From the park to the top of the world (potentially)

  1. From the park to the top of the world (potentially)

    So as my last save in FM 15 i decided to download a mod which allows me to manage all the way down at level 12 and start unemployed with no experience or coaching badges.

    Hopefully you'll follow me on my journey from the very bottom to somewhere near the top (HOPEFULLY)

  2. So on the 8th July 2015 i decided to take my first steps into football management. After spending my youth playing for a few teams, a bad injury saw me hang up my boots and want to take up a spot in the dugout.
    So with no real footballing experience and no coaching badges, i set about handing my cv into every local club that would take it.

    From the park to the top of the world (potentially)-start-info.jpg

    (P.S ignore start date, as i have 2015/2016 transfers update and will be going as 2015 start. thank you please)

  3. 11th July 2015

    I got a phonecall at 11:15am:

    'Hello, mate, it's Adam Goddard from Hartlepool FC, we was flicking through your CV and we thought we'd invite you in for a chat and see if you fit the club and what not'
    So i pop on my best suit and jump in the car down the motorway, practicing what i'm going to say and going over how best to sell myself to my potential new employers. Scary but exciting times already for me.
    From the park to the top of the world (potentially)-hartlepool-interview.jpg

  4. 13th July 2015:

    My phone is literally ringing off the hook and i end up attending 3 interviews in one day. Gateshead Leam Rangers, Stockton Town and Silksworth Colliery Welfare all pull me in for a chat and to see if i'm the 'right fit for the club'
    I also get a call from a bloke at Stranraer but i play it off as a prank call after posting my resume online in the hope of something coming my way.

    With 4 interviews in the bag, i'm feeling confident i'll eventually have that vital first foot on the ladder and more importantly, i can stop talking in third person (hopefully).

  5. 14th July 2015:

    I receive a phonecall from Adam Goddard again:

    'Look, Ryan, we were stupidly impressed by your interview and your vision for the club. We want you to come down to the club and sign the contract to be our new manager. How does that sound?'

    Obviously i'm over joyed, i'm over the moon. I speed back down to Hartlepool and i sign the contract.

    Ryan Stobbart - Manager of Hartlepool FC

    From the park to the top of the world (potentially)-hartlepool-job-offer.jpg

  6. Hartlepool FC : A brief introduction

    14th July 2015:

    So in my first day at the club, i realise the extent of my task. No players registered with the club, no stadium, no training facilities. We play our matches in a local park attached to our makeshift club office, i'm required to work from home when it comes to club business. But as an amateur club, i expected all of this so on my first night as manager, i decide to make a few calls to try bring in some staff, just to ease my burden and hopefully attract some players to the club.

    From the park to the top of the world (potentially)-hartlepool-info.jpg

    In the league and cups, i'm expected to be 'competitive', which i translate to as basically we're gonna be relegation fodder but enjoy the season. With little to know pressure on me, it dawns on me i can actual use this as a springboard to maybe surprise a few people in the league and maybe pull of a little cup run.

    From the park to the top of the world (potentially)-hartlepool-comp.jpg


    15th July 2015:

    As i get into the clubhouse for my first full day as manager, there is a knock on the door. 5-6 young lads about 15-16.

    'so you're the new manager of Hartlepool then? how about giving us a game, eh, seeing as thought there's nobody at the club'
    'you know what lads, i just might do that'

    And just then an idea hit me, youth trials. I put up posters round town advertising two trial weekends for under 18 players. 3 Days, 3 matches, 3 chances to impress and be a potential new star. I'm inundated with messages and i arrange two separate weekends of trials.

    I also received a call from a bloke named Adriano Rigoglioso, asking if the club still needed an assistant manager. I tell him yes and to make his way to Hartlepool for an interview tomorrow sharpish

  8. Preason Wheeling dealing and matches

    From the park to the top of the world (potentially)-preseason-fixtures.jpg

    From the park to the top of the world (potentially)-preseason-transfers.jpg

  9. Pre-Season summary

    So here we are, the day before our first match in the Wearside Football League. Annfield Plain stand between us and 3 points.

    So with Adriano as my assistant i've managed to put together a rag tag squad of ex players and local youths (i actually have a full u18 squad made out of grey players i offered contracts to) and managed to bumble our way through pre season.

    My most talented player, sadly, is my assstant Adriano Rigoglioso. Ex liverpool youngster Adriano has a wealth of experience and even played in League 2 so hopefully he'll provide some much needed brains and leadership.
    From the park to the top of the world (potentially)-adriano.jpg

    I also managed to bring in ex Leeds youngster Ali Amiri who looks like a talented young player and will hopefully bag a few goals for me.

    (out of character note, if there's any players you want me to show the stats for or anything you want to see from my game let me know an i'l be more than happy to show it!)

  10. I've enjoyed the first page so far and look forward to see if you can make it to the top.

    Keep it up!

  11. August: The beginning of something special?

    With our first game fast approaching it was seeming like it was going to take a miracle to get the players to start playing to the best of their abilities. Playing a simple attacking 4-4-2 with a big & fast partnership up front.

    August results:
    From the park to the top of the world (potentially)-august-results.jpg

    Opening the season with a 5-0 defeat was shocking, everything we'd worked for in pre-season went straight out the window and we were 4-0 down at half time. But after that we seemed to click and managed to string together a few wins in the cup and made it to the FA Cup preliminary round after 2 excellent wins against Easington Colliery (who are in the league above us) and Eton Manor. Our form in the league improved on the first day with a win and a loss in the months two other games

    Player of the Month:
    ALEX RHODES (5 Appearances 4 goals)
    Former York man Alex Rhodes was a late addition to the squad but vital goals in the cup really helped us out this month and hopefully he can hit a few more this next month!

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