loan because he felt more first team appearances would increase my development at a higher rate, dad was the first to be pleased. Of course, a loan meant that I would move away from home for the next 6 months. Mom didn't like this idea at all. So when I got this cold that kept me at home for the next 2 days, she jumped on the opportunity to baby me.

    "Come on hon, time for some soup," she said bringing a bowl to me.

    I was never going to refuse food though and gladly accepted it.

    "You know, mom. The boss says that Bristol Rovers are interested in me. I would only be about two hours away. That's not so bad," I said in an attempt to make her feel more relieved.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-e-rovers.jpg

    "Hmm..I guess not," she mumbled, "but you'd be living on your own. It's such a big step," she continued defiantly.

    "The lad is a professional footballer Liz. He's got plenty of big steps to take." Dad walked into the room intervening. I was so into my soup that I didn't even hear the car pull up.

    "Hey dad! Didn’t hear you come in," I said greeting him while cooling my soup.

    "Hey sport. How are you feeling now?" he said running his hand through my hair.

    "Raring to go back out there. Did you hear about the Bristol interest?"

    "I did. I was actually just talking to Michael about it. He said he'd keep me posted," dad said as he sat across from me.

    I didn't know much about Bristol Rovers aside from the fact they were down a league from Port Vale. That means I'd be guaranteed to get starting games. I was willing to take whatever chance I got really. That could prove vital come next season.

    Chapter 4
    Matteo – Push On

    After my chat with mom I was much more at eased. It also helped that the gaffer reassured me that I had potential and made a senior player link up with me to teach me the know-hows to the tactical side of the game. I had been playing more in the U-21 squad too with 15 appearances, 4 from the bench.

    I looked decent in my games too. All I wanted to do was push on from here.

    There wasn't much to report on Matteo this time around so he has a shorter update so I decided to combine them. Next update comes later though to make up for it.

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  18. Chapter 5
    Ezra – Flashy

    “Do you even lift, bro?” he said annoyingly as I walked towards him. He sat on top of his car dusting off the nose of his boot. He didn’t look any different from the day he left. Still sporting a slick fauxhawk with fiery red tips and his trademark sleeveless leather jacket that revealed his many tattoos. “Are you calling me fat or…?” I asked as I looked at him. It has really been a while since I’ve seen him. “No, no. You look good. Built up really,” he said chuckling. Then he climbed off his car and gave me a hug. “It’s been so long Ezra. Good to see you again.”

    It was good to see him again. He was Vince Johnson, my oldest friend. We met when I was 8 at a training camp. One day, waiting for my dad to pick me up, I was taking shots at goal on the pitch. A group of older boys came over and started picking on me. Telling me I had no skill and a poor nobody like me would get nowhere in the football world. They took my ball and started shoving me around. Vince was on hand to defend me. We got our asses kicked of course, but we were buds ever since that day. Dad also taught us how to fight thereafter. This inspired Vince, or VJ, to take up boxing and that made him stop playing football. That didn’t mean he stopped caring about the game though as he was always on hand to watch me at camps that followed or any games I had.

    He moved away when I was 11. After his grandfather had died, he and his parents moved to the United States to take over the family business. The last time I saw him was when I was 13. Afterward he would only write or call to check up on me. As soon as he was 18 his father started grooming him to be the heir to their business. VJ didn’t mind doing this though. Next to boxing, his dream was to be free. “I may be basically selling my right to choose my future to the business but I profit by being rich I suppose. I can do whatever I want being my own boss.” That was his reasoning when I asked him what it all felt like on one phone call. He wasn’t arrogant and very down to earth. If you looked at him, you would never believe he’s worth millions! He didn’t believe in a flashy lifestyle. It’s what made us such great friends – our outlook on life.

    “It has been long. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming home?” I asked him snapping back from memory lane.

    “It was a spur of the moment thing. I had a meeting in The Netherlands. After getting back to my hotel, I laid in bed and thought, ‘I should go see Ezra.’ So, here I am,” he explained. He then took a newspaper from off the car where he was sitting and spread it open. “I arrive at the airport and look what I see!” he shouted before turning it around and reading, “Ezra Morrison, the 17 year old Port Vale attacking youth prospect has been named in the Skybet League 1 Team of the Week after a fine performance. Look, they even have your picture! Beefy!”

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-skybet-team-week.jpg

    I had grown a bit more. Now 5’11 and 163 pounds. I also had appeared 6 times for the senior team now, with 2 starts and 4 sub appearances with a return of 1 goal and 2 assists.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-portvale-first-team.jpg

    “I didn’t even see this. Someone had called for a short interview but I declined. I guess this was why,” I said as I took the paper from him.

    “Still hiding from the spotlight huh? At this rate, you won’t be able to hide for long,” he said as he headed to the door of his car. “Come on, let’s go for a drive. Do you still eat a lot? Let’s get some food.”

    “I can never say no to food!” I laughed as I hopped in the car.

    “How’s your mom taking your career? She must be worried you’re going to leave her soon,” he asked starting the car. The engine purred beautifully.

    “This…this is a nice car. What is it?” I asked ignoring his question first as I looked on the interior of the car before answering, “Yeah, she’s worried. Back in January she was afraid I would have left when I was linked with a loan move to Bristol Rovers. I damaged my heel in training though so the move didn’t materialize and the gaffer decided to keep me on for the season in and around the first team.”

    “Like it huh? It’s an Audi R8. Bit flashy but gets the job done. Want one?” he asked chuckling. If I said yes though, I know he would get me one. “Ah, your mom is still a worry bug huh? Bet she wouldn’t mind if you stuck to the Morrison curse but alas, I’m sure she knows you’ll be on the move sooner rather than later.”

    “No no. I’m fine,” I laughed, “Maybe one day when I move out, I’ll buy a car as well. I’m sure mom will insist.”

    “Or I can buy you one. Really I don’t mind,” he chuckled again. Once more serious as ever. “Speaking of your mom, do you think I could come by for dinner tonight? Been a while since I’ve seen her and your dad.”

    “You know I can’t say no to that. How long are you staying this time around?”

    “I’m not sure yet,” he said, “Let’s get dinner now! Starving Ezra.”

  19. Chapter 5
    Matteo – Surprise

    “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Matteo! Happy birthday to you!” the chorus sang. It was my 18th birthday and Cesare and mom planned a surprise party for me. It was a warm feeling to see a room full of love ones. Mom, my grandparents, Cesare and the Vincenzi’s were there. As well as a couple other friends Cesare and I shared.

    “Matty!” Celia ran over to me squeezing me tightly. She was Cesare’s 12 year old sister and I treated her like my little sister too. “I made this for you,” she said holding my hand and slipping on a bracelet that had the word ‘superstar’ sewn on. I smiled and hugged her, “Thank you Celia.”

    Ciro was next to come over. He was their oldest brother at 26 and a massive guy. He put me in his trademark headlock and ruffled my hair. “Now I don’t have to sneak you in clubs lil’ Matty!” he said as I fought for my release. “I didn’t know what to get you, so I thought seeing me would be enough for!” he said as he gripped my head tighter.

    “Alright, alright Ciro. Let him go before he passes out,” Mr. Vincenzi pleaded. Next to him was Mrs. Vincenzi who hugged me tightly when Ciro released me. “Buon compleanno Matteo,” she said as she kissed my cheek. “You’re growing into a dashing young man.”

    “Not as dashing as me though, right ma!?” Cesare shouted from the group he was with. I’m not sure how he heard that. She ignored him while we all laughed.

    “Dashing and he’ll develop into a fine footballer too. Maybe one day he’ll don the A.C Milan shirt,” Mr. Vincenzi said.

    It was good having family around me. Having not broken into the first team yet and feeling like my development had slowed down, it was good to have these moments to keep my morale up.

    Later on in the month the season ended and Crystal Palace’s relegation was confirmed having finished 19th. I didn’t make any more U-21 appearances either and I was beginning to question whether it was time to look for a new club or another career. Things took a semi-positive turn though when the club switched managers and the new one immediately came in and told me he had big plans for me for the future but wanted me to get first team games under my belt so he was listing me for loan. So now, I was content with waiting to see what would happen.

  20. Chapter 6
    Ezra – End of Season

    The season had ended and my first year in football was now over. Dad compiled all my statistics for me and I was going over them in my room. The team finished in 15th place and I didn’t add to my 6 first team appearances I had made earlier in the season. I did help the U-18 team finish as champions in their league though. I played 11 of the 18 possible games, starting 7. I finished with 7 goals and 3rd in the goal-scoring charts so overall I was pleased with myself.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-u-18-standings-e.jpg

    My name was also in the local newspaper a bit more now with Burnley and Reading registering an interest in me. I felt honored really as both clubs were going to be in the Premier League next season. Burnley finished 17th in their season in the Premier League while Reading earned promotion.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-e-tansfer-interests.jpg

    I was ignoring the speculation though. As dad kept drilling in me – “Keep your head down and you won’t miss the opportunities that will come.”

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-ignoring-speculation-e.jpg

    Both Chapter 6's coming in a few hours
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  21. Season 2

    I sat in their boardroom with the contract in front of me and my dad and Mr. Gray on either side of me. I couldn’t quite believe it as I played with the pen, tapping it on the desk. A year ago I was a nobody without a club. Today I was still a nobody – just less of one with a new club wanting me to sign their contract so I could finalize joining them. It was surreal.

    “Are you okay Ezra?” my dad asked me as he watched me toy with the pen instead of signing my name on the line. The officials of this new club had left to room to us to discuss things and see if we were satisfied with the contract on offer.

    “Huh? Yeah…I’m okay,” I said bringing myself back to the room.

    “So, are you ready to sign it?” he asked as he smiled. You could tell he was proud. Fresh off my first season as a professional player, I was already snapped up by a “big boy from the Premier League” as dad called them.

    “The contract is good taking everything into consideration Ezra. Now it’s all about whether you want to play here in the future. The idea now from them is to seal the deal and then loan you out for more first team opportunities this season,” Mr. Gray explained.

    “Yes. Yes, I’m ready to sign it. This is a big opportunity and I like their style of play here and it’s even better knowing they are in the Premier League so my chance may come eventually. I don’t mind being loaned out either,” I said as I got my head into things. I quickly jotted my name on the line. It was now official.


    SWANSEA F.C sign attacking prospect Ezra Morrison from Port Vale for 850,000. It was announced that the soon-to-be 18 year old striker will be loaned immediately to Newport County A.F.C in the Skybet League 2 for the season ahead.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-e-transfer.jpg

    It was official, not only was I now on loan at Newport County and living in Wales - I was alone. Mom and dad came to my unveiling at Newport who presented me with the #10 kit. I took some pictures and met some fans in a very small ceremony and then went to the apartment I had rented for my stay here. I was 3 hours away from home give or take and an hour away from my parent club, Swansea. Mom tearfully left for home earlier today on the back of a promise that I would call her as often as I could.

    I sat in the apartment reflecting on my unveiling here. I was almost like a star for these fans at only 18. They talked up my goal-scoring abilities that I displayed in the U-18 leagues as well as well as my few appearances in the Port Vale senior team. I knew the pressure was on here to score goals right from the start.

    I was ready.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-e-newport.jpg

  22. Season 2

    The summer transfer window had arrived and I was at home waiting from a call from the boss or my U-21 manager about where I was going for loan. They told me they would finalize it today. The options as it seemed so far were Northampton Town and Crewe. I didn’t mind either and I just wanted to get some first team action this season.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-matteo-transfer-interest.jpg

    I was at my mom’s house with Cesare waiting on the call. This was largely because we had no food again so we decided this was the best place to be. She didn’t mind at all as she constantly told us we could move back in with her. Cesare, who moved here as soon as he finished high school 4 years ago and a year early, thought it was a good idea but it was my idea to move out initially. So there was no way I was going to go back on that.

    Suddenly, the phone rang. I watched it vibrate on the table with my U-21 coach’s name on it. Cesare and mom made their way from the kitchen and stood by the door looking at me. “Answer it,” mom said quietly. I took a deep breath and answered. After a brief talk, I concluded with “Okay, thank you sir. I’ll make my way there tonight.”

    I sat back on the chair and ran my hands through my hair and smiled. “Well, looks like we’re going to Carlisle for the next 5 months.”

    “Carlisle United? That’s not bad,” Cesare responded. “Only 5 months?”

    “Yeah. They registered their interest late and gave assurances that I’d get plenty of appearances so the boss thought it was best for me. Know anything about them?” I asked.

    “They’re in the Vanarama Conference. I know that much,” mom answered. “Carlisle is like 6 hours away isn’t it? I won’t be seeing my baby for 5 whole months?” she continued in her trademark sad tone.

    I smiled, “Geez mom, they’ll fly by. Knowing you you’ll fly down too to make sure I have food in my fridge. I’m going to go get packing. I still have a few stuff here don’t I?”

    “Well, you never unpacked your room when you left, so I’d assume so,” she responded.

    “I’ll call Mr. Allen to get in touch with Carlisle. We need to find you somewhere to live for those 5 months,” Cesare said shifting into his role as one of my agents.

    I then walked away leaving the room to get my stuff together.

    “He seems okay with this, doesn’t he?” mom asked Cesare.

    “He does. Surprising isn’t it? Just seeing him take a decision without a fight,” Cesare responded smiling looking in the direction I walked.

    “Very surprising. He’s matured so much over the last year. I think his tutoring with that senior player at Palace really changed his attitude. He’s much more patient with making it now. Ready to take whatever chance he gets.”

    “That’s true and don’t worry Aunt Emily. I’ll watch over him every step of the way. I’ll be your eyes no matter where he goes,” Cesare said convincingly. She smiled as we all eagerly waited for this next chapter of my career.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-carlisle-loan.jpg

  23. Chapter 8
    Ezra – Drought

    I sat alone in my apartment with the tv on sports news. I laid on the couch and sighed as the emptiness in my apartment was maddening. I didn’t want to admit it but I missed my mom and dad. I wasn’t used to being alone for this long without any human interaction. I supposed I could call them but I didn’t want to give in to that urge. Dad encouraged me that this was a moment to show I was a man. To show that the Morrison curse was something that could be overcome and that I wouldn’t end running back home to prove that Morrison’s just never left Stoke-on-Trent.

    It didn’t help much given that there was a report on tv just now that the boss back at Swansea was under pressure because the results weren’t ideal. It certainly didn’t help that I felt so pressured at Newport. My first game was against Morecombe that didn’t go so well. My next game wasn’t much of a marked improvement either and there was already a report about how I was finding it hard to settle into the team. They even said I was going through a goal drought. After just 2 games? Come on. I’m only 18. That was no excuse though. “Mind of a 30 year old.” Dad’s words were ringing in my ear. These fans wanted an impact, I needed to give it to them.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Finding it tough - E.jpg
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Size:	105.5 KB
ID:	938549

    That didn’t change the fact that I was bored whenever training though. Suddenly, my phone rang. I quickly picked it up because any conversation would do me good now.

    “Hello?” I answered quickly.

    “Damn man. Were you happy to see my name on the screen? You answered quiiick,” a very familiar voice said.

    “Vince!” I shouted, “Hey buddy. What’s up?”

    “So you were happy,” he chuckled. “I’m well. Checking on you to see how you’re doing in Wales.”

    “It’s...uh...okay. Still trying to settle in.”

    “Doesn’t sound so okay. Miss your mom don’t you?” he mocked.

    “Naah. I got this. It’s just kinda boring being on my own, that’s all,” I said trying to hide the fact that I did indeed miss her.

    “Uhuh…sure. How about I come stay with you?” His question surprised me.

    “Seriously? You would? What about work?” I wasn’t going to turn this down. Having Vince around here would be great.

    “Yeah buddy. I actually already have my flight booked because you couldn’t tell me no. I told you that this job provides me freedom. I don’t need to physically be here to get work done. So I’ll work from there,” he explained.

    I was silently cheering. Things would be so much better having someone I know here.

    “Well alright then, I’ll try to get this place tidy for your arrival!”

    “No no, that’s okay. Do you even have space for me? I could stay at a hotel or something.”

    “Nonsense! I have an extra bedroom here just in case mom and dad visits. You can have that,” I reassured him.

    “Fine, fine. See you soon then Ezra!”

  24. Chapter 7
    Matteo – Carlisle

    I was settled in at the club. They welcomed me well and the city wasn’t bad. Cesare and I found a decent place to stay for the time we would be here. Mom came by to see me play in a couple games as well and I had to convince her that she could go back to London because we would be fine.

    On the field I was finally getting chances starting 8 games and scoring my first goal. Still, I wasn’t satisfied. Playing in the Vanarama Conference didn’t have the same buzz as the Premier League but if this is something I needed to do, then I was going to get it done.

    Name:  Carlisle season stats.jpg
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Size:  33.7 KB
    Carlisle were keen on helping me too and not only did they have me playing in the senior games but they still made me play U-18 games. I had made 6 starts in those with another goal and three assists. So really I wasn’t sitting around as much as I did last season.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Carlisle u-18.jpg
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Size:	47.5 KB
ID:	938557

    I just wondered what it would be like once the 5 months were up here.

    So I didn't load the Vanarama Conference so Matteo's updates will be somewhat condensed when it comes to league information.

  25. Chapter 9
    Ezra – Can’t Stop Me Now

    I stood there anxiously waiting for it to be over. I still wasn’t used to giving interviews but I couldn’t talk my way out of this one as the manager insisted I do it with all the adoration I had been getting from fans. Since Vince’s arrival I really had an upturn in form and was firing on all cylinders. I had 6 goals including a double against Oxford. Though the team wasn’t doing very well overall - we were 22nd in the league - I was in good form and was determined to guide the team out of the slump and get the pressure off the manager. My most memorable goal was probably a cheeky chip over Oxford’s goalkeeper. I was named in the Team of the Week following that.

    Today, I was being awarded a step further as I pushed my performances up a notch. After a double and an assist in a game against Swindon along with 2 other strikes, I had 10 goals in 19 starts and was second in the scoring standings for League 2. I was now being crowned the Sky Bet League 2 Player of the Month.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Player of the month - E.jpg
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Size:	86.9 KB
ID:	940458

    “Hi Ezra, thanks for agreeing to this interview,” the journalist conducting the interview said greeting me. She agreed that it would be short and kept to the point with just a couple pictures of me with the trophy taken.

    “No problem. Are…are we ready?” I said nervously.

    “Yep. Just about. Don’t be nervous,” she said smiling warmly. “I’ll ask the first question. How do you feel about winning the award?”

    I smiled back and ran my hand through my hair, “Uh...well. It’s an honor really and one for the fans. They’ve made me feel right at home and...umm...continued to support me from the beginning right up...right up, until now.”

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Newport Effect.jpg
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ID:	940461

    “Great and with a great goal return of 4 goals in 5 games this month, do you think you can keep this form up?” she asked.

    “Well…yes. That’s certainly the plan. As long as my goals can help the team win games and advance in the standings, I’ll continue to try getting them,” I said confidently.

    “Alright good. That’s perfect Ezra. Thank you and now time for the pictures,” she said.

    I sighed and smiled. It was a good feeling to be recognized like this and this was only the beginning as I still harbored dreams of winning the Balon d’Or one day.

  26. Chapter 8
    Matteo - Experience

    “Are you sure you packed up all your shit?” I asked Cesare as I loaded the car.

    “Yeah…yeah,” he mumbled then yawned. “Why are we leaving so early again?” he asked as he sat down in the car.

    “Because I wanna go to the club and find out what the plans for me were for the rest of the season,” I responded as I pulled out of the parking lot.

    My time at Carlisle was up and it was time to head back to Palace. I had a fairly good time here making 17 appearances in all and scoring 3 goals. Two of those appearances came in the F.A Cup though and I was very pleased about that experience.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-carlisle-loan-finishes-locke.jpgName:  Locke Carlisle Stats.jpg
Views: 268
Size:  39.4 KB

    It felt good getting these games under my belt and I was eager for more so I wanted to get to Palace as soon as I could and see what my future would have in store now. To be honest, I missed mom’s cooking as well. Cesare and I were trying our best in the kitchen but after two small fires and a lot of thrown out food that went bad because we forgot to put them up, we realized why our fridge was always empty.

    "I like the enthusiasm Matteo. I just wish you would have it at respectable times. We’re not that far a drive from home. I don’t see why we’re leaving at 3 in the morning,” Cesare said as he reclined his seat and put his feet up on the dash.
    “We’ll get there faster. Take your feet down!” I yelled slapping his feet, “This car can barely go on its own. Don’t add any more pressure to it.”

    “Are you calling me fat?” he said as he glared at me.

    “No, I’m saying you have giant feet. Move them,” I snapped.

    “We wear the same size cazzo,” he mumbled as he finally took them down.

    “Yeah, but I play football. They work out for me,”

    Shut up. Besides when are you going to replace this car anyway?” he asked as he ran his finger off dash.

    “When you land me my next big contract buddy!” I chuckled.

    Cesare rolled his eyes and settled in his seat and closed his eyes. I thought about my career again and how I desperately wanted to make it big. I’d find out if Crystal Palace was going to be the place to help me when I went back.

  27. Chapter 10
    Ezra– Good Year

    It was the off season and I wasted no time in going back home to my parents. Vince, who had spent the entire second half of my season with Newport with me, had gone back to the US for the summer. So, the decision to come home and see my parents and other familiar faces around town was an easy one to make. I intend to surprise them but they ended up surprising me with Vince telling them when I had planned to drive down.

    As soon as I opened the door there were cheers and hugs. “There’s our top scorer!” dad yelled immediately. I finished the season at Newport County as the Skybet League Two top scorer with 20 goals.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-20_00013.jpgA Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-20_00014.jpg

    The team finished in 9th place and the manager Jimmy Dack told me Newport would welcome me back with open arms at any time. I had a good year. It was even recognized by fellow players who nominated me in the Player’s Team of the Year.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-newport-9th.jpgA Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-e-players-team-year.jpg
    I sat on our lawn out front and just laid on the grass. It was a nice day and I forgot what it felt like to just relax. Though every now and again someone would walk by and stop by for a chat. My popularity has increased somewhat given the amount of articles that were written about me after my transfer and exploits on loan last season. A few people were expecting big things of me.

    As I laid out there, my phone rang and I slid it out my pocket and answered.


    “Hey Ezra! How are you lad?”

    “I’m well. I know this voice, who is this if you don’t mind my asking?”

    Forgotten me already lad? It’s your old gaffer Jimmy Dack, from Newport County,” he said. Now I recognized the voice.
    “Ohhh. I knew I knew the voice! Hey boss! What can I do for you?” It was strange that he was calling me so I was curious.

    “How do you feel about coming back to Newport County for the new season on loan?”

    His question surprised me. I didn’t think about that possibility.

    “Uh…well, I wouldn’t mind at all. I had a great time there last season,” I answered. Newport had really given me a chance last season and I wouldn’t turn down another one if Swansea weren’t ready to give me first team chances.

    “Well lovely lad because Swansea has already agreed to it and said it was your decision now. It’ll be good to have you back.”

    “It’ll be good to be back! When does training start? I’m currently back home with family.”

    “Don’t worry lad. You still have a couple weeks of break left. I’ll get in touch with your agent to finalize everything. See you soon.”

    My challenge for myself now, was to replicate my form last season and beat my 20 goal tally.

    Sorry for delay on this. Got a big exam later so I've been focusing on that. Will dish out some updates as soon as I'm done with the exam and catch up on sleep I've missed. Til later, thanks for following!

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  28. Still a cracking read, Nice to see Ezra seems to be excelling already! Fingers crossed for more of the same from him!
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  29. This is brilliant, loving it mate. Keep it up.
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    Still a cracking read, Nice to see Ezra seems to be excelling already! Fingers crossed for more of the same from him!
    Quote Originally Posted by Tracz View Post
    This is brilliant, loving it mate. Keep it up.
    Thanks guys. Really appreciate and yes, Ezra did great this season. Hopefully he'll keep that up

  31. Chapter 9
    Matteo – Pain

    “Goddammit!” I yelled as I hobbled to the couch.

    “Come on now Matteo. Get off that ankle quickly,” Cesare said as he closed the door behind us.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Matteo 2 U18.jpg
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ID:	945960

    I once again injured myself in training today by twisting my ankle after taking a sharp turn. After the physios looked at it extensively they confirmed I’d need a month to recover before I could start training again. Since coming back to Crystal Palace I haven’t made much appearances with only 2 substitute appearances for the U-21 squad and 2 starts for the U-18. Truth be told, my patience was wearing thin again with the lack of game time but I kept my mouth shut. Especially since I was once again put on the loan list and now eagerly awaited the summer transfer window to come.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-locke-ankle-injury.jpg

    “What the hell do you think I’m doing? Dancing the salsa?” I snapped as I sat down.

    “Heavens no. I’ve seen you dance with two good ankles. I can’t imagine what one would be like,” he teased laughing.

    “Ha-ha-ha. Dick,” I mumbled. “You know, it wouldn’t be so bad if I was picking these injuries up while playing games but no, I get them sitting on my ass to be out for weeks to sit on my ass some more. When will it end man?” I complained.

    “You’re young Matteo. You have time to get your chances. I’m sure something big will happen for you in the summer,” he tried comforting me.

    “It better. I’m running out of 'youth' in football. I’m 19 soon. It’s time for first team appearances!”

    “God you’re even grumpier when injured. How long did they say you were going to be out for?”

    “A month sweetheart. You have a month of this coming up! You and Jamie need to get me games and I’ll complain about it for the entire month I’m out!” I continued complaining.

    There wasn’t a response.

    “Cesare?” I looked back curious. “Fucker went to his room and closed the door.”

  32. Chapter 10
    Matteo – Sea Breeze

    “Feel that amico?” Cesare said as he leaned against the rails while a cool breeze swept by.

    We were in Cleethorpes, spending our day by the pier. We decided that we’d try to actually enjoy this loan move’s location after we spent most of our time in Carlisle indoors trying to survive living away from my mom.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-cleethorpespier.jpg

    After Crystal Palace only managed to finish fourth in the Championship and went on to lose their playoff game they decided to change managers again. I went through the same routine of hearing from a new manager that I had potential and needed first team games and then got shipped out on another 5 month loan. This time to Grimsby Town. I didn’t make any fuss about it and with only a year left on my contract decided that I’d just go along with their wishes and hope for big changes come next summer.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-grimsby-town-locke.jpg

    My time in Grimsby wasn’t going bad either. I had already started 7 games and done fairly well in them. I was enjoying my time here.

    Name:  Season Stats - Grimbsy 7 apps.jpg
Views: 323
Size:  38.9 KB

    “Yeah, I do. This is a nice place to be buddy. Are there any other clubs close by? Bigger ones?” I asked Cesare as I looked out at the waves.

    Scunthorphe is probably the closest one that’s bigger than Grimsby. Don’t think there are any bigger ones,” he said as he turned around to watch a group of girls walk by.

    I turned around with him leaning on the rails, “Hmm. No, I may just come back here permanently,” I chuckled.

    “Ha. Well, we’ll know in a year. Hopefully we can finally settle down instead of all these little moves and maybe, have some fun. Socially. Without having to worry about leaving in a few months after,” Cesare said as he started to walk off. “Let’s get some lunch buddy.”

    “Read my mind!”

  33. Chapter 11
    Ezra – Here we go again

    I was back in Newport and fortunately in the same apartment as last time. After hearing that I was coming to play for Newport County again, they happily rented it to me. It wasn’t so bad this time around either as I had made a few friends around as well as being closer to the lads on the team. Unfortunately this season started like last season and I was again on a goal drought. The manager knew I would come eventually come good though, or so he thought, so I was confident in knowing he had confidence in me.

    I got in and quickly found a bed to stretch my leg out. Fresh off vowing to end my goal drought,

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-goal-drought-vow.jpg

    I strained my thigh in training and it would need 3 weeks to heal.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-goaldrought-thigh-strain.jpg

    My second time here in Newport hasn’t started so well at all but I wasn’t about to let this bother me much. I took my phone out and saw 2 messages. One from dad and one from Vince.


    Jimmy sent me a message about your injury son. I’m sorry I can’t be there yet because of this case I’m working on but keep your head up. You’re in good hands with a manager that takes such keen interest in your development. I’ll call you when I can and your mother who is glaring at me now says Hi. Make sure you call her or she’ll have my arse.

    I smiled. It was true. Jimmy Dack has been plenty of support and an important figure in my career especially since my parents couldn’t come down to Wales in recent times because of work. I opened the next message:


    Buddy! How r u doing man? I spoke to ur parents. Ur mom says you are havin’ a harder time than last year at ya club. Is it becuz I’m not there? I’m sorry man. I’m trying to close a deal that will see the business open up an office right in The Netherlands. It would mean I cud see you more. So hopefully it comes to that. Anyway, keep ya head up and hit me back when you can.

    The idea of Vince coming back to Europe was a great one and I hoped it came true. It also reminded me that after all these years – I still didn’t know what the business was about and needed to find out. It also showed me that everyone was close to me was focused on their careers and I needed to do the same. I wasn’t a boy by any means and needed to get my head down and prove I could hold my own without someone having to hold my hand constantly.

  34. Loving this mate, truly fantastic read!

  35. Cracking updates!

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    Loving this mate, truly fantastic read!
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    Cracking updates!
    Thanks fellas. Glad you're enjoying following both guys. Plenty more in store
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  37. Chapter 12
    Ezra - Heat

    I sat on my couch and looked at the tv in shock. I couldn’t quite believe it. The headline remained on the screen.
    “Newport County sack Jimmy Dack.”

    This confirmed that this wasn’t the thrilling experience of last season but instead the polar opposite. The club were doing poorly and the fingers were being pointed at everyone including myself. Newport County and football legend John Aldridge even openly questioned my performances and questioned whether I deserved to remain in the squad. I was gutted. When a striking legend like Aldridge makes those comments and the only thing you have to defend yourself with is 1 goal in 13 appearances, it isn’t good.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-21_00001.jpg

    I had been keeping a distance from everyone recently since then and now with Jimmy Dack gone I’m sure I’ll have more calls and messages to ignore soon. Dad and Vince even showed up unexpectedly once and took me out for a drive to clear my head but nothing was working really.

    I grabbed my hoodie and went out for a run. It was cold and dark but I needed to get out of the house for a bit.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-night-jogging-tips-2.jpg

    “I’m Ezra Morrison. Ezra. Morrison. They’ll sing my name from the stands,” I kept repeating to myself as I started to run faster.

    “Ezra. Morrison. I’m going to be better than all of them. I have to be!” I shouted as I broke out in full sprint. The sprint was short lived when I suddenly bumped into someone knocking us both over.

    “Oh bloody hell. I’m so so sorry,” I said as I got up and brushed myself off.

    “No no. It’s my fault. I heard a shout and stopped to look.”

    I finally got a clear view of who I had mowed over. It was a girl. Her hair was in a bun which I imagined was neat before I ran into her and she was decked out in sweats.

    “Oh my bad. I just got into it a bit. Again I am s-”

    “You’re Ezra Morrison!” she shouted cutting me off.

    I felt slightly embarrassed that she recognized me. I’m still not used to that. “Yea...yea I am.”

    “So who are you?” she said as she fixed her bun.

    “Wait. What?”

    “Who are you lad? You were shouting you name. Who are you gonna be better than?”

    She didn’t recognize me after all. Now I just felt embarrassed that she heard me shouting my own name.

    “Ha…” I ran my hands through my hair. “Oh…no one. Just…can we pretend you didn’t hear that?” I chuckled.

    “Aww. Embarrassed little football player are ya?” she said smiling.

    I thought she didn’t know me. I’m so confused! I looked at her curiously trying to get a read on her.

    “So…you do know?”

    “Know what?” she asked as she started to jog in a spot. “Come on now. Let’s keep running.”

    I was reluctant at first because my knock to her looked like it had done more damage than I first feared but I obliged.

    “You’re so fun to mess with. The look on your face,” she laughed. “I know who you are. You play for the team. Didn’t that one guy call you out on your poor performances recently?”

    Goddammit. She does know me and she knows that too. I felt embarrassed again.

    I laughed it off nervously. “So, you’re a supporter then?”

    “Not really, no. Not big on sports. I do read a lot though, including local news so that’s how I know you. Never seen you play.”

    That’s not a bad thing if this season is anything to go by.

    About 20 minutes of running went by until she started jogging in a spot.
    “Well, this is where I leave you footballer. Can you find your way home from here?”

    “Oh…uh…I think so. We’ve been running in a straight line from what I can tell so I should be able to find my way back.”

    “Good. My house is this way. This was fun. Lovely time meeting you…” she said before yelling, “Ezra. Morrison!"
    "Maybe one day I’ll sing it,”
    she mocked and giggled before running off.

    I stood there still very much confused but with my mind much clearer after having a good time running with her. Then it hit me – I didn’t get her name.


  38. Im sure Ezra has facebook and she should be able to find him
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  39. Quote Originally Posted by JamesScott2908 View Post
    Im sure Ezra has facebook and she should be able to find him
    Hahah, let's hope so
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  40. Chapter 11
    Matteo – Crystal Clear

    “Find me a new club!” I yelled as I threw my training bag to the floor and walked over to our fridge. Opening it furiously and taking out a bottle of water.

    Oy…merda. What’s going on amico??” Cesare said jumping from the couch and coming to the kitchen.

    “Did you see Palace’s game today?” I asked as I smashed the bottle to the counter. “Another kid got a debut today! That’s the second one in a couple weeks and the third one this month yet I still haven’t gotten a chance and I’d like to think I’m better than them both!” I ranted.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2015-08-23_00001.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	2015-08-23_00006.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	2015-08-23_00003.jpg
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ID:	953478

    “Oh man. I’m sorry buddy. What was the depth in the squad like? Don’t those 2 play different positions? Maybe that’s why. Competition is weaker there.”

    “Don’t bullshit me Cesare. They could very well afford me a chance if they wanted to. No one has even mentioned anything about my contract. I want out! Find me a club with Allen as soon as you can,” I said before I stormed into our living room.

    He followed me, “Alright alright. I’ll get it done. Just give me some time and try not to break anything.”

    Hey guys, quick update this one. I've been having some technical issues with E
    zra's side of the story. In summary, I have about 20 chapters of his to rewrite after I lost them. Not to worry though, in a couple days I should be able to bring the next update related to him. Thanks!

  41. Is it odd that I'm skipping Matteo bits and only reading Ezras haha
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  42. Mindblowing.. keep up the style..

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  43. Quote Originally Posted by Average Joe View Post
    Is it odd that I'm skipping Matteo bits and only reading Ezras haha
    Hahah not at all. Ezra is the star of the show! His next update coming up in the next 24 hours! May just be 2 updates for him actually.

    Quote Originally Posted by winniewlsn View Post
    Mindblowing.. keep up the style..
    Thanks man! Will do
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  44. Chapter 13
    zra -
    Misery Loves Company

    “So still haven’t found this mystery girl huh?” Vince chuckled over the phone. I had told him about my very eventful jog.

    “Noo and it’s driving me insane. I’ve went out for a few more jogs on the same route and haven’t ran into her again.”

    “Poor girl must be nursing her injuries from the last time you ‘ran into her.’ You sure she exists right? This wasn’t any dream of yours? You haven’t been, recently,” he continued mocking and laughing.

    Shut up man. She’s very much real. Just...hard to find and believe me I’ve looked everywhere. I’ve checked the libraries, random stores around town, sat on benches watching joggers. I even got a my friend James to use his tech magic and see if he could find her online - no!...*cough* thing” I tried to explain while coughing. I was at home recovering from a flu sadly.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	E - fku.jpg
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    “So when you’re not a footballer, you’re a full-time creep! Damn man. She must have been something for you to give it this much effort. Better hope that Aldridge guy doesn’t find out about this before he finds something else to slam you about to the press,” Vince said.

    “You enjoy my misery don’t you?” I said before sneezing next.

    He was of course referencing earlier this season when I started off the season pretty poorly. Since then I haven’t necessarily lit the world afire with the team toiling in 20th place. I have scored 7 goals to date with 4 assists but I’ve appeared 35 times overall with 4 times from the bench. The gaffer has been playing me in a more withdrawn role as I’ve been playing the #10 position more than the #9. To be honest, I’ve performed better there this season. At the rate the season was going though, I knew I wasn’t going to be as good as I was last season so all I wanted to do is help the team avoid relegation.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Ezra flu stats.jpg
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ID:	956437

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-ezra-position.jpg

    I coughed again before yelling an expletive. I hated being sick.

    “Alright alright lad. You need to get to bed! I’ll call you later this week to get an update on your search yeah?” Vince said finally deciding to stop laughing at my pain but instead be somewhat brotherly.

    “You’re right. Okay VJ. We’ll talk bud. Get some rest when you can.”

  45. Chapter 14
    Ezra - Far from

    Well it was that time of the year again. I was finished in Newport and it was time to head back home to my parents. I had packed my stuff up and said goodbye to what had become my Newport home. Once more the owners had told me I was welcome back at any time I wanted even if I wasn’t playing for the team.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-loan-finishes.jpg

    I wasn’t sure what to make of them bringing up me not playing for the team again. Were they saying I did so badly this season that they didn’t expect me to spend a third season here? I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true actually. I finished the season with 40 games under my belt but I only had lousy 8 goals to show for it and 5 assists. I was far from confident this season actually as I only took like 40 shots all season. That was like 1 shot a game. Far from what I was used to. Instead I felt safer passing the ball around but that wasn’t much better as I didn’t pick my passes well. I was dismal by my standards.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-end-season-stats.jpg

    As I loaded my car up and got behind the wheel I gripped it and sighed. Nothing really went right for me this year and I truly needed this break. So that’s when I had the idea, this year I wasn’t going straight home. I was due to report back to Swansea in a little over a month. I was going to actually try to have some fun. So I called VJ:

    “Where are you?” I asked as soon as he picked up the phone.

    “Hello to you too sir. I’m driving on my way home to welcome you. Why?” he answered.

    “That’s what I thought. I don’t wanna go home yet. I want to take a real vacation. Away from home and football. Let’s go somewhere.” I said eagerly, almost shouting.

    “Oh wow. Who is this again? You’re Mr. Routine. You’re actually ready to break routine?” VJ asked actually sounding concerned.

    I laughed. “Come on man. I want to live a little. It was a bad season and I don’t want to go home and think about it or have dad try to cheer me up about it,” I expressed.

    “Vegas,” he said.


    “Vegas. Let’s go to Vegas! You’ve never been there. You’re on holiday. Let’s do it!” Vince now shouted excitedly.

    “Oh..oh..alright! Let’s do it!” I joined in his excitement.

    “Great! Umm...we should call your parents though. Let them know the changes. I’ll see if I can get my assistant at the office to arrange flights for us then I’ll call you back and tell you what the plan is. Can’t believe we’re doing this. I love it Ezra!”

    “Alright bud. I’ll call them up. I’m excited too man! Can’t tell the last time we’ve done something on the whim like this.”

    “Neither can I. Alright, let’s get it done. I’ll call you back!”

  46. Chapter 12
    Matteo – Something New

    We were well within summer this time around and I didn’t have much of a holiday this time around. Summer was mixed, to say the least. In terms of club, somehow Cesare and Jamie convinced me to sign a new contract with Crystal Palace. They had finished the season in 8th which confirmed they would once again spend another season in the Championship. I was beginning to think I’d never enjoy the experience of the Premier League.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-23_00017.jpg

    I did enjoy something similar though. The European U-21 Championship Qualifiers. The call came as a complete surprise. Because my father is Austrian, I was eligible to play for Austria and apparently their FA had been watching my progress for a while. So when they needed someone to replace an injured player in the squad – I was called. I couldn’t have been more excited really. I made 2 appearances even managing to chip in with a goal and assist and that was by far the best moment of my career to date.

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-2015-08-23_00010.jpg

    Back in London, Palace had informed Cesare that they were going to loan me out. By this time, I was sick of arguing and just decided to go along with it.

    Which brings me here:

    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story-lustenau.jpg


    After appearing for the U-21 team, clubs from the nation took notice of me and SC Austria Lustenau was the first to register an interest in me. Palace wasted no time in accepting and before you know it, I was on a plane with Cesare and my stuff for a season long loan. Once more mom didn’t want me going, especially in a whole new country but she was beginning to understand that this was unavoidable right now. She could tell I was serious about becoming something bigger in my career.

  47. Let's be honest, Ezra needs to get laid in Vegas, that will sort him out!

  48. Quote Originally Posted by Average Joe View Post
    Let's be honest, Ezra needs to get laid in Vegas, that will sort him out!
    Ha! Brilliant
    Last edited by Meehar; 29/09/2015 at 10:30 AM. Reason: It keeps cutting my messages after "Ha" off lol. Ffs

  49. Next update on Monday guys! Out of town this weekend.
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  50. Chapter 15 -
    zra - What Happens In Vegas...

    “Where do you get off thinking that was in anyway a good idea!? You’re a professional! You should always act like it! I raised you better than that and I’ve never been more disappointed. You need to display that you don’t always need someone holding your hand. Isn’t that what you want? I’ve never been more disappointed Ezra. Never!” He yelled before hanging up.

    His words still ring in my ear. Those words were said a little over two months ago by my dad. Every night I sit outside on my lawn and replay them. My year has been one of the worst years I’ve ever lived. After a torrid loan spell I had decided to treat myself to some fun to get over it, so I went to Vegas with Vince. On the surface that was never a bad idea. Vince would take care of me - that was where I went wrong though. Admitting I needed someone to take care of me.

    After we made it there and checked in we had 2 nights of good fun. From casinos to light drinking at bars, I had never felt more at ease. It was exactly what I needed. What I didn’t need was Vince having to leave early though. The business deal he was working on in Europe had made a big breakthrough so he had to fly out and handle it. I decided I could stay here on my own and fly home at the end of the week.

    “Are you sure you’ll be okay?” he asked continuously before he left.

    “I’m a big lad now. I’ll be responsible,” I continuously reassured him so he would leave.

    Just like that - I had told my biggest lie. It only took a few hours after Vince left for me to get seriously wasted. I had met with a group of lads who recognized me and claimed they were from Manchester. I had seriously had so much to drink that I didn’t even feel anyway affected by the recognition. I spent the entire night with them and passed out at the door of my room. As the week went on, I continued to hang out with them. Casinos and a few drinks with Vince were long gone and I was now on a full Vegas excursion. Night clubs, strip clubs, alcohol - I had it all.

    I woke up on my final morning there with a massive hangover and bodies everywhere. Naked and passed out with furniture toppled over, something wild went on in my room and I didn’t remember a bit of it. I don’t think I wanted to remember it though. Unfortunately, I got my reminder just an hour into clearing everyone out.

    Vince had called in a state of confusion and panic. “What the hell is going on there Ezra!?” he had asked. I didn’t know how to answer him. That’s when he filled me in. Apparently I had ranted about my time at Swansea and Newport and that made it to the media. From insulting the Newport board’s decision to sack Jimmy Dack to calling John Aldridge an old c*ck trying to get a rise by questioning my performances. I had apparently also questioned Swansea’s team capabilities as well and slammed their decision to not use me in their first team more. It was a mess worse than the one I woke up to in my room.

    I had been known a lot more now and for the worst reasons. My dad tore into me as well and mom tried to console me as much as she could but I was gutted from it all. Vince got a press secretary to do damage control for me and I publicly admitted to my wrongdoing and apologized to all those involved. Dad and Mr. Gray met with the Swansea board as well and made sure they didn’t sack me for what I said. Instead they chose to hit me with a heavy fine and give me extra time off to deal with the aftermath of everything that had happened.

    So here I was sitting on my lawn feeling much worse than I did when I thought of the Vegas idea. My parents weren't talking to me. Vince had felt guilty for leaving me and has barely spoken to me. I wasn't sent out at loan and wasn't playing. It was just my luck that nothing stayed in Vegas for me.

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