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From bottom of the world to the Big Time? BaP Story of David Burt
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  1. From bottom of the world to the Big Time? BaP Story of David Burt

    From bottom of the world to the Big Time? BaP Story of David Burt

    This is my BaP story, starting in New Zealand and ending God knows where. I had given my self Manager stat of 20 so I can go into management at the end of the career. Manager Save will be for FM16 after it is released.

    I had given my self some modest stats based on my personality but most of the attributes are random.
    My CA is 70 and PA -9. This should at least get me somewhere in the world surely?

    Shout out to Lippo255 and his story C.J Lippo, A life in football. and PatrickLFC and his story A kid with a plan - Patrick Liljenqvist for inspiring me to do this. Check them out as they are awesome.

    From bottom of the world to the Big Time? BaP Story of David Burt-7050899.jpg

    30th July 2014, Christchurch, New Zealand

    I was out in the backyard doing keepie uppies and Mum called for me. I rushed inside and said "What now Mum!" "There is a man on the phone for you", I grabbed the phone and sat on the sofa.

    "Hey David, this is Ernie Merrick, you know the manager of Wellington Phoenix?"

    "Oh yea ah hi"

    "We would love if you could come to Wellington and sign for us. I was impressed with your trial earlier this month and after talking to the scouts that saw you doing your football seasons with St Andrews College XI last two years, we think you have huge potential, you could even play in the best leagues in the world. We want to give you a start here in Wellington"

    My eyes widened and I instantly said "Yes, I want to sign. This has been my dream. Thank you!"

    "Well get your butt up here in Wellington and sign the contract!"

    From bottom of the world to the Big Time? BaP Story of David Burt-locations6.jpg

    1st August 2014, Wellington, New Zealand

    From bottom of the world to the Big Time? BaP Story of David Burt-27.jpg

    Name:  125px-Wellington_Phoenix_crest.png
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    15 year old teenager signs with Wellington Phoenix on Youth Contract.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails From bottom of the world to the Big Time? BaP Story of David Burt-2015-09-19_00010.jpg   From bottom of the world to the Big Time? BaP Story of David Burt-2015-09-19_00011.jpg  
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  2. Good start mate, here's hoping for a long & successful career!

    Will be following with interest.
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  3. Cheers mate!

  4. September 2014

    Youngest Player ever for Wellington Phoenix for FFA Cup appearance.

    Wellington beat Sydney FC to go into round two. I was brought as a sub late in the game and was able to do a few passes and tackle. But its good to know Ernie wants me near the first team so soon.

    October 2014

    Unfortunately I have sprained my ankle so I am out for 6 weeks. I am disappointed but optimistic about my future at the club.

    My Tutor

    Vince Lia has been asked to tutor with me. Can't wait to learn stuff off him!

    Fast Forward to July 2015 End of Season

    16 appearances (15 league and 1 FFA) but most of them as a sub. I have been pleased to picked up two goals, both against Wanderers in different games. Ernie sees me as sub with versatility, as he plays me either AM (C), M (C) and ST (C). Average Rating of 6.76. I also was named in Wellington Phoenix Season Team.

    Phoenix Finished 3rd in the League, Lost in Semi Finals against Sydney. FFA - We lost to Wanderers in Quarter Finals

    My Attributes have increased slowly.


    I have made the Under 20 team 9 times. Scoring 2 goals and providing 2 assists. Standout game against Bermuda.

    I got to play in the Under 20s World Cup in New Zealand!

    We made it to the second round where we faced Mexico. I was not picked at all in the game. We lost.

    But in September Anthony Hudson the All Whites Coach chose me to be in the New Zealand team against Yemen in a friendly.

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  5. 1st Cap for NZ- Not a bad start.

    End of Season 2016

    Major Injury suffered in January

    Appearances so far with Wellington Phoenix. Not setting the world on fire yet.

    League Stats

    1 goal and a assist. Not much improvement really but I had a major injury which kept me out most of the season.

    Almost got the Young Player of the Month award for October 2014

    Wellington Phoenix struggled this season, even sat at the bottom for a while before we went on a winning streak around January. As for Finals Football, Phoenix lost in Semi final again against Melbourne City. FFA Cup- Lost in 2nd round to Sydney FC.


    Only 3 appearances to this date. Not much has happened with my international career.

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  6. Transfer Interests

    Despite my average ratings for last two seasons, interest in me have shot up!

    May 6th 2016

    May 26th 2016

    1st June 2016

    30th June 2016


    4th July 2016

    Finally the bidding war starts on 31st July 2016

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  7. Bidding Clubs

    Player: David Burt - Price £140,000 - £400,000
    Bidding Clubs
    Sussuolo - Serie A
    Palermo - Serie A
    AGF - Danish Superliga
    Esbjerg fB - Danish Superliga
    Galatasaray - Spor Toto Super League
    CSKA Moscow - Russia Premier League
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  8. Interesting to see where you'll end up, do you have a preference?
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  9. Serie A hopefully

  10. Whatever you do don't go to AGF! They are pretty much the Blackpool of Danish football...
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  11. Press Conference

    31st July 2016

    From bottom of the world to the Big Time? BaP Story of David Burt-press-conference.jpg

    Ernie Merrick: "I would like to say that David Burt sitting on my left side has agreed a transfer to CSKA Mosow and he will join them in February on his 18th birthday. We are glad that David gets to play a final season with us before he leaves."

    Reporter: "David, what influenced your decision to go to Russia when you also had offers from Denmark and Italy?"

    David: "CSKA Mosow play in the Champions League, have been previous winners but now runner ups in Russia Premier League in 2015 & 2016, they have impressive facilities and some of the best players in world that I can learn from like John Obi Mikel. But all of that doesn't happen till next February. I will focus on helping Wellington Phoenix much as I can before I leave"

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  12. International

    August 2016

    Was picked in the New Zealand U23 team to go to Rio 2016 Olympics.
    Only to see us having to play Spain, Mexico and Brazil.

    I played in all games but did not help the team much as we were soundly beaten by Spain and Brazil. We managed to draw against Mexico but we are going home anyway.

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  13. CSKA Moscow is a nice choice! Looking forward to seeing how you develop and perform there! Good luck.
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  14. Wellington Swan-song

    International Update

    In my fourth game for NZ I scored two goals!
    Wasn't man of the match thou.

    Final Season at the Phoenix

    Contract thing must be a bug as I agreed to move to Russia.

    I had improved on from the last few seasons, scoring 1 and creating 4 assists while nabbing 2 man of matches. I had played my heart out for the team, hoping they will remember me for the ages.

    The day before I left for Russia I got injured.

    Phoenix did well, finishing 3rd in the table, only to go out in the elimination round again.

    09th February 2017

    As I celebrate my 18th birthday, I board the plane to Moscow for my Russia Adventure. Have I made it to the big time now?

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  15. Unfortunately I did not have the Russian Leagues loaded at the beginning of my save but they were loaded in time for the 2017-2018 Season. As a result of this David Burt played no games for CKSA Moscow till the new season.

    International Update

    I actually got another injury(sports hernia-4 weeks) a month before the selection for the Confederations Cup 2017. I managed to get picked as I recovered in time. Only for NZ to serve up dross in the games. I had zero impact on the games at all. The only game I did not play in was the Iran one.

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  16. CSKA Moscow

    CSKA Moscow

    No press conference due to no manager at the club and little media interest in a unknown New Zealander

    David Burt Stats, Attributes etc

    This was before the Confederations Cup.

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  17. Great to start to the career, Hopefully you can help kick start NZ into a bit more of a force! Nice transfer too, Good luck!
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  18. Quote Originally Posted by JamesScott2908 View Post
    Great to start to the career, Hopefully you can help kick start NZ into a bit more of a force! Nice transfer too, Good luck!
    Thanks! Yep NZ could do with a kick as they are slipping down Rankings alot despite having quality players in the side. Was shocked to see CKSA Moscow make a move for him! The biggest issue is he might not get any game time now.

  19. 30th July 2017

    First appearance for CSKA Moscow off the bench in the 80th min for the Super Cup.

    First Trophy of my Career!

    I also made two appearances for the side off the bench in the Premier games.

    1st September 2017

    The manager told me I would be loaned out to the Russian First Division side Yenisey for rest of the season as my playing time has been limited to coming off the bench. Can't complain!

  20. 1st January 2018

    International News

    New Zealand has qualified for Russia 2018 World Cup! We had Qatar in playoff qualifier and beat them 2-1 aggregate. I played in both legs and was average.

    Not going to be an easy World Cup for the Kiwis eh?


    3rd in the league. Still can challenge for the title.

    Injury Crisis at the moment, lucky for the manager its winter break. I often play in central midfield for Yenisley.

    I have played 10 games so far, notching 2 up goals and 3 assists with 1 man of match. My match rating continues to improve each season. Still got half of the games to play for this season but very promising for me.

    I have picked up Russian as a language.

    My attributes continue to grow, I am more of a box to box midfielder now but can fill in attacking positions or defensive mid. My worst attribute is Crossing at 3 and has not improved since I started this save. Also I have continued to pick up appearances for NZ and will continue to do so due to lack of quality midfielders in NZ team. Hope to continue my form and stay injury free for the World Cup!
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  21. How's life in Yenisey?

  22. I will have a full season update soon

  23. 2017/2018 Season

    Broke my damn toe! Lucky it was during mid winter season break but still missed a few league games.


    My second medal this season!

    16 appearances and 2 goals plus 3 assists with rating of 7.11

    CSKA Moscow got second in the league for the season. Hopefully I can play with them next season.

    World Cup 2018 Russia

    As expected I was selected into the 30 man squad. I have shined in the warm up games, netting a man of match for performance over San Marino

    Tough opponents to play!

    World Cup report coming next!
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  24. 2018 World Cup

    So close to getting a draw with Portugal until late winner sunk NZ

    Against the World Champions, NZ were never gonna get anything out of the match.

    My worst performance ever in a game against Nigeria! 4.2 match rating! NZ out of the group stages.

    Surprise winners!

    Another injury layoff! 2 months. Will affect my chances getting a loan or game time as I won't be back till September.

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  25. 2018-2019 Season -5th Season in my career

    Still injured and not happy about my contract terms due wanting more promises of first team football.

    And still turning them down, getting labelled as a rebel by the media.

    Was not available to be loaned out, so was a back up for the first team, made appearances for the team in Champions League, most as a sub but at least I am getting experiences at the highest level

    Finally I get given a new contract with a sizable wage boost, tying me down for another 3 seasons.

    End of the season saw me make 8 league appearances and 17 total appearances with two goals in all games.
    CSKA Moscow did poorly in the league this season, dropping down to eighth. We still qualified for the Europa Cup.

    But we still won the Russian Cup!

    My 3rd trophy in my career so far and I am only 20!

    My attributes continue to grow considerably.

    Internationally I have made 6 more appearances since the world cup in friendlies, netting 3 goals! Bringing my total up to 26 apps and 6 goals.
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  26. 2019-2020 - 6th Season

    I would call this season a major break through for me, 24 League appearances, played in all the cup competitions including group stages of Europa Cup. Despite the appearances I am still being used as a sub but at least I am versatile for the manager to be used which means I am often around the first team.

    A poor season for CSKA Moscow, 7th in league and crashed out of Europa Cup, only consolidation is the Russia Super Cup, which is now my 4th trophy in my career.

    My Attributes are increasing slowly, starting to see most of them reaching 14.

    Scored another 2 goals and picked up 11 more apps with NZ, bringing it up to 39 apps and 8 goals.

    Injury History

    Lucky break for me last season, only just picking up the flu.

    Hope I can crack on more next season, also might upload some updates of other leagues if anyone requests them

  27. Internationals

    July - September 2020
    Japan 2020 Olympics

    NZ drawn in a tough group, I was selected into the side for my second Olympics.

    Played in all of the games and only played well in the Japan game. Brazil went onto winning the trophy.

    Oceania Nations Cup 2020

    I actually appeared in the last one which NZ won but received no trophy or achievement for some reason(bug?), anyway wanted to point out the assists for this tournament! 6!

    Confederations Cup Draw

  28. 2020-2021 Season - 7th Season

    And I just keep getting better! 25 League appearances, most of them starting and netting in 3 goals plus 2 assists, 2 POMs and a rating of 7.16!

    Best player in the team in terms of match ratings!

    I also was awarded a new contract, extending my stay till June 2023.

    But the bad news is that despite my best season, CSKA Moscow were relegated in the relegation/promotion playoff match after a poor season, losing on away goals!

    At least we manged to win the Super Cup again.

    My value has skyrocketed from last season, from 400K to 1.4M!

    Just 5 caps of reaching 50 for NZ.

    Was called up for the Confederations Cup squad. Only to pick up another long injury in the off season!

    NZ did poorly without me anyway, losing all the games.

    Now I will have to adjust to life in the First Division, with many of my team-mates wanting to leave and a long term injury. Going to be a interesting season.
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  29. CSKA relegated?? And only three years after winning the title!
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  30. This is getting even more interesting from now on!
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  31. Quote Originally Posted by PatrickLFC View Post
    CSKA relegated?? And only three years after winning the title!
    I know crazy right? They are in deep money troubles and best players have been jumping the ship each season.
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  32. Ouch!! Never know, This could be what It takes for you to move on!
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  33. 2021-2022 - 8th Season

    Worst Season EVER!

    Lets start with NZ being knocked out of World Cup Playoffs by Jamaica

    A good riddance as I didn't want to play in Qatar anyway!

    Before our promotion campaign even began, I spoke out against the club as I felt they were no longer big in the Russian Leagues due to poor performances and the relegation from the last season.

    And oh boy it backfired on me, banished to the U21s and only 3 substitution appearances for the first team for the whole season, putting my regular NZ spot under pressure. And never got transfer listed at all, looks like I will have to walk out on a free after next season.

    CSKA Moscow continue to under perform as usual. WTF happened to this club?

    Next season looks like to be my last with CSKA Moscow, I won't be accepting another contract and my current one does not expire till Jun 2023. Hopefully I can get more first team football before then to start impressing suitors.
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  34. Quote Originally Posted by JamesScott2908 View Post
    Ouch!! Never know, This could be what It takes for you to move on!
    We will find out soon mate

  35. 2022-2023 - 9th Season

    Last Season at CSKA Moscow
    Knowing this was going to be my last season with CSKA Moscow, the manager decided he needed me after all, making 27 appearances for the first team, most of them starting. 3 goals and 8 assists with 1 PoM and an average rating of 6:86.

    The media hit out at me early in the season after a few underwhelming performances that caused concern for the club and international selections. But I shut them up with some spectacular games!

    One of the best games I ever played, 3 assists!

    Despite my performances CKSA Moscow continued to under-perform in the league

    At 24 years old, I am starting to reach my peak years and with my contract running out I need to find another club to continue my development. Also I have passed the 50 caps mark with NZ, now on 55 caps and 8 goals!

    Compare it to my first screenshot! Look at my composure, from 3 to 10!

    With July rolling around, I wonder who my next club will be....
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  36. Very interested to see where you end up next mate, could be on the verge of something big!
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  37. 01st July 2023

    Got released from CSKA Moscow and there was no initial interests in me. Fast forward later in the month, a few Russian clubs are sniffing after me but no offers.


    Still nothing. Just a few call ups for NZ. Not fazed yet.


    Nothing! Not even a foreign club is looking.


    Might have to reconsider my career!


    Paranoia kicks in! Living in a rundown Moscow apartment now to save money. Will I ever find work again?


    What has gone wrong with my life? Forever cast aside to play meaningless games for NZ?

    01st January 2024

    A lifeline! My agent told me Volga NN were interested in me. With tears streaming down my hairy face I promptly accept a contract for half of the money I was earning at CSKA Moscow. Time for me to play in the Russian First Division again!

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  38. Well.....that was unexpected?!
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  39. Quote Originally Posted by Lippo255 View Post
    Well.....that was unexpected?!
    I know right, was surprised at the lack of transfers. Might be due to NZ's low ranking (Need a Work Permit) and not a qualified EU citizen.

  40. Time to pack up and move to Nizhny Novgorod!

    Scored on my debut for Volga NN!

    And football can be a cruel mistress...

    At least I am a key player now for the club

    Injury disrupted my chance to shine for the first team. Only 4 appearances, and 1 goal from my debut. Remember I joined them in January

    I can take solace from the fact I am a valuable player for the team

    Volga NN made the playoffs for promotion

    Only to lose in the Play offs! Just have to try again!
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  41. I am wondering why your attributes are not growing that much. Your PA is -9, right?

  42. Quote Originally Posted by zyndar View Post
    I am wondering why your attributes are not growing that much. Your PA is -9, right?
    Yes the PA is -9, I would put it down to injuries. Mind you I have grown a lot in certain areas such as mental skills and physically.

  43. Quote Originally Posted by Davey Jones View Post
    Yes the PA is -9, I would put it down to injuries. Mind you I have grown a lot in certain areas such as mental skills and physically.
    I also have this kind of fun save, and the PA is -9 for me too. But my base stats were also a bit higher than yours.


  44. Quote Originally Posted by zyndar View Post
    I also have this kind of fun save, and the PA is -9 for me too. But my base stats were also a bit higher than yours.

    Wow that is good development! Jealous of you mate!

  45. 2024-2025 - Season 11

    What a season after last season promotion heartache. I continue to be the key player for Volga NN, controlling the midfield and scoring 6 goals, assisting with 8 and putting in an average match rating of 7.27 for 26 appearances!

    Promotion and Champions!
    A bit peeved at CSKA Moscow getting through too....

    Have been such a key player, putting in good games like this one..

    As result of my performances I have been given a new contract for 3 more season and now the highest earner at Volga NN!

    My Attributes

    Not much of a improvement but consistency is a big thing.
    Continue to make appearances for NZ (lol at 69!) and Confederations Cup is coming up soon!
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  46. 2025-2026 - Season 12

    Lets start with the internationals first. NZ had qualified for Confederations Cup again, landed in a group with Brazil, Canada and Nigeria.

    Predictable results really, despite holding back Brazil to a 1 goal lead and a tight game against the Canadians. Finishing last in the group as usual.

    And more sad news. Knocked out of World Cup play offs by Saudi Arabia. Might never play in another World Cup again.

    Despite the internationals I had another strong season with Volga NN. I was again the key player for the team, 26 appearances with 5 goals and 6 assists as I attempted to drag the team out of the relegation places.

    4th Highest in Russian Premier Division for Key passes!

    Was not enough to keep Volga NN away from relegation places though, finishing 3rd last.

    Survived the play offs easily. Get to play another season in the Premier Division!

    Not all rosy and cosy at the moment with the club, as another player got rewarded with more money than I am on and he is not even the best player, let alone a backup in the team so I kicked up a fuss! Plus I deserve a bonus due to my form too!

    And some teams that are interested in me....
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  47. 2026-2027 - Season 13

    Despite club interest from the last season, a transfer move never occurred so I focused firmly on Volga NN again, producing a decent season, 3 goals, 8 assists with rating of 6.96.

    Doing well to help the club avoid the relegation places on the last day.

    Signed a new deal after turning down a few contract offers from the club. Highest paid player at the club again.

    Unfortunately I picked up another long term injury, laid off for 2 months near the end of the season. Injuries are starting to take a toll on me.

    But on the bright side, I finally won the Oceania Footballer of the Year award!

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  48. Congrats on the Oceania Footballer of the Year award!
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  49. Cheers, took a wee while to get it eh?

  50. Quote Originally Posted by Davey Jones View Post
    Cheers, took a wee while to get it eh?
    Better late than never mate
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