Road to Champions League - Unusual Nations

  1. Road to Champions League - Unusual Nations

    Hi... This is my first story here on fm base.

    Basically I've loaded up 5 Nations + All There Leagues them nations are Denmark, Greece, Poland, Iceland, Ukraine. My manager is Unemployed and has a National C License and the past playing experience of a Sunday league footballer.

    My Main goal is get hired at a low league team and eventually lift the champions league trophy with them...

    My Next update on here will be at the end of the season when I get hired I will Include Screenshots of the table, top players results etc..

    Thanks for Reading... Be sure to check back for Updates!

    UPDATE 1!

    Joined Sandecja

    Goal: Make The Playoffs
    End of Season Position = 12th

    Road to Champions League - Unusual Nations-2.pngRoad to Champions League - Unusual Nations-3.png

    Sacked Last Game off the Season

    I Made no signings released a few players... so game over
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