Real Madrid 2015/16 - Road to glory

  1. Real Madrid 2015/16 - Road to glory

    Real Madrid appoints Dimitris Smirnis for the head coach position
    Florentino Perez decided to give the opportunity to the 20 years old manager to prove his skills and lead the biggest club in the world to domestic and European glory

  2. -What changes do you want to bring to Real?
    "I want to build a strong tactical team. A team which will follow a plan,either it is defensive or offensive. I believe results are all that matter in football, entertainment comes after.We will try to compine both though."
    Have you already made any choices according to transfers?
    "I don't want to disappoint the fans but the BBC is not in my plans..I am not a fan of neither Benzema nor Bale. I'll try to find a team for both of them at any cost, I want a new core for my team"
    -Don't you believe if you do something like that you will receive tons of criticism and that it might cost than rather do good to the team?
    "I agree that this move will be criticised badly but everyone can be replaced"


    Real Madrid 2015/16 - Road to glory-screenshot_1.png

    Bought a bunch of players during the transfer window, mostly talented youngsters for rotation and to be prepared for the future
    Balanta,Lamela and Willems have a lot to show in the pitch

    Real Madrid 2015/16 - Road to glory-screenshot_2.png
    And of course the players we sold
    As I said Bale and Benzi have no position in my team
    It was easy to sell Bale yet couldnt get more than these 40 mil
    Benzi though..NONE would buy him so in order to get rid of him I offered him for free and Manchester United made a good addition to their squad, Bye Bye Karim
    Also sold Arbeloa, I don't know how this piece of shit still manages to be at Real but at least at MY Real he won't be anymore

    The feeling our preparation gave to me where mixed
    A tour to Holland and a strong friendly with Bayern,a strong test before the start of La Liga

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    For the first game,it was ok,considering how weak the enemy was I would be pleased with a higher goal difference
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    Terrible is the perfect word to describe how bad we played,we keep in mind it is just the preparation and it is a key factor to get better for the upcoming official matches
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    The team was very improved in this one,fixing our defence a bit is something we will be working for,conceding at all the 3 games with opponents like these isn't a sign of a good defensive setup
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    Last but not least,the surprise of the preparation,honestly I wasn't expectin a win, hardly a draw would be my best bet. Bayer dominated but we were more tactical and managed to win this match even though they 60%+ possesion and we had half the chances they had.It was the definition of counter attack and it was such a pleasure to see how we were playing.
    I hope to see more performances like this one

    First of all the Champion's League group stage draw
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    The games

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    A good debut,Ronaldo was great and he seems that once more he will be leading the teams this year
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    Let's say the referee has a crush on me.Despite that 3 out of 5 goals were penalties the performance generaly was pretty good
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    Sympathetic referee again.Good win, the start so far has been easy for us
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    So,the frist CL game arrives,you are nervous knowing you are facing a strong team such as Manchester United, you decide to follow the same formula you did at preseason with Bayern, the result?
    An emphatic 6-2 win ! Ronaldo once more confirms that he is on good form and he will lead us this year
    James also seems that when Ronaldo will be missing will cover his absence
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    Now the referee just hates me.Both center backs suspended and penalty was given to Sevilla, a bad performance reminding me of our preseason,we were pretty lucky to escape with a draw thanks to CR7
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    Isco had a top performance,I am really happy knowing that I have good solutions if I need them in the future
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    Nothing interesting here.Had 30+ chances but the finishing was poor, a medium performance

    The ranking
    Real Madrid 2015/16 - Road to glory-screenshot_9.png
    *Rayo and Gijon at 19th and 20th position

  6. -Your side is doing great! The absence of Bale and Benzema did not make an impact to Real's performance
    "No! It did make an impact,a positive one ! No more rivalries between players, no more birds killed from missed shots"

    -Last year the former Real's manager Carlo Ancelloti did an outstanding start but failed at the second half of the season though,are you afraid of something similar happening this season?
    "Honestly,no.There is depth in this roster and high quality if we don't manage to meet both of our objectives,winning the spanish league the UCL, I am 100% sure one of them is already secured"

  7. Varane injured during an international game
    We will be missing Varane for 6 weeks - 2 months..

    Varane and James were injured 2 and 3 months respectively when playing with their national teams..

    So the results

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    We weren't any good.We made the game look difficult it was a bad day although we won

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    We create a lot of chances yet manage to score a little, I don't know if I must worry for that.
    The result only matters and since we win it's good

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    Excellent performance and a big score to be proud of,Granada is a good team and scoring 7 goals with conceding against them is very positive.
    In Cristiano we trust!

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    Again..The only Champions League game we did well was the 6-2 with Manchester United after that we struggle to win..Maybe we underestimate the opposition a lot. But a win is a win.

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    A very good away win against Real Sociedad,we played well,dominated,scored a lot a perfect game nothing else to say

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    Pepe has reduced the number of cards he receives during the last 3 years,that's his 3rd red card if I am not mistaken.Once more a nice,Erik Lamela was very good,so far his appearances were medium to a point which I could say he didn't affect our game a lot. In this game he was indeed very good I hope he will find his good form soon

    I won't be posting the standing for a while until the story reaches the current point I am in the game..

    By far the most difficult month, BMG,Barcelona,Valencia,Manchester United,Atletico Madrid worthy opponents that every manager would love to beat
    Let's start

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    I decided to rest as many players I could and that costed as 2 precious points,the games that followed were more important though.Happy to see two talented youngsters score.

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    Again I thought it would be better to rest the most important players expect from Ronaldo who seems to be in very good physical condition and he guaranteed this draw..

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    Winning the Clasico is something every Real/Barca manager wants to achieve even if that means losing every single title.
    Following once more the formula we used against Bayer and Manchester United,once more it was proved a success.Barcelona dominated in the first half we managed to keep the 0-0.In the second half things changed (P.S : In the first half Lamela was injured,Nothing important though we won't be missing him it wasn't a serious injury) we started creating chances and in ten minutes we secured the win.With James,Lamela,Varane not playing it was a pleasure that Messi was both injured..

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    Bad performances after the clasico triumph.But we did won,luckily Ronaldo scored two free kicks which surprised me a lot cause in real life he scores from free kicks with frequency 1 goal per 2 years

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    DAMN THIS MAGICAL FORMULA.It doesn't matter if we had 30% possesion,neither that we had half the chances ManU had,a win is always a win

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    Another Spanish derby and theoriticaly the last demanding game for the first half of the season,It was a marvelous game.Ronaldo proved his worth and that he can stand up in big games,well at least in football manager..

    Real Madrid 2015/16 - Road to glory-screenshot_7.png
    Malaga and Gijon 19th and 20th
    Real Madrid 2015/16 - Road to glory-screenshot_8.png

    Golden ball list announced,Isco and Ronaldo have high chances of winning it!
    Real Madrid 2015/16 - Road to glory-screenshot_9.png
    Other Real Madrid players who are in the list are :
    Toni Kroos
    Segio Ramos

  10. great start man, shame you stopped

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