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Look who is back: "IL Capitano" taking over the Red & Black!
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  1. Look who is back: "IL Capitano" taking over the Red & Black!

    It was probably scripted somewhere, and had to happen one day..

    It wasn't about if or not, but rather, when!

    Though there was no way I expected this day to come so soon, but missing out on Europe, doing so bad in the league, a deteriorating team, performances, ambition.. my team lacked soul!

    And that is something I just can not accept!

    I gave well over 2 full decades on the pitch for my team, and today, it's just not a football club to me, it's the way of life for me and my family..
    It runs in my blood, my very veins!

    I was somewhat prepared for this day, albeit not expecting it so soon, but I have had my coaching badges, travelled to the home ground many a times, went watching the team play away as well..
    Going to games not involving my team to watch young players around Europe to advise on potential wonderkids, and so on..

    Now I am to take over, and guide my club back to where it belongs, among the best in Europe- a team that everybody would pray not to face, like how we were in the past, and to become a dominating force again in our league!

    I was the decorated Number 3...

    For the next season, and maybe more, I'll be the numero uno at the club, its helm..
    Maybe I come close to be as decorated as when I wore the number 3!
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  2. Forza Rossoneri!
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  3. Paolo Maldini

    Maldini has won 26 trophies with Milan: the Champions League five times, seven Serie A titles, one Coppa Italia, five Supercoppa Italiana, five European Super Cups, two Intercontinental Cups, and one FIFA Club World Cup!

    He is also the record appearance holder for Milan, with 902 appearances in all competitions.

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  4. AC Milan

    Click image for larger version

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    That's the sort of deterioration the club has gone through of late.
    From competing for titles, trophies, season after season,
    to going from 1st to 2nd to 3rd and a sad 8th place in 2013-14!

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  5. Get them back to the top!
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  6. 1st June 2014, I was in Mangaratiba, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil when Galliani phoned me with the news.
    I was there to watch the WC, look at the players, scouting missions and so on. I have been doing that since my retirement for Milan, advising whenever called upon.

    This time was no different.

    There were talks in paper and media that Seedorf would be removed from charge as manager of the club, with Inzaghi as the presumed name everywhere.

    A short conversation, that's all it was. My tickets from RDJ to Rome were already at the hotel reception, and I was expected to fly my way back the next morning.

    I relaxed for most of the day, letting the news sink in, and the feeling...

    It was sad watching the club the last season... 3 different managers in the season, no identity, poor on the pitch, and so on..

    My blood is red because Milan flows in it- my club, my city! And this was the time for me to take over, take things in my hands, and get us back up, up where we belong, to the top!
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  7. Click image for larger version

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    There wasn't much I could do with regards the transfer or wage budget when I met Galliani. The club had agreed to a few deals already, players who would join on the 1st of July, as a result, there was barely any money to spend on wages, and just about $8.5m on transfer fees.

    So it's all on me to judge the players at the club now, who to keep and who not to...

    For if I am supposed to lead Milan back to the top, there's a lot that needs to be changed!
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  8. No better man to take AC back to the top!
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  9. Haha,when i've seen it for the first time i thought that this is gonna be for FM2016,proved me wrong.
    Good luck mate ! Following for sure.
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    First things first, I was looking for a solid left back, and preferably Italian. I narrowed down on Criscito, and had a bid of around $13m accepted for him, and despite the restricted wage budget, convinced the board to sanction a good contract for Criscito.
    He went to PSG instead. What it showed me were 2 things- 1) We need more money to compete with the newer super powers in football, 2) We need to be in the Champions League, constantly and consistently, for players to overlook the 1st option at times!

    Similarly, I went with a bid for Verratti, young and Italian, to be a presence in our midfield for a long time... What happened? Ask Verratti, or Chelsea!

    That was when I realized I had to look at more "realistic" targets for us.. We couldn't compete with Chelsea, Manchester City, PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United and others for our transfer targets, there was a huge gap between us and those clubs, and it should only be a matter of time, I hoped...

    I was in Brazil watching the group stages of the World Cup, and a few knock out games as well, and it was only on the 7th of July I returned back to the club. I decided on 2 players from watching at the WC I wanted at the club- Eder Balanta from Colombia, a young CB, composed and dominant...
    And Fernando Gago impressed with his performances for Argentina..
    Also, I had asked Tassotti- my assistant manager at the club to look at a few youngsters.. I handed him a list, and told him to do all he could to get those players here at the club! I have watched these lads play for their clubs in the last year or two, as a part of my scouting missions for the club...

    But to sanction these deals, we needed money...

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    Some difficult decisions there- De Jong, Honda, Muntari, Pazzini... but I figured we would strengthen further with the money from these deals..
    Mexes and Essien- they were on very high wages, and not a part of my plans, so they left for low sums, but freed up a lot for me in terms of wages that I could adjust for fees..
    Poli just didn't make the step up to be what we need, Abate had his contract coming to end at the year end, so for a decent fee I let him go, with Sciglio there at the club...

    Click image for larger version

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    Vallejo, Ould- Chikh and Ajer were among the young players- the names I handed over to Tassotti, and he did well getting them at the club.
    I asked Luis Enrique at Barcelona- wanting a couple of attacking players, and he let me take Rafinha and Munir on loan.. at the end of the phone call, he joked saying, "Paolo, I could have let you even take Messi on loan if you had asked!" Wonderful!

    With Criscito going to PSG, I ended up getting one of their own- Lucas Digne, an attacking left back.. We paid just a small sum upfront, with the rest being paid over the next 4 years..
    Sviatchenko, Saul Niguez, Lamine Sane & Cedric came in to shore up the defence, for cover options..
    Jean can play anywhere in the midfield or defence, and he is a jack of all trades, a very good player..
    Costa and Lacazette.. Glad to get these players, amazing attacking players, who should link with Shaarawy well, and score goals for us!

    Ezequiel is a quick Spanish winger, and on a free, we couldn't ask for more.. Only a back-up player for now, though..

    Lastly, Jonjo Shelvey.. I was speaking with Carragher one day, talking about Istanbul... when I asked him to help me with a young and strong midfielder for the team.. He suggested Shelvey, and assured me that with the right management, the boy could do wonders..

    Swansea bought Muntari & Honda for combined $20m+.. We bought Shelvey for a fee little below $18m(mostly in instalments).. and only time will say who had the better deal between these 2 clubs!
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by Znik View Post
    Forza Rossoneri!
    Quote Originally Posted by Average Joe View Post
    Get them back to the top!
    Quote Originally Posted by Yeti01 View Post
    No better man to take AC back to the top!
    Quote Originally Posted by Barca4ever11 View Post
    Haha,when i've seen it for the first time i thought that this is gonna be for FM2016,proved me wrong.
    Good luck mate ! Following for sure.
    Thanks a lot everyone!
    Serie A is tough mainly because of Juve.. Won't be anytime soon to dethrone them, and then there's Europe to look at as well..
    Targeting to unsettle Juventus in 2-3 years, and challenge in Europe around that same time frame..
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  12. Championship Manager Italia...nuff said

  13. Wow,lots of new guys,young and cheap,good players,but i think too many,they'll need some time to acomodate...
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  14. Key players for the season:

    GK: Diego Lopez

    RB: De Sciglio

    LB: Digne

    CB: Rami, Balanta

    DM/CM: Jonjo, Gago, Montolivo

    AMR/AML: Shaarawy, Costa, Bonaventura, Jeremy Menez

    ST: Lacazette

    These players should form the spine for the team, with others rotating along over the course of the season..

    Aiming to qualify for the Champions League, and have a good run in the Italian Cup..
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  15. There were many new players coming in, and I arranged an extensive pre-season- we played a total of 12 games in order for the team to settle down well..

    Montolivo- captain and a key player wouldn't be available before late November due to injury...

    Click image for larger version

Name:	AC Milan schedule Sep 28th.png
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  16. Qualifying in UCL shall be fine.
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  17. Some great buys but Shelvey.... haha

    Looking forward to seeing how you get on
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  18. Quote Originally Posted by Average Joe View Post
    Some great buys but Shelvey.... haha

    Looking forward to seeing how you get on
    on my previous save, when I went till 2021... Shelvey turned out a beast, an amazing regista, and was valued at over $40m..
    if he turns a success, awesome.. if not, i am sure am English club would pay more or less what I paid for him in a few years!

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Barca4ever11 View Post
    Qualifying in UCL shall be fine.
    thanks mate..
    hopefully.. there's Juventus, definitely first..

    then there's Roma and Inter.. Napoli and Lazio are good, but I believe we should do better than them anyway..

    Shaarawy I've seen in my other saves is quite injury prone.. just hoping he stays healthy for a good time.. if he has a good season or two and generates interest in that time, I'll definitely consider selling him..
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  20. Robinho is out on loan, Torres is out on loan, and whilst I have nothing against any of that, I find it absurd we are paying a large part of their wages, while they are on loan, at other clubs!
    And those aren't low wages..

    I could easily use that money to buy and offer contract to a couple of players!
    There are a huge number of players in their mid and late twenties out on loan at many clubs, and there's no way to recall any of them..

    After this season, whoever is not in my plans, will be moved on, whatever the fee!

    Youngsters needing game time will be sent on loan if they wouldn't be able to play a fair number of games here..

    Players asking for silly pay raises will be sold, the sooner the better!

    Players with their hearts elsewhere will also be allowed to leave on my terms!

    Players who would have served their purpose at the club will also be sold..
    And at the end of the day, it's about the club, and any deal that is financially logical for the club will be pursued.. and the nice versa holds as well.

    We will look to bring the best of youngsters from around the world, and develop them at our academy, to nurture the finest footballers, not only in Italy, but allover the world!
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  21. Give this a read guys...

    Calcio Debate: 10 Memorable Paolo Maldini Quotes -

    'Il Capitano' burst onto the Milan scene back in 1985 and it was not long before he starting conquering Calcio and becoming a legend in his own right.

    He will bow out after the game against Fiorentina – his 902nd appearance for his beloved side. Maldini won seven Scudetti with Milan, five European Cups, a World Club Cup, two Intercontinental Cups, five European Super Cups, one Coppa Italia and five Italian Super Cups.

    With such a flawless list of honours, it's little wonder as to why he is regarded as the best of the best by many of fellow professionals, both past and present.

    10: Former Arsenal striker Paul Merson, who was a nightmare for many defenders around the world, admits he used to struggle when facing Maldini.
    “The best player I ever played against was Paolo Maldini. We [Arsenal] played against Milan in the European Supercup [in 1995]. Maldini marked me and I didn’t even get a kick of the ball all game. He was just unbelievable,” said Merson.

    9: Gianni Rivera, who was banging in the goals for Milan before Maldini was born, feels the Italian defender is the heart and soul of the club.
    “Maldini is the symbol of Milan. He brings continuity and he has represented the antique and the modern,” said the former Rossoneri playmaker, known as the Golden Boy of Italian football.

    8: Sticking with gold, Roma's Philippe Mexes believes Maldini should have won the Ballon d'Or during his glorious career.
    Mexes said, "I give my compliments to him. I'd like to see everyone stand up for him, to applaud him because he is the image of football in Italy and the world. He's never won the Ballon d'Or, but I would give him a hundred."

    7: Maldini played alongside many other legends for Italy, including Roberto Baggio and Franco Baresi. Dejan Savicevic, who played with all three at the club, believes the number 3 should have lifted a World Cup.
    “I was upset for Paolo, especially in 1994 also with Baggio and Baresi, as they went so close to winning the World Cup. Maldini came so close to it. I also felt for him in Istanbul [2005 Champions League final],” said Savicevic.

    6: Savicevic played on the right wing for Milan – a job which David Beckham does now. The English midfielder is honoured to have played with the great man as he heaps praise on him.
    "The greatest thing about this experience has been taking part in Maldini's career. He is a great player, a great captain and a great man," said Beckham.
    "I had only met him as an opponent before, so it was wonderful working by his side in the final six months of his career.”

    5: They may have had their one-to-one battles on the pitch but Maldini and Alessandro Del Piero are great friends off it and this is reflected in the Juve captain's kind words.
    “You really are number one. There are great players, and world-class players and then there are those players who go beyond that. Paolo is the perfect example of all of this,” said Pinturicchio.

    4: Another world-class player who wears the Rossoneri jersey is Kaka. The Brazilian has written history with Milan since his arrival in 2003, inspired by his captain, naturally.
    “I want to write history like Paolo Maldini. He is an example for me he is always the first in everything. He has won everything there is to win.”

    3: You are right Kaka, the defender has won plenty, just like Italy coach Marcello Lippi, who knows a great player when he sees one, and he is ready to give Maldini an Italy farewell match.
    "I respect Maldini greatly and he is a great player and a great professional," said Lippi.
    "He is one of the greatest players that I have ever seen. I have spoken with him over his decision to leave the national squad.
    “He told me he was no longer interested in playing for the national team, but I believe an initiative [Azzurri farewell match] of this nature is possible."

    2: One Italian legend who played in an Italy farewell match in 2004 is Roberto Baggio. The former Milan star played with Maldini for club and country and he is hoping to work alongside the defender once again.
    “I want to tell Paolo that new doors begin to open. I travelled a long way with him for Italy and Milan and I used to observe his seriousness and dedication. He has given everything. Thank you Paolo. I hope I work with him again.”

    1: Not many have had the luxury of working alongside Maldini, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is one football great who fits into that category. Nevertheless, the Scot has summed up the Italian defender's qualities best.
    "When I think of the current generation, Lionel Messi is top-level,” said Ferguson
    "And, although he has never taken my breath away, Kaka has impressed, Zinedine Zidane was brilliant but without a doubt, Paolo Maldini has been my favourite.
    "He has a wonderful presence, competitive spirit, athleticism, and although not the world's greatest technically, he has influenced all the Milan teams during his wonderfully successful era."

    An influence in every sense, and for all the right reasons. Great words from top men for an even bigger man, and although words are easily forgotten, Maldini will always be remembered...

    Ciao Paolo and Grazie!

    Salvatore Landolina,
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  22. can't wait for more updates of this, enjoying it so far such a shame as i was going to start a zanetti save with inter milan just today ahhaha but this made me change my mind and I'll just follow yours instead!
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  23. Quote Originally Posted by Linecoigne1998 View Post
    can't wait for more updates of this, enjoying it so far such a shame as i was going to start a zanetti save with inter milan just today ahhaha but this made me change my mind and I'll just follow yours instead!
    thanks buddy..
    try with a quick Inter save, what's the harm?
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  24. Quote Originally Posted by xtremeRED View Post
    thanks buddy..
    try with a quick Inter save, what's the harm?
    hahah no harm this is just a very similar style and i like to see how other people play with footballing legends as managers
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  25. I was watching these guys at training one day, and reflected on the times I used to play..

    So much has changed in football since then...

    I was what you'd call a traditional full back, more so, a center back who adapted the left back role for most of his life, and as a result, missed my contributions were all defensive..
    Today, that's not the way full backs, or rather, wing backs play.. they are judged not much on their defensive aspects, but rather, their attacking runs, passes, crosses, assists, shots, goals, and so on.. Acceleration and pace, crossing and passing come first, and then it's about marking and tackling, positioning and anticipation and so on..

    Right now what I have with me are two young and very talented full backs, De Sciglio and Digne, and both offer immensely in attacks!
    I would be a fool to change their style of okay and mould them into what I was like.. times have changed, and we must adapt accordingly..
    I'd let them flow with their attacking displays, undoubtedly, but not at the cost of their defensive aspects..
    A couple of weeks of rigorous defensive duties in training begins now for them, we would play a few friendly games in the meanwhile, but it's only so that these guys can make the easy transition from defense to attack and attack to defense, also, building up their stamina, strength and fitness would be my prime objective..

    We only have the league and the Italian Cup this season, no other commitments, so there wouldn't be the need to rotate a lot, unless necessary..

    One piece of bad news is that Montolivo will be out till almost December, and having just took over now, I don't want that to become an excuse in order to change the captain..
    Montolivo stays put, and we are working on his recovery..

    Our keeper, Lopez has impressed me the most on training so far.. Excellent communication, handling, anticipation, great at one on ones, solid reflexes.. he is definitely in his prime now, and I am grateful for whosoever brought him here..

    Shaarawy is an excellent player, he starts out wide, drifts inside, and is a definite PITA for the oppositions! Just what we need.. He is linking well with Munir so far, and Lacazette as well.. Lacazette misses a few chances, but he's working on his finishing.. He will turn an absolute bargain for us, that I am sure..

    Rafinha.. I can't find a reason why Barca let him go! He can easily dictate games, and without putting any efforts.. He is a natural, his passing, creativity.. awesome!
    Shelvey is hot headed, that's something we need to address.. and the fact he goes on to attempt shots from anywhere.. He is still raw, absolutely.. But time shall prove if he's the right fit for us or not.. So far, him and Rafinha seem to be forming a decent partnership..

    Adil Rami is very important and talented, and honestly, I could put him anywhere in the pitch, and he would do a job! He can play in defensive midfield, central midfield, I can even play him in attack, and he'd do what the player should. Absolute professional..
    And Balanta is improving.. Alongside Rami, he looks good. One is a no nonsense centre back, and the other likes to run with the ball, try to score at times, hold possession and so on..

    I admit it's difficult finding a Baresi these days, but I am happy so far with what I have..

    we have till December to judge how we are, and to see if we need any further improvements..

    We won't be doing any further deals this summer, no ins, no outs, no deadline day crazy stuff..
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  26. And here we are- start of the season.. I wanted to start on a bright note, we had a good pre-season, though we weren't the better team in the last 2 games against quality oppositions- Roma and Juventus..

    We were to play Roma again at the start of the season- 3rd game in the league, and aside from that, the rest were very winnable games, at least on paper..

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Schedule Serie A 1.png
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ID:	963345

    A draw against Roma so early, I'd take that..Atalanta result- 1st game in the league, at home, and a draw.. it was disappointing, but we are just shaping up- the new players, environment, manager, and so on..

    I am not looking to play a possession based football, but rather, one where our possession counts- attempts, attacks, creativity, and so on.. and it's showing in our displays so far..

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Aug 30th Atalanta.png
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ID:	963348

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Sep 14th Palermo.png
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Size:	247.7 KB
ID:	963351

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Sep 21st Roma.png
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ID:	963354

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Sep 24th Verona.png
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ID:	963357

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Sep 28th Genoa'.png
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Size:	165.8 KB
ID:	963360

    11 points in 5 games, and at 3rd.. still early days, but we are doing fine so far!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Sep 28th after 5 games.png
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Size:	291.1 KB
ID:	963361
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  27. Rafinha, Shaarawy & Lacazette are doing well so far..
    Destro is on loan with us from Roma, and he's doing okay so far...

    Shaarawy scored a couple of key goals late into some games, getting us some crucial points!

  28. Next 6 games in the league, and on paper, I would say Napoli & Fiorentina were tougher than the others..
    4 away games, and 2 at home..

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Schedule Serie A 1 - Copy (2) - Copy.png
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Size:	50.0 KB
ID:	963363

    Scoring so late into games is sort of beginning a habit for us! Rafinha is a perfect fit for us, playing amazingly..
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Oct 5th Empoli.png
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Size:	210.7 KB
ID:	963366

    That's better, easy does it I'd say.. Rafinha again, the best player on the pitch...
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Oct 19th Torino.png
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Size:	145.1 KB
ID:	963369

    Thoroughly dominated this game- the number of shots we took, it was fun.. but the conversion rate is not that great yet.. Lacazette on a good run, and we are doing well in the league so far..
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Oct 26th Fiorentina.png
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Size:	156.7 KB
ID:	963372

    Ouch! Nocerino on loan at Parma from us!! Look at that! We were the better team, but an unfortunate result this one.. 1st loss in the league for me, and it's definitely a bitter pill to swallow..
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Oct 30th Parma.png
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Size:	169.0 KB
ID:	963375

    Toughest game on paper, this one- among the other games.. But a perfect performance and result! Happy with the win and performance...
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Nov 2nd Napoli.png
Views:	439
Size:	159.1 KB
ID:	963378

    Another defeat in an away game.. Not clinical in front of goal.. Some injuries here and there, and the team still looking to gel...
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Nov 8th Cagliari.png
Views:	433
Size:	173.1 KB
ID:	963380

    11 games, and we are on course thus far.. Not amazing, but neither bad...
    And Juventus have over taken everyone now to lead the table, and I presume that's something not gonna change at season's end!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Nov 9th after 11 games.png
Views:	445
Size:	288.9 KB
ID:	963383
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  29. I have tried playing 4-1-2-2-1, 4-2-3-1, 5-2-1-2... It's just that the attacking players aren't clinical enough.. and Shelvey! he blasts the ball off from anywhere, and probably 1-2 out of 10 going on target..
    we are working on his discipline and composure..

    Montolivo is still approx a month away from full fitness..

    Bonaventura hasn't really impressed, and is on a lost of players I'll look to move on in January or the summer..

    Adil Rami is a leader at the back.. Balanta is a very good partner alongside..

    Rafinha has been outstanding, absolutely.. unfortunately for us, his value is rising, and there's no way we would be able to afford buying him!

    Munir has played a few games, and been very average..

    Lacazette and Shaarawy are scoring the majority of goals for us.. Menez and Destro are also decent, but I guess Destro might be sent back to Roma due to him not featuring as much..

    I have unsuccessfully tried to make Atletico make a bid for Torres... He's on loan till the end of 2015-16 season, and we are paying approx $5m a season to him while he pays for Atletico!
    Same thing for Robinho.. what has become of a player who was touted to be the successor to Ronaldo...

    Douglas Costa has put in some good performance so far, but I expect a lot more from him..

    Speaking to Sviatchenko one day, I asked him if he knew of any young attacking player he could recommend.. He was sure Pione Sisto would make the right fit for us..
    A one month scouting duty for my scouts to watch the young lad, with a view to sign him in January if he impresses...

    Also, looking at some solid defensive midfielders..
    Lucas Leiva is transfer listed by Liverpool, a very moderate fee, but his wage demands are crazy...

    Mario Suarez is an option on loan, and I have had my scouts in France recommend Gonalons quite a number of times.. expensive, they say, but should be worth.. January awaits!

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  30. Good luck with AC going to be harder without all of the new signings they made. Also highly recommend Gonalons he is quality
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  31. Nice work here I really like Milan, bring them former glory. Keep it going, I'll follow
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  32. Quote Originally Posted by ninjaskill View Post
    Good luck with AC going to be harder without all of the new signings they made. Also highly recommend Gonalons he is quality
    Gonalons looks quality.. looking to strike a deal.. how to set it financially well, the most important thing.. no money atm though, once in January, might look to sell a couple of players and then probably look to buy him..

    Quote Originally Posted by makaveliAFC View Post
    Nice work here I really like Milan, bring them former glory. Keep it going, I'll follow
    time and patience, I guess that's what it's gonna take.. still early days though, and challenging Juventus is a big ask nonetheless..

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  33. We conceded 7 goals in 11 games.. Not bad I thought.. what with a new left back, center back, goal keeper, full backs who are more attacking than defensive.. so I guess we aren't doing bad in the defensive aspect..

    16 goals scored in 11.. that's something I'm not convinced with.. I mean really, look at these players- Destro, Shaarawy, Lacazette, Munir, Menez, Costa.. and the goals aren't coming!

    I can still cute it being early days, but for how long?
    We are approaching a third of the season, and if we don't hit the right gear and accelerate now, we might as well stop dreaming about the CL next season..
    There are 3 places in the Serie A for the CL, due to the coefficients, and Juventus are certain to hold one of those slots.. Roma look strong enough to hold on to the next one in my opinion..
    It's the third slot we should be aiming for- Inter, Napoli, Sampdoria surprisingly, Lazio have a strong squad as well.. so we are aiming to battle these sides out and book our place..
    Not going to be easy if we aren't scoring enough goals..

    Defensive solidity has been established somewhat, and I am looking to change the team from a 4-1-2-2-1 to a 4-2-3-1 to give as an attacking edge.. the defensive mid transforming into an attacking one..

    Hoping for the best with that, and awaiting January so we can look at our weaknesses and try to improve..

  34. 16 goals in those 11 games, and 7 goals conceded.. I decided to alter a few things: remove the Defensive Midfielder and add an Attacking Midfielder, change the roles of a few players, to add creativity and flair in order for us to score some more goals..
    The result?
    13 goals scored in the next 4 games! Crazy, right?
    But at what cost? We conceded 7 goals in these 4 games alone!
    7 goals conceded in 11 games :: 7 goals conceded in 4 games (in 2 games, to be precise!)

    But the fact remains we won 3 and drew 1.. 10 points out of a possible 12, having played Sampdoria and Lazio in 2 of the 4 games..

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Schedule Serie A 1 - Copy (2) - Copy.png
Views:	347
Size:	40.9 KB
ID:	963522

    Costa did pretty well this time, creating a lot of chances for our strikers, and we got the win, the most important thing!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Nov 23rd Sassuolo.png
Views:	349
Size:	196.7 KB
ID:	963525

    Crazy game this one.. there were goals all around, and Lazio just didn't stop despite going 4-1 behind, then 5-2.. they kept searching for ways to equalize, but we ultimately came back with 3 crucial points!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Nov 29th Lazio.png
Views:	350
Size:	250.1 KB
ID:	963528

    And Costa is on a good run now. Lacazette is playing wonderfully well, can't ask for a lot more from the striker, and we are creating better chances having taken off a defensive player..
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Dec 7th Verona.png
Views:	342
Size:	175.0 KB
ID:	963531

    Crazy stuff again.. Sampdoria are playing very well, and they made us run for our money this time.. A close and tight affair, and we were lucky to come away with a point!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Dec 13th Sampdoria.png
Views:	333
Size:	240.6 KB
ID:	963534

    15 games gone, and we are more or less around where we would have expected to be!
    The Sampdoria game was the final game in December, and at the start of January, we face Inter & Juventus in quick succession! We are doing very well at home, but it's our away form that needs to improve..
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Dec 15th league table after 15 games.png
Views:	341
Size:	295.9 KB
ID:	963537

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  35. good job so far mate! keep up the good work
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  36. And here is January...
    A quick look at the transfers, after which I shall post the games going into January & February..

    Paletta, Zapata & Alex barely featured for the team in these months, and I opted to free up those wages, and bring in some transfer money, and that's what happened.. Decent fees for the 3 center backs saw them move on..
    Cedric only came in in the summer, and I had sanctioned that deal, but he failed to make the step up, and with De Sciglio playing well, Jean and Sane for cover, Cedric was better sold for the money, than his performances on the pitch..
    Matri was on loan at Juve, and they offered to buy him for $5m and a 50% sell on fee.. Not great, but decent!
    And lastly, Gago.. I had to let him leave.. He was playing regularly, sort of, but I was looking at an upgrade in the middle of the pitch, and I went to pursue what was needed for us to improve!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	OUT.png
Views:	340
Size:	66.1 KB
ID:	963539

    Mario Suarez came on loan, a decent central midfielder, to provide some cover..
    Zaza was available for $13.5m, most of that over a couple of years, and he's here to rotate/provide competition for Lacazette..
    Kranevitter is a young central midfielder, a lot of potential, and he has the time to improve now..
    Bocchhetti was on loan with us, and not being a regular starter, he's performed well when called upon.. As such, we bid for him, and made his loan move permanent.
    Pione Sisto.. he will provide competition to Douglas Costa & Menez etc, be a back up, and add number to our attack.. He's impressed so far, and the $8m spent on him seems like nothing!
    We agreed to sign Flanagan on a pre-contract, and whilst I was willing to wait till the end of season to sign him, there was a chance I might need some solid defensive cover in the next few months, and had some spare money to spend, so we bought him immediately instead!
    Gonalons! Got the man we needed.. Not cheap, no way, but most of the fee is spread over 48 months, and his wages are very much manageable.. He is a solid player in the middle of the pitch, probably just what we need now!

    Flamini was available on a free later on, and it seemed better to have him here, train with the team, play the odd game or so, and he's only on $20k/w.. He'll probably move on in the summer, but for these few months, he'll offer some much needed experience and support!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IN1.png
Views:	343
Size:	68.7 KB
ID:	963542

    With a few more additions to the team, obviously, there might be some time to adjust, re-shape up, till we get the results ticking!

  37. Edit: The transfer fees paid, ie $169m.. most of that are spread over 24-48 months, and hence, the initial outlay was very nominal- whatever we could afford..
    We received about $107m, and most of that was upfront, a very little of that would be coming in the next 12-24 months..

    Also, a lot of wages freed, which allowed me to manoeuvre so greatly in the transfer market!

  38. Gonalons, Mario Suarez, and Flamini.. 3 DM/CM's..

    The reason? Montolivo got injured once again, and he's missing from action till March/April!

    Also, Rafinha took a knock, Bonaventura got injured, and the thing with Gonalons is, he can play DM, CM, and CD as well- we sold 3 CD's this time around, so had to get in at least another player to cover for the same..

  39. We are moving in the right direction, and the board acknowledges the same.. A new contract for me!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jan 19th new contract.png
Views:	354
Size:	142.8 KB
ID:	963572

  40. Quote Originally Posted by Linecoigne1998 View Post
    good job so far mate! keep up the good work
    thanks buddy, 1st time playing a save in Italy- the only thing i don't like is the fact that teams are allowed to sign only 2 non-EU players per year! I mean.. like what!!??
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  41. Inter, Juve, Roma... We played 11 games in January & February, including a couple of cup games(forgot to take the screenie of one!)..
    Nonetheless, here are the results... 19 points from a possible 27 in the league, and winning both the cup games.. Not bad considering the points we dropped in the league were against team superior/marginally better than us..

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Schedule Serie A 1 - Copy (2).png
Views:	398
Size:	95.4 KB
ID:	963588

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Schedule Italian Cup - Copy.png
Views:	374
Size:	38.7 KB
ID:	963632

    One man down, and we stayed strong- especially our keeper Lopez as we held on to grab a point against our fierce rivals!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jan 6th Inter Milan.png
Views:	409
Size:	188.0 KB
ID:	963591

    Thoroughly outplayed.. this is what I want my team to do- what Juve did to us! Maybe.. just maybe sometime soon!!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jan 14th Juventus.png
Views:	410
Size:	167.8 KB
ID:	963594

    ITALIAN CUP GAME: The Shaarawy show! An amazing hattrick from the young lad who played out wide, and was a constant menace for the opposition defenders! This is how we should play!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jan 14th Cesena.png
Views:	411
Size:	198.0 KB
ID:	963600

    Sisto scoring his 1st goal for us.. New players still taking time to adjust, but they performed well this time..
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jan 18th Udinese.png
Views:	408
Size:	153.4 KB
ID:	963597

    Went a goal down, but Menez scored a brace and Sisto scored his 1st goal for the club as we secure an away victory!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jan 24th Cesena.png
Views:	406
Size:	205.9 KB
ID:	963610

    3-0 up, and then Atalanta decided they should make things difficult for us.. Away troubles!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jan 28th Atalanta.png
Views:	407
Size:	240.1 KB
ID:	963603

    Shaarawy scoring another hattrick, and Sisto hitting the ground running.. good performance this one..
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jan 31st Palermo.png
Views:	404
Size:	220.6 KB
ID:	963613

    Outplayed once again.. Away from home, strong opponent.. over and over again! Ljajic was class!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Feb 7th Roma.png
Views:	399
Size:	212.4 KB
ID:	963616

    Costa and Jean(a rarity) on the scoresheet, as we win to be on course for continental qualification!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Feb 15th Chievo.png
Views:	404
Size:	152.3 KB
ID:	963619

    Munir wasn't featuring much, and Barca's head coach wasn't too happy about that... He started this game, scored a brace, won us the game!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Feb 21st Genoa.png
Views:	402
Size:	209.1 KB
ID:	963622

    Genoa are in serious trouble, and look sure to go down!
    Also, Sassuolo it appears might go down.. Berardi, I am watching you!

    Forgot the league table screenie, it's more or less like the last time.. Us in the 3rd/4th contest, trying to climb to 2nd!

  42. Quote Originally Posted by xtremeRED View Post
    thanks buddy, 1st time playing a save in Italy- the only thing i don't like is the fact that teams are allowed to sign only 2 non-EU players per year! I mean.. like what!!??
    hahahah yeah i've made saves with roma and such in the past and it's very annoying indeed. i think it's also a good way to take players from your youth academy (which i believe milan have a very good one) and develop them
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  43. Quote Originally Posted by Linecoigne1998 View Post
    hahahah yeah i've made saves with roma and such in the past and it's very annoying indeed. i think it's also a good way to take players from your youth academy (which i believe milan have a very good one) and develop them
    didn't know that so it was a surprise.. have been used to buying young Brazilian players, offer contracts, wait for them to turn 18 when they come to my club, send them out on loan for a couple of season, and sell them for huge profits!
    gotta be different this time around, have to scout EU players, & develop players at academy...
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  44. March & April... A run of games you might say not so tough.. Napoli probably the only team that might cause some worries, and that's what happened!

    We played Emili thrice-once in the league, and twice in the cup semi finals, and won all 3 games!
    We enter the Italian Cup final, a chance at silverware,and face Roma, a tough test to be honest..

    In the league, we lost qgaibst Fiorentina and Napoli, but won all the other games, including against Lazio..

    The game against Sassuolo was amazing.. we scored 9 goals- unbelievable!!
    Shaarawy, Rafinha, Shelvey, Rami and Lopez have been the key players in securing crucial wins and points for us..

    Roma are just 2 points behind us, and we have some tough games to play in the final 6..Roma are undoubtedly looking at the 2nd place, which is still up for grabs for automatic qualification into the CL.. while the team in 3rd has to play a couple of games extra for entry into the CL!

    Below are the results of the games in the league during March and April..

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Schedule Serie A 2 - Copy.png
Views:	383
Size:	76.8 KB
ID:	963746

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Schedule Italian Cup - Copy.png
Views:	364
Size:	16.7 KB
ID:	963749

    Click image for larger version

Name:	March 1st Empoli.png
Views:	392
Size:	155.0 KB
ID:	963752

    Click image for larger version

Name:	March 4th Empoli.png
Views:	382
Size:	219.4 KB
ID:	963755

    Click image for larger version

Name:	March 8th Torino.png
Views:	385
Size:	162.0 KB
ID:	963758

    Click image for larger version

Name:	MARCH 15TH Fiorentina.png
Views:	393
Size:	170.2 KB
ID:	963761

    Click image for larger version

Name:	March 22nd Parma.png
Views:	379
Size:	190.5 KB
ID:	963763

    Click image for larger version

Name:	April 4th Napoli.png
Views:	377
Size:	239.2 KB
ID:	963766

    Click image for larger version

Name:	April 8th Empoli.png
Views:	385
Size:	171.6 KB
ID:	963769

    Click image for larger version

Name:	April 11th Cagliari.png
Views:	390
Size:	196.2 KB
ID:	963772

    Click image for larger version

Name:	April 12th 30 games.png
Views:	386
Size:	302.7 KB
ID:	963775

    Click image for larger version

Name:	April 19th Sassuolo.png
Views:	378
Size:	279.7 KB
ID:	963778

    Click image for larger version

Name:	April 25th Lazio.png
Views:	386
Size:	231.4 KB
ID:	963780

    Click image for larger version

Name:	April 26th after 32 games.png
Views:	378
Size:	302.8 KB
ID:	963783
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  45. That would be a dream to hold your 2nd position. Good results mate.
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  46. Quote Originally Posted by Barca4ever11 View Post
    That would be a dream to hold your 2nd position. Good results mate.
    thanks mate.. it'll be great if we can, but I wouldn't mind 3rd either..
    also, I'm targeting the silverware now that we have a real chance, and would rather Roma take 2nd place if it means we finish 3rd and the Cup!
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  47. Really good start, I've always enjoyed AC Milan saves and this one is no different! hope you hold on to your second place
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  48. So we are looking to keep hold of our 2nd place, and if things go a wee bit bad and we end up 3rd, we will have to play a 2 legged qualifier against another team for entry into the CL..

    That said, at this moment we are looking to finish strongly in the league, and hope to be in the Italian Cup..

    For the next season in Europe, we have to submit a 25 player list, which includes 8 players trained in Italy, and 4 from those 8 to be trained at our club itself..

    We don't have quality players who are HG at the club to be named in that list, and as such, I was looking at such players around the world..

    Alexandre Pato.. oh would I love him here! But unfortunately we look dead certain getting 2 other non EU players, and Pato although having been trained at our club, seems to be designated non EU status, and would have to reside in Italy if he's to become an EU player.. It's complicated!

    I have El Shaarawy, right? So far, yes..

    He came to me the other day, and amidst interest from Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Liverpool, he made up his mind.. His reason that move? He wants to win the CL..
    Do we have a realistic chance at winning it next season? I fear not..
    And that's what I told him.. asked him to hang on for a year or two, and then he could leave..
    NO! unfortunately..
    I'm resigned to losing him, and the English clubs are waiting for the close of the season to enter negotiations with us.

    Another player who wants a move is Alexandre Lacazette..
    Liverpool are interested, he has his heart set on a move, all my attempts at convincing him to stay in vain!

    But I am looking at full values for these guys, sell them for what I want.. what this club wants!
    I would rather have them move to a club in Siberia who can pay us what we want, than to a club looking to low ball is! Thank you, sirs!

    Matteo Darmian at Torino started at AC Milan, is a solid and reliable full back, can play at centre back as well, and is one player I'm targeting to fill one of the 4 HG at club slot for Europe next season..

    Another defender, HG at club is Davide Astori. strong and powerful.. he might come in at Rami's expense, who at 29 after a very good season with us has a decent value, interest from clubs, and can be moved on as he occupies a place I'm looking to upgrade!

    Digne and De Sciglio will not leave under any circumstances, and I'm going to do all in my power to keep them here..

    We are looking to strike a deal with Athletico Madrid for Fernando Torres, and they are willing to make his loan deal permanent.. Terms and fee?
    $1.5m, a 50% sell on clause... I seem a fool to allow this deal?
    Well, along with the above, Raul Jimenez is moving to us from Atletico.. Now that's better, right?
    So he is going to fill one of those non EU slots, along with Leo Baptistao who is also moving to us from Atletico..
    Lacazette who?

    Diego Lopez will stay on as 1st choice GK, and with 1 GK retiring, and the other one destined to be sold, I'll look to bring in a couple of back up GK's- one of whom would definitely be an Italian..

    I plan to play with a regista, and Shelvey still looks a year or so away from mastering that, and hence, I'm looking to bring the master himself, the regista king, and a very good friend of mine, Andrea Pirlo from Juventus! Not gonna be easy I know, but he deserves a home coming.. at 36, all I want from him is to give us a year or two of silky and sexy football, dictating tempo, those key passes...

    Lastly, if we end up selling Shaarawy and Lacazette, and as we look certain to miss out on Rafinha- Barca are asking for a lot for him.. I'm surely looking at bringing an excellent and mega signing only for the fans!
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  49. Approaching the close of this season, we head to the final 6 games...
    It included games against top Juventus, fierce rivals Inter, high flying Sampdoria and others..
    With Roma just a point behind challenging for the 2nd place, we wanted to finish strongly, win as many games, and drop as few points as possible!

    The results: We won 3, drew 3.. 6 points dropped in total!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Schedule Serie A 2 - Copy (2).png
Views:	292
Size:	64.7 KB
ID:	964342

    Perfect game this one.. Costa has upped his game since the winter break, and playing really well..
    Click image for larger version

Name:	April 30th Verona.png
Views:	319
Size:	243.8 KB
ID:	964345

    High flying Sampdoria held us at our ground, and we failed to take full points...
    Click image for larger version

Name:	May 3rd Sampdoria.png
Views:	306
Size:	200.0 KB
ID:	964348

    Juventus won the league, comfortably so...
    Click image for larger version

Name:	May 3rd Juventus.png
Views:	298
Size:	222.6 KB
ID:	964351

    Playing Inter now, we dominated the chances, played well, but couldn't find the winning goal ultimately..
    Click image for larger version

Name:	May 9th Inter.png
Views:	293
Size:	176.9 KB
ID:	964354

    Priceless! This victory was indeed special.. Juventus can claim complacency, but I don't care! We were better on the pitch, and that's all that matters!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	May 17th Juventus.png
Views:	287
Size:	208.8 KB
ID:	964357

    Missed the 3-3 Udinese screenie...

    Won the final game of the season, Lacazette and Costa getting on the score sheet!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	May 31st Cesena.png
Views:	290
Size:	188.6 KB
ID:	964360

    The 6 dropped points.. And we dropped down a position in the league! 2 extra games the next season, but still.. can't complain about the way this season went!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	May 31st league table.png
Views:	298
Size:	305.7 KB
ID:	964363

  50. Click image for larger version

Name:	May 10th CL qualify.png
Views:	295
Size:	104.9 KB
ID:	964364

    Click image for larger version

Name:	May 10th budget.png
Views:	296
Size:	50.7 KB
ID:	964367

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