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Matthew Harrison - A BAP Story

  1. Matthew Harrison - A BAP Story

    Okay, so this is very close to the release of FM16, but I really fancied doing one of these and I wanted to share it with all you guys. I did attempt a BAP earlier in the year, but didn't have the time. But I have loads of time this week, so I am going to get as much of this done as possible before the FM16 beta comes out, and beyond if people are interested.

    Okay, so we all know how these go at this point. Start as a young player at a club, and see how far that player goes. I made myself, sort of, Matthew Harrison, a 15 year old English striker starting life at League 1 side Sheffield United. I've set his manager thingy at 20, so he should become a manager once he retires from playing. As for his ability and potential, started at 110 ability and set his potential for -10. I really want a superstar here

    Click image for larger version

Name:	First Screenshot.jpg
Views:	614
Size:	157.1 KB
ID:	966290

    So this is me, looking pretty good I think. I'll be doing updates every half season, and I'll be looking to get through AT LEAST one season a day. It's going to be very fast paced . Oh, also. I'm not really going to be doing much of a story format. I'll just upload the relevant screenshots and give my opinion on how I've played. I will be doing a BAP story in FM16, and that will be more story based. Hope you guys enjoy this short and fast paced BAP story

  2. Season 1 January Update

    So, as promised an update for my first half season. Not a lot happened, so this will be very quick.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	1. Injury.jpg
Views:	337
Size:	142.4 KB
ID:	966325

    I had already made my debut by this point (no screenshot of that as I didn't get message for it) and had played four games for Sheffield United, scoring two goals. Then this happened... Out for the rest of October and start of November.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2. Youngest FA Cup Player.jpg
Views:	434
Size:	156.4 KB
ID:	966328

    On the bright side, this happened! Setting a new record for the youngest ever FA Cup player is a pretty good feeling. Unfortunately, we got knocked out in the same game.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	3. Attributes.jpg
Views:	359
Size:	154.1 KB
ID:	966331Click image for larger version

Name:	4. Stats.jpg
Views:	338
Size:	117.8 KB
ID:	966334

    On more positives, I've already managed thirteen first team appearances for Sheffield, eleven of those starts, and scoring six goals in those games. Not an exceptional start, but not bad. On top of that I've been dominating in my youth games, seven goals in seven appearances. I'm looking very promising for a fifteen year old.

    That's all for now. Hopefully a chunkier update at the end of the season

  3. Season 1 May Update

    Name:  1. Goal Drought Ends.jpg
Views: 329
Size:  142.7 KB

    Not much really happened for me for the rest of the regular season. I went through a bit of a goal drought which finally ended, in the League 1 Playoffs Semi Final no less.

    Name:  2. Injury.jpg
Views: 329
Size:  152.4 KB

    Then this happened... Only a nine day injury, but it meant I missed the playoff finals. Here's hoping the team could perform without me...

    Name:  3. Playoff Final.jpg
Views: 326
Size:  175.0 KB
    Name:  4. Win Playoffs.jpg
Views: 326
Size:  133.0 KB

    They did! Sheffield United win the League 1 Playoffs, meaning Sheffield (and more importantly myself ) will be playing in the Championship next season. I can't wait.

    Name:  5. Attributes.jpg
Views: 333
Size:  154.2 KB
    Name:  6. Stats.jpg
Views: 317
Size:  118.9 KB

    I'm very happy with my performance this season. At just fifteen years of age I managed 16 goals for the first team in thirty four appearance, and nine goals at youth level in nineteen appearances. A lot of positives.

    Name:  7. Arsenal Interest.jpg
Views: 329
Size:  117.4 KB

    In fact, such big positives Arsenal are interested in me. Honestly I don't want to go to a big club yet. I'd love a couple more seasons at least at Sheffield to get plenty of playing time and develop. That's the end of this update, and this first season, but before I go I want to share this...

    Name:  8. Carragher Manager.jpg
Views: 351
Size:  129.0 KB

    Jaime Carragher, the Liverpool legend himself, is managing me. I'm not a Liverpool fan, Manchester United fan actually, but still being managed by someone like him is awesome.

  4. January Update Season 2

    Name:  1. COC 1st Round.jpg
Views: 298
Size:  186.9 KB
    Name:  2. COC 2nd Round.jpg
Views: 299
Size:  210.7 KB

    So we start the season of very well, grabbing two wins in the Capital One Cup to bring us into the third round. The best part about this for me was that I had scored four goals in two games, as well as by this point scoring two goals in the league from one start and one off the bench appearance. I was on fire, and desperately wanted to keep this form going.

    Name:  3. Confidence Crisis.jpg
Views: 299
Size:  143.2 KB

    Then this happened. After my quick six goals in four games for Sheffield, I didn't score again for the rest of the year and it's really effecting me. I'm only sixteen and I'm expected to be scoring week in week out. Not doing that, as well as the pressure fom the media about it, has given my confidence a serious hit.

    Name:  4. Attributes.jpg
Views: 293
Size:  153.3 KB
    Name:  5. Stats.jpg
Views: 293
Size:  122.0 KB

    As you can see I'm coming along well as a player, but it's my goal scoring form that really concerns me. I scored those six goals in my first four games of the season, and in my sixteen subsequent appearances I haven't netted once. I'm very concerned about this, and hopefully I can score after January to get the media off my back.

  5. As long as he's playing that's all that matters at 16!

    If he's still scoring 6 a season at 20 that's when to worry lol

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Average Joe View Post
    As long as he's playing that's all that matters at 16!

    If he's still scoring 6 a season at 20 that's when to worry lol
    Yep, definitely. Still a disappointment to go three months without scoring a single goal! I'll give you a sneak peak though, the rest of this season really doesn't go that well for me, but the following season is a very good one

  7. End of Season Update Season 2

    Name:  1. Injury.jpg
Views: 263
Size:  158.0 KB

    My season just gets wore. Out for seven weeks at the start of February, meaning I'll miss the rest of the month and most of March. This really is not my season so far.

    Name:  2. Turn Professional.jpg
Views: 267
Size:  159.0 KB

    Not much happens for the rest of the season. I do score some more gals, finally, but at the end of the season I get my first professional contract. Although not massive news as I am already a first team player for Sheffield.

    Name:  3. Attributes.jpg
Views: 267
Size:  162.5 KB
    Name:  4. Stats.jpg
Views: 262
Size:  123.6 KB

    As I said before, I do score goals again.. Not a lot though, so still a very disappointing season for me. However, I have just turned 17 and completed my first season in the Championship, so I can't complain too much. Hopefully I can go upwards next season and make a mark.

    Name:  5. Table.jpg
Views: 275
Size:  149.1 KB

    A relatively poor season for us, only just avoiding relegation with a 20th place finish. Hopefully we can build on this for next season. I didn't move during the summer, so I will be spending next season with the blades.

  8. Third Season Update

    Name:  1. Table.jpg
Views: 247
Size:  149.7 KB
    Name:  2. Attributes.jpg
Views: 241
Size:  153.8 KB
    Name:  3. Stats.jpg
Views: 232
Size:  127.4 KB

    This will most likely be the shortest update I ever do for this. Nothing happened really. I played games and I scored goals. That is literally it. Nothing else of interest happened. I did manage a very good season though for Sheffield, scoring 19 goals in 42 appearances. I was very happy.

    However, to make up for this short update my next update will be very son and detail the summer, which was full of transfer speculation and the Euro U19's Championships. I will be back very soon with that.
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  9. Third Season Summer

    Name:  1. Happy at Club.jpg
Views: 231
Size:  148.3 KB

    Going into the summer there was a lot of speculation linking me to fellow Championship side Middlesbrough. However, I was quick to come out and tell the fans of Sheffield United that I was perfectly happy and had no intention of leaving. Then, a few days later...

    Name:  2. Offer Accepted.jpg
Views: 234
Size:  128.6 KB

    Yep, I did a full on Fabian Delph. They put in a bid for me, and I enter contract negotiations.

    Name:  3. U19 Squad Announcement.jpg
Views: 236
Size:  167.3 KB
    Name:  4. Middlesborough Sign Harrison.jpg
Views: 227
Size:  160.5 KB

    Shortly after, I get called up to England's U19 squad for the Euros, and move to Middlesbrough. Less than a week after saying I wasn't moving. However, I've got to be honest I was happy. Middlesbrough are predicted a second placed finish next season and Premiership football after that, while Sheffield are destined for a mid table finish. However, the rest of the summer it was time to forget about club football and focus on the international stage.

    Name:  5. U19 GG 1.jpg
Views: 221
Size:  186.7 KB
    Name:  6. U19 GG 2.jpg
Views: 214
Size:  186.7 KB
    Name:  7. U19 GG 3.jpg
Views: 231
Size:  172.2 KB

    We managed to qualify from our group with two sins and six points. I only played in two of the games, the 3-1 win over Denmark and the 3-1 win over France, between those games I scored 3 goals. When I didn't play, we lost 2-1. A sign perhaps?

    Name:  8. U19 SF.jpg
Views: 221
Size:  169.7 KB

    I return to the team and grab a goal in our 2-1 semi final win over Italy! Onto the final!

    Name:  9. U19 F.jpg
Views: 228
Size:  170.4 KB

    I unfortunately did not play in this, but we still managed a 2-1 win over Germany to lift the trophy. My first international tournament, albeit at youth level, and I come away with a winners medal. I'm happy.

    Name:  10. Golden Boot.jpg
Views: 225
Size:  145.8 KB
    Name:  11. Dream Team.jpg
Views: 236
Size:  178.3 KB

    And to round it all off, I come second in the race for the Golden Boot with 4 goals from 3 games, and am named in the substitutes of the dream team. I didn't set the world alight in this tournament, but I definitely showed my class and potential. Now it's time to knuckle down at my new club and try and make Middlesbrough a Premiership team for next season.
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  10. Season 4 January Update

    Name:  1. Debut.jpg
Views: 222
Size:  153.9 KB

    I made my debut in a convincing 3-0 win for my team. I didn't do anything myself, but its great to get appearances and at this age just playing a game is just as important as playing well.

    Name:  2. COC 1st Round.jpg
Views: 226
Size:  162.0 KB

    My first goal for the club cam in my second game, away from home against Crewe in the Capital One Cup. Great feeling to get my first goal for my new club.

    Name:  3. 1st U21 Callup.jpg
Views: 208
Size:  164.3 KB

    Another great moment for e and my career, my first call up for the U21's. I'm very happy with how my career is progressing right now.

    Name:  4. Game V Wolves.jpg
Views: 225
Size:  194.3 KB

    My first fantastic performance fr Middlesbrough, and arguably my best performance of my career so far.

    Name:  5. September YPOTM.jpg
Views: 211
Size:  147.7 KB

    And I get recognition for my good performances. My first young player of the month award (I think ). Really hoping this is a sign of things to come this season and at this club.

    Name:  6. Ends Goal Drought.jpg
Views: 212
Size:  145.5 KB

    And after my Young Player of the Month award, I go through a goal drought... I get a goal though, and hopefully I'm back on track now.

    Name:  7. Back at Sheffield.jpg
Views: 217
Size:  210.7 KB

    I return to my old club of Sheffield United, and I get two goals to help beat them. I like to think I celebrated upon my return to my old club

    Name:  8. December YPOTM.jpg
Views: 216
Size:  146.6 KB

    And another Young Playerof the Month award! Two of these before Christmas is very, very good for such a young player. I'm holding out hope for top goalscorer and young player of the year this season.

    Name:  9. Table.jpg
Views: 228
Size:  148.7 KB

    Very dissapointing for Middlesbrough. We were predicted to finish 2nd at the start of the season, and now at Christmas we sit in 17th... I would be doing better if I stayed at Sheffield.

    Name:  10. Attributes.jpg
Views: 223
Size:  161.8 KB
    Name:  11. Stats.jpg
Views: 213
Size:  132.0 KB

    However, on a personal level this season is going great. 15 goals in 26 appearances, 14 of those in the league. Like I said above, aiming t be the top goalscorer in the division this season and if I continue like this I certainly can do it.
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  11. End of Season 4 Update

    Name:  1. Game V Wolves.jpg
Views: 191
Size:  169.7 KB

    Another showcase of my abilities. I grabbed a brace and man of the match performance to lead our team to a vital three points as we strive to regain some pride with our current terrible form.

    Name:  2. Breaks Goalscoring Record.jpg
Views: 176
Size:  140.1 KB

    I'm 18 and broken Middlesbrough's goalscoring record for the season in February. I'm honestly starting to feel like I'm far too good for this team and need to be playing at a higher level.

    Name:  3. March YPOTM Runner Up.jpg
Views: 165
Size:  145.3 KB

    Another month of good performances grabs me the March Young Player of the Month. Very happy to get it.

    Name:  4. Goal Drought Ends.jpg
Views: 169
Size:  143.7 KB

    I finally end a long goal drought against Nottingham Forrest. I feel that obviously it is my fault for this drought, but also partly my sub par teams fault. I can only do so well if the rest of the team are not playing well.

    Name:  5. Unhappy.jpg
Views: 174
Size:  153.4 KB

    Name:  6. Table.jpg
Views: 165
Size:  152.5 KB

    I'm unhappy. It's clear to me here that the rest of the team are not good enough. They're not performing, and it's honestly hampering my own performance. Less than a year after signing for Middlesbrough, I want to move on. Hopefully I get sold in this transfer window. The ironic thing here is I moved to Middlesbrough as they were one of the favorites for the league and promotion. That's why I'd moved. However, if I had stayed at Sheffield United I would be playing in the premiership next season.

    Name:  7. Attributes.jpg
Views: 185
Size:  161.2 KB
    Name:  8. Stats.jpg
Views: 167
Size:  133.6 KB

    I'm looking better as a player every update, and I didn't have a bad season. Finishing with 21 goals from a little under 50 appearances, as an 18 year old, is something I can be proud of. I didn't get the top goalscorer or Young Player of the Year as I hoped, but I did drop off in the second half of the season.

    Name:  9. Flattered by Interest.jpg
Views: 161
Size:  160.1 KB

    The news says it all. I truly am flattered that Premiership Southampton are interested in me. Hopefully they put in an offer.

    Name:  10. SOT Offer Accepted.jpg
Views: 166
Size:  126.6 KB
    Name:  11. SOT Sign Harrison.jpg
Views: 158
Size:  161.1 KB

    And, much to my pleasure, Southampton did put an offer on me. I can't believe I attracted an £8.25m price tag at this young an age, but I'm happy I've moved to the Premier League, and on £49k a week I'm quite a rich 18 year old

  12. You have a nice career so far, i wonder if you end up at a top club in england or a club like Barcelona .

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Duschek1987 View Post
    You have a nice career so far, i wonder if you end up at a top club in england or a club like Barcelona .
    Thanks mate. I'd love to make it to a top club. Gotta perform in the premier league first though

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Matt419 View Post
    Thanks mate. I'd love to make it to a top club. Gotta perform in the premier league first though
    Always welcome to me, you're player profile reminds me on Luka Jovic. He is class i hope you will score a lot like he do. Goodluck in the Premier League

  15. Season 5 January Update

    Name:  1. Debut.jpg
Views: 139
Size:  154.2 KB
    Name:  2. First Goal.jpg
Views: 139
Size:  171.4 KB

    I made my Premier League and Southampton debut, and got my first goal for the club, in quick succession. I can't believe that I made my Premier League debut against my first club Sheffield United, but I did. And then getting my first goal in the 2nd Round of the Capital Once Cup to give us the win and kick off my Southampton career.

    Name:  4. Hattrick v Arsenal.jpg
Views: 136
Size:  200.3 KB

    And then I get the best game, and experience, of my career so far. I pick up my first ever hattrick against one of the best sides in English football, Arsenal. If teams weren't aware of me before, they most definitely are now!

    Name:  3. August YPOTM Runner Up.jpg
Views: 134
Size:  147.5 KB
    Name:  5. Oct YPOTM.jpg
Views: 133
Size:  142.9 KB
    Name:  6. NOV YPOTM.jpg
Views: 137
Size:  145.8 KB
    Name:  7. DEC YPOTM.jpg
Views: 139
Size:  146.3 KB

    Then this happens. I come runner up in the Young Player of the Month award for September, then proceed to win it in the following three month. I had to buy a new shelf to put these awards on!

    Name:  8. Table.jpg
Views: 125
Size:  141.8 KB

    Southampton are doing... okay. I knew when I joined they were a lower table team, just steering clear of relegation. The ironic thing is, if I had never left Sheffield United I would be higher up the Premier League table...

    Name:  9. Attributes.jpg
Views: 159
Size:  160.8 KB

    I would like to say thanks to Yeti for spotting in my last update that I had won a cap for England! I never got a notification in my inbox for this, so completely glossed over it last update.

    Name:  10. Stats.jpg
Views: 137
Size:  137.5 KB

    Very happy with how I'm playing right now. 9 goals in 20 appearances, 16 of those starts, is something I can be proud of in a Premier League team.
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  16. Absolutely killing it!! Turning into a top striker too by the looks of it

  17. Quote Originally Posted by PatrickLFC View Post
    Absolutely killing it!! Turning into a top striker too by the looks of it
    My career only goes up from here

    Gonna do my next update now
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  18. Season 5 End of Season Update

    Name:  1. Injury.jpg
Views: 117
Size:  151.1 KB

    This injury really ruins the end of my first season in the Premiership. An injury that will put me out for almost two months is bad, bu I think I've already proven myself this season. I can afford a break!

    Name:  2. Table.jpg
Views: 138
Size:  147.0 KB

    A decent 14th place finish for Southampton, and I did finish above my old club SHeffield United which makes me happy! Now my aim is to get fully fit for next season, and play even better than this one.

    Name:  3. Attributes.jpg
Views: 123
Size:  161.7 KB

    Unfortunately I messed up with the stats screenshot for this update, and going back and taking that screenshot would spoil the five seasons I've simmed through since this one. So I will have to just tell you the stats. I played 34 games this season, starting 23 of them. In that I got 15 goals, 14 in the league and 1 in the Capital Once Cup, as well as 2 assists, both in the league. I finished the season with an average rating of 6.93. Not an outstanding season, but a good one
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  19. Season 6 January Update

    Name:  1. England v Romania.jpg
Views: 99
Size:  198.7 KB
    Name:  4. England V Montenegro.jpg
Views: 103
Size:  188.6 KB
    Name:  5. England v Romania.jpg
Views: 108
Size:  175.7 KB

    Three very good England performances for me in this half season, playing three times and scoring five goals for my country. I think I'll go after Wayne Rooney's record, which stands at 52 goals for England.

    Name:  2. Sep YPOTM 3rd.jpg
Views: 101
Size:  146.2 KB
    Name:  3. Oct YPOTM 2nd.jpg
Views: 104
Size:  146.9 KB

    I come 3rd in September Young Player of the Month and 2nd in October. Not amazing performances from me, but good.

    Name:  6. Rejects Contract.jpg
Views: 107
Size:  136.6 KB

    I reject a new contract from Southampton. I like it here. Like the players, like the club, like the manager. I just want to be playing at a higher level.

    Name:  7. Injury.jpg
Views: 107
Size:  161.1 KB

    Speaking of playing at a higher level, I won't be playing at all for tree whole months. In my head I like to think the that the owner of Southampton sent someone round to break my ankle for not signing the new contract. In reality, I suffered it in our game against West Ham. The player who did it could've been on Southampton's payroll though. Who knows?

    Name:  8. Table.jpg
Views: 107
Size:  143.1 KB

    We are sitting just above the relegation zone. It's frustrating, because with my injury I can't do anything to help us climb the table until I've recovered.

    Name:  9. Attributes.jpg
Views: 100
Size:  169.1 KB
    Name:  10. Stats.jpg
Views: 95
Size:  146.3 KB

    Only 4 goals in 15 appearances so far this season. Not good. When I come back from injury, I need to be doing a lot better.
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  20. Season 6 End of Season Update

    Name:  1. March YPOTM 3rd.jpg
Views: 106
Size:  145.4 KB
    Name:  2. April YPOTM 3rd.jpg
Views: 99
Size:  146.1 KB

    After I return from my injury I come 3rd in Young Player of the Month two months in a row. It's the story of my season. I played decent, but nothing really good or outstanding. There's still plenty of time in my career to play like that though.

    Name:  3. Table.jpg
Views: 108
Size:  148.2 KB

    However, Southampton did improve quite a bit, managing to climb up the table from 17th to finishing in 13th. A respectable finish for us this season

    Name:  4. Attributes.jpg
Views: 111
Size:  162.7 KB
    Name:  5. Stats.jpg
Views: 109
Size:  146.3 KB

    10 goals in 27 games. Nothing for me to add really that I didn't say earlier in this update. I had a decent season. Now I've got to look to next season, and the Euro's in the summer, to play well.
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  21. 2020 Summer Update

    Name:  1. GG 1.jpg
Views: 148
Size:  164.0 KB

    Easy first game in the groups. We coasted past Romania 3-0, I myself scoring 2 of those goals

    Name:  2. GG 2.jpg
Views: 150
Size:  172.7 KB

    The second group game put us up against Norway. I didn't score in this game, but we still managed a 2-1 win thanks to my Southampton teammate James Ward-Prowse. With that result we qualify from the group stages.

    Name:  3. GG 3.jpg
Views: 144
Size:  158.2 KB

    Once again I don't score, but once again we win regardless. A good 2-0 win against our toughest opposition so far in the form of Belgium.

    Name:  4. 2nd Round.jpg
Views: 158
Size:  150.1 KB

    However, I am back to scoring ways in the second round. Holland were arguably the better team, but we overcame them by two goals from me. A fantastic feeling to be the reason your country gets to the quarter finals of the Euro's.

    Name:  5. QF.jpg
Views: 146
Size:  195.0 KB

    And the dream ends. I scored a goal, but it wasn't enough as Italy beat us 3-2 in the quarter finals. Still, a decent tournament for England.

    Name:  6. Golden Boot.jpg
Views: 126
Size:  146.1 KB

    A decent tournament for England, but a great one for me. I nearly win the Golden Boot, but miss out because I had more playing time than 1st and 2nd place.

    Name:  7. Injury.jpg
Views: 147
Size:  155.7 KB

    However, the summer is not all good for me. I tear my hamstring, meaning I'll miss the start of the season. Disappointing as I was in excellent form coming out of the Euro's

  22. Season 7 Update

    Not much happened this season, so I'm just doing the whole season in one update.

    Name:  1. New Deal.jpg
Views: 117
Size:  158.9 KB

    I sign a shiny new 5 year deal here at Southampton, increasing my wage to 60k a year. I'm very happy here, and glad to sign a new deal.

    Name:  2. NOV YPOTM 3rd.jpg
Views: 134
Size:  147.0 KB
    Name:  3. Dec YPOTM.jpg
Views: 127
Size:  150.0 KB
    Name:  4. Jan YPOTM.jpg
Views: 128
Size:  153.0 KB
    Name:  5. Feb YPOTM.jpg
Views: 126
Size:  149.1 KB
    Name:  6. May YPOTM 3rd.jpg
Views: 131
Size:  148.3 KB

    So I'm in the top three young players in five months this year. I come 3rd in Young Player of the Month in November and May, either side of winning it three months in a row in December, January and February.

    Name:  7. Table.jpg
Views: 128
Size:  147.7 KB

    Not a good season for Southampton with a 17th place finish. I do like it at this club, but I do think I may need a move soon to a better team.

    Name:  8 Attributes.jpg
Views: 131
Size:  162.6 KB
    Name:  9. Stats.jpg
Views: 118
Size:  149.6 KB

    14 goals in 34 appearances. I'm still not amazing, but I am getting better. In a couple seasons time I could be a real top quality player.
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  23. Season 8 Update

    Name:  1. Ends Goal Drought.jpg
Views: 134
Size:  141.1 KB

    I had a fifteen hour goal drought carried over from the end of last season and the start of this one. Luckily at the start of September I scored against Cardiff City to end that and get back to scoring ways.

    Name:  2. Tempted by Liverpool.jpg
Views: 124
Size:  163.8 KB
    Name:  3. Transfer Interest.jpg
Views: 130
Size:  127.6 KB

    Some transfer interest in me from top clubs. I do have interest from City and Arsenal, but most of it seems to be coming from Liverpool. While I am a United fan, I can't deny being flattered by interest from a club as big as Liverpool is. It would also mean European football from me, which is exactly what I want.

    Name:  4. Unhappy.jpg
Views: 130
Size:  164.8 KB

    Just reiterating what I said above really. Due to all this interest I am a bit unsettled at Southampton as I definitely do want a big move.

    Name:  5. Table.jpg
Views: 128
Size:  146.6 KB

    However, Southampton did do very well to get a sixth place finish. I really do not know how we didn't qualify for Europe though...

    Name:  6. Attributes.jpg
Views: 124
Size:  161.6 KB
    Name:  7. Stats.jpg
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    Southampton had a good season, and so did I. 20 goals from 41 appearances is a good return, averaging a goal once every two games. I also got my first average rating over a 7.00 since my first season. All this shows I'm making great progress as a player, and that the interest from big clubs is entirely justified.

  24. 2022 World Cup

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    Good news! I am selected in the England squad for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. I am super hyped for this.

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    And we draw 0-0 with Algeri in our opening group game. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come...

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    Nope, the Algeria game wasn't a sign of things to come. Things got worse. However, if we beat Portugal in our last group game we can qualify.

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    All we managed was a 2-2 draw, knocking us out of the World Cup. On a slight positive, I did manage a goal. However, this was extremely disappointing. Only two points, and only two goals which only came in the third group game. Terrible.

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