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    So, around a month or two ago I bought Football Manager to play when offline. It was FM 2008. I have always been a football fan and been playing Fifa since I was born apparently and I love strategy/simulation games so FM was a no-brainer. I played a few versions, CM 4, FM 2008, FM 2012, FM 2015 and FM 2016. I don't want to disappoint myself by buying FM 2018 and then finding out it won't run on my PC (its old). I've been reading FM Stories here for the past couple of weeks and now here we are. I am going to start a save on FM 2015. Starting unemployed, Sunday League player with no coaching qualification. The manager is Pessimistic Sultan and he believes in people power i.e he's a noob and Y'all are gonna tell him where he's stuck or when he's on an 18 game losing streak. Currently, I started the game with 6 countries with England down to League 2 and the rest (France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy) down to the second division each. I'll post an update once I get a job offer.

    Note: Some help with how to post screenies would be appreciated

  2. 11th December 2014 Benfica B hire Sultan as their new manager. First team talk didn't go too well as players wanted me to be more ambitious then mid-table. I was asked to select a captain, the captain was a 20 YO with 9 leadership so I changed the captain and vice-captain. Team reports coming up

  3. I'm havung trouble with screenies guys, will post tomorrow hopefully. We won our first league game 1-0 against Santa Clara. Will describe the game with screenies

  4. Alright, I got a screenie up. So, team report says Jardel is the best player and new Vice Captain. Paulo Lopes is our captain. With January approaching I see wide defenders as the spot where I need to improve. A couple of familiar faces there too in Renato Sanches and Nelson Semedo. The reason why I hesitated before taking this job is that they are Benfica B. I'm sure Benfica will come in and snap up some of our better players. Anyways we'll see what happens then.
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  5. angdon kv41730

    So I managed to get a screenie up. Assistant says Jardel is our best players. Looking at this I see a few defenders, both Keepers and attacking midfielders. With January coming up, I think wingbacks are needed here. A couple of familiar faces too in Renato Sanches and Nelson Semedo. I didn't want to come here because they are Benfica B. Benfica might take any of my better players away straightaway. Either ways, I'm here now.
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