FC Porto | "Mystic and Passion - New Journey Of The Dragons"

  1. FC Porto | "Mystic and Passion - New Journey Of The Dragons"

    FC Porto | "Mystic and Passion - New Journey Of The Dragons"-358px-fc_porto.svg.png

    Founded on 28 September 1893, Porto is one of the "Big Three" (Portuguese: Três Grandes) teams in Portugal – together with Lisbon-based rivals Benfica and Sporting CP.

    Over the years, FC Porto grew as its conquests became bigger and its place in European and world football grew in establishment. The symbol of a region shocked the country and surprised the world. The 1980’s were one of the most memorable decades. In 1987 and 1988, FC Porto won the European Champions Cup, the Intercontinental Cup and the European Super Cup – an outstanding achievement and proof of the success of a special philosophy in sports.

    The Centro de Treinos e Formação Desportiva Porto Gaia and the Estádio do Dragão are modern world class infrastructures. The future shines bright, as the club conquered the UEFA Cup, in the 2002/03 season, the UEFA Champions League, in 2003/04, the Intercontinental Cup, in 2004, and the Europa League, in 2010/11.

    Most surprisingly, this success has been and still is being achieved without expensive signings, but instead with the multimillion sales of key players.

    A closer look at Porto’s activity on the transfer market in the last decade alone shows that the club has sold players for over 550 million euros. In contrast, only 250 million euros was invested in new players. This revenue came from the sale of players such as Deco, Ricardo Carvalho, Maniche, Ricardo Quaresma, Radamel Falcao and Hulk among others. They also “sold” two of their managers to Chelsea – Jose Mourinho in 2004 and Andre Villas Boas in 2011. Their release clauses were 1.7 million and 13.3 million respectively.

    In a world where transfer records are broken on a daily basis, FC Porto has created a model of economic success, based on finding young talented players from all over the world, using them to win titles and then selling them on for great profit.

    However in the last 2/3 seasons, FC Porto lost their identidy hiring managers like Paulo Fonseca and Julen Lopetegui. They failed to win any silverware, contributing to the biggest hiatus during Pinto da Costa's presidency, that goes back to 2013.

    “Quality, consistency and UEFA Champions League”. That's how Arsène Wenger, Arsenal coach, sees FC Porto.

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  2. FC Porto | "New Coach"

    FC Porto | "Mystic and Passion - New Journey Of The Dragons"-deco2-1-.jpg

    As usual, whenever the moment requires him to, Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa stood next to Deco for the official presentation of the new coach of FC Porto. The leader of the Dragons stated it was useless to present the new coach of the main team and officially welcomed Deco, wishing him “all the luck in the world”, extending it to the rest of the coaching staff. Pinto da Costa ended his short speech stating the full confidence he has on Deco, and that the decision was unanimous among the board.

    FC Porto | "Mystic and Passion - New Journey Of The Dragons"-deco-1-.jpg

    Deco, the 21st coach signed by Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa as chairman of the club, was presented at the VIP Room of Estádio do Dragão. The Portuguese coach, 38, stated he is prepared for the challenge ahead of him, assured that he came to FC Porto “to win and help the players win”, and to implement his own concept of the game: “I come here with my own ideas. I have a different approach to training, my own way of looking at the game and that’s the path to take”.

    The coach started the press conference with a short message: “I know how demanding FC Porto is, as it got to the international status everyone knows. I also know how competent I am, how professional I am, and I am capable as a coach and as a man. I know I have a group with tremendous quality, a club with a structure that is organized at the highest level, and I know we are going to fight for the objectives assumed by FC Porto. I’m here to win and to help the players win. I firmly believe in that, and that’s what I promised the chairman and the board. I want to put FC Porto back where it belongs and needs to be. Thank you to the chairman for inviting me, I’m sure I won’t let him down”.

  3. FC Porto | "Pre-Season, Squad & New Signings"

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    It's a new era in Porto so I decided to do 9 friendly games so the squad get used to the new coach/training sessions/tactics.

    I don't like to use tactics from the Forums so I just created my own tactic based on Guardiola's tiki taka.

    My 2-1-4-3 is based on ball possession, short passing and patient attacking moves.

    I already used in other saves and believe me.... it's really interesting! It's a question of how you prepare your players to do the right positions and make sure you do the right training sessions.

    Anyway... the Pre-season wasn't perfect wih 2L/7V. I did a lot of rotativity, introducing some of the new faces and young players from "la cantera". I'm about to have the first official game of the season and its against.... Sporting.

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