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From bottom of the world to the Big Time? BaP Story of David Burt
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  1. Can I pick you in my All Whites team? lol. love the read mate
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by wayne seator View Post
    Can I pick you in my All Whites team? lol. love the read mate
    Cheers for reading and yeah I could do a good job for your team

  3. 2027-2028- Season 14

    Another consistent season in the league with 27 apps, 3 goals and 4 assists with rating of 7.10.

    Safely sitting above relegation but not making any progress further up the table. My old team got relegated back in the First Division.

    My Stats
    At 29 I should be declining soon regarding my fitness levels. Still hope I have a few more seasons left in me.

    Starting to think about my future as a manager.

    As for the Internationals I am on 84 appearances and 17 goals. I hope I can hit the 100 appearances soon.

    More interest in me, this time from Italy. Could a move be on the cards?...

  4. good progress so far
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  5. Thanks mate!
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  6. 2028-2029 - Season 15

    Another season being consistent again.

    Just survived relegation places again, sooner or later we surely will go down again...

    I committed myself to the club for the long term. Am starting to love to play for Volga NN and looks likely that I will finish my career there.

    Picked up another Oceania Footballer of the Year trophy again.

    I continue to do well for NZ but my appearances are starting to dry up. Even the media has the gall to question my place in the team even I did well the week before!

    My Attributes
    Seem to still be improving in some areas

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  7. 2029-2030 - Season 16
    Another consistent season but racked up more assists.

    Did our best to avoid the bottom places again.

    Got named Oceania Player of the year again for 2030.
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  8. 2030-2031 - Season 17

    Got to be like the most consistent player season after season in Russia.

    And most of my goals came from this match, putting away my first hat-trick!

    But sad news as we were unable to arrest the slide this season and its time to go back down to First Division.

    My Attributes

    I have become unhappy and want to leave as the club got relegated. Also I seem to be stuck on reaching my 100 appearances for New Zealand as I keep getting withdrawn from the squads.

    But I have received the Oceania Player of the Year award again!

    My third in four years!

    Could a move be on the cards for me despite my love for Volga NN?
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  9. Sorry for lack of updates as I had to move places and been without internet for a few weeks but expect to see more updates on the way plus my new FM16 story!

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