Hi, I decided to create a similar story that Lippo made with his C.J Lippo BAP story but instead of making a prequel for FM 16, I wanted to write a story about my character journey as a player and manager until I can get my hands on FM 16.

My post will be every half season (January-June and July-December), telling from a 1st person perceptive which I will comment about the high and low from my 6 months.

My BAP will be set similar to C.J Lippo character with a CA of 75 and Pa of -8 with a chance to play for my national team and every single stat will be randomize. Also put my manager as 20 for my preferred job after retirement.

The game world will be standard and the nation available will be Europe (England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France Portugal, Scotland, Greece, Turkey, Holland, Denmark, Russia and Ukraine), South America (Brazil and Argentina), Asia (Australia and China) and North America (Canada) with the lowest possible league for all.

I'll introduce my character in the next post with a background story

Hope you will all enjoy my story!